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What dose of clonazepam equals xanax?

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#61 Dawn K Cottini

Dawn K Cottini


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 01:19 AM

You can read all the comparison charts available but every body is different. For me, 30mg (yes, thirty) of clonazepam equals 4-4.5mg of alprazolam. It sounds unfathomable but it is indeed true, for me.

#62 melissaw72


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Posted 09 December 2012 - 02:12 AM

You can read all the comparison charts available but every body is different. For me, 30mg (yes, thirty) of clonazepam equals 4-4.5mg of alprazolam. It sounds unfathomable but it is indeed true, for me.

Out of curiosity ... did you actually take the 30 (thirty) clonazepam? Or use a chart to figure that out?

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 12:55 AM

For me, klonopin is my choice of benzo. Xanax made me feel high. Like REALLY high on just 0.25 mg. It also gave me awful nightmares. Ativan doesn't quite pack the punch I need to stop the worst of my panic attacks, but it does work fast. Valium makes me literally not give a fuck about anything and hoses my memory. Klonopin simply makes me feel normal albeit a little sleepy and usually one is all I need to get through the day. I will take another 0.5 at night if my RLS is acting up particularly bad though.

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#64 Jen Lynn

Jen Lynn


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 10:30 PM

I suffer from severe panic disorder. I also developed the fear of having panic attacks, and became fearful of things of my everyday life, this all originated from almost dying from complication during my pregnancy and birth. I have been suffering the condition for almost 8 years. not fun!!! After many doctors and many medicines, and digging to for clues to find out what was wrong with me, obviously this was before I even knew what a panic attack or anxiety was. Anyways, I have tried many anti-depressants ,some that actually increased my panic. I was introduced to a small dose of Xanax. In combination of that with Prozac, I was some what content but not out of the range. I was still dealing with daily attacks. They got so bad they controlled my life. I then could no longer drive. Was scared to leave certain comfort zones. Was very difficult for me to do many things. Including but not limited to what I listed. Anything that caused my heart rate to increase ie: caffeine, exercise, etc. would even trigger attacks. So now, after not driving for almost 3 years, and almost ruining my marriage. Friends and family separating from me cause they couldn't deal with me. I can finally say that I'm about 65 percent better. Although I know the attacks go into remission and I still get those feelings. I can finally drive. Do things I was went able to do for years. I know everyone is different. Medications work differently on all. But my solution after trying numerous different meds. This is we're clonazepam comes into the picture. As Xanax. This Xanax is a must have around for security and for an instant relieve for an attack. But the klonopin aka clonazepam 1mg, taken 3 times daily morning, afternoon and evening is what keeps me pretty balanced and anxiety at bay. Also taking a small does of celexa as a balancer. I get 2mg Xanax but break them in half for 1 mg as needed. I only try and take those if I'm severely anxious or feeling an attack. My personally opinion on the Xanax and klonopin comparison is: Xanax for an instant relief like stated in the event of an attack. And. Klonopin to be used as balancer as it last longer, but yet doesn't have that instant relief. Yes, you get a extra kick outa the Xanax, euphoria if you will, as you don't really get that from klonopin, but if you are just trying to treat anxiety, you don't need that kick, it is just a side effect anyways. Although that's were people fall in to abuse the medication.

#65 sonicwhite


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 02:52 PM

WHat the hell is all this.... We got a troll or spamer!

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