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  1. Rebird, ok, besides the state disability through the state I had 2 other policies. Through my job I only got paid for about 2.5 months and then they said I no longer was considered disabled. I also had a plan that allowed me to keep the policy if I had through that job. It was LTD policy but they would only pay for 2.5 years. I called SSA office and they said only income from actual work was considered.
  2. I live in CA and we have STD for a year. It is paid by both employers and employees. It is best to apply for SSDI as soon after decide you can't go back to work. I think you mentioned you had LTD. be sure to file for it when your STD runs out so you will have some money coming. I got turned down for LTD after a few months. Not really sure why. be sure to make a list of all your jobs in the last 15 years. Be sure to list the jobs you were fired from and why. Also the jobs you left before you were fired. If if you are turned down for SSDI be sure to contact your Congressman. They can speed things up. best of luck to you.
  3. I don't know if I off topic here. i had a job I wasn't doing well at. I had been fired by my last 2 jobs and was naturally very anxious. i started having symptoms of paranoia. I was being followed whenever I left my office and went somewhere else within the hospital where I worked. Normal noises kept getting louder and louder so I couldn't think. When my phone would ring nobody Else could hear it and there would be random words and numbers on my phone. the pdoc added Prolixin ( popular during the Haldol days). It worked. the pdoc asked me if I thought it all started from the anxiety and I did agree.
  4. Fired

    I have been fired so many times it doesn't even bother me anymore. Twice I went back to school for a new career path as everyone in my previous field knew I had been Hospital several times and everyone knew.
  5. I had no problems with Geodon until I added Zoloft which is a real orgasm killer. i now take Seroquel. When I take it alone and not with Zoloft I always did good. i still don't know for sure if it the lamictal or my age (60) catching up with me. I also don't have a partner and I guess I have ran out of fantasies to think about.
  6. The only blood test I have done was for a lamictal and Vit D.My pdoc ordered them. He did the lamictal to determine what was my blood level to determine how my body was metabolizing it. I guess Vit D can effect your mood and a bunch of other things. My gp never even tested that. i take 2 mgs of Klonopin and I have never been asked to take a blood test for it.
  7. Confused, i take Provigil. My insurance won't pay for it either. I called around for cash prices but they ran between $350-600 per month.no way could I pay that. My pdoc said to try Costco. I was amazed........it is around $30!!!!!!! Really!
  8. May I ask how much private money nsurance cost? I am in the US and want to compare the two.
  9. I saw a sleep Dr and had a sleep study done. I couldn't handle the mask. he gave me Provigil and it helped. my insurance wouldn't pay for but I get it Costco for $25/ month.
  10. Once I got the letter of approval it probably took 4-6 to get both back pay and monthly payments. I get SSDI. I don't know knowni if you are on SSDI or SSI but that may be different.
  11. I take a Drug vacations' where I stop taking Zoloft long enough to have a little fun and then go back on it.
  12. Hi there, i am on SSDI and can earn up to $1,180/month without being penalized. For the last 2 years I have been working as a substitute teacher, very part time. i have started having manic and paranoia the last 2 months. Earlier last year I had no problems working but now I feel like I really can't work anymore. Anyway, in California we have State Disability that will pay you about half of your earnings for up to one year. I have checked and SSDI does not interfere with getting State Disability. BUT I feel almost greedy and can't figure out how to tell my pdoc to fill out forms. but if I am intitled to it, I shouldn't feel guilty
  13. I am bp but often go psychotic outside of mood swings. Usually my pdoc adds Prolixin, an old AP, to my cocktail. My son, career military, just got to Afghanistan last week on his fourth deployment. Usually they don't effect me. this time I am hearing God tell me that the only way to assure my son will live is if I die. I have looked into buying a gun but you can't have an involuntary hospitalization in the last 5 years. My last was 4 years ago. i don't see my pdoc for 2 months. I have a limited amount of Prolixin and have to call pdoc for more meds. I do not want to call him as the last few months I have called for meds for dry mouth and things like that. Mostly, I don't want to go to the hospital again and that is what he would want to do. i have no contact with my son until he gets his new email address to be used during deployment only. suggestions are very welcome.
  14. How do I find a doc??

    Will your insurance be Medicare and a supplement? You will have a hard time finding someone who takes it here (Turlock/Modesto CA). The only ones that will take it are in large medical groups.