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Good Paxil Experience

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Posted 21 February 2008 - 04:11 AM

This post is mostly for people who have been prescribed Paxil and are researching it and freaking out about all the horror stories. I know I googled the hell out of Paxil when I got prescribed it. What I read scared me so much I took a week or two to gather up the courage to start it. Anyway I took it for anxiety and it really worked for me. Bear in mind I might react weirdly to drugs ie. quite sensitive to alcohol and caffeine but can take a klonopin and not feel it. If that sounds like you as well then here's what happened for me on Paxil:

- took about 3weeks to kick in then I felt SUPER happy. Enough to make psych think I might be on the 'bipolar spectrum' whatever he meant by that. It felt pretty awesome though.Started on 10mg and made my way up to 20mg over 2weeks and had no side effects.

- less anxious, more chatty, took more risks. If I'd been socially anxious this would have cured it. Since I was always normal socially it just made me stupidly outgoing. (my problem was getting to the place to be social not being social haha)

- gave me the energy I needed to chip away at my near-agoraphobia

- yes I still had a sex drive, no I did not put on weight.

- I came off 20mg COLD TURKEY and suffered NO side effects whatsever. From what I read its hell for most people but from personal experience know some ppl are fine!!

I only came off of it because I was doing some hard core introspection and decided that feeling my depression and anxiety was the only way to overcome it. I kind of wish I hadn't now because it's not meant to work as wellthe second time around.

So yes Paxil is horrible for many people but not for everyone. I just had to put my experience out there for anyone wanting info. I was very lucky. Make your own decisions ;) Good luck!

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Posted 21 February 2008 - 05:26 PM

I think people who write that stuff are suffering anxiety themselves or wish to scare us. You might get one in a thousand who will have a very bad reaction. They will spend hours writing about it. The rest that have had good results are too busy having a good time to be worried about writing about it.
I've been taking the Oz equivalent to Paxil for nearly 15 years. The first 5 were bliss the next 5 were OK but the last year has been a real poop out deal. Actually it was a long down hill gradual slope. At first I was euphoric and that started within a couple of hrs of the first pill. Hell became heaven for a long time. When it started to fail I tried increasing the dose. This was good for a short period but then I got this crushed, I want to get out of my brain feeling. So I didn't do that again but recently I got this same feeling with the 20mg dose. One of the odd things is, if I wean myself off slowly. I feel really good during the withdrawal apart from mild angst and a bit more emotion. I also feel good again going back on. It seems that the changing dose is giving good effects either up or down. I am currently weaning off and when the severe angst hits or before, I am going to trial Lovan (Prozac) I feel confident that it has done no permanent damage even though it most likely appears that I can never use it again. At worst I think I will just return to the usual anxiety and mild depression if nothing else helps. So I say give it a try, but take half a dose at first to see how you react. The reaction can be strong at first but quickly settles down. Beware of rage attacks! I had one during the adjustment period. Scared the bejasus out of me because I am an anti violent timid person. All of these experiments have been done with the knowledge of my GP. Please follow your Pdoc's instructions carefully. He/she is highly trained with these drugs.

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Posted 21 February 2008 - 05:54 PM

My friend Manny has had a wonderful experience w/Paxil as well. The only reason he doesn't take it is because he hates to take medicine. Any kind of medicine. Even tylenol, ibuprofen, antibiotics, etc. He's taken Paxil off and on since 1996 (I think?) Here's his experience:

  • taken it off and on and still works
  • no sexual side effects
  • only side effect was dry mouth
  • never pooped out on him
  • worked well at a minimum dosage of only 20mg
  • he has MDD and was suicidal and has been hospitalized
  • began working at 2 wks, full effect noticed at 4 wks
  • never had the "withdrawal" effect

I wish he would take his meds, but he's my friend and I can't force him to smarten up. ;>
I'm glad this thread was started. Too many people are quick to bash meds without realizing that perhaps that med just wasn't right for them and their brain.

I <3 my meds!
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Posted 10 June 2008 - 03:44 PM

I also have a good experiance with Paxil although it dident start that way. i started with 20mg. but all that really did to me was drive me up the wall... i felt like my brain was itchy and i kept smacking my head on things trying to get that feeling to go away ( that lasted about a week or 2 ) so they up'd it to 40mg. which was ok up until 6 months ago now im on 60mg. a day and that seems to keep me happy for the most part... and now that im reminded i need to call my dr. because the script for clonazepam is just making me frustrated and... well just mean...ha. i hate medication sometimes... I <3 my Paxil though .. you dont want to run in to me with out it.. haha...oh phone call. Bye

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Posted 13 June 2008 - 03:54 AM

I had some bad side effects, including the sexual side effects, but as far as helping my OCD and panic, it did that. It's probably the second best helpful drug I've been on for those disorders (Anafranil was first, when I first took it; it doesn't work as well for me anymore).

