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Spam Blog Comments

Posted by tryp in Announcements From the Staff, 24 October 2014 · 83 views

We have been receiving reports recently that users with public blogs have been experiencing spam comments on their blogs, made by users who do not appear in the user database.

This may be a result of your having guest comments enabled on your blog - it allows people to comment without registering, so we cannot ban them or mark them as spammers.

This is...


I am shit

Posted by BlurredBoundaries in BlurredBoundaries' Blog, 25 October 2014 · 42 views

I had a day off today and it's another "gorgeous" (as people would call it) day. I just can't do anything but be a big steamy pile of shit though

I made plans in my head, to clean up and do some laundry, possibly work out (since I have not at all for like 3 months) & maybe do some other stuff I've been meaning to do but I did absolutely nothing...and...


Brain fog

Posted by ananke in My mad fat blog, 25 October 2014 · 42 views

I'm so done with this damn symptom its unreal. My life would be infinitely improved if I could get through a sentence without losing focus or forgetting a word, I could look at a block of text without instantly zoning out, shit I could probably get a job that would pay living wage.

I don't know if I'm just making up excuses but its hard for me to think a...


Got a free laptop

Posted by writehellarandomshiny in The Real World Editorial Of SpriteandShiny, 25 October 2014 · 69 views

Not for me. For my sister.
And it's not that exciting.
It pre-dates wireless.
So. Yeah.

But it's free for her and it has some games and may get online. So she's very excited.


A Quiet Mind

Posted by dragonfly23 in dragonfly23's Blog, 25 October 2014 · 81 views

Is that the goal of this thing, this process, this battle?
A quiet mind, a whole mind, a connected mind?
Some days I am so very far away from this, any of it, I am no where near the goal..
Some days I want nothing to do with this goal, I self sabotage, only making things worse than my mind already makes them.
So I met with my Tdoc......she said...


Fuck It, I'm Sorry

Posted by empty inside in Everything That's Part Of Me, 25 October 2014 · 71 views

like the title says, i used to be a good person. i used to care about what others thought of me, how i acted. i used to be terrified of getting into trouble, doing anything even remotely bad, wrong or 'looked down upon'. but now? well now everything and everyone can go fuck themselves because i dont care. you know what? i dont care if i hurt people, i don...



Posted by confused in confused's Blog, 24 October 2014 · 36 views

Trigger Sexual abuse of minor no details

A teacher at my son's middle school is being held on charges that she had relations with a male student. They have been investigating for awhile, but she was charged today and now it is in the news. My son didn't have her as a teacher and is not involved at all. I don't know what to think. They are just kids 13/14.



Posted by yarnandcats in the yarn closet, 24 October 2014 · 61 views
Little Girl

Little Girl





Should I make a pdoc appt sooner?

Posted by Siggmin in Siggmin's Corner, 24 October 2014 · 52 views

I've been having some side effects since I re-started Saphris... A weird feeling in my face, where I feel like I have to make faces or stick my tongue out to get rid of this feeling. Then there is the stiffness. I have a hard time getting up when I sit down, my muscles lock. It gets to me when I walk too, my muscles get very tense and stiff in my back and...


Finally happy with my body

Posted by SoaringRaven in Raven's Ramblings, 24 October 2014 · 45 views

I finally feel happy with my body, for the first time in long time.

My weight has actually one up 8lbs since my last post, but I don't really care.

I'm proud of what my body has been able to accomplish lately. I go to the gym twice a week, and am now able to set the treadmill to a 9% grade and walk it at 3.5mph for well over an hour, without my legs hu...


writing while dying (hair!)

Posted by lysergia in one more try, 24 October 2014 · 57 views

dying our hair pink right now.
can't wait to wash it out.
stained the floor a little. oops.

daughter came over, yay.
did very well with being sane.
no crying, not too sedated.
saved it all up, the crying makes a huge lump.
not taking more pills until after i wash our hair.
crying better wait until after that.

the itchy hands the itchy hands oh my gawd...


