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  1. That's terrible. I'm sorry.
  2. Aw, @farshad040, you shouldn't call yourself stupid. Those online genetic testers make a lot of people feel stupid after people learn that they are really peddling nothing at all.
  3. What exactly does it mean that your SERT is slow? Where did you have this test? Was it at a hospital? Did you actually speak to a doctor face-to-face? This sounds a lot like quackery to me.
  4. sleep study

    I had to pick mine up from some store specializing in c-pap. There they fit me with a mask and adjusted the machine and everything.They went over how to use it several times.
  5. Sonic, I'm really glad that you are getting treatment for opiate addiction. Opiates can and too often do kill. Of all the drugs that people abuse, opiates are by far the most dangerous.
  6. Going for Second Sleep study

    We don't and can't diagnose around here, but I knew the symptoms you were having sounded an awful lot like sleep apnea. I'm glad you got a diagnosis and will get a c-pap machine. I think you will feel much, much better.
  7. whatever the weather

    It was warm here today: 37 degrees F (+3 C). I actually walked around outside without my parka and did not feel cold. Tonight it will be 27 degrees F (-3 C).
  8. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Sorry, rabbit. That must be aggravating. Another horrible night for me.
  9. random thoughts!

    I think I could carry my burden much more easily if I knew there would be justice.
  10. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Thank you guys for your support. Things are a little better today but just a little.
  11. random thoughts!

    I wonder why this world is so unfair. I wonder why there is no justice.
  12. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Not doing well at all today. Worse this evening. Losing the will to carry on.