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  1. > a little but meh. Somebody ate my Trisucits or threw them away. Otherwise peachy. I might blog again tonight.
  2. I didn't fall asleep so i'm listening to Ace Of Base.  90s!

  3. Goodnight.

    Sweet Dreams.  

  4. I'm done my homework!

    I feel free!

  5. I use Tacha Camelia Cleansing oil. It sounds counterintuitive to fight acne with oil but certain good oils reduce inflammation and help your skin heal. It might be working for me only because I am on minimal psych meds now and when I did have bad acne I was on multiple medicines at high doses. If all else fails you could try it.
  6. I was in need of a thorough shower.  I took a long warm one.  I feel like a million bucks now.  

    I've got my pajamas on and it's nice and cool in here.  Honestly I've been resting my body here and there since 2pm when I was home from my adventure.  Everything felt a little wonky but at the same time really good. 

    Every fiber of my being is thanking me for stepping outside my comfort zone and taking on a class.  

  7. I realized if I bought a pet duck that my cat Sushi would say, "Mom, this duck you got me is undercooked! Go open me a can of tuna!"- if she could talk that is.


  8. I tossed and turned quite a bit but it wasn't as bad as it is sometimes.  It's 20 minutes before my alarm will go off.  I'm already dressed and starting my makeup.  

  9. Some psychiatrists and psychologists do have mental illnesses. Maybe they would not make it known though. There's no rule that says shrinks have to be "normal." They just have to be functioning. I guess that's besides the point though. Im sorry you doctor does not understand you. What things clue you into this? Maybe I could help you find ways of saying things that your Dr. Would understand.
  10. I'm ready to sleep now.  I had my snack.   Sleepy time!  :sleepy:

    12:20am. Comfy, pleasantly cool, cozy.  I can hear the sound of light rain.  


  11. The jewelry I bought myself got delivered today. i checked out my course syllabus and it's not that intimidating. I'm relieved. My cat decided to help me take notes on chapter one by chewing on my paper which she was laying on. Pics below.
  12. I just ate a bunch of organic whole grain rice. It's really late to be cooking and eating. Oh well. I'll be tired soon. Feeling hopeful
  13. I'm cooking whole grain rice in beef broth.  It will be done in 25 minutes.  

  14. My heat is on and it's getting towards the end of May.  

    Somebody tell our government to do something about our unstable weather situation.  

  15. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are delicious.