This is living?

Posted by Brokendishes in Brokendishes - Blog blog blog, 24 October 2014 · 38 views

Today is another installment of "I've gone fucking crazy and will never be normal again"....
I did ok getting up and getting to work, but on the way I felt that familiar funny feeling...dizzy, light headed, cold, pale...I can just see/feel the life disappearing from the shell that is my body.
The body showed up at work and started doing chores so we'd be...


Waiting on the voices

Posted by Chimako in It's Where My Demons Hide, 23 October 2014 · 41 views

it's just a matter of time...


My blood work was "excellent."

Posted by TakeAChillPill in Adventures in Over-Eating, etc., 23 October 2014 · 83 views

I went in for the results of my yearly physical yesterday. My blood work is just as healthy as a younger person's without a weight problem! Here I am at age 34 and being Morbidly Obese, weighing 310 lbs, and every single year I get my blood levels checked for sugar and lipids and such. Every year I am remarkably fine.

I feel like I must have centenar...


Blood results

Posted by inabook in I'm fine, 23 October 2014 · 77 views

So I got the results of the blood tests, and I am remarkably fine.
Only two things are slightly off, the albumin is just a bit too high (52), and the ferritin is too low (7 instead of above 11, but... the hemoglobin results are fine, so no anaemia). So I guess I am fine.

This afternoon I have a "group interview" for a job. First ever. *anxious*



Always in Retrograde

Posted by Sadgasm in Sadgasm's Blog, 23 October 2014 · 56 views

Someone I know is having a "Retrograde Party," which is apparently a real thing real people do in honor of planetary events. She linked to an article called "How to Tell Mercury in Retrograde is Fucking With You" and it sounds just like me 365 days a year. Existential crisis. Tired yet restless. Suspicious that people secretly hate you. The person having...


Overwhelmed at Work

Posted by Geek in Geek's Blog, 22 October 2014 · 83 views

Work was overwhelming.

Colleague walked me through a complex task (it took all day). I don't think I can repeat it, and I won't be able to ask her because she's leaving for a new job - her last day is Friday. Everytime I think about her leaving I get teary. I don't know how to cope at this job without her. The teariness is a problem because it makes it...


Missed final exam..

Posted by chickenonaraft12 in Forecast for tomorrow: Fog likely, 22 October 2014 · 54 views

I am SO pissed off at myself. I took an intermediate microsoft excel course that is due to end on Saturday. Apparently I didn't log in the website on the right days because I completely missed taking the final exam.

Hopefully without the exam I can still make a C. Otherwise I fail the class and have to retake it I think.

UGH. I found out by emailing the...



Posted by baepolar in Overthrowing my Corrupt Mind, 21 October 2014 · 118 views
assault, rape, tw


So my mom confided in me that her best friend's boyfriend tried to rape her this Saturday. It seems to have brought back a lot of flashbacks from the abuse she endured at the hands of my biological father (including, but not limited to, marital rape).

She keeps saying the typical victim responses: "I was so naive", "I shouldn...



Posted by Ceicbot in Things that Fall Out, 21 October 2014 · 104 views
denial, depression, psychiatry

So my phone just rang and it said private number, i had a weird sick twisting feeling in my stomach like i knew who it was before i even answered.

It was the callback from the psychiatrist.

As from the title you can guess what the answer about it was..He said no.
Okay maybe not to my face and maybe the words weren't no but being that hes on a list th...


I got nothing

Posted by malachite in The Depression Files, 21 October 2014 · 128 views

I don't know what to say. I don't even know why I am trying to write this. I guess I ought to write what's been happening. Mike is in jeopardy of losing his job, or at least having to go on unpaid leave. Financially, it's a disaster. I feel so bad for him battling this anxiety. And I am trying to be there for him, but I am so empty, so reactive, so spent....

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