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  1. Hi, MagnumOpus. Welcome to CB. Can you tell me a little more about your situation? Your diagnosis? The meds you take? If you have any trouble navigating the site, please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods. Gearhead
  2. 707Red, as I said when commenting on another of your posts, you are below our minimum age limit. We can't assist you.
  3. We aren't trying to judge you, and talking about illegal drug use is ok as long as no one is suggesting you do them or trying to score. Abad, what you're doing is dangerous. Even for people without MI, coke is a dangerous drug. It's highly addictive. It messes with your dopamine receptors, and there's some evidence that despite being an SSRI, Zoloft also acts on your dopamine receptors. Dopamine affects the pleasure centers of your brain. Things like food and sex and cocaine make them light up like Christmas trees. Over time, using cocaine will mess with the amount of dopamine available to your brain. You'll need more and more of it to get the same results you used to get. For a person with MI, this is very serious. You don't want your dopamine levels getting screwy. It can lead to depression. Our mental chemistry is more delicate, if you will, than that of non-MI people. We take huge risks when we consume drugs or alcohol with our meds, because we're already working hard to adjust the chemistry in your brains. If you've been on the med-g-round for long, you know that finding a combo that works for you is incredibly precious. You would do well to take care with a combo that helps you.
  4. No, I've never had that, despite changing practitioners multiple times. Did you ask what it was about, why you have to have it?
  5. Tryp, I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. Arbitrary milestones can be so hard. They make you measure yourself against what society says you should be doing, as opposed to what you've really done, which in your case is impressive. You've worked very hard to make a place for yourself in a challenging career. No matter how you feel about your therapy, you've kept at it, which is the right thing to do. You've shown real insight into your family situation and learned about yourself from it. I won't insult you by wishing you a happy birthday, but I wish you a good year.
  6. Hi, 707Red, CrazyBoards is a first-person site, designed to provide support and answers for people suffering for mental illness. We don't take questions about dealing with the mentally ill. Further, we have an age limit, and you are younger than the people we serve. If you are yourself in distress, I refer you to this list of resources for people under the age of 16. I'm sorry we can't assist you, and I hope you can find what you're looking for. Best wishes, Gearhead (admin)
  7. Particularly crazy for the men. A vasectomy is permanent. Nexplanon wears off. I will be following this story with interest.
  8. Did you actually say out loud within hearing distance of those people that you were going to choke your brother? That would be very frightening to a lot of people, piercings, tattoos, or no.
  9. Aura, if you feel really unsafe, go back. At this point, you need rest. In the hospital you didn't have to worry or make decisions. Now you feel the pressures of the world settling in on you again and it's stressing you out. Try to relax and rest.
  10. What other meds are you taking? I've been on Cymbalta, and it didn't cause fatigue for me. Of course, YMMV, but I'm curious.
  11. Hi, Ashley. I'm sorry to hear you're doing so badly. I'm also curious about what meds you're on. If they're keeping your frombeing depressed that's good, but feeling numbed out is not helpful either. I know that feeling. Are you working with a therapist, and does it help at all? You're under a hell of a lot of stress. Stress that would mess with the heads of people who aren't MI. I hope you won't be hard on yourself.
  12. I just read this: Partly it's a memoir, the author's story of his life with his two schizophrenic sons, and partly it's a history of the nature of psychiatric care and how it's been administered. There's an odd section in the middle of the book when he comes off as very anti-med for a while, which doesn't make any sense in the broader context of the book until you realize that what he's really pissed about is the legendary Evils of Big Pharma. It detracts from an otherwise interesting read. His information about schizophrenia itself is great. Get it from the library.
  13. I know the hell youre talking about, isbipo. I've gone through 24 meds in varying combinations and doses to get to the current cocktail of four that work. It took years. Living with mental illness can do terrible, painful things to a person's faith. Have you read any of the threads in the Spirituality forum? They're food for thought.
  14. I've been to support/social groups for Autistic people, and I like them a lot and have found them very helpful. Making sure confidentiality is required is important, and I would expect any group to run more smoothly with a facilitator. You should check it out!