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  1. Adderall and caffeine

    It won't help your anxiety. I can't do caffine or stimulants without a tiny doese of an AP.
  2. It's not there on mobile if that's the problem. There are also Amazon Affiliate ads there.
  3. Yeah, there's a link in the sidebar. It's for a kindle but anything you buy after following that link counts.
  4. You might need to wait for caches to update. I know things are a bit rickety right now.
  5. 300mg is the most common theraputic dose.
  6. It's the same but a lot milder, if that makes any sense.
  7. Cbd oil brand recommendations

    https://www.thecbdistillery.com/ https://zatural.com/collections/product-list/products/organic-hemp-oil-cannabis-sativa
  8. Something is wrong with CB.

    Let me know if it starts doing it again.
  9. Anyone else having site issues?

    OK. I am not sure what caused that but I thinks I fixed it for now.
  10. Heroes

  11. App?

    There isn't one available at present for the software we use. Do you have any problems with the web site on mobile?
  12. Coffee vs stimulants

    The big difference is side effects. If you ingest enough caffeine to get cognitive effects similar to rx tims, you'll be puking and shitting everywhere, BP through the roof, etc. In a lot of ways, rx stims are milder drugs than caffeine.
  13. We have had a handful of users who had luck with either valporate or Lithium plus Effexor. Beyond that you have hit everything common other than cycling through the AAPs until you find one that is both effective and tolerable.
  14. I took it for social anxiety years ago. It's really good for physical anxiety symptoms like racing heart, sweating, shaking and stammering, etc. It does carry a risk of increased depression. Drinking on it is a bad a idea but if you are intent on doing so anyway, be aware that two drinks could easily put you on the floor so make sure you're somewhere safe.
  15. Have you ever talked about the possibility of an OCD diagnosis with anyone? Some of that would fit. It's worth looking into. Worrying you might hurt someone with your car is a fairly common manifestation from what I've gathered.