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Spring 2018 Fundraiser

This announcement is no longer active

Velvet Elvis

Hey all.  VE here.  It's tax time and I need to pay taxes on what we made from advertising last year.  Advertising income is too unpredictable to really save in advance, so once again I have to beg you all to save me from the IRS.  

I know I haven't been active around here recently and I apologize for that.  I have been dealing with chronic pain issues for the past year that have mostly left me stuck in bed and I can't type for crap on a phone. Last Friday I was finally able to get some nerve blocks that are making a huge difference so I should be around more in the future once I get my laptop keyboard replaced.   I want to finally get a new chat solution in place as well as try some other things to breathe new life into this place.  

There is a paypal link in the sidebar.  If you are stuck on mobile, request the desktop site to get to the link. Give what you can but if you're disabled and on SSI, please don't give more than you can afford.  

Thanks again.