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  1. Possible weirdness

    I took it down for the upgrade
  2. Hey all. I am having some problems following a recent software update. If you notice any problems, please report them here.
  3. I use it for pain. It might take the edge off my anxiety but it's much less effective than even SSRIs. I am using the stuff made out of industrial hemp. If you are in a MMJ state and can get the full spectrum stuff it might be better.
  4. The problem with TCAs was that there was a real fatal overdose risk. That meant anyone at risk of suicide could not be prescribed them unless they were inpatient.
  5. Deep-fried Alligator

    Is it gumbo if you don't start with a roux?
  6. One time I dreamed kittens were spawning from larvae under my skin as I flew over the city.
  7. Both are stimulating and could increase anxiety. That in and of itself shouldn't be a problem. It depends on your diagnosis.
  8. They are soothing but don't do much beyond that.
  9. I have not read it but I think the deal is that opiates are less effective over time. After a couple months of daily opiates, they are no more effective than OTC meds. You get to a point of diminishing return where you have to keep increasing the dose to get the same effect.
  10. Long term this could be correct due to tolerance. The most useful way to use them is probably to control pain with other methods and then use them for breakthrough pain short term. I am getting by with CBD oil, nerve blocks, and not sitting or standing for longer than an hour.
  11. We buy the software we use off the rack and make minor modifications. It's way, way more complicated than anything I could do on my own. I have no idea how to even start doing what you ask without at the very least breaking the responsive aspect.
  12. Don't maximize the window. IPS uses responsive design so the text will expand or contract to fit any size from a huge screen to a mobile display. On most operating systems you can can drag a window all the way to the right or left and it will snap to only take up half the screen. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-use-windows-10s-new-snap-assist/
  13. Zoloft is the most stimulating SSRI. Desipramine is basically a pure NRI.