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  1. whatever the weather

    We are looking at the first hard freeze next week. I'm find with it.
  2. Have you tried Haldol? Some of the older APs have a better track record but can be even worse when it comes to side effects.
  3. Everything Thomas Frank has written since this has gone steadily downhill but it does a pretty good job of explaining how all this came to pass: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What's_the_Matter_with_Kansas%3F
  4. If Mueller is fired, the NY district attorney steps and starts an investigation there.
  5. Intuniv is keeping mine under control along with the vocal tics that come with it. I've never taken it but have you tried Abilify? Zyprexa long term is a really bad idea unless you have no other options.
  6. It looks like the Democrats are going to take the house as was expected. Republicans are going to keep the Senate as was also expected. Mueller will release the findings of his investigation in the next few weeks and Katy bar the door. Things will grind to a stop until 2020.
  7. That's OK. I've lived in middle TN all my life and have no idea where Trevecca is. I tend to get it confused with Lipcomb.
  8. You live in South Nashville or just a similar area?
  9. I live in a majority-Hispanic area of Nashville. Turnout among PoC was insane.
  10. Benzos work primarily on GABA. Just because the anxiety relief from benzos makes your depression better doesn't mean that serotonin has anything to do with it. There's something like a dozen different chemical imbalances that can result in more or less the same experience of depression.
  11. Hi there, I no longer use Crazyboards and do not wish for my account to exist.  Would you please delete my account and associated posts and images.  Thank you!

    1. Velvet Elvis

      Velvet Elvis

      We generally don't delete accounts and content unless it's a doxxxing type situation.  We prefer content to remain visible so that others can benefit in the future just as you benefited from the posts made by those who were here before you.   

    2. nonuser


      OK, is it possible to change my username then to "nonuser" so that it can't be searched under my previous name?

    3. Velvet Elvis

      Velvet Elvis


      It might take a few hours for it to change on all your old posts and comments.  

  12. Random topics showing up when I sign in

    It does it to me now too and I'm not sure why. I have a massive backload of work to on CB so I'll try figuring it out then.
  13. Fear of Conflict

    It does sound like a marriage councilor would be a good idea.
  14. It doesn't really work like that.
  15. Fall 2018 Fundraiser

    Hey all. I didn't mean to get this started and abandon it. I am in the middle of changing ISPs and it's working out to be more complicated than it should be. I have no internet other than my phone until the 23rd and I suck at typing on a phone. So far we've gotten nearly $300 in donations and I need $500 more just to break even. Thanks all.