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Posted by Angeni Mai , 01 February 2013 · 287 views

Just Like Clockwork by Linsey Matthews © 2011

Feet, toes, shoes; I have felt them all. The callouses, bandages, sticky substances,and more. They make me tip, bit by bit, each tiny particle adding to the final results.
I felt vibrations on the cold hardwood floor; It was her again. She always came at this time of day. It was just like clockwork. I could not recall the last time she missed a day, only that it had been a long while. She shed down to her undergarments, not wanting there to be anything standing between her and the perfect reading. She stepped up onto me and pushed my buttons. Moments later, her previously semi-jubilacious mood had turned sour. She stared into the mirror, which sat directly in front of me, at her lethargic reflection. Distraught, she picked up a weight from the weight rack and launched it into mirror, shattering her reflections to bits. It's times like this that I wished that I could lie, but I am eternally damned to tell the unrefined truth, as daunting and unsatisfying as it may be. She looked at the mess she had lying before her and mumbled, "I suppose I will buy a new one tomorrow."
She said this every time that this happened and always got a new one the very next morning. She robotically turned and passed me, like I was nonexistent as she lackadaisically made her way over to a large eliptical machine. Starting up the machine, she stepped onto it and ran, as if she were running for her life. Running was the problem but she could not see that.
I became languid and went to sleep. When I came to, the girl once again stood over me. I knew that this would continue for several more hours and then it would continue tomorrow. Just like clockwork. Eventually, one of us would run out of
juice but which one would be first, I hadn't the slightest clue. Until that happened, everyday would be just like clockwork; day-in and

Your disclaimer puzzles me.  Why would someone complain?  Why would someone ask you to take it down?  I think it is a great thing if you like to write and it helps you express yourself.  Write some more.

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Feb 01 2013 04:46 PM
This is absolutley amazing
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