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  1. I've now had three hypomanic episodes in a year. Many many many depressive ones.
  2. I have it set so I should receive a Daily Digest of Topic Reply Notifications to my email address for the topics I follow and/or reply to. But I've never received such an email. I do get one for the Forums I follow alerting me to new threads and such, but nothing for replies to threads I already watch... My email address is a Gmail one, and yes I've checked the Spam folder.
  3. The learned behaviour aspect has been mentioned many times, and I figured that was a the case years ago. I'm just seemingly less autistic because I learned to socialise... But I've never met any other autistic that has done so to the extent I have... It puzzled me. I used to just figure I was really high functioning. "I'm the highest functioning autistic I know" I used to say... Maybe it's true I dunno... But lately, in the last couple of years I've been wondering a lot if I really, ever was autistic, so what you said Eden; has definitely been on my mind lately...
  4. A bit of background; I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 12. My parents seemed happy that it explained my odd behaviours better than the ADD I'd previously been diagnosed had. I didn't question it, it seemed to make sense. I rarely fit in with my peers (or even other autistics), I thought differently apparently, I seemed to have odd mannerisms... But now I wonder if most of those traits that said 'yes I have autism' were present because I was told they were... I'm transgender, and begun transitioning 3-4 years ago. During that time I've noticed I've become more social, more emotive, less 'odd', I begun to fit in with my peers (still not with autistics). People don't me when I say I'm autistic. My psychologist doubts it (she did her internship with autistic/Aspergers kids). Of course this could just be me feeling more..myself as I transition... There's a 150 question quiz online (one of the best online quizzes in my opinion) called the Aspie Quiz (google RDOS Aspie Quiz) it provides a spiderplot illustrating the results in several categories. I've seen autistics do the quiz and get distinctly autistics, though all unique. Same for NTs (short for for Neurotypical, or non-autistic), they get distinctly NT results... I've done it several times going back to 2007, those early results were all autistic... But the last three years (2010 2011 & 2012) have all been less and less autistic, and more and more NT. But don't take my word for it Has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening? (nb: I'm also diagnosed with ADD and Bipolar Type 2, but I'm not sure they're relevant)