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  1. I was given Depakote when I was coming out of a long mania. It flattened me out and left me feeling nothing at all.
  2. I have a new friend.
  3. I can see that this is clarifying your perspective, but I can't tell if it's making you feel better or worse.
  4. Raising your voice is the definition of yelling.
  5. Chantho, if even half of your recounting is right, you are the aggrieved party, and your husband is being a prick. For god's sake! A t-shirt is a durable item you will use for years. Amortize the average lifespan of your t-shirts across $25 and figure out your cost-per-annum. And tell your husband to cool his jets.
  6. Moving to Grief, Death, and Dying board.
  7. Pretty sure socks are polyamorous.
  8. I take time into account, too...usually by not going to the doctor soon enough. At least I've learned to go promptly if something is sticking out at a funny angle.
  9. Three and a half inches of rain in the last week.
  10. I can't make heads or tails of those "On a scale of one to ten" things doctors are always wanting you to use. I have done some remarkably painful things in my life, including breaks, tears, cuts, dislocations and subluxations. And I have a high pain threshold, and I fucking hate the doctor, so I don't go when I should. When doctors ask how much it hurts, I always find myself trying to explain it in terms of thing I've already done. They listen and nod, and then say "So on a scale of one to ten-" and just to make sure I don't have to add "Hurt my knuckles punching a doctor in the face" to my list, I made up my own scale, so I can refer to it when I'm maybe not thinking straight. I encourage everyone to do the same. Mine goes like this: 1. I swallowed some half-chewed raw carrot wrong. I need a drink of milk. 2. Damnit! I just stepped on a Lego, barefoot. 3. I bent one of my toes back running up the stairs. 4. I just bit the hell out of a spot on my cheek I’ve been biting all week. 5. My TMJ is bothering me enough that I can’t ignore it. 6. That disc in my neck that slips around so that I can feel the process making a lump on the side of my neck has moved again, and I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping or even working/watching T.V. comfortably. It actually feels pretty bad. (This is about the point when I'll make a non-urgent appointment to see someone. It usually ends up being my chiropractor, but this level of pain occasionally means a respiratory infection needing antibiotics, so I have to keep that in mind.) 7. This is as bad as a week-old broken rib. 8. This is as bad as having a toenail ripped off when you didn’t even see it coming. (At this point, someone had better be offering me pain meds.) 9. This hurts like that time in 6th grade when I had my worst patellar subluxation. It really, really hurts. 10. This is like when I was in judo and I got my elbow and shoulder dislocated at the same time! I need help! It hurts so much! (Now I need surgery.)
  11. Oh, yeah. Sleep is a Thing for bipolar people.
  12. Sometimes people take a benzo short-term to help with the rocky parts of LTG titration, the anxiety and activation/irritability. Or a small, say 25 mgs, dose of Seroquel. Maybe ask your doc about that?
  13. When I am very ill, I have a constant fear that people will be able to see, somehow, that I am not like them, and will turn on me and hurt me.
  14. Hi, Duelist. I'm sorry you're feeling bad. I don't have anything useful to say, but in a weird way, it's nice to see you.
  15. Welcome to CB. Please feel free to PM me or one of the other mods if you need help with how the site works. It always interests me to hear that people recommend their MI friends and loved ones take supplements, but don't understand about meds. They've just acknowledged that some sort of chemical imbalance is present and needs to be corrected, but they can't make the leap of understanding to admit that taking a prescription medication and taking echinatia are the same. damn. thing. They both imply the presence of a real life illness! So maybe seeing your pdoc with you would help. And has she read about bipolar? Do you need a reading list?