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  1. Ashley, you are dealing with a lot of scary things. I think we are all kind of scared of the new president and cancer is probably the worst fear of anyone. It's understandable that you are scared. But please don't take on guilt. And don't let other people's pain weigh on you so much that it brings you down. Take care of yourself first and foremost and without any guilt whatsoever. I'm sorry you feel alone. At least here there are a lot of people who understand how you feel.
  2. Don't be afraid to tell your doctors how you are feeling. You will not be locked up or anything like that. In fact, you won't even be hospitalized unless you are an immediate danger to yourself or others. That really sets the bar high so as long as you are not planning suicide in the next few days, don't worry about it. We ALL have thoughts of death. That unfortunately goes hand-in-hand with mental illness. If people get locked up for having thoughts of death then half the country would be locked up. It's nothing to worry about, but I do understand that it is scary if you haven't been to a therapist before.
  3. Well, for me, a FWB situation would be very difficult because when you have sex with someone you are pretty much totally vulnerable, and once you have shared that vulnerability you feel like the relationship is special and it's very difficult to view it as merely a FWB. But I realize that is just me. There are others who are into it I'm sure. Getting over a break-up is tough, and I'm sorry you are going through this.
  4. Got my land line (and internet) back after losing it last Thursday.
  5. Closing duplicate thread. We ask that members post their questions only once.
  6. I've been away a few days, and I come back and find this out. I'm just shocked and speechless. I'm so sorry.
  7. Celexa definitely helps me, but I am not bipolar. It can make you apathetic also so you want to watch that. The med that helps me the most with anger and irritability is Tegretol.
  8. It's a bad idea to stop your cocktail. This is a present issue for me. I have gone through a very stressful life event, and have been missing my nightly dose of Tegretol because I fall asleep earlier rather than deal with stress. Well, I have fallen into a depression this week. What is different this week than last? This week is when I began to forget the Tegretol. Well, the last two days I've gone back to my original dosing and am feeling better. Bottom line is that playing with your meds can cause you to become unstable even if you think you could be stable without them. Work with your doctor if you are having problems with your current cocktail.
  9. If you have any questions about using the site, please feel free to shoot me or any other staff member a PM and we will do our best to answer them.
  10. 300.3 if you are thinking about Abilify for OCD, I will tell you my story. Abilify actually made my OCD worse, especially in the beginning at low doses, because it really amped up my anxiety. It was only when I hit 10 mg that things began to calm down. In my experience, Abilify is not really the best med for OCD. Nobody can give you guarantees but with Abilify it's highly unlikely that you will develop TD later on.
  11. TD is relatively rare with atypical antipsychotics, and it is extremely rare with antidepressants. It is so rare with antidepressants that it isn't worth worrying about. And, no, it's not too late if you show symptoms for that's the only way to know if something is TD or not. I don't understand why you are worrying about TD. Are you on an antipsychotic with a high incidence of TD?
  12. A psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst are usually two different professions. A psychiatrist is an expert on medication and making diagnoses. A psychoanalyst is more like what we call a therapist, i.e. talk therapy.
  13. I feel depressed and beaten down. I might know why. I've been forgetting to take my last Tegretol at night.
  14. Raining and 53 degrees F (+12 C). This is not January weather. Where's my ice and snow?
  15. I have not found a permanent solution because that would be tantamount to curing my lifelong depression. I didn't get any relief from antidepressants alone. The only med that touched my anhedonia is Abilify and for that I am very grateful. It's not perfect 100%, but considering how I am without it, it's a miracle drug. In addition to meds, you should look into therapy.