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  1. You make some really good points. I do think I definitely agree with the one part above. thanks fo replying
  2. Im taking an abnormal psychology class and studying/discussing/talking about Bipolar disorder triggers episodes. This has happened before. When I confide in someone about it and they actually discuss it with me a few times, I can be perfectly fine then fall into an episode. Its really odd. Does that happen to you?
  3. "You just need a better diet. You have a MILD FORM OF BIPOLAR DISORDER. Im sure a healthy diet and excercise is all you really need" Ugh!!! I used to feel so insecure that I have type II instead of type I because I always felt I wasnt good enough... or bad enough... you know what I mean. Then when I learned that people with Bipolar II tend to spend more time in depression than Bipolar I, I finally got over that. "But whats so bad about your life? do you know how privleged you are?" "You cant use your anxiety as an excuse not to get a job forever." (which I know is true.... I just havent conquered my fear yet.)
  4. I would talk it out with him or find a new psychiatrist. sometimes it takes a few to find one you really click with and thats actually more important than you think. I had a therapist who I finally confided in that I might be bipolar. She didnt think so because I have never had a manic episode and so I wrote it off for a couple years. My first psychiatrist was good with the medication but really abrupt every time I went in for a visit. It was like he listened to my symptoms, wrote a prescription and wanted to get me out of there in under 10 minutes. I stuck with him for almost two years then finally switched. I felt bad that I wanted to switch and I didnt want to offend him but it really was a good decision. Finding the right person for you is crucial! I wish you the best of luck
  5. The longest I have stayed up was 2 and 1/2 days. I started seeing little movements in the corners of my vision the last hour or two. I have never seen things in my life so it was a bit startling. I actually wasnt hypomanic, I just was so depressed I wanted to make myself suffer. I guess im a little twisted that way ps. I love that you thank people when they comment. that is so nice of you
  6. There has been a family member that I currently live with that is driving me crazier than I already am. He was recently in the hospital for suicidal ideation (but they released him after two days because they knew it was a cry for help) so I feel like I cant express my anger with him. I spent 6 days in a hospital for being extremely suicidal years ago and it really upsets me that he isnt taking any of it seriously. I do think he is having problems with anxiety and depression but he isnt even trying to take care of himself. Its not because he is depressed, its because he is unwilling to change his lifestyle. I have struggled since early childhood but practically never acted out for attention. I always kept things to myself or confided in a few people. He on the other hand, has been telling everyone and had SO many people visit him in the hospital. It makes me very very very angry. That is a short list of things that bug me. I really want to be sympathetic but I cant. Im just so mad and I cant express that to him for fear he actually is mentally/emotionally unstable. This builds up and burns.I cant sleep right and its making me even more irritable. I am just filled with such anger some nights that I lie in bed for hours imagining confrontations with him. My blood pressure goes up, my heart races, and I even sometimes shake with anger. I have even come close to having a panic attack. Does anyone have any advice on how to get sleep when angry thoughts are racing through your head?
  7. new moon and full moon.

    I have noticed this trend for years. I get either breifly hypomanic, really anxious or just agitated.... either way, I definitely have racing thoughts. Its unusual.
  8. Back after a VERY long break. Despite how great this site is, I was hoping I wouldnt come back.

  9. Ugh. This is exactly me right now. Its only one week into the semester, Im taking only 3 classes and im already slacking off. Like you said, I feel fine. errr the only reason im not fine is because of how f-ing mad I am at myself for doing this EVERY semester. The only thing that gets me to do my schoolwork is to do it in the school library. If a computer is required, I use theirs so I know I wont get caught up watching youtube videos or looking at other unneccesary things. That isnt enough though.... I need to get it together. Ughhhh. Im glad someone else has the same procrastination issues as I do.