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1st Confession

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 03:33 AM

Hello all,

I've been lurking around here and have finally gained the courage to make my first "revealing" post. I suffer from social anxiety and panic attacks and today...I panicked. I was driving around looking for a parking spot, angry at my university for shutting down a parking lot and thus increasing the competition for parking spaces elsewhere. I saw a person pulling out of their parking spot and I quickly pulled up close to them so that I could get their spot. Unfortunately, someone else had the same idea. I panicked and immediately after the person pulled out of the space, I move my car at the weirdest angle just to get my car in front of the other person so that they knew, I was here, and this was MY SPOT! The car that pulled out had to maneuver a bit around me but I didn't care at that point, I finally got a spot. The tricky part was fully getting my SUV in this small parking space. I twisted my wheel, moved out and in and I nearly got it until...The back left of my car grazed the car to my left. I heard a slight sound and the already loud thumping in my chest grew louder and stronger. I had to get out of there. I quickly looked at the car and saw a small dent. I felt guilty and successfully managed to pull my car out of the space and drive away. No one was there, no one saw, but every time I close my eyes I see that small dent, probably the size of my thumb in that car next to me. 


Will that person recognize the spot? Was this some sort of karma? I can't get this out of my head. When I got home, I started looking up hit and run stories and discovered that it is a misdemeanor crime. Was this a hit and run, although there was little damage? What if someone DID see me and wrote down my license plate? What if the driver reports me and orders that I pay to fix the dent in their car? I can't help but feel like I have royally screwed up and I cannot do anything about it now to fix this.

Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom for me? Thanks for listening.

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 09:44 AM

Now, I don't drive much (primarily for lack of having a car to drive) partly because it scares me. There is just so much responsibility, and so much that can go awry.
So, here's the thing. From the sounds of it, you didn't leave a note (which would have been the polite and correct thing to do) but chances are that with rates the way they are that the other person wouldn't have claimed it anyway. Most people in my experience (who don't drive fancy cars) just get a paint pen from the dealer to stop rust and leave it at that anyway.
In terms of car crashes and even hit and runs, this one is pretty low on the severity scale. No parts need replacing, and no bodies are injured, maimed, or have ceased to live. It could have been so much worse than this.
Truthfully, it makes sense to be scared because driving is a big deal and a lot of responsability. But it also shouldn't impact your life. Since you can't fix this you'll have to find ways to move on which could include a couple of options for the future:

- resolving not to do that again (there are always more parking spots)
- managing you anxiety if you're not already doing so
- for me, reducing my car dependency would go here

Anxiety is the devil. Every time that you go outside and beat it back for a little while is a victory worth celebrating. Don't let this stop you.

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 09:20 AM

Anxiety and driving sucks!

You could have left a note, but you didn't, it's in the past, so don't fret. I probably would have done the same thing.

I've noticed a ding here and there on my car. I've seen people back into cars, smash into them and drive off. People aren't polite all the time, especially while driving.

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 08:10 PM

When you leave a note, make sure to get a photo of the dent, of your car where it made contact, and the cars overall, before you leave.

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 05:42 PM

Never leave a note. I learned that the hard way. Drive away! Fast!


I was driving a Budget rental truck when moving one time. I had 2 friends with me helping me move. I was moving from one part of Seattle to another, and if anyone is familiar with capital hill you'll know how hard it is to find a spot to park a vehicle. 


I accidentally side-swiped a BMW, pretty badly. I had a mind to just leave it but my friend and his conscious convinced me to leave a note with my phone # and insurance info, so I did. The guy called me, screaming at me, threatened to sue, and my insurance was going to pay big time and raise my rates and etc... etc.. 


After a few days he had calmed down and called me, and told me that his insurance gave him a really good deal and now his car was fixed and better than it was before.


I will never leave a note ever again... fuck. Almost ruined my life.

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