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saw new pdoc

Posted by confused , 16 April 2014 · 91 views

He is nice. He took history. He said since my medications are working he will keep them the same and that we have room to go up if I need. He just does medication management but no ranting :)



Posted by confused , 15 April 2014 · 81 views

What do you consider organized? My husband has our cd's organized alphabetically and by type of music. My mother-in-law has a spotless house.

My house is cluttered, it isn't my stuff, it is mostly my husband's and toys. I actually don't take up much space. I don't like to do housework, have little structured time. I set timers to remind me to do thi...


Ch Ch Ch Changes

Posted by confused , 07 April 2014 · 110 views

I have been thinking of changing pdocs for awhile. My meds seem to be working okay, but he sometimes rants, says inappropriate things and is almost always late. Now that i have added dx to schizoaffective (depersonalization disorder and DDNOS) I want to work with someone who is at least open-minded about dissociative disorders, and I don't think he is....


Different affect

Posted by confused , 04 April 2014 · 99 views

I saw tdoc today. She said my affect seemed different than usual. I can't remember the word she used but it was something that meant I seemed more upbeat. I don't know why that would be, but the first thought that came to mind was, how do I usually seem?

She hadn't seen the report from the eval yet because she had trouble opening the link (I did, too,...


Guess I should lighten up

Posted by confused , 03 April 2014 · 112 views

I am used to my daughter rolling her eyes, sighing, correcting me. Sometimes I feel like I must be pretty stupid because I cause her such frustration. But, I went to her school's Open House tonight and all I heard was how brilliant she is. I know she is very intelligent but it is nice to hear it. She can take honors classes next year (she takes honors...


Shhh! It's a secret

Posted by confused , 03 April 2014 · 112 views

The psychologist gave me a link to my report but he told me to only share with clinicians. It has his findings and then pages of graphs and charts and how I answered the various questions. His findings were pretty self-explanatory and I just skimmed over the rest.

Right now, I don't have questions. I told him I didn't plan to announce it to the world...


It's a trip being me

Posted by confused , 02 April 2014 · 88 views

I once told a tdoc that I wouldn't recommend my life to anyone, but it's a trip to be me.

I got an answer from the eval. I don't have DID, but he thinks I have DDNOS with fragments that aren't as separate as in DID. He invited them to come out again. I felt calmer and happy when he said that, but nothing happened. I do think they like him-just a feel...


Too much change?

Posted by confused , 28 March 2014 · 101 views

My pdoc just does medication management and I see him for 15 minutes at most. I knew this when I started seeing him. But, he has said some inappropriate things in that short time. I guess my meds are working okay for psychosis and mood swings, but he has never addressed my anxiety.

I went to a bipolar group last night and a man recommended his pdoc wh...


Manipulative? and transitions

Posted by confused , 28 March 2014 · 99 views

I went to a bipolar/depression group last night. I think I might have outgrown it. But, a woman gave me her phone number. It will be good to have someone to call if I am in a crisis,

The majority of people there have a dx, but friends and family can come, too. A man came looking for info on how to help his wife who just got out of the hospital. He see...


teenagers *shrug*

Posted by confused , 27 March 2014 · 104 views

My daughter has high cholesterol. We had seen a pediatric cardiologist who recommended some diet changes, which we did some, but the numbers didn't co-operate. He got frustrated with us for not making changes quickly enough. My daughter would cry at the appts and he would say we were wasting time. So, yesterday i took her to another cardiologist. She...

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