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  1. before I moved I got a 90 day supply of my meds, but of course theyre running out. The good news is as of yesterday I am eligible for benefits so Im going to enroll today. So we will see. She has not tried to take the phone away from me since then thankfully.
  2. if I had insurance I would consider it.
  3. God juice and being trapped

    howd the pdoc visit go?
  4. Super powers real and imagined

    I feel like I am "the chosen one" and I am meant to do something super important and save everyone from evil.
  5. Yes, she knows how I feel, but if I pout or act angry she holds the phone longer than 24 hours.
  6. Yeah it just makes me resent her for it.
  7. She takes it because she knows it's important to me to have... So she thinks if it's a carrot on a stick looming above my head I'll behave myself.
  8. Valium

    weird. I just switched to 10mg valium from 4 mg klonopin a few months ago and nothing happened. It could be though? Med tweaks can trigger lots of mood thingies.
  9. Currently mixed here. Having low energy, no desire to really do anything... poor hygeine. But thoughts racing, anger, irritability, frustration. I have been acting like the biggest jerk to my girlfriend and she finally had enough, and took my cellphone away from me for today. Anytime I am a douche, she says she takes the phone. Does anyone else think that is not the way to go about helping someone who is going through an episode? She has been with me 8 years and for 6 of those years I was a yo-yo. So she knows all about it... she is not new to this. But This "taking something important to you away" thing IS new. I do not like it and it makes me even angrier at her which I have to hide, in order to get my damn phone back. Thoughts?
  10. Temazepam?

    Ok Ok so it is not appearing to be prescribed for anxiety or panic. K. Because the valium.. well... meh. My anxiety is so strong and overwhelming it just is not doing the trick and I had wanted to assk about something else...
  11. It is y Abilify if at too high a dose, not my lithium, that makes me flat.
  12. Bright ideas

    I hope you start to feel better. I am going through a lot of panic and anxiety and my valium is not doing much. I've been given the go-ahead to take 1 extra if I need it, but i get only 30 (1 a day) in the bottle so then I run out quicker and you can't just get them filled whenever you want. So then I go a couple days without ANY and the anxiety is even worse. So I feel ya!! Right there with you. Feel better.
  13. Time to 'up' my dose?

    I have tried Ativan, it didn't do much to help so they had put me back on the klonopin. Never heard of tranxene - heard of Serax but had forgotten it exists.
  14. I'm constantly tired and dazed

    energy drinks help me, but only for about 4 hours. I still can go to sleep after drinking one though, if I feel like it. Don't know what's wrong with me other than maybe all my meds combo.
  15. Time to 'up' my dose?

    My pdoc refuses to prescribe xanax due to it's addiction potential, and I've already been on klonz since 2006 and they no longer work for me, so... valium looks to be my only option. Unless there's another long lasting one I don't know about?