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Posted by confused , 24 October 2014 · 17 views

Trigger Sexual abuse of minor no details

A teacher at my son's middle school is being held on charges that she had relations with a male student. They have been investigating for awhile, but she was charged today and now it is in the news. My son didn't have her as a teacher and is not involved at all. I don't know what to think. They are just kids 13/14.


Time manangement

Posted by confused , 24 October 2014 · 18 views

I have free time, yet it slips from me. I waste time napping or on the internet. I have things I want to do. If I have chores on my to-do list they usually get done. I worry about starting anything in case something comes up even if I don't have anything planned for a couple of hours,

I saw tdoc today. She suggested scheduling my day. The main thing I...



Posted by confused , 22 October 2014 · 41 views

I am so tired. I sleep but I am still tired. I am trying to start getting into an exercise routine. I know what I want to do, but I can't get there. I am extremely lazy but it is more than just that. I have had a lot of fatigue (I think it is med related ). My pdoc added topamax and it seems worse.

I know if it was an appointment I would be there, though.


Hell has frozen

Posted by confused , 22 October 2014 · 41 views

My daughter, who has given me screaming, tantrums, yelling, attitude since infancy told my son to be nicer to me. That is all


Is he getting ready to be wolverine?

Posted by confused , 18 October 2014 · 90 views

My 13 year old has a lot of facial hair. My husband has talked to him about shaving but he hasn't been able to convince him yet. Today our sons were playing flag football and the neighbor joked that my son was getting ready to be Wolverine for Halloween. And that his first Hanukkah gift should be a razor. It was funny but we really do have to do somethin...


Not sure if I am losing it

Posted by confused , 17 October 2014 · 69 views

Last week when I volunteered the woman who works the morning shift told me someone may come in to work while I was there. When I came in on Tuesday, I mentioned that she never came in. It wasn't anything important that she was going to do. The woman said that she said she had come in. She is forgetful but she doesn't lie. I would remember if someone worke...


Who is going to help with homework?

Posted by confused , 17 October 2014 · 54 views

My dad has always been very smart and knowledgeable. I could call him and ask him for homework help over the phone. He would remember the stories and know how to start an essay or how to describe an equation.

He is old, his memory isn't so good, he can't hear as well. I called last night to ask a question about my son's homework. I am not smarter than a...


Saw dietician

Posted by confused , 16 October 2014 · 68 views

I have slowed down on losing weight. I just haven't cared too much about what I eat lately. I thought she would be disappointed. But, she actually was pleased and said to keep doing what I am doing.

I called my mom this morning. My dad had a rough night. She is having trouble controlling his blood pressure. If it goes too high he gets pain and it puts...


Talked to dad's nurse today

Posted by confused , 14 October 2014 · 81 views

I met dad's hospice nurse on Thursday when I was visiting but I wasn't comfortable asking questions in front of everyone. I called the office and she got back to me. She couldn't give an estimate how long he has. She got him a walker today which made me relieved. I was worried he was going to fall.

She said when he needs one he will get a hospital bed...


Fall is a season

Posted by confused , 10 October 2014 · 87 views

I now live in Southern CA but I am back in Northern CA visiting. When we got out of the airport I mentioned how much cooler it is here than at home. My brother-in-law said "remember this, it's called fall?" My husband says the seasons in southern CA are floods, fires, earthquakes, mudslides. We don't have much change in weather it's rainy, mild or hot.


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