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Goodbye gift

Posted by inabook in I'm fine, 24 July 2014 · 53 views

So.... I will see my tdoc maybe for the last time next week, and leave without knowing whether it is forever or not.
I want to give her a thank you gift (and I know she accepts gifts), so I am currently in the process of brainstorming for ideas: so.... do you have any ideas? What kind of gifts have you given to therapists?

Also, I think I want to use th...


An Adolescence Full of Reasons

Posted by baepolar in Overthrowing my Corrupt Mind, 24 July 2014 · 53 views
substance abuse, polysubstance and 5 more...

An Adolescence Full of Reasons Drugs. God, I love drugs. Alcohol too. If you can use it I've abused it.

Where do I start?

I started drinking alone heavily at age 11 and moved up to opiates at 13.
At 14 I began treatment for depression, Cymbalta 40mg, and abused it because it reduced my appetite.
Then came the weed, which I smoked habitually from 15 to 18.
When I was 16 I had my first...


Slight Backslide

Posted by shesellsseashells in My Life by the Shore, 24 July 2014 · 63 views

Ugh and more ugh. I'm really disappointed in myself but am trying not to beat myself up. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night: I was extremely anxious and panicky. I kept running through things that are bothering me over and over and over. I don't function well on little sleep any more, and tend to freak out about it. I've been taking Melatonin...


End of a five year friendship

Posted by shinydistraction7 in The Real World Editorial Of SpriteandShiny, 24 July 2014 · 97 views

My ex-friend officially told me that I was no longer her friend tonight. She wrote a huge facebook message why. I have blocked her on FB and by phone.

She accused me of being a freeloader, of ignoring her and of gossiping about her. She said I only pretended to be her friend so I could sleep on her floor and hide in her lounge. Several things wrong with...


Deep Thoughts by BlurredBoundaries

Posted by BlurredBoundaries in BlurredBoundaries' Blog, 23 July 2014 · 75 views

I've just been thinking

about love, and craving that intense feeling again.So badly that recently I've had two dreams now, that I don't really remember any details or visuals of but, I definitely remember that I FELT that old familiar feeling of intense love again.Something I'm not sure I'll ever be capable of feeling again but, something I long for so...


img>giraffe cave dwelling>animated

Posted by FlyingGiraffeTaco in All Things Spotted and TacoFull, 23 July 2014 · 37 views

SO sometimes I put kind of random stuff into google image search.
In this case it was:
giraffe cave dwelling
Then I choose animated from the type drop down.
First thing to come up:




What would you do?

Posted by Hpunk94 in Hpunk94's Blog, 23 July 2014 · 62 views

Posting this as a blog because if someone happens to run across it I can just delete it, unlike the boards.

To make a story (slightly) short, I was technically molested as a kid. It was a one time thing. The person who did it was just fooling around and playing "doctor" like many kids do. He was young, and I am pretty forgiving about it. It was a slight...


Doing a bit better

Posted by Wonderful.Cheese in Wonderful.Cheese's Blog, 23 July 2014 · 67 views

Thank you all for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it more than you all will ever know. You all are such wonderful people.

I'm doing a bit better today. Started off rocky because I took my meds at 11pm! I never take them that late but I fell asleep. So I couldn't get my butt out of bed until 11am. And only then because my husband called....


Time changes everything

Posted by lilwing84 in Lilwing, that's me..., 23 July 2014 · 60 views

My earliest memory is back when I was about three or four. I can see my dad laughing and lifting me up in his arms. We are in a park. I remember he looked so happy, so full of life...

And now, more than twenty years later I look at him, I know it's the same person, but I somehow see no resemblance. The twinkle in his eyes, always present when I was a lit...


Full psych evaluation.

Posted by Minionkitty in MinionKitty's Corner, 23 July 2014 · 116 views

My school said I had to have a new psycho-educational assessment done... So I went out of the city to find a relatively cheap psychologist who would do one (so far I've paid her about $1600, when the one I had set up before was going to come to about $3100) What I didn't know, was that she wanted to rule out any mental illness as well. So she interviewed...


update, I

Posted by Cherriichan in Cherriichan's confusing place, 23 July 2014 · 100 views

Life has been very strange for me as of late.