Some people are okay with the side effects, depending how bad they are, and what they are. In other words, some people will be bothered a lot by dry mouth and sexual side effects, and they won't consider the side effects tolerable, while others are willing to live with them.

Of course, some people won't have side effects at all. And I'm talking about any drug you try, as well as drugs for other things besides psychological disorders.

You have to decide for yourself if you're willing to take POSSIBLE risks (most of the stories we hear are anecdotal, or are studies/surveys, but not scientific studies, so we can't assume every problem we hear about is factual OR an actual risk, or maybe they aren't a risk specific to us. You have to decide if you're willing to live with side effects, if you have them, or if they disrupt your life and pleasure of life too much. Nobody has the right to tell you to get off a drug or stay on one if you're a competent adult. Well, the government can recall a drug, of course, but you know what I mean.

Everyone reacts different to different drugs. One drug might be really horrible for you, while another might work wonderfully. Early in my treatment, I was on imipramine (Tofranil), and just a small dosage knocked me out! But other drugs haven't been as bad, as far as drowsiness goes.

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Posted 23 August 2008 - 12:47 PM

Hi, I'm a newbie here but just want to chime in with my experience.

I LOVED Paxil. I felt human and content for the first ever when I was on it. I was on the lowest dose possible, and within eight hours I felt completely fearless. I had been in a car accident and was afraid to drive (I went on the AD in the first place because of that, although I've had depression and anxiety issues my whole life) and I literally took one pill, went to bed, and woke up a different person.

It took about four weeks to get used to. I felt headachy and light-headed, but very happy and relaxed. I felt I could fall asleep anywhere, though I wasn't exactly tired, if that makes sense. I went from sleeping 5 - 7 hours a night to a full eight hours with no interruptions. I never felt the need to nap in the middle of the day like I was doing before. I never had an anxious or hair-trigger angry episode on it. My thought processes tend to race and become tangled, and Paxil slowed them down enough to be always able to find the right words and say the right things especially in social situations. I had back problems from the car accident and the AD contained them to an extent. I was not afraid to fly anymore, and the motion sickness I suffered from throughout my whole life went away also.

The bad stuff was I tended to sleep too much at times, sometimes 12 hours (not often tho), and it was much, much more difficult to wake up in the mornings -- I would be in an extended doze state and could not function normally without coffee first thing. I would take my Paxil dose in the morning and that usually perked me up after 20 minutes. My dreams were more vivid, and my waking life was more dreamlike, if that makes sense. Sometimes I would hallucinate -- feel light as bubble, like I would float up and fly through the sky. Often I felt so relaxed it was hard to motivate myself -- there was no urgency to anything (good or bad -- depended on the situation.) The Paxil knocked out my craving for starchy foods completely. I would actually feel sick if I ate more than a very small portion of pasta, white rice, or potatoes. My dry mouth was bad, and maybe this is why I didn't like to eat starches. In the first few months while taking it I tended to get constipated, so added more nuts, seeds, and whole grains and fruits and veggies to my diet, and that helped -- I started to crave those foods more than the starches. In the first months of taking it my appetite was knocked way back, though food tasted better -- I just did not have the urge to eat much of it. When I got used to it I started eating more normally and gained back some weight on it, maybe 10 pounds, but attribute that to not moving as much because of the car accident and not watching my portions.

I would get brain zaps from time to time -- it was like a swimming motion in my head that went up and down in waves. I felt the same effect whenever I take decongestants so it didn't bother me too much.

My sexual motivation went down, but once I got into it, I was able to orgasm most of the time. It's the reason to have sex went away, but not the actual physical progression of desires, if that makes sense.

I was on it for 18 months, and like so many here, felt I didn't need to be medicated any more because I felt "better", and so went off 4 months ago. I had some funky withdrawel symptoms similar to mini-seizures (according to my neurologist) but was able to function if not too happily. Then, four weeks ago I started to slide back into a depressive, anxious, mind-muddled state. I saw my doc for my annual physical and asked that I start on the ADs again. This time I wanted to try Wellbutrin because I had heard good things about it.

Not a good idea!! My thinking is clearer I admit, and physically I feel fine, but I also feel hyped-up and on alert, and I don't have the feeling of inner peace that the Paxil gave. My motivation and energy are good but the depressed feelings are there and even clearer than before, the feeling of "what's the use, it's all hopeless." It's only been three days, and I am torn between continuing the Wellbutrin, or going back on the Paxil. I don't like feeling depressed and hopeless and anxious, even if my mind is sharp and alert. Unfortunately it's the weekend already and I can't call my doc, otherwise I'd be on Paxil, pronto!

#7 Guest_joelle_*

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Posted 03 December 2008 - 06:13 PM

thank you guys so much for putting something good on the net. I hate taking meds. I really do, but my panic attacks... and my nervousness got really bad recently and My doctor put me on xanax and I know its not safe to stay on it too long so i switched to paxil I reasearched and reasearched and found all bad stuff and then i was like wth put in success stories b/c thats what i need. its great for people to write good stuff and its making me feel better about starting tomorrow... im only going to be taking 5mgs for now.. but eventually will up to 10. thank you guys so much.

