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  1. Hungry.  

    When's morning?  



  2. I slept 4.5 consecutive  hours with my Dream Machine which is a hell of a lot better than I did the past two nights.  I laid down at 10pm and fell asleep at 12am.  Yes, i was dreaming but my dreams were more muddled and less pronounced this time.  4.5 hour os sleep shouldn't be anyone's ideal but I woke up from a deep slumber feeling pretty rested so I'll take it. 

    In order to get tired I worked on a 500 piece puzzle that is 18x24.  I'll attach my progress.   I worked on that devil for an hour before bed.  The second photo is after an hour of puzzle making.  

    I think i'll make myself a coffee and have some water.  I woke up a tiny bit hungry.  It's unusual for me to be hungry in the morning, although I did just start a diet yesterday. 



  3. I slept from 3am-5:30am and then 6am-9:30.  Thankfully I don't remember my dreams.  I'm not tired.  I feel okay. I'm just typing this and listening to music in bed.  I just had breakfast.  I had scrambled eggs with a little fresh mozzarella and basil.  I also had two small tomatoes cut up with balsamic and a little avocado. 

    My machine data revealed that I needed more air pressure last night than the night before.  I feel like it was because maybe I was not very tired.  

  4. It's almost 2:30am.  I can't believe I'm not asleep.  I thought the cpap was a miracle.  Turns out I might be scared of the R.E.M. Rebound it's causing.  The dreams were too intense and now I associate the mask with the dreams.  

  5. I'm just not falling asleep even with the dream machine.  I did just realize I needed to take my night pill- .5mg Ativan.  I will give it some time to kick in before I mess with the mask again.  

    1. Retromancer


      Have you talked with your sleep therapist about a nasal block? Much less obtrusive if you can tolerate it.

  6. I think keto really works wonders for many as far as weight loss but I wonder how stuff like processed meat could help us feel better mentally. I feel like the diet that is healthiest for the body would also be healthy for the brain, as the brain controls the body. If I were eating at what I consider to be an optimal level, I might do a whole food diet that has zero refined carbs and zero manufactured, processed anything. I'm just tossing out ideas.
  7. I read the article. it says they are already marketing an FDA approved drug that activates the serotonin c2 receptor. One brand name is name is Belviq which you might recognize. Then I googled the drug and it said on Wikipedia that higher doses of the drug acts as an hallucinogen. That could be dangerous to sensitive folks. Im not saying it won't work though. It's actually worth me looking into it further with my doctor. Thanks.
  8. I gave the cat her meds and then put a dish of her favorite cat food in front of her so she could associate the medicine with something nice.  We'll see how that works.  

  9. I still remember with utter fondness my breakfast sandwich every morning during inpatient. Basically a small cheese omelet inside a bagel that was slathered with cream cheese and then I would order extra bacon and stuff that in there too. It was not my own creation so I cannot take credit for it. It was the heavyset man with bad teeth who was part of the group I was with most of the time. Memories. It's amazing that it's all about 7 years ago.
  10. There's been very recent med changes. Wellbutrin XL has been dropped- yes dropped. Bye bye welly. My nightly 1mg of Ativan has been cut in half! I am about to change my signature to reflect these changes. By the way, my CPAP machine might be delivered next week....!
  11. I like these! LOL!
  12. Tissues and hand sanitizer. For Christmas.
  13. It's way too quiet here because it rained and the crickets aren't making much noise at all.  The window is open.  It's so very still.  I'm hoping I sleep okay on 1/2 an Ativan.  

    Silence is too freaking intense.  😂 

    I've nearly run out of saltine crackers so I don't have anything to munch on right now.  

    Here comes some more drizzly rain though.  Yay.  

    I treated myself to a Dead Sea mud mask beauty treatment this evening.  I've used it before and it works well with my skin. 

    Now it's raining harder. Ahhhhhh!  


  14. So, the fact that you're posting this is very coincidental as I just had a sleep study done and got my results today. I am wondering what a Pulmonary exam has to do with sleep apnea? Maybe nothing. I'm not sure. If I were you I'd really push to get a sleep study. its so important. If I remember correctly you have posted before about weight struggles. I have the same issue. Sleep apnea can cause you to GIAN WEIGHT and make it a lot harder to lose. I hope you can get a sleep study. My apnea is terribly severe and its very dangerous.
  15. Okay so the results are in!  I have very, very severe sleep apnea and I'm getting a cpap machine asap.