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  1. I just hope the Democrats stay firm and don't try to find a compromise on this. Just this time don't snatch defeat out of the jaws victory, okay?
  2. Hello bird! Another "lifer" here. Major depression, dysthymia and AD(H)D as a bonus. I am actually not doing too bad now. I am taking a mix of Wellbutrin, Prozac and Buspar. (Single daily dose Wellbutrin, generics otherwise). I wish multi-drug prescriptions for depression came into use a decade ago. Nothing like taking a single med, wait ... and wait -- and then be taken off for yet another single med. I worked through the list without much result For a good chunk of my adult life I simply gave up on antidepressants. Of course lacking medical coverage was also a factor. (Ironically once I lost my job and was poor enough/deemed disabled enough I could resume taking antidepressants. Go figure.) At the moment my personal circumstances have as much to do with my lack of motivation as dysthymia. I have a new dog at least, he sure helps me to get started in the morning. (What I consider morning, I broke him of that crack of dawn shit quickly...) As far as Abilify goes I can't be of much help. I have steered clear of repurposed atypical antipsychotics. That's my choice of course. I would encourage you to read through the side effects and talk to people that have taken it.
  3. Keep your hours below the "substantial employment" threshold, of course. Which frankly your employer should be aware of.
  4. Almost all of us have mundane lives. Thankfully only a few share theirs...

    Withnail and I

    1. M@ri

      [email protected]

      "Throw yourself into the road, darling!"


  5. Given that parity between mental health services and "physical" health services was written into the ACA (aka 'Obamacare') and is removed in the Republican health care bill coming down the shoot, yeah it is fair.
  6. Welcome to da Crazy Boards. You don't have to be crazy to be here, but it helps.

    1. Dorkpixie


      Well, I think I'm a part of the crazy group. Thank you for the welcome. And I may be in the market for a new sonic soon ;)

  7. My peer support team...


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    2. Retromancer


      Apparently you are one of the only that does Mari. Where has everyone gone?


    3. M@ri

      [email protected]

      I know for a fact that's not true. Some chat folks (about 20) are in another chat now. Others abandoned chatting. If you're ever interested in finding new chat, send me a PM. 

      I want to boop your black and tan dog's nose. :)

    4. Retromancer


      For what it's worth I signed up in that other chat. The anticipation builds...

  8. My peer support team...

  9. take care. xx

  10. No need for a chat recap. It was a moment in time, now passed.

    1. RepentantSpatula
    2. RepentantSpatula


      Dude, this blows. Where are you?

    3. M@ri

      [email protected]

      Same as it ever was?

  11. RIP CrazyBoards Chat

    1. RepentantSpatula


      We hardly knew ye. Come and find me sometime for a catch up. <3

    2. dumbo
  12. Almost 2 am here ... :)

  13. I just love going back to work just so I can pay insurance company leeches. Think twice about going to work if you are on SSDI. 

    1. sixteenshells


      My pdoc has suddenly been asking about my "career plans" now that my disability review is coming up. Very suspicious. I told him I'm still just concentrating on being able to leave the damn house.

    2. Retromancer


      Tell him that you want to study anthropology -- once you are able to leave the house. That should be something he can write in his notes.