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  1. Thanks @CrazyRedhead for the link.
  2. It really is, especially since we don't tend to make friends easily.
  3. If I don't have meds around PRN to help me (which I do not) I therefore try deep slow breathing. Doing that for about 5 minutes makes the panic attacks either lessen, or go away completely. Sometimes I go to a quiet area to meditate but that is a lot harder when panicking.
  4. I got to fly (just 1 hour) soon. I'm going to load up on the alcohol. I can't stand flying. Mostly it is the security line and the checking in and the finding your gate, etc -- nerve wracking. But the flight itself squicks me out a bit too. Especially after watching one of my fav shows, Air Crash Investigations/Mayday. Like, for real, a single bolt can tear a plane apart. I wanna ask the crew "hey did you check all the bolts?" So I'm going to be seriously keeping all my thoughts positive and happy whilst clenching my teeth and fists... and anus.
  5. I took 2 the other night and had a difficult time waking up. Maybe 2 is the magic number to sedate me. What's the half life? I'm assuming it helps throughout the day with anxiety and that's how it works?
  6. Well she had sent both me and my gf text messages saying she was sorry and not to be mad at her, but then w hen my gf called her out on her flakiness she got real sour with her and was unapologetic. So we're done. But I got to get her off my FB because somehow she thinks we're still cool, and she 'likes' my photos. WTF
  7. I like this idea. I wish I had friends.
  8. So me and my girlfriend don't make friends that easily. Well, I do, but SHE has 'boundaries' (high standards) and don't just let anyone in our lives. Except this one gal. We will call her... Crissy, for the sake of the post. So Crissy's boyfriend went to rehab for alcoholism, and she's been sober from heroin for 1 year. She is a workaholic, outgoing, friendly, and fun. She's got her sh** together now and is working for the same company I do. My girlfriend worked there too, and that's how they met. We had a housewarming party and she came, and we all became friends. Then her boyfriend came back after only 30 days of rehab, and we barely heard from her or saw her. We texted and nothing. Called, and nothing. Then after a month she says she's going to Pride with us. She does, and it's fun, but then she goes to find her boyfriend who meets her there at the end of the parade and leaves with him. She's sent him to jail twice for beating onto her and bailed him out each time because she felt bad. He ended up staying at her place because he lost his job and his place of living. We expressed that we were disappointed and missed spending time with her and she said she missed us too. But then.. I invited her out for my birthday, and she said yes. And that was it. I never heard from her, even on my birthday. She never reached out to say happy birthday... nothing. (Except on Facebook). My gf said that was it, that sucked and was the last straw. Then she texted us because we had her makeup that she'd left in my car. She wanted it, and could make time to come pick it up. So she can come around when there's something she wants, but not when we want to see her. My gf called Crissy out, and then she spat back a text that was a little spiteful. Should I continue to pursue a friendship with this gal? or do her priorities really lie elsewhere?
  9. I just got the Chios Energy healing book for my birthday. It goes above and beyond just the chakras... it heals from all differeent layers of vibrations of the body. I can't wait to start reading it. I'd like to be an energy healer one day.
  10. I take it right before I go to bed and haven't noticed anything yet, but it's been only about 4 nights now. We'll see if there's a marked improvement in a while...
  11. Worst case scenario: Medicaid gets taken away from mental illness. Then what? By the time I'm 65, I want to know I will be able to go somewhere safe if I don't have anyone.
  12. Watch out though, if you let it expire, you have to take a written and a driving test to get your license.
  13. As long as you make payments.. in ANY amount, on an ongoing basis witout missing a due date, they can not take you to collections. they say they need XXX amount and stuff, but I never pay the full amount they want. I send whatever I hve available, and if I am constantly making these payments monthly or twice monthly, they accept them. Try that.
  14. Do you have someone to take care of you? When you get old and need help with your meds and rides to the doctor, and such? I wonder what's going to happen with the US's new healthcare bill, cutting funding for medicare. Would that mean, then, that those without support systems would be institutionalized normally, but wouldn't be without medicare/medicaid? I am worried about my future as I age. I have a great gf right now who I hope stays with me forever, but I know if times got tough she couldn't support me, and I would need help. I just don't know if by 2059 that help would be available. Anyone else worried?
  15. I have fatigue issues and the gdoc did lab work. I had high PTH values and low Vitamin D, so was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism. I take 50,000 IU of Vitamin D x2 a week. Have you done any lab work?