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  1. I hope you start to feel better. I am going through a lot of panic and anxiety and my valium is not doing much. I've been given the go-ahead to take 1 extra if I need it, but i get only 30 (1 a day) in the bottle so then I run out quicker and you can't just get them filled whenever you want. So then I go a couple days without ANY and the anxiety is even worse. So I feel ya!! Right there with you. Feel better.
  2. I have tried Ativan, it didn't do much to help so they had put me back on the klonopin. Never heard of tranxene - heard of Serax but had forgotten it exists.
  3. energy drinks help me, but only for about 4 hours. I still can go to sleep after drinking one though, if I feel like it. Don't know what's wrong with me other than maybe all my meds combo.
  4. My pdoc refuses to prescribe xanax due to it's addiction potential, and I've already been on klonz since 2006 and they no longer work for me, so... valium looks to be my only option. Unless there's another long lasting one I don't know about?
  5. I'm starting to become a wreck. I am moving in a week to another state, and things are just frenzied and hectic. I have daily anxiety through the roof and lately have been getting panic attacks. I'm on 10mg of valium, and my pdoc said I could take an extra one during an attack, but that doesn't seem to help. Maybe calms me a little, but I still am having problems. How do I approach the subject of getting a higher dose of the diazepam with my pdoc? I am moving in less than a week so I'd need to ask her today probably. I just don't know what to say or how best to convey my misery. Suggestions?
  6. I have asthma too! Mine started as a never-ending cough. So they gave me a maintenance inhaler for 2 puffs a day. Then after a year or two I started not being able to exercise well, so they gave me an emergency inhaler and said to use it before I do my workouts. Then it got so bad the inhalers didn't seem to be helping so now I ALSO take Singulair, this pill that helps reduce inflammation in your lungs. Good greif. Sorry to hear you have it too but it is good you know what is wrong now!
  7. Yes. Even when not symptomatic I have problems with money, and so my wife takes over my paychecks into her bank account, and gives me her card to use on specific things and she said she'd report me if I ever bought anything that wasn't specified I could buy. it's really helped a lot.
  8. I can sympathize, I feel the same way sometimes. I've been having panic attacks lately and my pdoc said I could take an extra valium if needed. It's escalating though so I may need to ask if I can go up in dosage. She only wrote a script for 30 but said I could take an extra one with panic so I did, so now I am out and I can't get them filled yet... so anxiety is knocking on my door... Sometimes therapy does help some people with anxety and/or panic disorder... I personally didn't find any relief from it but as always, YMMV.
  9. We don't have Arizona jobs yet. Maybe when we visit next week will get some...
  10. I had to take extra valium today. We found ONE place that will take bank statements instead of AZ employment paystubs. But they only have ONE unit left, and there's already other people applying to it. So please send us some good vibes real quick!! I'd appreciate it! My nerves are shot. I'm so ready to wither.
  11. Why what’s up Because we're looking for an apt out of state and were just denied by the one we really wanted because our income was based out of THIS state and not theirs. Ugh. So we have to start all over and our deadline is to move before Nov 1
  12. Ugh it isn't going as planned. We're moving out of state and the apartments we applied to denied us because our proof of income is from THIS state and they want it from their state. So now I have to try and 'reason' with them, and I want my money back because they never mentioned this when I disclosed that we were coming from this state. Ugh. I found a great place, but my gf didn't think it was so great so she had a frenzy meltdown and now I have to make about 20 phone calls today trying to find us a place. So we don' tknow when, but I'd like to do it before the 1st of Nov. Thanks for asking, hope you're doing well !!
  13. Exactly, I completely agree. If it were to be classified in DSM I'm afraid people would have sympathy for the devil, if you will pardon the saying. And it can't be treated yet, so until it can, I think it will largely be classified as an enigma.
  14. Discouraged, frustrated, and scared.