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  1. It took me a combo of 3 antipsychotics to be totally well ( also lamictal and Provigil also). And it was about 5 years before I felt so stable.
  2. I take 200mg when I wake up. I have problems staying awake and had the problem before meds too. i have tried taking 400mg as one dose in the morning but it didn't feel any different.
  3. A few times I thought I was headed to hypo after also drinking LOTS of diet soda. But I never did
  4. Ask him about adding Provigil. It is used to treat narcolepsy as well as other sleep- wake cycle issue. It has done a lot of good
  5. Where I live Nuvigil costs about 5x what Provigil cost. That is for a casp pay ay Costco.
  6. I have often felt I was a sloth over the last many tears, in an episode or not. I don't have a dictionary handy but for me it is not having the desire to do anything that requires more effort than watching TV. I don't wash dishes till they are all dirty. I have 5 loads of laundry needing to be folded but I rummage through the piles until I find something to wear. The laundry pile has 3 sets of clean sheets and yet I sleep on a bed without sheets. I buy large size lasagna and avoid cooking. anyway, I facilitate a NAMI support and someone mentioned their worst attribute is Sloth!! I had never heard anyone use that word before and I felt a kindered spirit. After listening to him I realized my life would be so much better if I could just get rid of procrastination. Today I Walsh all the dishes(3 dishwasher loads). I hope I can keep going today. I am tired of living like this.
  7. Brokendishes, I LOVE your nick. It would work for me too. I am better suited fro BrokenWindows.
  8. I take Provigil. You might ask about that because it is cheaper than Nuvigil but has the same effect. my insurance won't pay for it but my pdoc had me check with Costco. I now get 30 tablets for about $40!!! Now I can afford it!
  9. Mcjim and Icebutg, where do do you Live! In a big city where they can charge whatever they want?
  10. The last 2 pdoc s I have seen(I moved states)both did an initial assessment, about $300USD. Appointments are $140 and he is only taking a few insurances. When I had a bad break which caused me to lose my career and I also went on SSDI. He was not on my insurance plan and I had to pay out of pocket for visits ever 2 weeks for months. he does not take Medicare even with a supplement. Fortunately for me he agreed to accept my Medicare because I had been with him so long. It still costs me $40 a visit which I am happy to pay
  11. Pdoc felt either it was an additive from all the meds but probably Lamactil. the dry mouth still hasn't come back!!
  12. Lol that should have been his car!,,
  13. Everttime I am hospital they kick me out after 3 days when my insurance runs out. maybe you can approach it that they should have told you your insurance ran out and if they had you would have considered it.
  14. My pdoc says it is from my lamactil
  15. Last term I had a workload of 6 units, both by the same teacher. I withdrew from both of them over a paper she gave back to be corrected. I was going through an episode and simply couldn't put any more effort than I did. i emailed her after I withdrew and she responded that she would have worked with me. By this time I couldn't turn back.