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  1. Got my Klonopin and I'm at .25 every day. I'm weaning the cold turkey was too much. They say that those who CT usually don't last.
  2. 25 mg three times a day. 90 count.
  3. Has anyone used this for sleep. My doc prescribed this for anxiety but t didn't do anything for my anxiety. Just made me tired. So when I see the doc next Monday I'm going to ask if I can use it for sleep. Im hoping it works since I'm not allowed benzos or Ambien.
  4. Ok I had a seizure in April. Actually two. So I never went back to my doc to get a appt to see a brain doc. Actually my phone was turned off. So my dad said the first one lasted like four minutes. Then I had one in the ER and they have me Ativan. Okay so what happened the day I had them I took twenty two gabapentin trying to release and ease my benzos withdrawLs. My dad counted the pills and gave them to the emt that picked me up. I have no desire to abuse but at the same time I do. I fear I'll have another seizure because the docs say that benzos withdrawal in the first week is where you have a seizure. A nurse said it was because of the klonopin ct Turkey Should I go to a brain doc in case it might kill me
  5. Ok, I took my nighttime meds. Ain't even tired. Is this a sign of hypomania? M thoughts race but I'm content. I'm happy and I want to stay up but I also know I have to get some sleep. M gabapentin was reduced from 300 mg to 200 mg three times a day. I think ink I've been on abilify for almost two months now. Insomnia has always been a problem when on Abilify but it is a sweet anti-psychotic. Idk why I'm up like I am. I'm getting more on fire for God. I know no preaching. I mean I'm not going to be concerned until I seeing it from other ppl that I'm acting weird. The only symptom is racing thoughts and insomnia. I have pharmagaba which is good to relax you. I hope I'll be ok.
  6. I cannot get out of the loop of thinking that I died in 05 and I'm in heaven. But that I'm going to get kicked out if I sin. I mean what am I supposed to do. But my paranoid mind is nothing like it was in 05 even tho heaven was the theme. I'm really anxious and scared. I even walked outside in my boxers and got on my knees and told God I'm sorry. Do I sound like I need inpatient?
  7. Ugh man, this benzo withdrawal waxes and wanes. I am hurting when ppl come around I don't want to be around anyone. I go back in and hide. Ugh I hate this.
  8. Okay I often get tro in this window of like pure euphoria and then sucked back into pain and obsessive thoughts. When I'm in the euphoric state I talk to God a lot. But when I go low I tend to think I'm going to be judged. Does this sound like mania/mixed state?
  9. The only side effect I really have with it is insomnia.
  10. Yup I know what you mean. I wished I had a Valium but than again I have been without from 3/16/17 and it's 5/2/17 so I think I'm doing pretty good. I have a lot of windows. I can do without the option tho. I would get addicted to that.
  11. When I was honest I was treated like a patient and not a drug seeker. To me I just feel like I let them down. But, it had to come out.
  12. They allowed me to stay. They put me on lyrica instead.
  13. Mcjimjam is it alright to take subs and Valium?
  14. Wulp, my psychotic symptoms are lifting and has a profound help on my depression. When I was going through a psychotic break in 05 it took twenty mg to get me level but when it kicked in I could feel it.