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Posted by identity in Soul Gauge, 02 March 2015 · 27 views

I am a predator.


Suffering - Philosophical Rants

Posted by Brokendishes in Brokendishes - Blog blog blog, 02 March 2015 · 13 views

**Caution: Ahead may be triggers and/or harsh language--readers discretion is advised**

So I have this dream. Its where I wake up and have those pancake things from ihop or whatever the hell it is. The ones with strawberry and cream between crispy pancakey things, with whipped cream and syrup on top. And some nice crumbly bacon. And a tall cup of coffee...



Posted by ananke in My mad fat blog, 02 March 2015 · 14 views

I quite like not feeling emotional. Gives me a break. It's strange that people don't like it to me, but I can understand why it's strange. I think it's some sort of emotional disconnect because of the anxiety I felt this morning. I'm not ready to handle managing. I'm not really ready for any more responsibility. What with my uncle (the hospital still hasn...


considering suicide...again

Posted by hexryan in blogging new person here, 02 March 2015 · 64 views

considering suicide...again I'm at that point today where everything has gone wrong, the people you love have turned on you once again, the bank is empty but nobody seems to care, the thoughts are heavy and nobody seems to notice. the scars reappearing on my arm after so long are traveling further in their crimson release across my skin. i'm told i'm lazy, but my mind runs a thousan...


a title

Posted by Laudanum in Laudanum's Blog, 02 March 2015 · 30 views

I feel exposed and alone. No one to talk to. No one to share feelings with. The despair. I keep doing to math and I come up with the same answer. My life is shit and not worth continuing. Everythi g I touch turns to shit. I have no chance of fixing this mess to where I will be happy. I survive. Yes, in shame embarrassment and feeling inadequate. Left behi...


moving and Her poem

Posted by yarnandcats in the yarn closet, 02 March 2015 · 56 views
anxiety, family drama, stress and 2 more...

we are in the midst of moving
sorry in advance
for absence
for not very many comments
our support
our thoughts
entertwined with boxes
cat hair (OMGS the cat hair!)

we were laying in bed earlier
like normal ppl!
thinking abt blogging
but that has been sorta forgotten
except th...


Great, nightmares again

Posted by goddessone in goddessone's Blog, 02 March 2015 · 42 views

Last night I went to bed after TWD and read for a little while. The light off by 10:30 or so. I didn't take anything (as a reminder, I took a klonopin two nights ago, and a flexeril and two advil last night as my back was acting up. Sleep was good). Somewhat vivid dream. Woke up.

J. stayed up. I was almost asleep when the toasty started meowing off and o...


The Birthday Party

Posted by dragonfly23 in dragonfly23's Blog, 02 March 2015 · 53 views
depression, bipolar

I did what I usually do. I worked the party, I set up, I organized the food, I cleaned and herded 7 year old girls and 2 year old boys. I dont need to speak to anyone this way. I am a constant moving target. This is how I exist in settings like this, settings where i can not handle the expectation of social interaction.

I was absolutely drained by...


You Ruin Me

Posted by empty inside in Everything That's Part Of Me, 02 March 2015 · 74 views

You Ruin Me: the Veronicas

Job well done
Standing ovation
Yeah you got what you wanted
I guess you won
And I don't want to hear, they don't know you like I do
Even I could've told you
But now we're done

'Cause you play me like a symphony
Play me till your fingers bleed
I'm your greatest masterpiece
You ruin me
Later when the curtains drawn...


No words

Posted by Geek in Geek's Blog, 01 March 2015 · 52 views

I can't find words for stuff.

I feel bad? Tight inside. Kind of hurty? Restless, but that could be because of Abilify.

I want a hug. I feel like crying, but I don't know why. I want someone (but no one in particular) to be here, but I also don't want to be around anyone. I can't follow conversation. Or I can but I don't know what to say? I don't have a...


Heebie Jeebies

Posted by confused in confused's Blog, 01 March 2015 · 35 views

I keep running into this man I know on different internet sites. It really isn't unusual. But, he told one person that he wears many masks. I thought there were two independent pages that actually both belong to him. I already have this thought of someone following me and then I keep running into him. I logically know there isn't anything to it but it giv...


Give something back to CB

Posted by StormBeforeCalm in It's just the storm before the calm, 01 March 2015 · 42 views

Velvet Elvis is having a fundraiser for CB! Details at http://www.crazyboar...015-fundraiser/ . Give what you can and help all of us.



Posted by scatter_scz in scatter_scz's Blog, 01 March 2015 · 60 views

I stole life from someone else that my parents could have give birth to.
I stole a space from someone else all through school.
I stole seats in both undergrad and later that someone else could have made better results.
I stole so much from so many.
I stole so I could live when I was never meant for this life. Yet I continue stealing.


Sleeping through the day again

Posted by Squish in Squish's Blog, 01 March 2015 · 25 views

Yesterday I had a nice lie in, and then got dressed late.

But I think I stayed in the shower for too long or something because I got horribly dizzy in there. I wasn't even lingering, my hair just takes ages to wash. (I'm getting it cut on Thursday though, so hopefully it won't take so long after that.)

I was so tired after I got dressed that I just......


radial nerve palsy

Posted by shimmeree in shimmeree's blog, 28 February 2015 · 68 views

i woke up on thursday at 5 a.m. without the use of my left arm below the elbow. i waited until 4 p.m. to have my honey drive me to the e.r. after that loveliness, i got a splint to keep my hand and thumb in a neutral position because i have "wrist drop." i cannot extend my wrist or fingers. i had a c.t. scan to rule out a stroke or tumor, and i have no ot...


Blah. Med changes.

Posted by SoaringRaven in Raven's Ramblings, 28 February 2015 · 58 views

A few weeks back my pdoc started weaning me off my Abilify. I've been off it for almost two weeks now. I was (fairly) stable for a few months, so he decided to scale back my meds.


Since then, I've been in a downward spiral. My energy and motivation are mostly gone.

I have been off CB because of this. Even responding to posts takes more energy...


finally IP - sorta

Posted by lysergia in one more try, 28 February 2015 · 124 views

i got the call yesterday at 11:00 telling me i had to be there by 1:00. panic. of course i had nothing packed - i needed everything while i was waiting! frantic call to R, for whom this was the worst day to have this happen (his boss is away, and R is the anchor in that place with no boss). but he did disentangle himself and took me there in plenty of...


sad, angry, lonely, embarrassed

Posted by BlurredBoundaries in New Year, New Blog, 27 February 2015 · 127 views

I should've guessed this was happen gonna happen.It always does.I was so excited all day long, in anticipation of seeing Brian tonight.

After work, I hurried home so I could get ready.I washed and styled my hair, meticulously put on makeup, shaved my legs and all other orifices, went though all my clothes to find the perfect outfit , and then waited....


On the Train

Posted by MellyDonut in MellyDonut's Blog, 27 February 2015 · 56 views

Currently on the train to go bck home and see my boyfriend. My High School is having it's annual acapella concert and my best friend is coming down to perfom with her acapella group, so I probably won't get t see her for long. But it is something.

I'm not doing to well today. It mostly started last night. I got back to my dorm around 8, I went to a thro...

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