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Did you exercise TODAY?

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#3961 Wooster


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Posted Yesterday, 07:35 PM

to and from therapy... downpour on the way there... double rainbow on the way home... I wish that was metaphorical as well as literal.

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#3962 Foggy Brain

Foggy Brain


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Posted Today, 08:44 AM

Skated last night.  Felt good.

#3963 rowan77



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Posted Today, 02:30 PM

Walked into town and home, a 30 min round trip

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#3964 melissaw72


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Posted Today, 09:54 PM

Was out and about for almost 5 hours today.

Current Psychiatric Dxs ... Schizoaffective, bipolar type; Anxiety disorder, PTSD, agoraphobia

Also recovered Anorexic/Bulimic finally after 20 years.

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Any questions just ask :)


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#3965 Sync


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Posted Today, 10:17 PM

20:22 of more advanced step aerobic routine today.

Dx: OCD, PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder

Rx: 100mg Sertraline (I love this med and want to marry it and have lots of med babies)


Non-psych Dx: Migraine w/aura, Basilar migraine, Acephalgic migraine (Basilar migraine symptoms w/o headache)


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