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  1. Replying to a text message.
  2. Pdocs seem to like using atypical antipsychotics for BP depression. Seroquel and Latuda are both FDA approved for the purpose. Lamictal is another that is prescribed a lot for BP depression. You could call these meds antidepressants, as that has become one of their most common uses. Some doctors avoid conventional antidepressants in BP due to fears of ineffectiveness, manic switching and acceleration of cycling. Anecdotally, some people seem to benefit whereas others can't handle them. You might be in the latter catagory.
  3. If it is med induced the dosage may need adjusting or it might not be the right med for you. It could be something that passes. I was very apathetic on citalopram, too. Other ADs have been more benign, for me, in that respect.
  4. Taking him to your psychiatrist and therapist appointments to get some support in explaining it to him and taking him to carer support group might help. Perhaps giving him a book on bipolar, some are written for friends and family of the sufferer could help also, if he'd agree to read it. There are also documentaries you could show him. It might help him recognise the symptoms of BP in you, and shake him out of his denial.
  5. For me constant boredom and lack of interest in things takes longer to clear up than most other depression symptoms, so maybe you are just nearly arriving at true remission but not quite there yet. When I was stable I didn't feel bored with it. My interest and enjoyment of life had returned and it was amazing to have that back.
  6. 1) Been a while since I took it but I think it started to work in a few days, maybe a week. That was to treat a manic episode. 2) I found 200-400mg to be the beneficial range for me. 3) I was not told to take it with food, just to take it at 6-7PM each day.
  7. What your doc has planned sounds sensible to me. Your Lamictal dose is low but you need relief now which is the priority so adding Latuda which should help with that. Raising Lamictal now while adding a new med at the same time could cause confusion as to what is doing what. I guess she will probably review the Lamictal dose once your mood has stabilised and you have stopped Latuda. She'll probably raise it to around 200mg, which is the target dose, according to the manufacturer.
  8. The church needs the money, true, but the way they are trying to get it is perhaps by making promises they can't keep. I would find that extremely offputting and it would not convince give them money, just to find another church.
  9. Both Wellbutrin and Lamictal seem much less effective the second time around for me.
  10. Abilify is definitely known for causing insomnia, restlessness, anxiety etc. I had a lot of trouble sleeping when I first started it. I did experience that sleepy-anxious feeling when I upped the dose to 15mg. The brain zaps are pretty unique to AD withdrawal as far as I know.
  11. Concerta can worsen depression for some people. Have you taken it long?
  12. Seroquel didn't help my intrusive thoughts but it didn't make me gain weight, either. What has helped are high doses of SSRI or SNRIs. I haven't tried clomipramine.
  13. Nope. All my ADD assessments were just done in an a one hour appointment.
  14. What was your taper schedule of Cymbalta? How long had you taken it? SNRI withdrawal can be gnarly, mentally and physically. I would say it is probably that as you described the onset of these symptoms as being delayed from when you started Abilify. Just my guess.
  15. Could a lower dose of one of the meds you've tried be better? Or perhaps a combo of two stims at low dosage?