I can laugh, yes. I can smile. But it feels empty and has no meaning to it, no truth to it; although it is not forced. It is natural, but at the same time something feels incredibly wrong about it.

I have finished school for this year. The schoolwork and assignments have kept me occupied for a long while n...



Posted by malachite in The Depression Files, 22 July 2014 · 113 views

I can't rehash incident with Mike. Sorry if this leaves any readers in dark. I didn't think things could get worse (oh, cute life, you always come up with the most charming shit.) Uh, let's see. I mostly thought about suicide today. Mike and I talked. He has agreed to go to counseling (I think), but his reaction to the incident is worse to me than the inc...


Hot hot hot

Posted by Hupcake in Hupcake's Blog, 22 July 2014 · 45 views

Damnit it is hot. And irritating me ...grrrrr

Just when I thought it was safe to take my water wings off in the kiddie pool...frigging cycle kicks into high gear today. This is one of the longest I can remember. But then again, I can't remember much of anything.
That's such an odd feeling, to not have many memories that you can recall on your own. Now...



Posted by yarnandcats in the yarn closet, 22 July 2014 · 53 views


when Particular Landlady
and Only Son
showed up
for "yard work" day

J and i
hauled ass
out of bed
got dressed
The Flood
to Particular Landlady


talk now
having contractors
coming inside
to install
a drain
and grade the concrete slab
that the back
two rooms
are sit...


Haircut and trip anxiety

Posted by StormBeforeCalm in It's just the storm before the calm, 22 July 2014 · 53 views

I got a haircut today, for the first time in two years. I just started growing my hair long two years ago because my scalp was so bad from skin picking. My scalp healed a long time ago (thank god for meds) but I got anxiety about having my hair cut. I was afraid that the haircut would be bungled and I'd end up with something uncontrollable on my head. I f...


General update: traveling + being home

Posted by Squish in Squish's Blog, 22 July 2014 · 29 views

I'm home again after a family holiday. Which is very nice. I do like to have my own bed to sleep in, and our kitchen to loaf around in, and to have our little dog around the place. (We have had a lot of cuddles and refreshing walks on the beach (coastal Ireland - even in summer it is always "refreshing").)

I'm making travel arrangements for a trip to Ken...



Posted by FaustKnight in Just Barely Drowning, 22 July 2014 · 41 views


I had planned to keep these frequent but as everything "looked" like it was turning around I had forgotten to.

Everything has fallen apart. Completely.

I went on Wellbutrin and endured a month of seizures and being forced off of work for that time. I got a positive cancer diagnosis and my wife cheated on me a day later, she's gone from "I could n...



Posted by ananke in My mad fat blog, 22 July 2014 · 38 views

It feels like all i say recently is 'its not a good day'. but it isn't.

i hate how many times i used the word 'i'. it feels self centred.
i can't stop eating. i went outside for a cigarette and came back with a bunch of ice cream. i'm an emotional eater at the best of times.
i'm overthinking everything.
i hate having a sexual body.
i haven't slept prop...


Roommate gap..alone for 2 wks...

Posted by chickenonaraft12 in Forecast for tomorrow: Fog likely, 21 July 2014 · 63 views

So my roommate moved out..which is good and bad. We got along great-- but she didn't understand mental illness at all and kind of had a negative view of my depression. Regardless of how hard she tried to understand. But we really did have a good time overall I think.

My sister will be moving in next week (and then will be gone for a week with friends th...


Second opinion for Meds

Posted by Tea & Sympathy in Storm in a Tea Cup, 21 July 2014 · 40 views

My pdoc was debating putting me on Depakote/Sodium Valproate, he wanted a second opinion though so I've got that appointment tomorrow morning.

No idea what that will hold in store, yay for uncertainty!

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