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  1. Depakote expierences

    I took it briefly after a manic episode after being unmediated for years. The ER Pdoc gave me a script for depakote and told me to increase the dose till I felt better. I stopped at 900mg and it really brought me back to normal quickly. I was tired all the time. I would get nauseous and also had diarrhea. I think I had some shaking also. but it sure worked well.
  2. How do I find a doc??

    Do you have a family doc yet? when I moved cross country 15 yrs ago I had no idea who to pick. I had already found a family doc who suggested a good pdoc. He was right. i would suggest looking up Psychiatrist and the name of your city. Also try webmd.
  3. I forgot something. I had been diagnosed MDD and my old pdoc had me try Prozac. I quickly went into my first rageful mania. I broke all the windows in the house. I became physically violent with the man I was then married to. He drove me to see the pdoc because I was totally out of control. I am glad he came with me as he was able to tell pdoc what I had done. I recalled very little of what happened.
  4. One time my pdoc was off and he had another pdoc covering for him. he said he needed to talk with a family member. He left a message with my son. After my son spoke with him my son called me and wanted to see what was up. On call pdoc had me double my Prolixin and to call hm back in 2 hours. he told me that he would not accept a new patient he bless a family member came to the intake appointment.
  5. I am bipolar and been off meds for awhile because of side effects. I was really manic and went to see the ER Psych facility. The pdoc had me take Depakote. He told me to increase my dose until I felt goog. That was at 900mg. i stopped taking it when I was stable because I couldn't take he sedation. Also I think I had dry mouth. The worst side effects were: nausea and diarrhea. I was always running to the bathroom. about 5 years later I was in the same type of mania. I had moved and started to see a new pdoc. He put me on Seroquel and Lamictal and the crazies went away. Finally side effects that were tolerable! I have now accepted I needed the meds and have been medicated religiously for the last 15 years.
  6. Can't see Army son before deployment

    Good News!! The Army put his deployment forward a month. So The trip is back on!! i leave on February 14th.
  7. My pdoc has told me a possible effect can be dementia and was happy when I weaned myself off of it. I took 2mg at night.
  8. My pdoc recommended two sites although I don't recall their names. Many of his patients use them. in the US try Costco. You can really get some great med prices.
  9. I took it briefly. I had moved across the country and had no clue which pdoc's were any good. I had been off for 5 years because back then they only used lithium and depakote and the side effects were way to bad to stay on them very long. so zyprea was given to me by my Internet and it got me back into reality in 2-3 days!! When I finally saw a pdoc he increased the dose and then I started to put on weight. I would have been content with zyprea. The newer antipsychotic are so much better now. I now take 600mg of Seroquel. Once I got on Seroquel and Lamictal I have only has a few hypomanias. I have taken my meds religiously for 15 years now (I got my BP diagnosis over 30 years ago).
  10. Ability activated me. I also had several urinary tract infections that went away when I stopped it.
  11. I never had any side effects at all. It was like taking a sugar pill. i took 160 mg all at night. Hope you get some relief soon.
  12. I tried to hide Provigil in my pants pocket. It didn't work because they went through my pants after having to change into hospital issued clothes.
  13. Why?

    Nahyeah,, i am sorry that deep depression has kept you from doing something you used to love. I loved one I had but but I lost it, of course. i started having trouble again. I think because I seem to have a difficult time maintaining order in a class. One recent assignment was a senior Agriculture class. They wouldn't do the work that was assigned, they were rude, defiant, and belligerent. Several boys used an online program to text to talk. They had it say " Fuck you Miss Kidd", " Miss Kidd sucks dick". And "Miss Kidd is a ho". Several of them were doing it and I could figure out who they were. Even sending them to the office did no good. It was a two day assignment and I tried to cancel day two but I was unable to. It was worse on day two. That gives you an idea how stressful. i do not feel good about continuing working as teaching.
  14. The thing that drive me crazy is that norms think we should be very sad. The thing is that i don't think that many of us would use this as how we feel. . We feel unable to function. We feel that we are loosing our minds! We are unable to concentrate, engage with others or have the ability to remember a conversation we are currently in. We feel we don't belong in this world, that the world and people will never accept us. Even though this is how we feel it is difficult for norms to understand,
  15. I am so upset. I bought an air ticket to go see him before he gets deployedvo Afghanistan" then he calls and said they moved up the dare and he will be gone gone before I would there. I was going to spend Christmas with them but the cost was prohibitive. Now wish I had auctioned off my kidney so I could go then.