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  1. It's going to get cool again before it gets back up to 80 degrees. I don't know how to feel about this strange mercurial weather but its been like this for years. I am used to late April being a lot warmer though. Humph. My parents are working on selling their house and it looks like it might sell sooner rather than later while their new house is not even finished being built. This might mean my parents come to live here for a few moths or so. That would be weird. My mom came over here with meatloaf today for dinner because there was a family looking at the house who might buy it. We had nice meal together.
  2. I'm snuggled into bed in warm pajamas with the heat on. It's been a kind of cool, overcast and rainy day. My cat is in better spirits- trying to bite my feet in bed. She hasn't been hiding lately. I might get up to do some bead organizing. Sushi persistently trying to get my foot.
  3. I have a slew of unorganized beads and jewelry making materials that are begging to be organized neatly and in fact it would probably be kind of fun to sort it all out- like a treasure hunt adventure/ cleaning and adulting. So maybe tomorrow with copious amounts of coffee and some music I need to be more independent and responsible with My Craft work. I usually let it sit there in messy heaps. Those are the cutest rat control I've ever seen! How old are they now?
  4. It's only 9pm? I wish I had something to do. It's Friday for gosh sakes. Maybe I need a roomie? My cat has wanted to be alone lately. This depresses me.
  5. You look pretty!
  6. Welp. Today's breakfast was a Starbucks turkey bacon, egg white, and lite cheese on an english muffin sandwich. Instead of ordering the Unicorn Drink I got a Venti cold brew iced coffee with cream and Splenda. Lunch was a string cheese, 6 oz greek yogurt with agave nectar, and medium octopus leg. Dinner was a romaine salad with EVO and vinegar and some lean steak dish off the Applebee's light fare menu. Its called the Pepper Crusted Sirloin and Whole Grains. Its 10 WW's points. Oh yeah, I'm doing Weight Watchers again. Tonight if I'm desperate I have that low carb Halo Top ice cream which has less than 300 calories per pint and I have fresh strawberries and bananas to put with it. YUM!
  7. I forgot the other two i made for mom. Those are Mother's Day presents.
  8. I'm back!!!! Featured here are the delicate double-stranded necklace I made for my mother who is the model in the picture, a necklace for my friend Jennifer, and last but not least a Man-Necklace for my Facebook friend Jef. I am mad impressed by the Man-Necklace and so is he. Its always great to make someone's day!
  9. I lifted up the chair that my cat has been hiding under for hours because my brain wouldn't shut up about it. She's up having dinner now the little poo. Maybe she was just really tired because she usually sleeps in my bed with me and I snore. I checked her from head to toe and she seems just fine. I ma relieved and will be trying to go back to sleep soon.
  10. I'm worried about my cat. Why is she hiding and for so long? I know where she is- under the leather recliner in my room. I looked under there and she seems okay but she just doesn't want to come out. As far as I know nothing happened to scare her. She's somewhat overdue for her annual wellness check and a vaccine. Maybe she needs a heath checkup. I just hope she's not getting sick.
  11. Your artwork is amazing. I love it. It's hard to pick a favorite but I just cannot believe all the details in this one. I also use stock images to inspire my artwork. I wish i was as advanced as you are in my own work. I have a bad habit of comparing myself to other people. If I could paint and draw like you, my soul would be complete.
  12. Being able to survive in the wilderness might become very important if there is a world war and you manage to survive. I also want boundless energy and motivation! I love modern dance. I wish I didn't have two left feet. At least I've got a good sense of rythym.
  13. I prefer my hair at least a little darker. Thankfully I'm getting it fixed on May 11th.
  14. Did you cook that yourself? It sounds delicious. i'm wondering where I could find it or if you have a good recipe.
  15. I've got some complaints today folks! 1- I have posted three blog entries that not a single person has commented on. I'm waiting. 2- I had a depressing aha moment. This has been the first winter I've needed to use face moisturizer almost daily. In fact my entire skincare regimen has changed because of my age. I now wash with gentle and hydrating soaps or with special oils. I moisturizer too. This is just the beginning of aging skin. F being old. Not only do I have to take better care of my skin, I also need to take better care of my body. I'm 36 which is not the same as being 20. I just can't keep screwing up. 3- I have to make my friend a necklace for her bday and I have too many ideas and am not finding my groove yet. I made an ugly string of rocks. Lol.