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  2. Anyone have positive or negative experiences with acupuncture? This wouldn't be for replacing medication. It would be as a supplement.
  3. that's a really great link. I knew that my school district did it, so I wanted to make sure they were on there and they were. Neat!
  4. Without meds I get severe insomnia and terrible anxiety. Marijauna made me hallucinate and makes me super paranoid. Knew someone who had a psychotic episode due to pot smoking. It's not for everyone.
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  6. Thanks, @[email protected] . It's so helpful to spread the word about free summer meals. So many people don't know about it.
  7. Sorry, I don't know where to put this post. I felt this link would be pertinent to parents who are MI because money is so frequently an issue for those of us who are ill. Here is a government link to a program which provides free Summer meals to kids and people under 18 when school is out of session. I hope it helps.
  8. It's still picking up over here. Some insurance companies don't even cover it yet.
  9. I thought it was a fairly known in the US for treating treatment-resistent depression.
  10. Well clozapine runs a much higher risk than other antipsychotics for agranulocytosis. Usually that is tried once other antipsychotics have failed. Clozapine and loxapine are structurally very similar. They're from "cousin classes" Clozapine is a dibenzodiazepine related of course to the benzodiazepine class and loxapine is a member of the dibenzoxazepine class. My intrusive thoughts are financial in nature. Obsessing over money. If I get into a fight with my partner, I obsess over the interaction in my head twisting it so many different ways to see how it could have gone differently. Thoughts of leaving him when it makes no sense and I'm actually quite happy. Intrusive thoughts of suicide on occasion. Loxapine made that all go away for me. It made me less obsessive, less of a worrier. I started on 5mg at night, but that wasn't enough so I went up to 10mg. When Spring rolled around we didn't decrease my Prozac dose fast enough before spring mania hit and we had to go up to 25mg, but every time it has squashed my mania, racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts. It's pretty solid, and atypical at doses up to 50mg. But it can be dosed as a typical up to 250mg per day in divided doses. It's very sedating, which I can imagine Thorazine is as well, I just haven't tried it before so I can't compare. Just know that all of the dosing information you will find on loxapine says 50-100mg twice a day. You can take this 5mg and 10mg for "as needed" situations and use the 25mg and 50mg doses for continuous maintenance use. EDIT: @CrazyRedhead Just wanted to add that I've taken Latuda, Saphris, Abilify, Fanapt, and Zyprexa. Most of them caused either akathisia from hell or weight gain (lookin at you Zyprexa). Loxapine is the first antipsychotic that I've tried that has virtually no side effects aside from morning sedation that also quells my mania and OCD-like thoughts. My pdoc says that he has a lot of patients on it. That he tries them on it after traditional ones like Risperdal and Seroquel have failed and most people really like it. Remember though, all these patients are taking low doses for the most part, 50mg or less. I seriously would recommend that anyone try it in combination with an antidepressant for bipolar disorder. I do still need oxcarbazepine to help with my anxiety and general jitteriness during the day but Oxtellar, Prozac, and loxapine together have totally knocked my BPII on its ass. I've never been happy with a med combination before and I legitimately am at a point where I don't want to change my medications, just adjust dosages. And this combination has all kinds of metabolic interactions that I can use to my advantage. Going up on Oxtellar induces 3A4 which would in theory slightly decrease my Prozac level but would also increase my exposure to one of loxapine's metabolites that converts into amoxapine (a tetracyclic antidepressant). Increasing Prozac would decrease my exposure to that metabolite but increase my exposure to the parent loxapine so more antipsychotic to compensate for the higher SSRI dose. Increasing Prozac though would also increase my dextroamphetamine exposure in Vyvanse which means a dose increase on Prozac could very well mean a hypomanic episode if I'm not careful. It's a game of "tuning".
