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  1. That's pretty much why I stopped focusing on coping skills for episodes. She was *brilliant* with CBT for my self-esteem.
  2. Friday, I received a text from a friend that he was on his way home from the south. I replied to this. I had a solid memory of it. Saturday, I received the exact same text. I thought to myself, "huh. That's weird. Maybe it's some weird glitch." When I checked the app, though, there were no messages on Friday. Still thought it was a glitch, but I replied anyway. Turns out he did actually head home on Saturday at roughly the time he said. Fine. Has to be deja vu, even though it feels different. Today, I was on another forum, and I saw there was an update in a thread I was reading several days ago, so I checked it. The only messages there were the ones I'd already read. And they were posted late Saturday night and early yesterday morning. I would think I must've read them yesterday and thought it was longer ago, but according to the system I'd not read them. I have mundane dreams that are heavily based in reality which sometimes at least seem to come true, but it has to be deja vu. I must be having delusions or something. Even if I had some sort of mystical powers, why would they not develop until 34? There are other, smaller things. Like thinking of a TV show episode, and then it's playing at the bar that night. Or, randomly dreaming about an old friend that I hadn't talked to in about 6 years, and then finding out he has brain cancer. A few weeks ago, I predicted what we would have for dinner and dessert with my in-laws. When someone gets me a gift, I almost always know what it'll be. My husband can rarely surprise me. He came home on Mother's Day a few years ago, and I knew it was going to happen, even though I hadn't talked to him that day. I always know he's going to bring home flowers when he does. Three years in a row, I correctly guessed my gifts from my dad (in fairness he has this weird sixth sense about what items on my list I most want even though I've never mentioned them, and he knows nothing about the CD/movie/book. My in-laws got me a specific calendar for my birthday. It was on my list, but they usually get me one for Christmas. My gift was too large to hold a calendar. It looked more suited to a jacket or something. Even so, I knew it was in there. I am sure this all has to be a combination of Baader-Meinhof and confirmation bias, but it just happens so often, and it's been happening more and more frequently of late. I mean, can it be a delusion if you're so heavily denying it? Not denying that it's a delusion, but denying that it is reality. Insisting that it must be a delusion. I don't even know if I should put this in the forum connected to my diagnosis or here. I am putting it here, though, since it's spirituality-connected.
  3. Chuck New Girl Parks and Recreation The Office (I've only watched the US one) Jack and Dean of All Trades - available for now on Fullscreen, which is being disabled soon, but you can get a free trial. It's only 12 10-minute episodes. On YouTube: Almost anything on Jack and Dean (you're looking for Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs.) Some of their older ones (2009-ish) tend to be slightly transphobic, but they've moved on from that. A few TomSka videos, although they tend to feature guns and one is somewhat flippant about suicide even though he struggles with significant depression. His Meanwhile videos are good. Daniel Howell and AmazingPhil are funny but a little juvenile. I love Baking With Layton by Daniel J Layton. His vlogs are good, too, for vlogs. And yes, I'm a slight anglophile, but it's their humor I go for. It's not a fetish. I don't know why the distinction is important to me, but it is.
  4. I know it's been a go-to for awhile for cold and flu symptoms. Medicines have seemed to replace it, but they just don't work for my kids or me. Now, recently our doctor said that cough syrup is almost useless in a lot of people and honey is much more effective. That made me think of all the times I've read about elderberry stuff. I see that you can buy syrups, lozenges, etc. I thought about giving it a shot, but it's so expensive. Anyone ever try it? Is it snake oil like so many other homeopathic remedies or is there a reason it's been a treatment for awhile? If cold medicines did a durn thing for us, I probably wouldn't bother. Also, Benadryl made my youngest a rage monster, and dextro made him seem very intoxicated.
  5. My last therapist had similar communications. She would ask what triggered a depression episode. Only once was there ever something, but she'd say something had to trigger it, even if I couldn't identify it. She believed that with CBT I could end an episode completely, not just get through the worst symptoms with less trauma.
