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  1. My peer support team...


  2. take care. xx

  3. RIP CrazyBoards Chat

    1. RepentantSpatula


      We hardly knew ye. Come and find me sometime for a catch up. <3

    2. dumbo
  4. Almost 2 am here ... :)

  5. I just love going back to work just so I can pay insurance company leeches. Think twice about going to work if you are on SSDI. 

    1. sixteenshells


      My pdoc has suddenly been asking about my "career plans" now that my disability review is coming up. Very suspicious. I told him I'm still just concentrating on being able to leave the damn house.

    2. Retromancer


      Tell him that you want to study anthropology -- once you are able to leave the house. That should be something he can write in his notes.

  6. Annoyed I am going to be waking up today in Trump's America ... and there is no way to go back asleep and stay asleep for the next four years.

  7. I wouldn't sweat it. (Yeah I know easier said...) Re-evaluations are a routine event. It's not advertised but the Social Security Administration sees mood disorders such as bipolar I as being lifetime disorders. Remission is possible of course, but one is always at risk of return of symptoms. (Bad news is good news...) As long as you check in periodically with a mental health professional and maintain that all important paper trail you should be good to go. Carry on,
  8. Do you use a full mask or a nasal pillow? I have a nasal pillow and find it quite comfortable. (Originally started due to facial hair.)
  9. Happy freakin' New Year!


    1. RepentantSpatula


      Happy New Year, Sunshine! <3

  10. A few days after Donald J. Trump was elected president, I started getting anxious phone calls from some of my patients. They were not just worried about the direction President-elect Trump might take the nation, but about how they were going to fare, given their longstanding and serious mental illnesses. “Will I still have insurance and have my medications covered?” one depressed patient asked me. As a psychiatrist, I wish that I could be more reassuring to my patients during a highly stressful political transition, but in truth, they have reason to worry. The Mental Health Crisis in Trump’s America