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  1. I think I've found a link to a pet relocation site that will help get the dogs from his home to Atlanta, @JustDucky. I'll leave it below so you can take a look. I'm not normally one to cry, but I bawled my eyes out today and hid in the bathroom when I was supposed to be creating testing spreadsheets for the dojo. Pod's humour and kindness never went unnoticed and I will never forget that he took the time to call me and teach me how to tie a tie an hour before I was supposed to go to a semi formal dinner event and he didn't hang up on me till I got it right. Pod, you shot for the moon and landed up in the stars. I'm gonna miss you, friend
  2. I read it!
  3. Maybe it's time to get new carpet if the stains won't come up
  4. Aw yeah! Yay for a work environment that seems super positive and full of friendly people! good vibes for you for the rest of your week! you got this!!
  5. Even in my own city the weather varies from postal code to postal code. It's called microclimate. So one side of the hill could be sunny and warm and the other side could be fogged over in the morning. It's just how it is and there's no way to say that on a weather map that "east side of Black Mountain will be cool and foggy while north Side of Black Mountain will be sunny and warm." You're dealing with too many specifics No weather forecast is 100% right 100% of the time. Weather patterns change throughout the day. Storm fronts appear as suddenly as they can disappear off the weather radar. Like olga, Melissa, Rosie, and San suggest, look outside or even step outside now and then to see what the weather's doing to plan accordingly.
  6. Fantastic work! Good job on bringing up the ADD and that you have work arounds so it doesn't impact your ability to get stuff done! Way to go!
  7. false. I see him in two weeks TPBM has seen any doctor within the last month
  8. True tpbm has had surgery
  9. ADHD be awesome like.... when you're in Kempo class and your instructor says "sit in horse stance for two minutes" and your mind bounces around to all different things so you forget that your legs are burning. when you're assistant teaching with the Tiny Tigers classes (three to five year olds) and your attention span is just as bad as theirs, so you're thinking up new drills every 2 minutes to keep yourself and them on their toes and not bored. My instructors LOVE when I come up with drills and stuff. ADHD be [sarcastically] awesome like... when you end up hyperfocused on a fantastic book and then your mom comes in your room and scares you so bad you drop your book on your face. when you're supposed to be at work and you can't focus on anything worth crap for more than 2 minutes, even when medicated
  10. hi fellow insomniac. eww. sorry about the urology appointment. that just sounds icky. I hope you hear good news on the job front and the grant soon
  11. with my current mental state I'm pretty sure a DIY headlight repair would end in me frying car circuits @_@
  12. I'm avoiding calling my hip surgeon's office. *sigh* I've also been avoiding calling the car mechanics, but I can't avoid that anymore as my headlight burnt out -.-
  13. I'm a dork and somehow missed that I've been a CrazyBoards member for 5 years as of 2 August 2016. Happy CB-versary to me

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      Jarn, you have been here since 8 April 2009. So 7 years and 4 months or so :)

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      happy cb-versary, chemmy!

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      Happy aniversary, chem!

  14. In my experience, the most successful fundraisers I've participated in were shared with friends, family, and all over the various social media networks people had. You could even email your fundraiser link to relatives not on social media.
  15. Ugh. The thing ate half my comment. I was thinking if you told her that you would be the one responsible for the payment of the loan back, maybe she'd be more receptive to cosigning it.