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  1. quite welcome! CB has been a life saver at times!!
  2. I donated.
  3. HI there! I highly recommend seeing your doc. You can ask about getting on medication that will help alleviate most of the anxiet symptoms, and help prevent further attacks. For instance, I'm on 2 meds, Gabapentin and Clonazepam (klonopin). They help a lot when I am having problems. I'd ask.
  4. The reason for it is because of the "flip floppers" or the "experimenters"... rarely are there true bisexuals out there. I've been burned by so many "straight girls who were curious" that called themselves bisexual so that's the majority of the reason we have a problem with it.
  5. I had similar issues when I had a mixed state once... but it does sound like more of a psychotic depression. I'd ask the pdoc and see.
  6. I don't know about flip flopping, my mom was bipolar and always smoked. She tried to quit maybe 3 times while I was alive. She later died from COPD. Even as a young, young child I knew smoking would kill her. I'd hide her cigarettes when I was 4 years old...
  7. Yesterday we found out (2 differerent conference calls) officially, but no one knows anything yet. It has to go to th e government regulatory process first before they can start changing policy.
  8. I went off 2mg klonopin cold turkey after taking them a year and had no withdrawals. YMMV of course - I am now on 4mg a day, as is prescribed but I only take them PRN actually. either way, I was told by my doctor that it may feel like they stopped working or that you got a tolerance but that could also mean your body is just used to it enough for it to stay working properly. Not sure, but that makes sense I guess.
  9. I hope not either!!!
  10. Mild annoyance- headache & this weird feeling like I'm crawling out of my skin.
  11. Ya might be time to invest in some ultra-noise cancelling headphones for just such occassions.
  12. Major complaint box: My company is having a hostile takeover by another company that is acquiring it and I've heard nothing but layoffs from other companies that this same company has bought. Now we don't know what we would do!!! Since we're a joint venture in another state than headquarters is located, we don't know what would become of us specifically, either. They announce it officially today. Crap!!!
  13. chocolate milk in in it's own right would make me barf lol
  14. I've been putting hydrating cream on my face at night before bed but I'm still a dragon in the morning. I think it may be the dry air though. I live in the Southwest of the USA where the air is very dry. I am originally from the Pacific northwest of the country so maybe my skin isn't used to it.
  15. Sorry Bromazepam makes me think of Dudeazepam. Bro! Dude! Whaaaaats up! Commercial: Bromazepam: It's the frat boy choice. ok sorry that was lame that's just what it keeps reminding me of. Hope someone chuckled.