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Oh, Robert...

Posted by Breebree93 , 25 March 2012 · 252 views

Oh, Robert... Might I just say, the song "Date Rape" by Sublime makes me very happy...

I simply can't get you out of my head. Your hands, your hair, your freckles, your skin, your scent, your bright blue eyes. You touched my skin so gently and kissed my lips so softly. I remember the first kiss, I remember the first date. You pulled me close that night and whispered in my ear that you would never hurt me, that you wouldn't do anything to wrong me. You promised me dates, flowers, kisses, cuddles, and lots of other things that all women want. I was niaeve and believed you, I trusted every word you ever uttered. You lived with me for a while, stayed the night all the time, slept in my bed and held me close to keep me warm. The one time I told you no...you didn't stop. You held me down and you forced yourself onto me, you watched my eyes tear up, you felt my body go limp. When I started to try to tug my wrists away you simply didn't stop, I tried to get out the way that Rob taught me, but you had all of your weight on me. When I started to kick at your thighs, you pushed down harder and forced yourself deeper. Slow and gentle as it might have been, I wanted you to stop.
At the end of our "adventure", you pulled away from me fast, you stared at me for a while and I turned over onto my side and kept my eyes far away from yours. You said you were leaving...I told you to turn my light off and shut the door. You did what I said...and you left me be.

I prayed you would leave me be for the rest of my life, but I couldn't let go, and alas, you did it again.

I shouldn't have ever invited you into my life. I regret you...I hate you.

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