  11. I was in an abusive relationship for a long time. I am currently married to someone who doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Even though we've been together 15 years, I still have to remind myself that occasionally I still hear things through the filter of paranoia from my previous situation. It took me a while to figure that out. Your situation may be totally different. I hope things are better today.
  12. @browri, I currently take thorazine for anxiety.....Do you think clozapine or loxapine would work better?
  13. After three weeks off work, I'm back in work. I work night shifts 'till 2.30 in the morning. I love my job but having no sleep schedule really makes things worse.
  14. Go to a doctor, mate. A GP is a good starting point. If you know anyone who has also gone through mental health problems then they might be a good person to talk to about it.
  15. I do believe that caffeine keeping you up is a bit of a factoid. At first it might do so but afterwards it makes you dependant on it to stay at a normal fatigue level. Or something like that anyway. I think what I would do is just have caffeinated things rarely when you really need a pick up rather than make it a daily 'supplement' - if you like.
  16. Being friends means making contact right? What's so wrong with ringing people weekly for example? Once I told this guy "I keep ringing and ringing this girl and she never answers." He replied "Yeah you would wouldn't you?" Another example: My friend gave this guy her number and then bitches that he tries to ring her because he's lonely?!
  17. I hope the results turn out that he is getting better, and I'm glad he doesn't have hepatitis.
  18. Did they say anything else to put in the letter other than you are paying your parents most of the money? ie, Do you have to specify how much is going to your parents, and for what? That is something I would check on, because it would suck to get the letter to them, only for them to ask you for more information to send in. Personally, I would type it out, then have both your parents and you sign the statement. Does it have to be notarized?
  19. Idk if you drink tea, specifically green tea, but FWIW the caffeinated kind raises my blood pressure. Other than drinking that once in awhile, I can't drink caffeine because it effects my blood pressure.
  20. My meds seem to be suppressing most of my psychosis - I no longer am markedly psychotic all the time - but not completely enough that I don't have a constant low background level of psychosis or occasional more pronounced breakthrough symptoms. I probably do need a med tweak if all psychosis is to be suppressed completely. I am not confident that simply increasing my current meds will do it, since I don't have much room to go up. I have thought of trying olanzapine, so if I have more breakthrough symptoms I will mention it to my pdoc. However, I fear the side effects of olanzapine, so another possibility I thought of was asking for an olanzapine prn, so I can suppress breakthrough symptoms effectively without having to take olanzapine every day.
  21. True and good point ... I had to do this with a stomach med (for amitiza). I had to try 2 or 3 others before it (that never ended up working) in order to get it approved.
  22. I agree with a 2nd opinion. Or something in your meds might not be working, or maybe needs a med tweak? I would hate to have psychosis and have to deal with it with therapy and without med changes or anything. Personally it would probably bring out more psychosis in me, making things a lot worse. I have also heard of zyprexa working, like @aura was saying. But I'd still go with the 2nd opinion.
  23. Ok... Lexapro 20mg once daily-depression Topamax 100mgBID- alcohol cravings Adderall IR 20mg TID- ADD Gabapentin 300mg TID- Anxiety Suboxone 8mg BID- Opiate dependency Those are all doc prescribed the following is self medicating... Alcohol- 12+ drinks nightly for stress Heroin- 5-10 bags few times a week for stress Marijuana- 1gr daily for appetite and insomnia Unisom- 4-6 50mg tabs nightly for insomnia That's my mess of a cocktail, surely not the most healthy one.. but truthful at least.
  24. I had CBT for my voices and paranoia a couple of years ago. It kinda helped with the voices I suppose but not to a great extent. I don't have a lot of insight into my paranoia when it's bad so the therapy didn't help for that. I'll give the guy points for trying though, he was really thorough and went through everything with me. I think you definitely need to need to quash your symptoms with APs as therapy only had a limited effect (for me).
  25. ok thanks, kind of frustrated that the options in this are so limited.... I'm gonna look into Periactin as well, I've heard that before...
  26. Feeling down and out, used and cast away..

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