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  1. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    I just realized I may be getting a mild hypo-mania going...getting a lot done though...just culled 5 banker's boxes of books from my library
  2. Seriously culling my library...ditched 5 banker's boxes at Half Price Books

  3. Added Bupropion SR 150mg and reduced my Strattera to 40mg.  Seems to be effective at getting me going and on task.  I was just shutting down (mopey paralysis) when I've GOT to be getting myself ready to move.

  4. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Anxious and overwhelmed
  5. I'm taking myself off Strattera...I think it's messing up my motivation. 

  6. Yay!  I'm getting my new roof installed today and Tuesday.  Going top shelf...armor shield...won't have that to worry about anymore.

    1. crow66


      Booo, it leaked around three vents during a torrential downpour!  It wasn't a damaging amount of water but it still leaked a bit.  Anyway, the roofers returned to affect corrective action...added some needed caulking.  Now I'm paranoid.  Going to be spending some time in the attic watching out during rainy days for a while.

    2. crow66


      Booo again!  Rain blew in through the vents...unacceptable. 

  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Getting overwhelmed...
  8. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Back spasm...been cleaning
  9. I just extended my apartment rental until August 31st...was July 31st...then August 16th when they said I had to pay rent until the 16th.  Now I really want things to be settled when I finally move in.  I hate change and am moving slowly.

  10. Now considering hiring a interior decorator.  I need help. 

    1. jt07


      But one of the pleasures of home ownership is making these decisions yourself!

    2. crow66


      Ditching mid century modern going eclectic contemporary.  Not replacing the bedroom carpet with more carpet, going back with wood laminate that will match the rest of the house.  I have a chance to pull this off with my new parameters.

  11. Visited the flooring company today...difficult because I'm quite colorblind.  I took my camera with pictures of the rooms and got samples to bring home.  I've got to get help with this...

  12. Welcome to the board. You'll find a lot of nice people here.
  13. Home furnishing shopping has morphed into just shopping...it"s 4AM and I'm up shopping.

    1. Blahblah


      Amazon is addictive....So convenient, easy at your fingertips and you just get sucked in to scrolling through all the reviews about shiny random products that you never knew about, but all the sudden you feel you absolutely must have.

  14. Finding peace through shopping for stuff other than furniture...fancy flashlights (I don't need more), tons of genuine HP printer toner (HP discontinued my cartridges, so that 's not an entirely irrational purchase decision),  buying and giving away L-methylfolate bottles.  And my Amazon shopping cart if filled with a lot of cool stuff waiting for me to pull the trigger on...trying to contain myself.