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More About The Cost of MI

Posted by ghostintheshell , 06 February 2013 · 196 views

So, I find out my policy won't copay for my doc visits and they limit me to 20 visits per year....which means I have to pay out of pocket bc my deductible is shit high....

so now i have to fax a letter to them telling them how i want to change my plan...but then i think about the idea that maybe if i just hold out until fall then i can use the free service of the counseling and psyche offices in college...

because 250/week is just too much!!! unless i go once a month? is that even effective?

other than that though...the cost is meds and visits and thats not even 250$/hr because I have pdoc and tdoc...so my policy has to fuxk off

Hmm. My insurance covers my pdoc visits as a specialist, with a specialist co-pay. No limits because it's medical. Therapist visits, however would be limited and I'd pay a bigger chunk of the cost. Is your psychiatrist and therapist one in the same?

Frequency is only a matter of what is effective for you.

Do colleges even have psychiatrists on staff? I knew about therapists. I don't know. It's been a long time since I was in college.
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