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  1. Chios Energy Healing

    I'm not sure, because I haven't really studied reiki. But I heard it is somewhat similar.
  2. Gabapentin made me black out so I stopped it. Can't take lamictal. Highest dose was moderate but there came a time when I told the Pdoc it just had stopped working and we couldn't go a whole lot higher so that's why I'm on lithium... I also take abilify 5-10mg and 300 MG wellbutrin.
  3. Hey... has anyone else discovered/tried Chios Energy Healing? I am reading the guide book/manual right now and it is impressive. I was able to do the first exercise really well. I am thinking of becoming an energy healer. But it doesn't seem to be that much on the internet about Chios. Just their website and a few others, really. Was just curious if anyone else had been practicing it, or had attunements for it, etc... thanks!
  4. Maybe you should try avoiding her if possible. Is it? Like not seeing her so you aren't reminded of her, etc... I'd say "talk to her about it" but that is inappropriate for the work place. But you know... time heals wounds and the longer you get without seeing her, the more you might forget about it... You can also join a dating app, maybe put yourself out there finally, for some lucky gal to come by and who knows, maybe like what she sees!! I mean maybe it is a sign that it is time for you and your mind and body to be social again.
  5. No I haven't. I made an appt at the PSC tomorrow to have a draw but I did go down to 600mg of lithium because of the tiredness issue. Of course I'm on 3 psych meds tough so it's no wonder I am still tired but it did help to go down. A lil.
  6. Lamictal stopped working for me. What about Depakote? I have an appt today...
  7. I am on 750mg lithium and having a fatigue issue. I slurr my speech, am always tired or fatigued, and flat. Does anyone know what , for them, has helped with the least amount of tiredness of all of the mood stabalizers? Thanks!
  8. Sociopath/Psychopath in DSM?

    Like the USA President? That one orange dude
  9. My birthday is coming in less than a month... I'll be 39, ick. I looked at pic form 10 years ago and wonder where the time went! I look so old now!

    1. jt07


      Happy Birthday early!

      39 is a good age. A lot of people hold at 39.

    2. Alien Navel Cord

      Alien Navel Cord

      thank you!! I hope I do too lol

  10. Magnesium instead of Lithium??

    Or if this should be in the Lithium forum please move it a let me know.
  11. Paranoia won’t stop

    I just spent 48 euros on a VPN. LOL Paranoid, too. But yeah I get where you're coming from. I hope you can reach your goal and recover.. it is possible!! Good luck!
  12. Paranoia won’t stop

    For paranoia, are you on any antipsychotic right now? I found though that they don't always help paranoia, sometimes your situation has to change for it to go away. For example, at an apartment I was living in, on the basement/ground floor level someone snuck in the fire alley behind the bedroom and tried breaking in through the window. 3 times. While either me, my gf, or both of us were home. I went psychotic and experienced hallucinations, and extreme paranoia to the point I was carrying around a baseball bat every room of the house I would go into. It only went away after we decided to move across town, to a 3rd floor apartment and put a security bar under the front door handle. Maybe your disability paperwork will really be ok and go through just fine without a hitch. Mine always did... so there IS hope. And talk therapy can help if you get the right person (I have never had luck with talk therapy before) so you may want to try it if you think it might help, as Gearhead says. I wish you the best.
  13. *sigh* Ok. My almost-MIL keeps telling me to stop taking Lithium, and start Magnesium for my bipolar, because her husband's (my gf's dad) Parkinson's doctor recommended that instead of the Lithium, and had said it had less side effects but did the same thing. Crap? Or no? I said I'd check it out but I have my finger hovering over the "no thanks" button - anyone tried this in lieu of lithium? Did it help your bipolar? Should I listen to her and actually ask my pdoc about it? I mean, you'd think if it was a 'thing' that vitamin supplements with magnesium would just be a magic pill right?
  14. Lithium withdrawal?

    I stopped it cold turkey , had only been on it a year though - with no withdrawals. Decades... maybe taper it off either way just to be on the safe side?
  15. Binaural beats

    my meditation app on my phone, Insight Timer, has a lot og really good binaural beats. They do wake you up feeling refreshed and, if you want to get a little less technical and more new-agey, there are also some chakra-balancing music albums you can find on youtube... that helps me sometimes... not everyone subscribes to the chakra thing though, so if that's not your cup of tea at least science is there to back up the binaural beats thing! :-D