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  1. After years of inner turmoil caused by having to take Abilify, I have found an extremely light cocktail that includes 7mg of Abilify that i am very enthused with. Let me step back and give you some history. I was on 7mg for almost 2 years and then in January of this year I went down to 5mg. Slowly, very slowly, I started coming unhinged. I became accustomed to daily anxiety and periods of agitation which I did my best to keep to myself. I had blips of depression. I knew something wasn't right and that I needed to stop it in its tracks. That is when I requested to go back up to 7mg. This was shortly after increasing my Prozac from 30mg to 40mg. Now, a couple weeks into the med change and I am so grateful I didn't let things become worse. I feel much more patient. I feel calm and ready to deal with stressful situations. I feel very well. My pdoc says that Prozac and Abilify interact with each other by making each other more potent.
  2. Then And Now- pics!

    Post a baby pic of yourself and also post a present day or grown up pic of yourself. 😃
  3. whatever the weather

    It’s 33 right now and will go up to 47 today
  4. Daily Mugshot (Reboot)

    @wookie you look fantastic! I probably should wear makeup but i'm lazy!
  5. Daily Mugshot (Reboot)

    This is my 5am face
  6. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I’m dizzy. My cat woke me up at 4:30am. I know she wants to go back home. We have been staying at mom’s house because of the snowstorm.
  7. That's great that you have a new path to take with Ketamine now. I hope it works. 🤞
  8. Questions Thread

    Vote for my cat Sushi. She'll be the 1st black female president. Domestic shorthair too. Tennis or Basketball?
  9. Delicious Food I Ate Today

    Breakfast- egg white omelet with diced ham and veggies in it and 1/2 an English muffin. Lunch- romaine salad with cheddar and grilled chicken. Oil and Vinegar. A few croutons
  10. Hey. Despite it being 2:55am here I'm awake due to sleeping at my mom's house with my cat- a cat that is singing me the song of her people and has been for hours. She doesn't want to be here. MEOW. Anyways I am sorry you're struggling. Please don't OD. There are crisis lines you can call that are free. It's a bad time of year for the lonely and blue. Hang in there.
  11. I made *That?*

  12. I made *That?*

    I made a music cd for my friend's 27 yo son with Downs. I decorated the case with sparkly rainbow duck tape and wrote his name and the year on it. The bow is because it's an xmas gift. I made xmas cookies too