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Day 2 of Omeprazole

Posted by netsavy006 , 30 September 2014 · 55 views

Today is day 2 of me taking Omeprazole.

While not 100%, I have noticed a huge improvement in the way I've been feeling.

I have way less nausea and the throat burning stopped.

I'm hopeful for continued improvement.


New Med - Omeprazole

Posted by netsavy006 , 29 September 2014 · 80 views

So as some of you may be aware of, I've been having nausea this past week. In addition, I've been having a lot of burning in my throat.

I told mom about the burning and it was a mutual decision that it might be Acid Reflex.

So today we went to Walgreens and I got a 14 day supply of Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec).

Mom and I went to the clinic today to m...


pdoc appt 6/25/14

Posted by netsavy006 , 25 June 2014 · 141 views

I had my psychiatrist appointment today. It went pretty well. I let him know that I was having some increased anxiety, so my pdoc and I elected to increase my propranolol.

The dosage I was on before was 10mg twice daily. I took my morning pill with breakfast and the 2nd dosage at 5pm.

Well the pdoc increased the dosage to 3 times a day. So now I nee...


pdoc appt 3/4/14

Posted by netsavy006 , 04 March 2014 · 179 views

I saw my psychiatrist today. He read over the blood results and was pleased with the fact that everything was within normal limits.

He asked how I was doing and I told him that I'm still experiencing restlessness. He suggested adding propranolol to my treatment. I told him I was open to it. He checked my blood pressure to make sure that it's normal....


Blood Test Results - 3/1/14

Posted by netsavy006 , 01 March 2014 · 228 views

I got my blood results for the blood work that my pdoc had me go for.

My WBC is in the normal range - 7
My Lithium Level is .8 (also normal)
My fasting blood sugar is 100.
My total cholesterol is 112
My HDL cholesterol is only 28 (it's low, according to the paper it needs to be at least 40)

There were other tests done but these were the only results I c...


pdoc appt 2/5/14

Posted by netsavy006 , 05 February 2014 · 197 views

I went for my pdoc appt today.

When he asked how I was doing, I told him that while my anxiety is normal, I'm still having restlessness. (Dr), knowing I'm on Lithium, he asked if I was drinking enough water, and I told him that I am. He feels that maybe my lithium level is up and that might be causing the restlessness.

To see if this is the case, he i...


Psychiatrist Appt - 12/11/2013

Posted by netsavy006 , 11 December 2013 · 222 views

I saw my psychiatrist today.

I told him about my increased anxiety and he proposed several options.

1. Increase Celexa - this was rejected because I have a manic history and my pdoc doesn't want me to go manic again (which I can understand, I don't either)

2. Increase Clozaril - I told the pdoc I was open to doing this when he suggested this but then h...


3 year anniversary out of hospital.

Posted by netsavy006 , 17 November 2013 · 220 views

Friday 11/15/2013 was the 3 year anniversary out of the hospital. May it continue to stay that way... :)


Treatment Meeting @ Program (9/27/13)

Posted by netsavy006 , 28 September 2013 · 228 views

Yesterday I had my treatment meeting at my day program.

It was me, my counselor and my mom (via conference call).

We discussed my progress at program, my goals and what she wants me to work on for the next 3 months.

My program days will be Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.

I will attend groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will continue to volunteer on...


Clozaril (Clozapine) Dose Adjustment

Posted by netsavy006 , 18 September 2013 · 228 views

I saw my psychiatrist today and we made a slight adjustment to my clozaril.

The total daily dose is the same (325mg), but instead of taking the entire dose at night like I've been doing, we are splitting the dose (25mg AM / 300mg bedtime)

He feels that this might help some of the anxiety and restlessness I feel.

I go back to the psychiatrist in a month...

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