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Posted 06 December 2008 - 03:48 PM

Well...I have a story. I started taking Paxil when I was about 16 cause I was absurdly depressed and I ended up in the mental hospital from it, fully psychotic and hallucinating. Yeah, it was bad. That was before I was diagnosed as bipolar.

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 03:35 PM

After being nine months off it I'm going back on it. It was the only thing that alleviated my chronic anxiety.

This time thugh doesn't seem to be as effecive. When I took it the first time, I was in nirvana eight hours later. Now I feel just a little bit better after that first dose.

#10 Velvet Elvis

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Posted 20 January 2009 - 04:49 PM

It should take a month or so to come to full effect. Whether or not it works when you first take it is at best a crapshoot.

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Posted 25 March 2009 - 01:52 AM

I am thankful that I found these postings about Paxil. I have come the conclusion that someone else posted about people having more anxiety and posting panicky replys. I have been prescribed it for PMDD. I have a lot of anxiety and attacks before my cycle each month and thought I was losing it. I take a bunch of other medications for other issues and the DR. said would be ok, and that because I take an antihisthamine that I may be more drowsy. I also take sudafed for sinus issues. The Dr. said it would be fine. The one pharmacist said not a good idea and not to take anything (by the way I am supposed to start taking 10mg paxil). He just wound up scaring me into not wanting to take it. I talked the the pharmacist I know who has been at it longer and he stated at a low dose of paxil and the decongestant is fine and he can almost certainly say I would have no problems but if I was jittery to maybe not. He stated it is mostly in higher doses of Paxil and the misuse of medications. I trust him and my doctor but I was wondering if anyone is still checking this thread what your experiences were. I know we are all different but that is my main concern. I take it more than most but not all the time if that makes sense. I figured maybe time to try my nasonex instead. I think this is what I need, but would sacrifice taking it in order to not have bad sinus headaches.

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Posted 01 June 2009 - 08:44 PM

Thank you so much for this posting!! I was so scared after reading the reviews on Paxil. I love it, it has boosted my energy aswell and I feel super happy and none of the feelings of anger that other people have felt.

I feel like my emotions are heightened and where they should be, not numb at all. I was very glad to see a good review, thank you !!

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Posted 02 June 2009 - 01:32 AM

I took Paxil when I was 14 for a few months. It made me angry, emotionally unstable and suicidal. I needed to be taken off of it. Effexor worked better for me (at least as far as addressing my symptoms at the time).

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Posted 19 June 2009 - 08:11 AM

Well, paxil isnt great for everyone.

For me, it worked well for anxiety, panic and depression as well as some ocd stuff.

On the negative side, I gained 50lbs and rook up smoking. Oh well.

Dx : Schizophrenia, paranoid type with panic attacks. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Trait, epilepsy

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Posted 24 June 2009 - 10:59 AM

I loved Paxil, and wish I could stay on it.

The Good: Not only did it pull me out of some very nasty depression, but it made me more sociable than I've ever been in my life. I'm able to make eye contact more than ever, and got rid of weird little OCD things that I never even noticed until they went away. People like me, because I'm chill.

My libido is the same, but it takes slightly longer to orgasm. However, when I'm with the right partner, sex is finally ridiculously awesome. :-D I don't think I gained any weight as a result of Paxil. Granted...I'm on two stimulating meds, so those could counter either of these side effects.

The Bad: It took a month to stop feeling quite as tired, and to start being fully effective. (On 20 mg.) Now that I'm on 30, it's been over a month, and I'm still tired, so I have to go off of it. And this is taking into account that I'm on two stimulants, and I'm maxed out on both. :/ I can't function. I have bills backed up, people miffed with me, and my new job...they don't seem to like me, because I catch on slowly. Which isn't what I'm usually like.

I hope Paxil works well for any of you, because other than the latter, I really really loved it, and was initially reluctant to go off of it. I hope to find something less likely to make me sleepy...eh. Good luck, right?

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 09:50 AM

i have depression for 10 years without knowing , i was always sick and went to gp every month. Gp couldn figure out what was my problem. last year december i was robbed and robbers strangled me and i manage to escape them, and this incident caused drauma and i went to hospital , i was given paxil . At first the side effects were bad for a week and then after the a started to feel better day by day.....i was very skinny before the robbery due to the undignosed depression now i have gained enough weight, i used to hide when my friend visited me, i did not wanna go out and when i am out with ada people i was thinking they talk about me and i used to have no confidance. Now my life is change after 10 year of suffering , i wan to tell people out de that paxil is working and i am the witness. i thaink poeple dont share their succes stories with paxil and i do not wana do that. i use to be afraid to drive now i am the boss, and i like to be around people ....i am so happy  i have been on paxil is about seven months i am on a one year programme due to the ten years i lived with depression without help.


i am on 10mg, i am a happy monkey now....lol

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