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  1. You sound just like my friend J., out in the yard in her untied bathrobe, naked as a jaybird underneath, yelling at squirrels to get the fuck out of her yard. God, I love that woman.
  2. Bats, you can always just put a Band-Aid over it if you don't want to talk about it, assuming it's small. I will tell anyone, at this point. I view it as my job to be an activist for our community. I am extremely fortunate to be able to do this, and I know it. If you aren't ready to tell people, then your timeframe is yours to determine. You don't owe anyone a free tour of your intimate thought and feelings. I tailor my message to my audience, to a certain degree. I explain that bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance it my brain, and that I need medication to correct it. I am VERY matter-of-fact about putting it this way. As to the emotional content, what it means for me and my life, I treat that as I would any other talk with emotional content, and think "Would I tell this person if I were in love, or worried about my job, or really hated [whatever]?" If the answer is no, then I keep that part to myself.
  3. Underage user-locking thread. (Don't freak out, folks, I PM'd him.)
  4. Underage-locking thread. (Don't freak out, folks, I PM'd him.)
  5. Underage user. Locking thread. (Don't freak out, folks, I PM'd him.)
  6. Lamictal titration is known to be rocky. It can make you feel worse before you feel better. It's very activating, which can manifest as anxiety, agitation, irritability, difficulty sleeping...I found it all went away at about 75 mgs. I did a really slow titration.
  7. Oh lord no. It's my husband's baby. I'm a writer.
  8. Oh god yes. I love lists. TPBM enjoys memorizing acronyms.
  9. Well, I see some time has passed since you posted. How are you feeling now?
  10. Are you taking IR or XR? At 100 mgs, you can get Seroquel XR, and I found the XR to have zero cognitive side effects and drowsiness. You can, of course, take it at bedtime anyway. You still need to watch your carb intake and exercise, but it's a better choice in terms of weight than the IR.
  11. Hi, bestdisplayname. I haven't seen you before, so welcome to CB, and please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods if you need help navigating the boards. We don't diagnose here, so I can't tell you if you have the right diagnosis or not. What we always say is this: If you're having problems that are disrupting your life -you're having trouble at work, or with relationships, or your behavior is out of control in other ways, or your anxiety, etc.- it doesn't matter what you really have, as long as you can get relief for the symptoms form which you are suffering. So if, for example, you can only sleep for two hours a night and it makes you permanently irritable, unable to focus, and headachey, then getting on a med that helps you sleep and takes those problems away is the correct treatment, whether you're bipolar or have OCD. The fact that you've had a positive response to Lamictal tells me that maybe you benefit from a mood stabilizer; the fact that you're till having problems suggests that maybe you need a higher dose, or you need another element to your meds. I'm bipolar, and you can look at my signature to see what I need to live a good and manageable life. There are a lot of people here with ambiguous diagnoses who are on meds because their lives are otherwise untenable. You don't know until you try.
  12. Hi, Alen. Welcome to CB. Please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods if you have any questions about how the site works. For me at least, it isn't uncommon to feel exhausted for months after a bad manic episode. I think it works like this: When you're manic, your body is burning a tremendous amount of energy, both mental and physical. After the crash, you have a lot of healing to do. It's like being any other kind of sick for a long time, in a way. Your body is mustering resources to try to repair what's been done. Also, if your appetite is zero and you aren't eating, that's going to impact your energy level and make you fatigued. I never eat right during a manic phase, and after one my stomach has shrunk so much I'm not hungry, so I keep on not eating. It's also very common to be depressed after you're manic, even if it doesn't get to debilitating levels. And depression makes you tired. Lithium and Geodon can both make you tired and flat. Doesn't happen to everyone, but it happens to enough people that it's worth telling you. That could have been impacting you while you were on them. I would give it time, and absolutely do not give up. You've been through a lot. Your body and mind are wiped out, you're adjusting to meds for the first time, and you're not eating. Getting to a cocktail that works can be quite a trial for the bipolar. You'll find one. You will. Gearhead (admin)
  13. 57F and raining.