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  1. He wasn’t a saint. But somethings stand out with him and at least it was a good work and not a Hitler.
  2. Ya I kinda understand where you’re coming from. I realized this in inpatient. He had a wealth of power and used his ministry to try to show ppl what he was going thru. I battle a psychotic disorder and influences like that really triggered me.
  3. You have Gods Word. The Ultimate Authority.
  4. Thanks guys for all the hope. I’m in it for real. I’m in a ice storm right now so I can’t move anywhere atm. But hey at least when I come out the other end I’ll be shining.
  5. Guys I really wished I never put myself in this bubble. I’m going into the psych ward to total detox. Its my only snswer. I have to purge myself of anyone who would lead me down the wrong road. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
  6. Jesus says he will leave the 99 sheep in search for the black one and when he finds it he’s more overjoyed than the ninety nine note needing repentance. Billy Graham gave 99 years of his life to be dedicated to convicting those who are under judgment to come to salvation. He left ninety nine years in search for the Only True Savior.
  7. Benzo withdrawal

    Ya kinda. I went cold turkey last yr this time off of three mg a day klonopin and was nuts for three months. Got back on it but would never go above .25 three times a day. I had had to go back off of it due to getting suboxone and now I’m in a rut.
  8. Please help me someone

    Idk about my current doc she knows I don’t abuse benzos but I’m so afraid of them rejecting me. Always have I had this happen. Im so worn guys I really am. I’m a Christian fighting an uphill battle.
  9. Ok I was in klonopin for seven years. I didn’t abuse my medication because I knew it was helping. I also had a script for gabapentin which I did abuse. When I had my last doc I told the therapist that I was abusing gabapentin but she didn’t say anything. She kinda looked puzzled as to why anyone would do that. Than an I had to move out of state and the docs cut me cold turkey off of three mg a day. I was completely delusional for three months until I fired my doc and got a script that I had a refill. Within two days I was normal again. Im thinking about looking for a new doc that would give me a script of klonopin since I don’t abuse klonopin and it’s more of a buffer than anything. Can some one one please help me think of what I need to say to a doc. I’m scared and I feel like I’m in a dark hole without a soul. I feel hopeless and in much anguish. I know all about the benzo withdrawals all too well but I need relief. I need something. If anything take the gabapentin away because that’s been a demon drug from the very beginning.
  10. I wish I could go back and feel the normal body anxiety to my intrusive thoughts before I numbed them with klonopin. That anxiety now seems like a piece of cake. I really made my problem so much worse by getting on klonopin. benzos are really only good for six weeks or for panic attacks. But unfortunately I stayed on it for seven years. I'm trying to come off the benzos but my derealization and dp is horrible. The hot flashes which make me feel like I'm on fire are terrible. Oh oh how I wished I could go back and just try coping skills. Guys I don't see myself getting out of this. I'm probably going to find a doc to prescribe me a benzo because this is horrible.
  11. Benzo withdrawal

    Thanks. It’s been brutal. I start to get psychotic a lot. I don’t know how to function. And even tho I’m on disibilty I still have to pay rent and do my share around the house. It’s so bad. I just don’t know what I’m going to do honestly except lock myself up but I don’t know what good that’s going to do. I feel helpless.
  12. Like I’m a week into my benzo withdrawals and I was doing good but I think it was because of the GABA. Now I have some CBD oil coming in the mail but I don’t know how well it will treat seizures. Unfortunately I don’t have any other option other than to go thru all of this. Can anyone give me insight to kindling withdrawals?
  13. Alright now I’m going thru full blown benzo withdrawals. I was doing fair for about a week then came yesterday and it took me by surprise. I have hot flashes. Digestive issues nightmares and a lot of other issues. Can anyone give me some insight? I have no other choice but to go through this.