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Growing old

Posted by confused , 29 July 2014 · 24 views

I don't call my parents regularly, but I do call them sometimes. I talked to my dad the other day. He was talking about how difficult it is growing old and dying. He is 81. He is blind from macular degeneration. He has some peripheral vision, but likes to be in familiar surroundings. He knows where everything is at home. He said he isn't in pain.




Posted by confused , 29 July 2014 · 22 views

I started a tumblr blog and it was just me rambling mainly to myself and some people on twitter. Than I invited some other people to view it including people I know irl. But, I forgot what I wrote. When I re-read there were things I want to keep private. I edited but I am not sure what anyone (mainly my brother) read. It has been bothering me. He has...


You're Welcome cards

Posted by confused , 15 July 2014 · 68 views

My husband's family is very much into sending thank you cards and letting people know you received the cards. I wasn't raised that way so I think they go overboard. I think I could make a fortune selling you're welcome cards to his family.

When I was in the hospital the first time they had us do crafts. One was to make a card to ourselves. I wrote that...


I want to be like you ooh ooh

Posted by confused , 28 June 2014 · 84 views

There is a thread going that has come to a discussion of primates. This poem came to mind. I don't want to derail the conversation so I am blogging it.

The Monkeys Disgrace

Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
Discussing things as they're said to be.
Said one to another, "Now listen, you two,
There's a certain rumor that cannot be true,...


Too darn hot

Posted by confused , 24 June 2014 · 59 views

Summer is here. It isn't record temps but hot and dry. My son graduated from 6th grade today and we sat out in the sun. ugh. And my mother-in-law and I bought him gifts. My daughter was complaining that we just gave her a balloon when she graduated from elementary school. I told her she is our test kid and we learned from her, which didn't go over well. H...


Slapping, hitting

Posted by confused , 22 June 2014 · 92 views

I didn't want to distract from anything but i was reminded of this. My husband jokes a lot and sometimes he says things that don't sound nice. I know he is kidding. But, I have this instinct to strike back. I think I am just nudging him, but I slap his arm or hit it. It isn't even something I am conscious of doing. He told me not to hit him and I make a...


boring is okay?

Posted by confused , 20 June 2014 · 87 views

I don't have a lot of outside interests. I spend time with my family. I do some volunteering. But, I spend a lot of time goofing around on-line. I make lists so I remember to get some things done and I follow through on obligations. I feel like I should have something to talk about when I meet/talk to people. I went out with a friend last night and I ran...


I wrote a guest post

Posted by confused , 19 June 2014 · 99 views

I wrote a post for my friend schizo incognito's blog

I am doing well. Not sure if I am ready for my kids to be out of school. The last day is the 25th. I am trying to decide if I should go to a support group tonight. I don't really need the support anymore but it is nice seeing people.


This scares me

Posted by confused , 17 June 2014 · 74 views

Risky sexual behavior likely among offspring of parents with bipolar disorder

My children seem fine and have age appropriate behaviors. I worry about them developing a m...


good therapy appt and more

Posted by confused , 05 June 2014 · 116 views

I saw tdoc today. I wasn't sure what to talk about. Things are going okay. We did fill the time but nothing deep. I am going to start going monthly since I am doing well. I told her i didn't want to just come "as needed" because I am not sure if I will realize I need it.

I haven't been beating myself up lately. I told her i thought maybe since my mo...

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