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  1. Same weather here.
  2. Welcome aboard, theforest! Glad you joined us.
  3. I wonder how many sharks live in the Caribbean.
  4. Finally some cooler, dry weather has set in. I wish it would be like this all summer.
  5. Very sleepy because of a bad night last night. Hopefully, tonight will be better.
  6. Tiffany, Don't do it. As Cerberus said, this moment will pass. I don't think you want to overdose. I think you want the pain to stop. It will if you give it a chance and give it time. I was in your position several years ago though with a different method. Fortunately, it failed. I am now so happy that it failed because my life is so much better. I scare myself when I think of how close I came. But thank God I was spared. The time will come that you too will be so glad you didn't act on this impulse. I know the method you are talking about. It is horrible. You are likely not to die immediately and are more likely to go into liver failure which is hellish. Even if you come through without liver failure, you probably will have liver damage that will haunt you all the days of your life. Don't do this to your body. You say that you can't get therapy for 2 months? Two months is not a long time. It just seems long to you when you are in a lot of pain. But you can do it. You've come through a lot of pain, and I am confident, you can hold on for two more months. Please, rethink this. Please don't do anything that can't be undone.
  7. I would be dead without my meds. There's no doubt about it.
  8. My experience with Wellbutrin was that, yes, it did increase my anxiety. I did not find that it helped offset the sexual side effects of my other meds. It did, however, not make anything worse. That is my experience and YMMV. A couple of observations about your meds. First, for most people the therapeutic dose for Wellbutrin is 300 mg. I took 150 mg for a while and it did nothing for me. Second, Effexor at 75 mg is basically just an SSRI. You have to be around 150 mg for it to work as an SNRI. But I guess that wouldn't be too much of a problem because Wellbutrin is largely an NRI (also a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor).
  9. Feeling sad tonight and a little dysphoric. Worried.
  10. Wow, that is appalling and so disrespectful. Your husband is supposed to love you and support you. Calling names like that ... I just have no words.
  11. The temperature is supposed to be more seasonable tomorrow. We were supposed to get some storms today, and I heard thunder, but it passed over this area. Well, perhaps it rained a little. Looking forward to the cooler temps.
  12. I took nortriptyline (I think the brand was called Pamelor?), but I got the same side effects that I get with all tricyclics, namely severe sedation and other-worldliness. If you can handle the tricyclics, I think it is a good choice for depression though.
  13. I will admit that SSRIs blunt or numb my emotions, but being in love is not a fleeting emotion. I mean, you will know that you love this person and want to be with this person even if some of the passion is numbed by the med. In other words, you won't fall out of love due to the medication. The thing is, as other posters have said, that depression itself can affect your love for someone and your passion. In a perfect world, we would have meds without side effects that would remove depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. But, as I have said, I've never had a med cause me to fall out of love with someone. Your best bet for both you and the person you love is to treat the depression so that you can be there 100% for them.
  14. When the fox heard the rabbit scream he came a runnin' ... but not to help.

    1. Gearhead


      Ain't that the damn truth.

  15. Rain and storms are moving through the area. Will be more rain and storms tomorrow then we will have spring again as opposed to this summer heat and humidity we have been having.