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  2. Zopiclone/Imrest question

    My bad....You're right, LOL....editing post as we speak....
  3. The person below me...

    Oh, I hate them. I can't even watch them. Who in real life when faced with a dramatic situation breaks into song? The person below me will be traveling tomorrow even if it is just a few miles.
  4. The person below me...

    False TPBM likes musicals
  5. The person below me...

    It's not my favorite, but I do eat it. I have no religious objections to it. The person below me has eaten a wild turkey before.
  6. The person below me...

    It is fun if you enjoy getting together with family. I get anxious at gatherings. False, but my husband likes it TPBM eats pork
  7. Hi What about your story. What happened to you ? Im interested to know because Im doing injections once a month too. Did you gain your sharpness again ? Are you able to write again.
  8. Today
  9. Newly Diagnosed

    I was diagnosed BP II at 35, which seems to be on the latter end of the spectrum. Like you, I had depression (more like a rolling dysthymia oscillating into depression) and anxiety for almost 20 years. Looking back, I can see the occasional first inklings of hypomania, but hindsight is 20/20. Against my quack's advice, I have not tried Latuda. I have an aversion to meds that can cause tardive dyskinesia. Welcome to the club.
  10. The person below me...

    false, we don't celebrate thanksgiving here, is it fun? the person below me loves the show stranger things?
  11. The person below me...

    False. The person below me will eat turkey tomorrow.
  12. The person below me...

    False. Even with garlic. TPBM has read, or knows who archy and mehitabel are.
  13. I have been told I had "traits" in my teen years as well, with doctors in hospitals looking in vain for trauma that wasn't there to explain my self harm and ED symptoms. I was an "enigma" to quote one doctor. Thirty years later, I have a daughter diagnosed with Aspergers and in doing research, found that like you posted, women on the spectrum are more often misdiagnosed with Borderline PD. The same could be with ADHD as well, since both disorders are diagnosed more in boys and contain the impulsivity and emotional dysregulation found with Borderlines. My current psychiatrist hasn't diagnosed me with either, and stressed that having borderline traits does not come anywhere near a diagnosis and shouldn't be treated as such. A diagnosis of BPD should be taken with a grain of salt since a lot of clinicians will assign it when they see self harm alone. Traits, like my doctor said, can be found in a huge portion of the population and don't constitute an actual diagnosis. Like Narcissistic PD, BPD is difficult to diagnose and should not be given simply because a client has some trouble with emotion regulation and impulsivity. That's laziness on the doctor's part, in my opinion.
  14. God Do I Need Help

    I have no idea what the plan is. I feel better today than you for asking the past two days were very bad.. right now they just plan to adjust the seroquel leave lithium alone. I kinda feel like it’s anxiety and depression but little success with that med class. what do u mean how many will I try??
  15. God Do I Need Help

    @looking for answers How are you feeling today? Any better or the same? What is the plan for your meds as far as dosage, how many you will try/be on? Do you think that the dx of Bipolar is correct or do you feel it is mixed anxiety & depression?
  16. God Do I Need Help

    I guess it’s more taboo bc it’s anti anxiety meds
  17. Great. I can't recognize what I'm feeling anymore.

  18. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I'm feeling pretty knocked down today too...the same, mourning the past and who I used to be, what I was able to enjoy and achieve before i was consumed by this illness.
  19. Grieving a loss of self

    This ^^^ I often feel the exact same way - you've described it perfectly. Yet I still hang on to a grain of hope...sometimes the sadness is not so apparent, it fades in & out. I wish you peace @lifequake keep hanging on and hopefully these feelings will start to diminish over time when you go through the process. I don't know how to move towards acceptance any quicker unfortunately.
  20. God Do I Need Help

    One of the first things I told my Pdoc was that I would not do well with a medication that made me gain weight. I have a history of disordered eating, and while I'm mostly okay with my bigger (healthy but not my firm and trim ideal) body now, I would not do well with a medication that made me gain weight. He wanted to start me on depakote, but changed it to lamictal because it's more weight neutral. Make sure your pdoc is on the up and up. Generic lamictal is dirt cheap, so a less scrupulous doc might avoid it. That said, I do also take seroquel. I was immediately worried about my research, which told me that it could lead to muscle weakness and weight gain. I am also athletic (rock climbing and trail running is how I learned to accept my body as muscular and strong, rather than waifishly thin.) My pdoc gave me the scrip and told me "I think this will help dial back your irritability, but if you don't like the side effects, you can just stop taking it. We'll check in at your next appointment.
  21. I haven't found any issues with having bipolar on my medical record. When I meet a new provider and tell them what meds I'm on, they just say "uh huh" and write it down, then ask "and are those working for you?" I've only had my own insurance under Obamacare rules where you can't be discriminated against for preexisting conditions, though. I do genuinely fear what might happen to healthcare in the US. I might lose coverage or have to pay a shitload more if some assholes in DC decide that profits are more important than people like us. I can say that my diagnosis and subsequent medications have made my life so, so much easier. I resisted it for a long time. I was diagnosed with depression at 11, took meds for it on and off, unsuccessfully. For about ten years, I noticed mood swings, but denied that I could have bipolar because they didn't seem "crazy" enough. I started getting more obviously hypomanic episodes when I was about 28. It still took me a year to admit it and go get help. mostly because my now husband, who also has bipolar, told me "you are manic right now and you should call my psychiatrist." I've been taking lamictal and seroquel and I honestly don't think I'd be able to handle my life without them. I couldn't even handle a full time job before.
  22. I think you're right. I also think that it's not an inherently insulting question. I know quite a few people with bipolar diagnoses. They aren't necessarily on these boards, because they just take their meds and live normally and don't feel compelled to spend a lot of time thinking about it, (like some of us, me included, who find it's more of a constant presence) If someone asked them "do you think you're in control of your bipolar disorder" they'd say "uh, yeah, I haven't had an episode for like five years. I take my meds and I feel mostly good. Sad when things are sad, happy when things are happy." Ultimately, I think it's a good question. Therapists ask uncomfortable questions because your response is important. Do you control your illness, or does your illness control you? I couldn't answer it with "yes" or "no," personally.
  23. I want to say how proud I am to share the boards with you, HB. You express very clearly a great deal of how I feel about my autism. You're a warrior, and you've been through some of the worst, yet you're still fighting for the right. Anyone who isn't inspired by you isn't paying attention. Analyzing things is a talent, and you do have it. It shows.
  24. Anxiety for me 90% of the time. Stress then the anxiety that goes along with it wear me down to depressions. Depression is worse imho although panic attacks are pretty bad. I think depression is worse cause you can't always find a solution to get out of it. At least with anxiety I can take Ativan or do something to calm down. I can enjoy life with anxiety, however with depression you usually have anxiety anyways and can't enjoy anything.
  25. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Very, very depressed tonight. Mourning my life and the past.
  26. Well done, HoBo. It’s been such a joy and a pleasure to watch you grow.
  27. whatever the weather

    The temperature was warm today with a high in the 50s F (12 C) but there was a stiff wind that made it feel cold. It was sunny today. A cold front is expected to come through tonight and knock the temperatures back down.
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