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  1. Try She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. It opened my eyes!
  2. I've slept decently the past two nights. Im a little bored right now and looking forward to my steak dinner.
  3. Yes. That was a very astute observation. ;-) They are very helpful when you are on a ketogenic diet because they fill you up without carbs and are super tasty. :-)
  4. Just today it was in the mid-sixties here and I was in a very unusual state of mind. It was like I was ALIVE instead of how I was feeling during the colder winter days. I feel this way during spring when it's nice out too. However I think this can happen quite regularly in non-MI folks as well. My friend felt the same as I did today and maybe even more so and she's the most stable person i know. I don't get a crash though and neither does she. Maybe that makes it a variation of something normal. I will report back on Saturday when it;s supposed to be in the high twenties with possible snow.
  5. I am hoping I sleep tonight. I've been awake, give or take a few hours, for almost three days. I started a heavy duty antibiotic two days ago and it made my head feel as though it were spinning and gave me some tummy trouble. It was just for a skin problem I have- a boil under my armpit that is actually not that big. I stopped oral antibiotic but continue using that topical. Yesterday morning at 4am I drank a 5 hour energy and a large mug of dark roast on top of no sleep and got kind of giddy but not manic. I chatted on Facebook with a friend for an hour it so while caffeinated. The caffeine gave me a good buzz. Of course the buzz lasted about three hours but after that I was okay- just a little wonky. My period is due soon. Maybe my problems are partially hormonal. Its 1:14am. I've been doing the Keto diet four days in a row. Sometimes I crave foods too high in carbs because those are not allowed on the diet but I'm not even a week into the diet yet so I will stay on it and give it a chance.
  6. Some Recent Photos

    Here are a few pics of my Keto meals from the past few days. I am also sharing a pic of my aquarium after it's just been cleaned. I cleaned it with my friend yesterday.
  7. Thank you! This comment is really thoughtful and makes me think too. Thank you for your kindness.
  8. So far- I got out of bed at 4am because trying to sleep was futile. I made a big mug of coffee! I am prepared to be productive today.
  9. Really high quality colored pencils. Thank you.
  10. When will it happen?!

    When will it happen? When will I start getting over myself? I'm 36 now. I am starting to see what will one day be real wrinkles and facial sagging. It's like the suggestion of the beginning of AGING. I go out in public and feel attractive despite being in the morbidly obese category. I feel like a spring chicken. But I'm starting to look my age in more ways than one. My entire life has always somehow revolved around my outward appearance no matter how hard I fought it. What do I do when I become an eye sore? When will it happen? Will I be ready to face it head on? I guess there is a season for everything. Maybe I will find other things to love about myself. I can only hope. I am introspective, analytical, optimistic but realistic, I'm a pretty objective sort of person and unbiased. These things hold weight. I love cats and music. I read people and situations well. I have good reading comprehension. A lot of times I can be patient. I guess I'm creative but feel more like a follower sometimes. Anyways.
  11. Thats very beautiful @AshleyS. I love the depth of the colors. It's really like perfection in my opinion. I just recently colored a page myself. I took me a little over four hours I am guessing. It's a shame that I royally messed up the top of his tail. It kind of ruin the entire thing in my opinion. At least it occupied my time.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I'll see if I can muster up enough willpower to do this. :-)
  14. Maybe if I give up carbs then I will be able to lose weight on Abilify. its worth a try
  15. I walked today and it's the third day in a row that I've exercised this week. I will attach a screen cap of my walking excursion stats.