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almost 4 month old having seizures

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Posted 23 February 2008 - 08:08 PM

mY daughter is almost 4 months old and a couple weeks ago she had 2 seizures, so I obviously took her to the er, and they took her to the intermediate care unit, and did all these tests, an mri, an cat scan on her brain, and an eeg. and well the mri came back normal but the eeg on her head, showed that she has a potential for more seizures, and most likely that she had seizures. So they put her on trileptal, and I am scared about her beign this young on this drug, she only takes 1 ml of the liquid form of it twice a day, but it makes her constipated and really moody right afte rshe takes it. and Honestly I am scared bc I have never had to deal with this before. I am scared she will have another one, and I am scared that this medication isnt good for her, but she has to take it. so I give it to her.

any advice? does anyone have young children that have seizures?
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Posted 23 February 2008 - 11:59 PM

from what i know, seizures are far, far more dangerous than the meds. this is NOT the time to listen to anti-medication fear mongers. if she had a heart defect, or diabetes, you'd treat that, right?

seizures in babies and small children have a lot of serious risks. besides death, seizures will at best retard her development and at worst, eat her brain. seizures will literally interrupt the connections her growing brain is making, keeping her from developing.

as for the side effects, i think you and her are going to have to ride it out. do your best to soothe her: talk to some other moms about how to soothe cranky babies. you didn't say how long she's been on it, but for adults side effects lessen over time & i'm guessing it should be the same for kids.

i wish both of you the best. as long as you keep her from having more seizures, and there's nothing else wrong, she should be just fine. in fact, she does have a chance of outgrowing childhood seizures, but i don't know any stats on that.
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Posted 24 February 2008 - 05:20 AM


i apologize up & down that i dont remember what if any meds you took while preggers.

since going to the ER, have you taken the baby to the pediatrician? i ask this because the ER may or may not know everything about the baby. whereas the pediatrician should have more detailed records and could maybe shed more light on why baby is having seizures.

my mind is really cloudy tonight....

i had a c-section, so baby & i were in the hospital for a few days. and then it was like a guessing game - is baby upset from being yanked out of me, from the meds used to pull her out, upset from MI med withdrawl...the questions were endless. but as the hours passed she got better. Im not aware of any seizures....im just trying to say that sometimes there can be a whole load of issues on why a baby is doing something.

do what the doctors tell you and immediately report anything abnormal or bad. You are definitely an excellent mother for getting your baby to the ER!!!

much love & patience,

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Posted 21 March 2008 - 09:53 PM

I had seizures as a infant (may still be having them now, the doc just isn't sure) my mother had to give me phenobarbital 4 times a day. I still had some seizures but, I was fairly normal by age 5. Medication was stopped and I suffered no obvious effects from being exposed to such a drug. I was just a very quiet baby from what I am told.
Keep in touch with your doctor. The medications they have now are so much better then the phenobarbital I took and the treatments have come a long way.
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Posted 23 March 2008 - 04:07 PM

hi, im sorry to hear your little one's having seizures. my son has intractable epilepsy, so we have every seizure type thrown at us 100's of times aday. its hell.
you done brilliant in getting her to the ER so quickly. and in my experiance giving the meds to her is more safer than not. my son takes 3 different meds and has a VNS and he is starting to respond. it may take a time to find the right med for your daughter, that she will be happy on, its quite difficult because she is so young and you are in the state of wanting to do the best for your child and you are doing that.
its easy for people to be against meds but when they are needed in situations like this, we dont have the luxury of having a straight forward choice and we have to do what we feel is best. my son epilepsy is very rare and it started as absences and c/p. we didnt find out until he had a tonic clonic one night. he wasnt uncontrolled for 4 years and the seizures did damage. if i had of known, he would of been on any med they gave me, even if he was 1 week old. keep an eye on her and remember you know your child. i hope she doesnt have anymore.

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