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  1. Could a lower dose of one of the meds you've tried be better? Or perhaps a combo of two stims at low dosage?
  2. It isn't always fun. Mostly when I get breakthrough like you're getting now, it's unpleasant. Have you been in touch with your pdoc? Maybe they'll use temporary additional meds to bring you back down. A lot of people use Zyprexa that way because it kicks in very fast and works very well (for many). Also benzos. They may put you on lithium or depakote. There's a lot they can do anyway.
  3. I'm worried if I said I'm bipolar it would affect my job.. life... 

  4. There are support groups for loved ones of those with bipolar. Maybe attending one of those would help your wife. If she feels understood and relates to the other people there it might change her perspective about what you are going through.
  5. Maybe the initial side effects such as sleepiness/fatigue are making depression feel worse? That could mean that you'll feel better as your body adjusts to the drug. I hope you feel better soon anyway.
  6. I'm going to lower the dose way back down. I seem to have no drive now, no energy and no interest in anything or ability to enjoy anything. I feel very apathetic and flat. Not good or bad, no emotion. I think it's either too much too soon, or just... too much for me.
  7. Wash dishes and clean kitchen.
  8. Try the Wellbutrin. It doesn't cause anxiety for all who take it. By reducing depression, it may reduce your anxiety indirectly as both are often linked. It is a better solution than Viagra if it does work, because having to time Viagra doses kills spontaneity. Although I think Viagra is worth trying, it's use does involve planning. Some have used Periactin (cyproheptadine) to try to reduce the sexual SE of ADs. It is an OTC antihistamine which has an anti serotonin effect.
  9. Not needing sleep is a bad sign, as are racing thoughts. I would call my pdoc or use emergency PRN.
  10. Train my dog not to bark/be afraid so much. Start exercising regularly to lose fat and build muscle, eat healthy. Develop discipline with money. See a therapist.
  11. Can I ask how much you take? I'm on my phone and can't see lol. I have had good results with quel in the past but couldn't take much more than 300mg. Don't know if that would be enough.
  12. I feel sedated as well since upping the dose a few days ago. I hope it passes for both of us!
  13. Lexapro kicks in really fast and is a very potent SSRI, which is why it has lower dosages. They are equivilant to the dosing ranges of the other SSRIs. I took Lex before I developed any OCD sx but it made me kind of numb and apathetic and killed my libido. Prozac helped a lot with my OCD sx. Cymbalta did, too but not so much anymore. I'm switching back to Prozac now actually. i only get intrusive thoughts just FYI.
  14. I've had the same experience on some of the ADs and not others. Lexapro, Effexor and Celexa all made me kind of numb and apathetic. Zoloft, Prozac, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin and Remeron don't seem to do it so much. It could also be that you've only had a partial response to the AD, and so are experiencing a modified version of your depression, rather than remission.