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  1. I twitch because of 200mg Zoloft. I get it way more than 10/day. Probably 10/hour. Psychiatrist wasn't concerned and gave me Cogentin to stop them. But I have not taken because I am used to the twitches. I play a mental game with it by trying to guess where the next twitch will be located.
  2. I take 500mg Seroquel plus 500 Lamictal, 200 mg Zoloft and add Prolixin when I get paranoid or psychotic. last time I was hospitalized they took me off Prolixin and had me take 800mg of Seroquel. I didn't feel any different with the higher dose.
  3. Why?

    I used to be able to hold a full job for 3 years. It got much over time until I lost a few jobs in 3 months! At that point I went on disability. I have started working pt as a substitute teacher. I can work up to 8 days a month and keep my disability, so that is my goal. it works for me as if I am not feeling well I don't pick up a job until it has passed.
  4. I can't sleep after 15 years of 600mg Seroquel. Now I also take 200 mg of Trazadone and a supplement called Kava Forte. My pdoc is very into natural treatments. Kava Forte has to be sold by a Dr although I have seen it for sale on Amazon.
  5. ECT

    I have had 27 treatments spread out over 3 hospitalizations. The last one was 12 treatments. I did have missing memories but most were when suffering from the depression. I was however, extremely mentally fatigued for sometime. i would do the 6 and 9 treatments in the first 2 hospitalizations. Virtually no side effects.
  6. My antipsychotics have always worked when going back on them But a few antidepressants I have gone off of and back and they haven't worked.
  7. As a 40'ish female I started having sore breasts. Also much of the time I took it I had multiple urinary tract infections. My pdoc said that was one of the side effects but I sure had it!
  8. Seroquel 500mg. Mania prolixin 5mg. Psychosis/ Paranoia zoloft 200mg. Antidepressant Lamictal 500 mg Mood stabilizer Provigal 200mg. Sleep apnea salogen total of 10mg Dry mouth. Next month trying Bethanicol which my insurance will pay for Trazadone 200mg. Sleep Kave Forte. Natural herbal med Sleep ( my Pdoc is not an MD but a DO-- Osteo.?..and Naturalist) Metropinol. 12.5mg. High blood pressure Hydroclorizidethiazide doseage-?? High blood pressure
  9. I was rageful and violent before I was DX as bipolar. Meds did wonders.
  10. I think you are doing the right thing. Therapy can work wonders if you let it. be glad your insurance will cover a Therapist. Even if though it isn't your first choice. i have Medicare with a supplement and they offer no therapy payments at all.
  11. I had long term disability with my last job but it was worthless. Even though I was approved for social security and an insurance policy I bought through a previous job they would pay. I even appealed it and the only reason I got was 'you don't qualify'. it was for bipolar disorder. Maybe it would be better for migraines. best of luck
  12. I take 200mg for sleep. i took it as an antidepressant about 20 years ago when it first came out. At that time I took 450mg! It pooped out. Soon after they stopped using it as an AD. It eventually was used for sleep alone.
  13. Blah, my pdoc has me get lamictal blood levels twice a year. There is a therapeutic range for best effects. Perhaps that will help with this issue.
  14. Anafranil

    I took it for awhile about 20 years ago. I was stalking an old boyfriend and it had gone to far. The stalking went away quickly! I had a great antidepressant effect from it too!