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  1. A can of black beans mixed with crushed tomatoes, cheese, and a truckload of tri-color tortilla strips. Bordering on binge like behavior.
  2. I'm almost done this portrait of my friend Sherry's cat. I'm giving it to her as a gift.
  3. I almost always sleep with a soft light on- either close to me or in the bathroom or hallway depending on my level of anxiety on the given night. My phobias are people breaking in and hurting me. My diagnoses Is SA but this symptom seems more like anxiety than delusions or paranoia. Some nights I'm okay in darkness. Just recently I woke at 4 am and everything was dark, eerie, and still. I tried desperately to turn a light on but realized there had been a power outage! I was scared and did not fall asleep until the sun came up even though I was using the flazhlight on my iPhone. Total darkness is really stifling and claustrophobic to me.
  4. I'm brave!
  5. True. I turn it off all the time. The person below me loves summer
  6. I'm bursting with pride over this one. The first picture is the rough outline I started with and the second is my finished piece.
  7. Stuffy nosed. I got good sleep last night and I feel like tonight should be similar in that respect.
  8. Food for thought. I remember reading an article written by a guy who had ADHD and self-medicated with alcohol. He also felt more normal and in control whole drinking. Have you ever been tested for ADD or ADHD?
  9. Just dipped into my sugar free dark cherry Waist Watchers sodapop. I'm looking forward to IHOP. Bacon dreams.
  10. False. It's 3am Eastern Time and I'm very much awake! :-) the person below me takes selfies.
  11. I had to take DayQuil because I guess I used up the NyQuil prior to today. I have a feeling that is why I'm still awake but at least it's keeps by my allergies at bay. Ihop today late in the morning.
  12. That's interesting! Thank you for sharing.
  13. Go to The Home Depot and and buy low watt bulbs for my lamp because I can't sleep in total darkness but also can't sleep if it's too bright. Maybe I'll exercise. There's even a toning class at the gym i could make it to. I will continue to work on my Native American painting for my friend Shirl. I will log my food in My Fitness Pal as I have been doing for 16 consecutive days now. I will get up early but first I need to fall asleep and it's 12:42am. I will not allow myself to get bored.
  14. I threw away the rest of the pizza I ordered after I ate my allotment of calories. I threw it right in the garbage bag and now the thought of eating it is nonexistent. I would only dig it out of the trash if it were in a tightly sealed container or well-wrapped in foil or something. LOL. Standards. I have them. I started a painting for my friend Shirl of a Native American on a painted horse. So far I mapped everything out on the canvas with black paint. It's going to be all black and white I think. I might throw some brown tones in here and there. It should be interesting. I am using a photograph I saw on Pinterest as a reference. I assisted a friend in writing an objective statement for a resume. I gave her a good outline and she really took it from there and stole my thunder while she was at it. I have smart friends. :-) I'm still awake ant it's about 12:30am. Maybe I'll get a good night's rest.
  15. I had a highly intelligent heart to heart conversation with my exceptionally bright dad. I feel grateful.