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Cymbalta to Prozac: fuck it

Posted by Genevieve , 17 February 2013 · 398 views

I'm thinking about going inpatient. I feel so down. I know it's the med change. I'm a crying disaster. I'm losing hope in ever getting better. I've never self-harmed, but I'm feeling so awful and I hear people saying it helps. I'm considering it. Maybe it will get me through this med change? Fuck. I'm going to call the crisis line.

Yes, please call! Please don't self harm. It's not going to help. All of my addictions were started with the same thought process as yours - it seems like it helps people cope so why shouldn't I do it? Needless to say that thinking lead me to a lifelong battle with various addictions. Go get help and don't do anything drastic.
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I had to go inpatient during a med change, maybe that would be for the best. Just to keep you safe while you're going through this. 


Definitely call a crisis line. Chat is also good if you need a bunch of crazy people to talk to. 

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I had a very rough time going off Cymbalta. In fact, that was the worst experience of my life. I think going IP for going off of it might be best for you.

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Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate the active blogging community here -- thanks for taking the time to respond to my posts.


So, I think I might be swinging over to hypomania. This evening I was suddenly energized and wanting to take on a million projects. It's midnight, I've taken 1.0 clonazepam and 50 mg of seroquel 2 hours ago and I'm wide awake.


It's really nice to have an interest in something again, I'll give it that. I am so excited about getting started on these projects. I'm going to have to go write them all down before I forget.

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