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  1. They did another blood test while in IP and it shows everything perfect so idk what’s up.
  2. Severe. Enough to want me to hurt myself. I haven’t gone that far and I see the endocrinologist on the 18th. I have so many many symptoms but they all can also be the gabapentin withdrawals.
  3. I just found out that I have an overactive thyroid. I’m also brutally detoxing off of gabapentin again. so I’m not quite sure what is causing my anxiety. Has as anyone here been treated for Graves’ disease and gotten better?
  4. Ive ate two slices of bread in three days. I’m down to 160 and that’s my ideal weight but losing it like this isn’t health . I dont know folks. I wished all of this was over.
  5. I had to reinstate the gabapentin. I was 36 days into a CT. My life was reduced to zero. The problem is I’ve already tasted the fruits of its high. and I can’t seem to get away from it. I called the Pharmacist and RN and they said I wasn’t in withdrawals anymore. But I have a feeling that that’s not true. When you’re addicted to Something it takes along time for the brain to heal.
  6. Anyone recovered from having a narcissistic parent?

    My dad is narcissistic. I called him today and I told him if you would of just been a father I would of healed. He’s like I don’t care. When end I was living w hun I was going through klonopin detox. I couldn’t heal right because I thought at any moment he was going to abuse me like he did when I was growing up. He is so self pitiness person. He loathes and. When he wants something if he doesn’t get it he blames me for it. I cant stand him. I told him finally I’m never going to call you again. Youll see me in TV. Preaching the Gospel.
  7. Don’t abuse the benzo. Cuz if you are cut off the withdrawals are Dante’s Inferno. I know its eating you up inside but honesty is always always best but even I can say if may not be a good idea to tell him. Just dont bring ut up. Benzos are so dangerous. I was cut cold turkey off 3 mg of klonopin and suffered so bad. I had had to move and saw a new doc and they immediately labeled me a drug seeker. Gabapentin works so well well for my General Anxiousness. It did did nothing for the OCD anxiety but for PANIC ATTACKS and GAD. It works like a charm. Pleasr dont abuse benzos. Their getting strict on them. I think the only thing benzos are good for us alcohol withdrawals. But it like I said it’s going to bite you if you are weaned or cut.
  8. Can u get Lyrica? I found tgat ti erase erase my anxiety and give me a boost. Gavapentin In has always been good to me.
  9. I do but I don’t have s ride. Unfortunately my roommate is going to Florida. My truck got stolen in October of 16. Right now now all I do is lay in bed crying. Worrying. Losing weight. I tokd the nurse all of this and when I do see them their going to know I’ve been through the ringer. she asked what has been reduced. Well I hardly eat. I lay under the covers with my eyes open opening this would all go away. The thing I fear is I told her it was becoming a problem. Si she may always steer away from giving it to me. Ill I’ll have to find a new doc.
  10. I plan too, but first I need something that will get me out of the bed. When i I first saw her I weighed 200. I weigh 165 now and I eat maybe once every two days. Gabapentin at least took the edge off.
  11. Quality of life has been reduced to zero. I have ave things I’ve gotta do and I can’t funct like this. I called the doc doc and told them please reinstate the gabapentin but I won’t know until I see them if they will. Id I can live life just on gabapentin and not a benzo I’ll be happy. It usually takes me going thru a hard trial to see what really matters. Tha it’s not worth abusing and losing something that has given me some of my life back.
  12. 31 days folks. I hope I look back and say thank you to myself.
  13. SSDI work what hours?

    119 SSI. 650 SSDI. So I don’t know how all of this is going to work
  14. SSDI work what hours?

    Is 850 with what I already make. 769 is what I make so I’ll only be able to make less then hundred.