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  1. Just throwing this out there, in the interest of recording personal experiences: Zyprexa gave me TD symptoms almost instantly. Literally within days of my first dose. It went away when I stopped taking it, though not nearly as quickly as it came on.
  2. This, for example, is the first page of chapter one.
  3. It covers meds and med combinations, what our friends the neurotransmiters do, respectively, what positive and negative symptoms of disorders look like. And more, but those were pretty much the points that most interested me.
  4. Iceberg is correct. Over the years, I've been on 29 different meds, often several at a time.
  5. Then I gently and respectfully suggest to you that scrapping your whole med program is not in your best interests. Have you had your lithium levels checked recently?
  6. Your mother isn't the one who needs meds to function. You are. May I ask: what led you to seek treatment in the first place? What is your life like when you're not on meds?
  7. Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology, 3rd edition (Essential Psychopharmacology Series) 3rd Edition by Stephen M. Stahl Terrific book by the Dr. Stahl above. Accessable (good index), and about as funny as this material can possibly be. The illustrations just slay me.
  8. Hi, Treeman. I don't think we've met before, so welcome to CrazyBoards. I'm your friendly neighborhood bipolar mod, Gearhead. Reality checking is a big thing we do around here. How long have you been irregular with your lithium? Is there any correlation between your problem taking it and the beginning of your amazing feelings of connectedness, inspiration, and general amazingness? As to seeing your pdoc tomorrow, I recommend that you print out what you've written above and take it right along with you and read it to him. You have a very neat summary already composed. Make use of it. And be sure to tell him everything you can about your problems with lithium making you sick. If it makes you sick. you aren't going to take it, and a med you don't take won't work. You need a med you will take.
  9. Crazymeds. The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide is probably the best place to start for books.
  10. Trauma: piss off and leave all my friends alone.
  11. Someday I will find the creator of Axe body spray, and I will gas him to death. I will seal him in an elevator and pump his own product in at him until he dies. It's funny...I love perfume, and write critically about it, but the wrong perfume in the wrong concentration makes me ill. I had to give up on perfumes altogether for years because of some weird sinus burnout-migraine extravaganza.
  12. Fragrantica is a good idea. I'm a little at a loss because I loathe Light Blue, but it's a citrus scent, which puts it in the same school of thought as Hermes Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, Cologne by Thierry Mugler (I'd call it unisex), Cristalle by Chanel...yeah, go check out the Hermes and the Chanel, and tell me what you think. If you have Sephora nearby they should stock both. Any department store will have the Chanel. If you can find it (do you live near a Nordstrom?) check out Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin. Oh, and just in case, give Guerlain's Mitsouko a sniff. It's green and peachy. Let me know what you think.
  13. I don't have OCD but I just caught a glimpse of Aura's response and felt compelled to add: I also love 3, and 9. I have very warm feelings for 7, as well, and all their products.