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  1. Lithium Toxicity?

    I called my GF and she said DO NOT GO. She said they just always have to tell you to go for liability reasons and that I just need to drink fluids and sweat out the toxins.
  2. Lithium Toxicity?

    I got a voicemail from the pdoc's office - they said to go to the emergency room. I cant afford that at all and my GF would KILL KILL KILL me if I did go. What happens to me if I don't go, does anyone kknow?
  3. Lithium Toxicity?

    Well the test I'd done just days prior indicated the lithium might as well have been a placebo....
  4. So I found out recently that I was below the threshold for a therapeutic dose of lithium. My doctor told me to still take just the 2 (equaling 600mg) because for some reason I had Diabetes Inspidious which is caused usually by lithium and so he didn't want to increase the dose - but i am going through one of the most hellish mixed episodes ever and I decided that I needed more lithium at least temporarily so I took an extra 300mg making it a total of 900mg. I did that for 5 days, and the past 2 days I've been vomiting, headachey, stumbling around, and slurring my speech. Is this too much lithium you think? I am waiting for a call from the pdoc. But in the mean time, opinions anyone?
  5. Has anyone here gotten diabetes inspidous from lithium? I had my labs drawn 2 Mondays ago and the next day the results were back already. My pdoc said I was at UNDER a therapeutic level of lithium but that my sodium levels were high enough to be diagnosed with DI. He is having me take both pills (300mg ea.) at night now, to give my kidneys a break. I pee a lot and just thought it was because of all the water I have to drink as a lithium user - but he said I could drink 1 cup of 40 and I"d pee the same amount. Just curious if anyone else has had this before and what they did. I am going through a rough mixed right now - need addl lithium (therapeutic dose) but can't yet because of this issue. I don't want to try anything else .... lithium is the best.
  6. How do I find a doc??

    All good ideas thank you everone. I might go with the place that's taking a $175 deposit for the 1st apt because well, it is all I found really so far that will take me.. the lady on the phone is very nice though, and it sounds like a peaceful gentle office so that is good.
  7. yeah when I had insurance before, it was like $20. I can't wait till may when it kicks in. Thank you, I will look into these!
  8. I take Abilify but have no insurance - and it is $300 at Walmart. Yikes. Sucks. Everything else I have taken though, either had crazy side effects or did not help so I stick with the Abilify. Off topic, sorry, but how do you know if lithium is causing kidney damage, do you know? I know I don't drink enough water maybe 6-8 on a daily basis. So they are probably shriveled up like little kidney beans.
  9. How do I find a doc??

    I don't but I will ask a co-worker today, that is a good idea. I called all 3 places yesterday, and the first one was not accepting new patients. The 2nd was accepting new patients, and did medication management, but only took medicare and Medicaid, so once my insurance kicks in they wouldn't be able to take it. I put them in the 'maybe' pile. The third, the phone just rang and rang. I think they were at lunch as it as noon (MY lunch, too) but I will try again on a brief break this morning and see. I have in the meantime found 2 others I am going to call. I've never had it this difficult before. Part of the reason is the location. I want it to be either near home (5 miles or so) or work (2 miles or so). I visit yelp a lot and see bad reviews for some of the places that I have considered. It doesn't stop me from calling, but usually I've just found everyone's phone just rings and rings regardless of the time. No receptionists?
  10. How do I find a doc??

    Nope I do not have any insurance. It won't kick in until May because I started a new job 3 weeks ago.
  11. I had a shady situation like this once. I was a temp at a call center for a health insurance company. The place (not sure if it was the place I was temping at, or the temp agency itself) had a 0-day absence policy. You could NOT be sick or stay out even 1 day. But 2 other people did, and one day while working I felt horrible anxiety - the crippling curl-up-in-a-ball kind. I felt like I was starting to go manic and couldn't focus on work so I asked the manager there if I could go home early, because I am bipolar and starting to become symptomatic. She said sure. I got a phone call from the temp agency an hour later saying to come get my things, they were done with me. I wasn't sure if it was the policy (though they should give reasonable accommodation if I have a disability right?) or the fact I was telling them I have bipolar. It would have been too much of a grey area to fight it so I didn't. It really sucked.
  12. How do I find a doc??

    I have 3 places I am calling today, maybe one of them will work out for me. Wish me luck...
  13. Valium "bad stuff" ...?

    Yeah that is what my previous pdoc said. But the one I went to here in this new place, freaked out when she found out I was on valium and couldn't listen to me about why I was on it and refused to prescribe it. I didn't like her much. She kept confusing my story and the things I was telling her. I'm looking for someone else... still haven't found anyone, but I have a few new places I am going to call today.
  14. Valium "bad stuff" ...?

    right? I thought xanax was the most addictive too. I am all out of valium now and though my GAD is calming itself down a bit, I am scared Ill have a flare up due to having a brand new job. So Im looking for a new pdoc but it is hard! Not a lot of options in AZ which is weord - the 5th largest city in the US is Phoenix so youd think there would be a lot...
  15. So for a brief time after moving to a new state I had insurance. I went to a pdoc I found that was close by (btw lesson learned, never see someone just because of their location). She was NOT liking the fact my prior pdoc (a Univ. of Utah professor) had prescribed me valium. She said valium messes people up and it is just awful and she refused to prescribe it. Instead she gave me klonz, which I had already taken and in Utah, the Univ. pdoc took me off of it because it was not helping and it was just making me slur my words and act goofy. Anyone else here ever heard of valium being more addicting than any other benzo? I never have before. But this new gal insisted it was bad, bad stuff. ...?