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  1. Sleepy. I didn't sleep well last night.
  2. Hi, Janis, and welcome to the forums! I look forward to seeing you post, and I'm glad you joined.
  3. I took Risperdal FOR depression, and it did not make me anhedonic at all. In fact, it helped me. I wonder why you felt the need to comment on a medication that, by your own admission, you yourself did not, do not and will not ever have to take?
  4. I disagree with your therapist about this. You do not have the right to force me to respond to you by sending me a text message. I don't have to give you any reason at all. But maybe that's me because I grew up without texting and cell phones.
  5. Are you sure that she knows you're not dating?
  6. Warm today. It's going to rain tonight and tomorrow along with a major cold front coming through. It might be time soon to turn on the heat for the first time this fall.
  7. O.K. I want to know what kind of donuts they were and why you didn't share them with the rest of us. I am doing better than earlier.
  8. Maybe CBT isn't the med for you. Maybe ACT would be a better approach. There are a lot of therapeutic modalities for anxiety that can reduce your dependence on benzos.
  9. I think the issue is whether long-term use causes Alzheimer's. The one study I know has proven correlation but not causation as has been pointed out already.
  10. I think you are over thinking this and over worrying. Even employers make mistakes. Don't sweat it.
  11. Then you work out an arraignment where you make breakfast on certain days and she makes them on other days. It's quite simple.
  12. I agree with crt that this is just plain wrong. I handled lithium just fine, but I could not handle the side effects of Depakote which in my case were weight gain from a massive appetite increase and worsened depression. Another side effect of Depakote which I didn't get because I wasn't on it long enough is hair loss. The only side effect from lithium I got was a tremor.
  13. By the way, all of this assumes that she is asking this of you because you are helping her move. If this is a regular occurance (outside of moving) then I would go back to my first post and say that she is using you and that you don't need friends like that.
  14. All of this depends on how much you value the friendship. If you don't value the friendship, just tell her to f**k off. If you do value the friendship, you will go the extra distance to help out. I must say that you have a very negative black-and-white thinking pattern. Just because you help out doesn't mean you're a dumbass. It might mean that you are a good and decent person.
  15. Did she do a lot of work and happened to be tired at this point? Is she overweight? I can tell you for a fact that being overweight often makes it difficult to do a lot of physical work without taking breaks in between.