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  1. Rav, first of all, welcome to CB. We're very glad to have you. Please do PM me or one of the other mods if you need help with how the site works. I've been on Seroquel for over a decade, at doses ranging from 25-300 mgs. I've tried the IR and the XR. May I ask what time of day you're taking your dose?
  2. For god's sake-everyone knows that you clean corners with a toothpick. Toothbrushes are for the grout. There be all kinds o' crazy on my dad's side, including his mother, who was diagnosed with manic depression in the 1950's and treated with lithium and electroshock. Before her generation it's impossible to tell, since she was among the first of her family born in America. My dad was an alcoholic and may have had some other flavor of crazy as well-hard to say, as the drinking was so front-and-center. I gather all of the men in Daddy's family had drinking problems. There was at least one suicide among his uncles. My mother has MDD and an eating disorder (binge eating). Other than that, her family seems to be sane; she's a de novo mutation. It's hard on her. I'm bipolar and Autistic. Wheee!
  3. Hey Mista, You done come to the wrong place. We are a pro-treatment website. We're here to help our members get better and stay well. We're here for people who have already done your bullshit and realized that there are much, much better ways to live. So enjoy your long-term brain damage. Don't say you weren't warned. Or better yet, go to the ER before you do something that will get you brain damage. If you're doing this because you've been living with depression for a long time, then you need medical assistance. I hope you find it. In the meantime, I'm ...locking this thread.
  4. Destabilized me and fucked up my life for six months. That's after taking it for six days. I'd just as soon die of the allergic reaction, thanks.
  5. Dee, my God, not only are you under no obligation to keep your abuser (let's call a spade a spade) in your life, but your are a saint for even considering it. And as my brother said when his wife was pressuring him to get a relationship going between their son and my father, because "a kid should know his grandfather," "it isn't the fact of grandfather, it's the quality of grandfather." You don't need some demented old man taking his pants off in front of your kids, even if that man wasn't abusive to you. I admire you very much for even considering continuing a relationship with your father, but I strongly recommend against it. I cannot conceive of any way it would not be devastating to you.
  6. Very, very dispirited. Close to crushed.

    1. saintalto


      I am sorry to hear you are so down. I hope there is a visibleĀ end to what isĀ upsetting you.

    2. aura


      Sorry things aren't going well. Wishing you better days.

    3. jt07


      Oh my God, I'm so sorry to hear this, Gear. I hope things are at least somewhat better today.

  7. "Just semantics." Where, o where, shall I start with this? How about with a definition? "Semantics, or the study of relationships between words and how we construct meaning, sheds light on how we experience the world and how we understand others and ourselves." * Hmm. Light on how we experience the world. On how we understand ourselves and others. Do you remember being told as a little kid that sticks and stones might break your bones but words could never hurt you? You ever noticed that no one says that until someone has been deeply hurt by words? Because words hurt; not only do they cause pain, they do damage. Words have the ability to shape how we think about the world. When you denigrate someone with a corruption of their name, you indicate disrespect at best, and you spread that attitude to anyone who hears you. And around here, we don't tolerate the denigration of other people. To most people, we are other. So this is a safe space for everyone, and whatever your politics might be, you can express them respectfully, or you can keep them to yourself. Those are your only choices. We don't allow expressions of categoric hatred- and we certainly don't allow racism. So you think hard about what you mean if you want to stay here. *
  8. Your doc can't help you if he doesn't know what's going on, Heily-honey. I also think this might be a bad time to reduce your dose. Maybe you should stay where you are until you can get the voices and sounds out of your head and stabilize again.
  9. I believe you, but it doesn't keep me from raising my eyebrows. Heating pads are da bomb. You can get one in any drug store.
  10. Heating pads are good for achy insides. And NSAIDs will reduce any swelling. <3
  11. "Obongo" doesn't strike you as racist? As a way to mock the name of a man of African ancestry?
  12. You can put a lid on the racism right now, Nestor, regardless of your political leanings, or you can leave. Those are you two choices. Edit that post or get out.
  13. Troop, may I ask what you're taking now?
  14. 2016 was bad, but 2017 looks like it might be worse. Fuckola.
  15. Colleen, first of all, welcome to CB. Please let me or one of the other mods know if you have any trouble navigating the site. Second, we're a pro-med and pro-treatment website. Abilify is a great medication for a lot of people, and to condemn it categorically is ridiculous. All drugs are not "pretty much poison." That's exactly the kind of attitude we're trying not to foster, as it causes a lot of people unnecessary pain and confusion. So please, feel free to share your personal experiences, but don't make that kind of statement. Gearhead (admin)