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  1. Oh is 10 usually the max dose they give?
  2. No I haven't, maybe that's a good idea. I hadn't even thought of it really.
  3. I've had acne now since I was 27. I'll be 37 next month and it is horrible. It is all over my chin and disgusting. I can't bear to look myself in the mirror. I tried a topical prescription which made it worse, and birth control which isn't helping (might switch to a differernt kind). I recently won $50 free Mary Kay product so i chose their acne products and it said clears up in 7 days. It's been 4 with no signs of clearing up. Anyone have any good advice?
  4. Thanks San, those sound interesting!
  5. I heard there is room to go up higher than 10 with valium so if 5mg doesn't help me then I'll ask about making the dose higher.
  6. The pdoc listened to me, and is slowly titrating me down from klonz and into valium. I hope I can find some relief. She's also giving me Vistaril for the night time as it causes sedation but is good for anxiety as well. Wish me luck!! What are your personal experiences with valium, did it help? What was your dose? I'm on 5mg right now as I start out, do you think that will increase? Thanks!
  7. I have a bad memory problem as well. I make lists and write every single thing down or it will be forgotten. I also have a hard time remembering long-term things sometimes. An event or memory that someone else relates to me is simply gone. Medications + bipolar will do that to you. It was scary at first when it first started happening, now I am used to it and just sigh and shrug my shoulders.
  8. I wouldn't be here anymore without pharmaceutical medication.
  9. Interesting! So it's a protein in our brain that has something to do with transmitters. Now that they know, Hope they can do more studies and legitimize it so that all drugs can be made to be more helpful.
  10. Well whoever is in charge of both of the pharmacies I went to is awful. That reminds me I need to drop that letter in the mail today.
  11. Thanks Bad Haiku, I was going to quote LaVey, too, when it comes to this topic. Satanism is not what people think it is.
  12. My theory is that the 'aliens' we see now are just humans from way way way in the future traveling back in time. We look so different because we've evolved a lot.
  13. Thank you for the tips I will try them!
  14. I got $45 worth free product since I was the grand-prize winner from a raffle, and chose acne products. They had other anti-aging stuff too but I have bad adult acne and wanted to clear up my face. They say it'll take 7 days. Well, today is day 3 so we shall see! I am excited. it makes my face feel smooth. They have a charcoal mask that really takes out all impurities, and eye cream that helps take away the wrinkles. I only used these other 2 things once so I can't say for sure. So I'm excited about my acne face and hope it clears up soon. I look terrible and I'm going to be 38 in less than a month!! Got to look good for birthday photos. I've got the 'expression lines' as they call them on my forehead and around my 'smile' area. Ugh. I need to do something before it's too late. Any other products recommended?
  15. Thanks dtac! I hope once and for all to quash this anxiety, it is horrible. I've been missing work and been going home and curling up into a ball.