  6. Naturally, the popups didn't appear when I went back and browsed for awhile, so I don't know if removing apps helped or not, but it may have. I just got rid of the ones I rarely use that aren't from super trusted companies and such. They all came from the Play store, so that stinks. I always thought you were safe if you downloaded only from there. I really, really hate scammers. Again, I am sorry for being crabby about it. I'm not in a normal state right now.
  7. Okay. Sorry for being a crab. It was just weird to me that it was only this and one or two other sites. I dunno.
  8. This whole thing happened when he took Benadryl the night before. I don't know if it can cause behavior problems in kids or not, but when I gave him Allegra last night instead, he was completely himself this morning. He's been fine all day, too. We'll see how things go over the next few days. It'd been a long time since he went through one of his periods of extreme rage. I'm thinking a year or longer. I like the idea of tracking specific behaviors/consequences. There is a university in town. It's possible that they have something. I'll look into that. As far as medical schools, there aren't any that are truly near (physically close but a long drive). He does still have a temper and difficulty coping with the angry feelings, so getting him help is definitely crucial.
  9. Abilify gave me violent and frequent hiccups. I would have a fit three times a day, with hiccups so forceful I felt them in my whole trunk. Loxapine was interesting. While on it, my periods went from 6-7 days of fairly heavy bleeding with massive mood swings and cramps to 1-2 days of super-light flow (pantyliners sufficed) with no pain or mood swings. Unfortunately, it sedated me too heavily, even if I took it early.
  10. I don't. Sometimes his brother does if the tantrum is triggered by something he didn't want to do/give him/whatever. The scariest bit was that he stopped abruptly and asked politely, calmly if he could have his brother's Pop Tarts instead of the ones already toasted. Maybe I should have said yes, but I felt it might be a manipulation. He went straight back into the raging. It seems like he's in complete control of his actions. When I'm angry, I can't shut it off suddenly. He showed no signs of anger, physical or otherwise. I hope tomorrow will be better.
  11. He's not. He's an angel at school: concerned about others' feelings, caring, hugging his brother every time they meet as though it's been 20 years. I hesitate to let anyone at school know because he does deserve privacy. But, if I have to, I'll do it.
  12. He goes through these bouts of anger. They're always horrible. He throws things, destroys things, pushes, hits. He's bitten us (T and me). The screaming is like some sort of mythological creature. These tantrums last up to an hour. He had one yesterday morning because his brother didn't want to cuddle. That lasted an hour, and they were twenty minutes late for school. This morning, it was because I gave him his Pop Tarts and not his brother's (please don't judge me for letting them eat Pop Tarts--I'm picking my battles). It lasted around 40 minutes. In that time, he tried to stab me in the foot with a colored pencil. It only hurt a little and left a faint mark, but it's the implication. What if he decided to grab a knife from the drawer? (On a related note, I'm going to be moving our knives.) What if he attacked his brother? He's six, and he's skinny, but he's strong for his size. And T thinks it's funny to antagonize him further. I downloaded a sound recorder yesterday and caught the tail end of the tantrum. I recorded about 8 minutes of today's. I'd have used video, but he was in between pajamas and clothes at the time. Can't film a half-naked kid. I know the long-term solution is to get him help. We can't afford testing right now (~$400), so that has to wait until insurance kicks in in January. In the short-term, I don't know what to do. How do you discipline after an attempted (albeit minor) stabbing? He's already lost his screen time for four days, and that didn't prevent the tantrum in the least. DH suggested taking away weekly dinner with his parents next week. That doesn't feel right. I'm not saying it's an overreaction, per se. It just feels like we would be punishing his grandparents/aunt, too. And I refuse to let them know how bad it was, so they won't know that it's not an overreaction. But I can't think of anything else. Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it. Just about the specific situation. I'm not looking for a diagnosis or anything like that. I'll save that for the pdoc.
  13. If it resides on our phones, why does it only happen with this forum and to so many members? Last time this issue was brought up, a lot of other people had the issue. I've scanned for malware and have none.
  14. n(head+wall), where n = number of times it takes to lose consciousness.

  15. whatever the weather

    We've got a high of 45F. It'll get down to around 25 tonight. No precipitation. Bring it on!