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  1. This book is pretty outdated by now when it comes to a lot of the medical aspects but it's still spot on regarding a lot of the sociological ones.
  2. I had good luck with it but after a while it quit working. It was long enough ago that I don't remember much more than that.
  3. This site is by design a safe space for people with mental health conditions. I'm pretty sure that's what every mental health support site is. If you're categorically opposed to safe spaces, please leave here and talk about your mental health issues in open public spaces. Be prepared to be told repeatedly that you need to smile more.
  4. I agree with you on all points other than the name. Please don't play with his name. Regardless of if you have racist intentions or not, it often comes off that way. I absolutely agree neoliberalism needs to die. I resent the hell out of the Clintions and the DLC for ramming Reaganomics up the ass of The Democratic Party, fucking over the working class to appease the needs of the Wall Street. That shit is why I voted for Nader in 2000 and would have voted for Stein this time if it was Hillary vs a normal Republican. If the Democratic party can't make economic justice a priory again, it needs to die and be replaced by something that's going to listen to needs of the 99%.
  5. Why? She was responding directly to OP. OP: In my experience, it gets milder but doesn't go away. I've always had to take something with it to counter the side effects.
  6. If the first thing you can think of to say to or about a woman in some way relates to sex, they will most likely want to hit you very hard. You don't have to understand why. Don't do it.
  7. That's what we did ages ago. I'd rather not do it again. I definitely don't want to host and admin an ircd.
  8. I'd argue that polio is close.
  9. This site is pro-medication in all senses. If you want to tell people the medical profession is wrong, go to med school so you can prove it.
  10. We have until May to switch to something new so there's not a huge rush.
  11. I'll be looking into it when I can. We might have to go without for a while.
  12. If Wellbutrin did that you need to be really careful messing around with dopaminergic drugs.