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  1. oooo those red ones look sleek!
  2. Thanks for this thread and all of the links!! I've considered and wondered about the benefits of a service dog to help me with my anxiety disorder, and might be helpful with bipolar as well but I"m not sure how, so I'd have to read some of those links, I appreciate it, thanks!
  3. I've always had the feeling that the pharmaceutical companies put an expiration date on there so that you'll need more if you pass that date. So it's just a $$$ thing.
  4. Have you tried going to see a pdoc to maybe give you some medication, as well as a tdoc for some therapy? I am sorry to hear of your loss, and hope things get better for you. I'm on valium and vistaril for anxiety and they both prevent ongoing anxiety as well as attacks. Maybe you could ask about klonopin, it lasts longer, and xanax is good because it acts fast but it doesn't last as long. There's always options! Good luck!
  5. We've been having thunder and lightning storms here too. I have a lightning phobia - don't wanna get struck and believe I will if I'm outside! I wish you good luck in getting this job!!
  6. Welcome to CB! Hope you enjoy all the support from the nice people that are here.
  7. I am having low energy problems as well. Initially my gdoc thought it was secondary hyperparathyroidism from lack of Vitamin D, but just got tested after 2 months of VIT D treatment and I'm ok now but I still have a hard time feeling energized. The only thing that helps are energy drinks which aren't the best for you, I have been told. I'm still searching, too. My pdoc had told me a while back I'm on a cocktail of a lot of medications that have been known to make people a little more tired than usual, so maybe that's all it is? Either way good luck on finding a way to get more energy back!
  8. Gabapentin did a good job for me, and I take Vistaril (in combo with diazepam) now, and it helps. Maybe you could ask for one of those 2.
  9. One night after paranoia lead to mania, I heard a scraping/digging sound coming from the kitchen walls. I ended up chasing the sound around the walls with a glass up to my ear, trying to find the source. My neighbor decided at that time, when I dragged him in to see if he heard it to, that I was a whack job and stopped talking to me. Another time I kept hearing jazz music as I was trying to fall asleep at night - but only in my right ear. When I'd roll over onto my other side and put my right ear to the pillow, the left ear heard nothing. So bizarre.
  10. I've gotten euphoria a few times but I can count them on one hand. Mostly, I'd say, 90% I an dysphoric. It sucks. I want the happy kind!!
  11. I've been unstable for the past 6 years up until January or February when I switched from Lamictal to Lithium. I've always had a full time job, but I have FMLA so that when I need to, I can go home and avoid a super freak-out at work. I do NOT however have short term disability so if I ended up in the psych ever, I'd most likely be able to keep my job but not get paid for the time I'm in hospital. So I hope that doesn't happen.
  12. It's happened to me before on occasion, it really sucks. Have you asked your pdoc if you can take a klonopin the night before, so that it still lats through the time you wake up in the morning? Might work, - can't hurt might help right?
  13. I would first ask your pdoc, if you are able to call or send an e-mail to ask and see if it is ok to do that. Maybe the fact you're feeling hypo could influence the decision one way or the other. Good luck!
  14. That is re-assuring, thank you
  15. I have 3 pairs right now. I use one for running, and the other 2 for when I walk to and from work. One is a Samsung brand, one is a midgrade brand from an airport, and the other had 4.5 stars on Amazon but I don't rmemeber the name of them now. I like the Samsung's sound the best, deep bass, crisp mids and highs... but none of the buds fit in my right ear very well.