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  1. The funny thing is that Joe hates the car.
  2. Aura, this is something I've noticed a lot with people who are newly diagnosed with SZA: the assumption that some amount of hallucination, auditory or otherwise, is normal. It isn't. It's a symptom. For anyone who wasn't schizophrenic or SZA, having any kind or degree of hallucination would be terrifying, a sure sign that something was very, very wrong, and would merit an immediate trip to the doctor. Comments like: Make me worry about you very much, because to me it sounds as if you're accepting a situation that is not healthy. I want to make sure you're thinking about that going forward.
  3. I also think that if the question floats across your mind, you should stop and listen to it. I've been listening to you for quite a while now, and I've noticed that euphoria over little things isn't a good sign for you. Zucchini sticks certainly have a piquant charm, but I don't know that they are extraordinarily special.
  4. Jt is right, Sonic. We always tell people that the doctors are the ones who have to do the doctoring, and that it doesn't matter what your diagnosis is if you're getting treatment for your symptoms. Your symptoms sound awful. Mentioning benzos is not a good way to approach a doctor nowadays. It's sad but it's true. You're probably going to have to find something else that works for you. I hope you find it soon. Also, I am quite sure that I'm alive, and I can hear you fine. You aren't in a demonic realm.
  5. Infringement upon copyright law. It's all detailed in the thread.
  6. Depakote is usually sedating, particularly at first. Have you let your pdoc know about this?
  7. A mixed episode or mild hypomania can easily have anxiety as a symptom. Yay! You can have both at once! You need to contact your pdoc for a med tweak. I hope this doesn't get any worse, and you feel better soon.
  8. I don't know what that symptom is, but it sound troublesome and I know that if I had it, I wouldn't be at all pleased. I agree with you that the idea that it's just a side effect of bipolar is utter bs. I know a lot of bipolar people, and none of them have anything like that unless it's a med side effect, like TD.
  9. JustNuts, we didn't overreact at all. Let me jog your memory, and enhance the understanding of anyone reading this thread who might have doubts about why you can't PM any more. You took the novel position that it's ok to commit a crime if no one knows you did it. We called bullshit on obvious bullshit. I strongly recommend you get over it.
  10. I feel as if I took my dogs in for their annual exams today, which I did, and Joe was pretty much a man about it except for the way he screams hysterically in the car, but Agnes got so scared she drooled uncontrollably and wiped her face on me repeatedly, and then somehow got even more scared and peed on my leg. So, succinctly put, I feel as if my day has just been about dog effluent.
  11. The damned HEPA filer, which gets louder and louder as it ages.
  12. I wish I could begin a project, or make a commitment, sure in the knowledge that my mind wouldn't fall apart before I completed it, leaving other people in the lurch.
  13. You should mention it, all of it, to the nurse; and Jacques had very good advice.