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Posted by confused , 24 February 2015 · 74 views

I saw a post on fb, from a group I follow, that they are starting a blog and need writers, I have no idea what they are looking for, but I decided to apply. Right after that a friend who leads a support group sent me an e-mail that he is starting a community blog and would I like to take part. His sounds like less expectations. They both want at least one...


alternating energy levels

Posted by confused , 20 February 2015 · 44 views

I am usually in one state. Tired. But, lately I have had times where I am more alert and can actually get some things accomplished. Only, sometimes I think I have to tone it down. i interrupt people and have trouble sitting still. Nothing noticeable, though.

I was at a meeting last night. It is a support group. I haven't been able to go to therapy so I...


I am going to hell (not religious)

Posted by confused , 19 February 2015 · 58 views

More of a confession

I don't think I am literally going to hell or evil but I could be a better person.

First, I saw this comic about suicide and it was such bad taste it made me giggle even though I know people struggle with this daily and it is a serious issue.

Then, I got a call this morning that my tdoc had a death in the family and had to cancel....


good meeting

Posted by confused , 19 February 2015 · 44 views

We had a meeting today at work with the director of behavioral health. He is very nice. The hospital is changing us from hospital volunteers to an organization of volunteers separate from the hospital. He was very reassuring. He didn't realize taking away our badges meant we had to pay for parking so he is looking into a way we could park in the employee...


Just reading it exhausts me

Posted by confused , 18 February 2015 · 43 views

my siblings all rallied together when my father was ill to help my mom take care of him, and after he passed my sister organized a project where we all donated to fix up my mom's condo with new appliances. Yesterday my other sister sent out an e-mail that she had reserved and insured the place for the memorial and that it was taken care of. But, before I...


It went really well

Posted by confused , 15 February 2015 · 64 views

My mother-in-law told me I was helping her throw a baby shower for her niece. I really like the woman and am excited about the baby. I wish my MIL had been more polite and asked me to help but it is what it is. She really didn't ask me to do to much. She wanted help sending out evites, picking up some food, putting up signs and balloons to help people fin...



Posted by confused , 14 February 2015 · 116 views

How embarrassing. I don't know when I have showered last. I co-led a group today. We all have a dx but I am supposed to present as well as I can. I went to raise my hand and I could smell myself so I didn't raise my arm up. I will shower tonight. I don't know how I let it get this bad. I know it has been awhile and my feet are really dirty. No one has sai...


I must be sick

Posted by confused , 07 February 2015 · 66 views

I am turning down free food

My husband has passes to a food/drink event. I was looking forward to it. It should be fun and good food. But, I have this cold, Nothing serious but my head/throat hurt. I don't feel like standing walking in a crowd. He is trying to find someone else to go with. If he can't find someone (it is last minute) I will go.


getting used to new pdoc

Posted by confused , 05 February 2015 · 65 views

I had second appt with my pdoc yesterday. I like him but I am still getting used to him. I am used to getting standard questions about sleep and mood and getting refills and out the door. He asks open ended questions about how I have been and I am not sure where to start.

I told him that people say I seem good, more alert and that I have trouble stayin...


I suck

Posted by confused , 03 February 2015 · 62 views

I wrote out a letter of resignation but I mainly stated it was because of the parking cost and commute. So, I was told by our president of the organization that they are working on the parking cost. Then I said I didn't feel appreciated and he said he thinks it is mis-communication and he will talk to my manager. I asked him to keep the letter. That I am...

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