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Posted by bluechick , 17 February 2013 · 235 views

Day 17 come and gone. I'm having another breakout but not nearly as bad as the last one. The good news is that now I know that I actually can survive a breakout.

The days are getting a little easier. The searching isn't quite as frantic but it is still there. I'm still not sure what to do about the searching. If I didn't search then it would be sooooo much easier to manage the urges.

When I'm not so tired i will talk to DH and see if he has any suggestions to stop the searching. He's always such a good sounding board.

I have learned one very important lesson about addictions. You don't give them up, you replace them. You will do well to find something else to do when you feel the urge to search.

You are doing great! Reward yourself!
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You are so right. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to replace the behavior with. Any thoughts?
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