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  1. This is largely a therapy problem. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was designed particularly to address the inner critic. I would advise you to look for a therapist that specializes in CBT. You might also want to look at some CBT workbooks.
  2. Headache. Also, fear and loathing.
  3. Knicknak, I'm sorry you felt the need to delete your post or didn't feel safe enough to leave it up. I saw your topic, and it was an important one. Don't take non-responses to heart. It takes a while for people with experience with this sort of thing to see it and respond.
  4. tired and fearful
  5. I've never balanced Remeron and Abilify. I just took Remeron (at 45 mg because it was for me an AD) and I never had any problems with insomnia from Abilify.
  6. Insomnia is a well known side effect of Abilify. Sometimes it goes away, and sometimes it helps to add a low dose of a med like Remeron (mirtazapine) at night. I took mirtazapine and never had a problem with insomnia.
  7. I don't really understand your fear of weight gain. Many people find Abilify weight neutral and don't gain weight on it. Some people actually lose weight on Abililfy. But if you were to take a higher dose and did find yourself gaining weight, it's a simple matter to discontinue the medication. Nothing is etched in stone.
  8. Feeling a bit better tonight.
  9. Better than last night but still hot. Not as humid though.
  10. I've not taken Seroquel, but I'd like to throw this out there. Is it possible that the Seroquel is reducing the muscle tone of your air passages and you are experiencing obstructive sleep apnea?
  11. Hello! Welcome to CB. Do you have a particular question about these meds?
  12. The only ones I know of are Wellbutrin, Remeron, and nefazodone (Serzone). Other than that, it's trial and error to find out which of the others has minimal sexual side effects for you.
  13. Don't confuse potential side effects that you might not get with absolute certainty that you will get them. Remember that drug companies have to list every adverse condition that is possibly related to their medication. That Adderall causes cardiovascular problems and Klonopin causes diabetes are new ones to me. These meds are generally safe when taken in their therapeutic ranges. Things like blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. can be monitored easily. If you have a physical every six months you really have nothing to worry about.
  14. What meds are we talking about, heil? I guess I'm making that choice right now. I have to choose mental health even if it is at the expense of physical health later on. There is no way I can live without meds. I will die by my own hand without meds far sooner than any health problems that I might develop later on. The only meds that are hard on the body that I am taking are Abilify and Tegretol. But these form the backbone of my cocktail. Antidepressants really won't affect your health too much unless they put weight on you. There was a scare about benzodiazepines and dementia a couple of years ago, but I think that has been explained as a non-causal correlation and not as benzos actually causing dementia. Atypical antipsychotics do have the potential to cause diabetes and higher cholesterol. But, as I said, I really can't live without the Abilify.