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  1. Lexapro is known to cause anxiety in the beginning of treatment. It usually goes away in the first month and then the Lexapro works wonders against anxiety for a lot of people. But since you have BP II, the rules change. I'm not sure that SSRIs are the best choice for BP II. Some people get on with them, but others have bad reactions.
  2. When you swipe away apps, they don't close but rather go to sleep. That way they don't have to load the next time you use them. If you don't use them for a long time or if the operating system needs more memory, the operating system will close the apps. Basically, the operating system manages the apps for you. Something gave the Pandora app a wake up signal. I don't know what gave it that wake up signal. I treat these things as just technological glitches and don't read anything into it (like possession).
  3. I'm going to add my voice to the choir and say, yes, you need to see a doctor about this, and as notloki said, the doctor would preferably be a neurologist. Seizures are serious business.
  4. Thanks, Flash. It actually doesn't hurt so much but the systemic symptoms of infection leave me feeling tired, weak, and just crappy.
  5. I've got an infected tooth and abscess that's really bringing me down. I saw the doctor today and got put on a course of antibiotics. I hope this works because I feel so sick.
  6. I take 30 mg in the morning. Well, "my" morning which is about noon. It does not sedate me.
  7. Ага! Я так и знал, что Вы знаете русский язык. Спасибо за желание. К вашему здоровью тоже!
  8. Well, I don't think the ECT did any permanent damage, but I wish you luck in getting your old self back.
  9. Didn't you write that? That could be interpreted by a doctor to be a positive symptom of psychosis (paranoia). Did that not resolve with the ECT? Your writing the word condition in quote marks leads me to think that you don't believe your doctors and that you think there was never anything wrong with you. They don't give ECT unless it is needed. It is not the "go to" treatment for any disorder. It is reserved for severe or drug-resistant cases.
  10. But you did have symptoms that resolved with the ECT. Didn't you have positive symptoms? Wasn't that the reason for getting ECT in the first place?
  11. I wonder why often people's first reaction to being stung by a bee is to utter a profanity.
  12. I don't know what you are reading but I don't think it is correct. Negative symptoms are part of the disease. They are not caused by ECT or any other treatment. And I don't think that ECT destroys prefrontal cortical connectivity. That sounds like the old scare tactic that ECT caused brain damage. ECT is a safe and effective treatment for many. Does it not seem plausible that the ECT caused a remission of positive symptoms leaving negative symptoms as the predominant symptoms? I'm saying this because you see people claiming that their AAP damaged them but what often happens is that the positive symptoms were controlled by the med, but negative symptoms are very difficult to treat with meds and the result is that they are left with negative symptoms that they blame on the med. I'm not saying that you definitely have negative symptoms, and if you respond to antidepressants then it is likely to be depression.
  13. I noticed in your other thread, you mentioned that your pdoc thinks you have schizoaffective disorder. Echoing Iceberg, are you absolutely sure these aren't negative symptoms? Depression and negative symptoms can look very much alike.
  14. What's wrong with being fat? If it is affecting you this much then you must think there is something wrong with it. Society glamorizes thin and athletic types, but in reality, people come in all shapes and sizes. It would be quite a boring world if everyone was the same. You have to learn to accept yourself as you are then this voice will be powerless to make you feel bad.