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  1. Terrible! I pretended to go to work but called out sick. I am at Starbucks right now until my gf leaves for work so that she doesn't find out. Anyone else ever do things like this?
  2. I wish I could make electronic music (pschill and psytrance) using a full studio. I also want to learn to speak more languages.
  3. a. b. (wtf is this?) c. d. Donald Trump (no url came up) e. f. (I don't know what this is either) g. h. nothing comes up I. j (why's this come up under J ?) k. L. (groan) M. N. (why n?) O. (why o??) P. pamlnet/ (my work intranet) Q quizlet (no url) R. reddit (no url) S. T. target (no url) U. ups tracking (no url) V. (why v??) W. wikipedia (no url) X . Xenomorph (no url) Y. yahoo (no url) Z.
  4. Danger! Danger! Last thursday I took 300mg gabapentin and blacked out. I did stupid stuff, apparently, while blacked out and even drove. be careful!
  5. I thought I was crashing after mania but it was just hormones lol
  6. I love colognes, warm & spicy. I got samples of Spice Bomb, Gucci's Guilty, Mont Blonc Legend, and some weird rhubarb one. I go to Sephora to get my samples. I also have bottles of Pony 3 (Ralph) and Noir that are my favorites. Who says girls can't wear cologne!!
  7. "A Walk In The Woods" by Bill Bryson. Humorous, informative, fun to read.
  8. Do you know why the dr gave you an SSRI and an SNRI? Just curious... aside from counteracting sexual side effects, Wellbutrin on it's own is an anti depressant...
  9. Choco-Luv (Or C.L. as we call her) for Halloween one year.
  10. I'm self conscious about my incredibly short hair... especially in Utah. But it'll grow right? I don't want it super long or anything, just not a buzz cut.
  11. Conflicted. Am I hungry, or am I sleepy?
  12. Side effects usually go away after a while. I'd give it another go if it were me..
  13. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I was manic recently and then I felt fine but now I'm crashing I believe. Depression sucks. I just want to sleep... I'm pullling for ya!!
  14. I'll be 38 in June and my skin is so dry!! I have to wear moisturizer that I put on before bed or my skin will flake off. That's always lovely when you're sitting there talking to someone and they can see you are peeling like a lizard. I don't want aging skin! Bah!
  15. Something good: I think my acne is starting to clear up thanks to 2 new medicines that I've started taking. yay! I can't be 38 with acne. No.