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  1. I have never told my therapist about CB. Not because he won't like it. It just never come up. there are times I read this board that it may trigger something, but for the most part it helps me realize that I am not as crazy as I think I am.
  2. Does anyone take an AD that doesn't cause sexual side effects? i am on Zoloft and it really getting to me.
  3. My pdoc had me go to hospital when I actively was suicidal but has never done anything if I just said I was suicidal.
  4. I was diagnosed with depression first. It was quickly changed to Bipolar 1 after Prozac flipped me not mania. I had manias before but didn't know what they were.
  5. Try calling Costco and see how much it is with no insurance. my insurance wouldn't cover it. I called around to other pharmacies and they all wanted about $400/ mo. Costco only charges me $35!
  6. I am more stable than not but still not right. i substitute as a teachers aide so I only take a job if I am feeling good. i just passed the test to become a substitute teacher. I can work 8 days/ month and max out what I can make on disability. being around kids all day isn't really socializing though.
  7. Try Propanolol (spelling not correct)
  8. I strongly feel I will take my own life when the time is right. I was hospitalized about 2yrs ago and have to wait another 3 yrs before I can buy a gun. My sons almost never contact me and I can't work so have no friends. I don't tell my pdoc about it cuz there is nothing he can do to stop the feelings. I am not depressed or manic. Just something I have to do.
  9. Just finished reading "insane consequences ". It goes into the story that funds are being used to treat people with Brhavioral Science and "wellness. These programs are geared to mild cases and the likes of people who see Big Pharma's commercials which are those with situational illnesses. funds are not used for serious MI's even though they can prove this population will respond. a good read!
  10. Are things going any better today? I sure hope so.
  11. I was afraid to tell my parents how I was feeling because I thought I would get into trouble
  12. It all started when I applied for a few full time jobs (I am on SSDI). I started having dreams of the interview process and also failing and getting fired. now I feel I am being watched and am afraid to leave the house. My brother in law takes care of my garden and is here most days. He walks back and forth in my yard and I had to close all my blinds so he can't see me. I hide in my bedroom so nobody can see me until it is dark outside. .trying to decide if I should call my pdoc or wait it out.
  13. When I started feeling better after being on disability for a few years I started working as a substitute teachers aide. The work day is less than 4 hours and you only have take jobs if you want to. This way I only take jobs when I am feeling well. i find that I don't have to talk to the teacher very often and the kids are often fun. this may be a way to test out the idea of working.
  14. I always bring my pdoc and his assistant veggies from my garden. They are always grateful.