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  1. Self-harm

    Hi, Tori_D, I'm sorry, but you're under our minimum user age, which is sixteen. There are mind-boggling liability issues for the site for people who are too young. You're welcome to come back in a couple of years. In the meantime, I hope some of the resources we've complied over the years will be useful to you: Good luck. Gearhead (admin)
  2. Well done, HoBo. It’s been such a joy and a pleasure to watch you grow.
  3. Benzo tolerance

    Doctors complete rather comprehensive educations to gain the competence to make decisions about what medications will best serve their patients. You have just made the assumption, based on the posts in one thread, that you know what Looking’s doctor thinks of his character. From now on, I suggest you think more carefully about your opinions before you express them.
  4. What a moron. The punch line of mental illness is that it’s biochemical, not situational.
  5. The person below me...

    True. TPBM likes gin and tonics.
  6. Insight means that I can recognize symptoms as I’m having them, and sometimes see episodes as they’re ramping up.
  7. All lying to your pdoc, or omitting details, is going to get you is less effective treatment. You’re better off getting the help you need so you don’t end up really making a mess of your own life at some point.
  8. The person below me...

    Young nephew. True. TPBM is amused by leashed children in grocery stores.
  9. Craving salt and cigarettes. Zyprexa tanked my blood pressure. Effexor gave me dialated pupils.
  10. I just got a fortune cookie with no fortune. I’m probably doomed.

    1. jt07


      Yeah, that's definitely a bad sign, but if you don't come down with food poisoning, I think you'll be ok.

  11. Yes, I second the doctor. You need a mod tweak. There is no reason for you to suffer like this.
  12. That’s a very peculiar question. If bipolar was controllable, well, it wouldn’t be...bipolar. Do you suppose your doc meant “Do you feel as if your meds are working to a satisfactory degree?” or “Are you satisfied with the degree of insight you’ve obtained into how your bipolar affects you, and your ability to see an episode coming on?” I could answers those questions. My insight improves all the time. And my meds are tweakable. But if the question is more like “Can you shut it down when you want to?” the answer is no, of course not. That’s an incredibly stupid and insulting question, reminiscent of “If you try harder you’ll get better.”
  13. Have you spoken to his school? His teachers, the guidance counselor/s? Is he acting this way there, too? Even if he isn’t, I would think they would know of resources for you. Also, T needs a talking to, ideally from a professional. What the fuck is he thinking, winding the child up further? And I like Pop-Tarts. I’m only going to judge you if you didn’t get the frosted ones.
  14. The person below me...

    We’ve already had it. TPBM likes to play with sand.
  15. This is a topic that’s come up a lot in my Autistic women’s support group. Many of us -a much higher percentage than you’d see in a similarly sized meeting of NT women- are gay, genderqueer, or utterly baffled about the purpose of gender. (There’s another meeting just for the LBGTQ and genderqueer and trans autistics. Like the women’s-only meeting, it was started by popular demand.) One of my peeps sent me this tonight: https://candidlyautistic.tumblr.com/post/156703452240/how-does-autgender-work and I’m not going to see her or my group for almost two weeks, during which time I will die if I can’t discuss it.