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  1. I'm sorry, Geek, that you are hurting. Honestly, when I am at my lowest, all I can do is distract myself. That leads to me spending way too much time on the internet or watching TV or even both. My pdoc would say that it is unhealthy, but then again, I don't think he understands depression outside of the clinical sense. When I feel a little better, I throw myself into more productive endeavors. For me, it's all about getting outside of my head.
  2. Not so much though I do have an aunt with depression and anxiety so that counts I guess. I don't know of anyone else who has/had mental illness in my family.
  3. Thank you! It will be much appreciated.
  4. From what I understand, it's not enough to be psychotic or otherwise mentally ill for the insanity defense. You have to be so far gone that it is impossible for you to know right from wrong. It is a VERY difficult standard to meet, and that's why the insanity defense is rarely successful.
  5. This can happen on many different psych meds. It happened to me with Depakote. But the AAPs are probably considered the worst offenders when it comes to insatiable hunger. Not everyone gets this wih Abilify, and in fact, some people actually lose weight on Abilify. You just never know how a med is going to effect you until you actually try it. I love Abilify. The worst offender in my cocktail when it comes to hunger is Remeron, but I'd be lying if I said that Abilify didn't make it easier for me to overeat.
  6. Can you bring tissues with you to work? That would suck to have to run to the bathroom. Mine usually hits me in the still of the night.
  7. I loved it. I got no side effects from it at all. It was like taking a sugar pill with regard to side effects for me. But it helped me put my life back together at a very low point. I was up to 4 mg, but I took it only for depression and overall craziness, not psychosis. It actually gave me energy at low doses. As I said, I loved it, and I have a soft spot for it among all the meds I have taken. ETA: I had luck with the brand Risperdal. I took the generic a second time and it was nowhere near as good as the brand name. But that could just be my subjective experience.
  8. Yes, this happens to me.
  9. Not necessarily. Very generally speaking, people are motivated to post when they are feeling bad. As people get better, they tend to post less or not at all. I wouldn't read anything into it if I were you.
  10. @Poem That's too bad. If I were you, I'd look into getting some therapy and even insist on it. Really, it is majorly interfering with your life and that is the gold standard by which doctors use to determine whether treatment is necessary. You deserve to live your life free of these fears and compulsions. And OCD is treatable. I am proof of that.
  11. We have no way of knowing what happens to members who disappear unless they are in contact with other members. We tend to worry when members disappear, but we respect their right to disappear if they want to.
  12. Very sleepy and I have to run an errand.
  13. Rosie, I've been there. During my entire academic life with the exception of about 3 years of grad school, I struggled with depression. Most of the time I kept plugging along as best as I could but a couple of times I took an academic leave of absence. I really don't have any advice except that slow and steady wins the race.
  14. That would be excellent, Melissa! Thank you!