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  1. I am female and while on the first generation of antidepressants I couldn't get njoy sex. presently I go on and off Zoloft depending on the episode. If I want to enjoy sex I have to go 3 days off of it before I can respond.
  2. I get tremors on one side of my body and my fingers clench when I wake up. This is from Prolixin an older anti psychotic. Pdoc is having me take cogentin and it works to get rid of the tremors. i have gone off of it several times and the tremors stop so I know I have no permanent damage.
  3. Gear head, i am on SSDI and have not worked in 5yrs. Last year I started subbing as a teachers aide a few days/ a month. 2 months ago I took a 9day job and isn't think I would make it but I did. My last job was 6 weeks. I started feeling unsettled but made it. It was a reminder that I can't work full time. The stability came when I stopped working, no matter how little.
  4. Ask our Dr for Provigil. It is similar to Nuvigil but cheaper. My insurance won't pay for either but I get Provigil at Costco for $25/month.
  5. I have been feeling really good for the last 2 months and haven't been up or down i am afraid that something will come along and mess it up. PLEASE let me keep this feeling.
  6. I never took a test but did not feel any different while taking it. my pdoc never mentioned cost but I only took it for one month and that was a sample pack.
  7. I was taking 5mg and. Stopped cold turkey. Then I went on Seroquel
  8. Iceberg, Prolixin. It was used frequently the same as haldol and stelazine.
  9. That is the only thing that has changed. I got down to a new low weight (as an adult) and was so excited. I started having a insatiable appetite and gained 12lbs in 2 weeks. I am now so upset I can't control how much I eat. i am going to try to eat fruits and veggies in to take away the cravings and stuff myself that way to see if I can get this under control. my pdoc has given me permission to increase/decrease that med so I think I will lower it and see if that helps.
  10. I was having a surgery and the anesthesiologist had ne take Ativan under my younger. It felt incredible!! Next time I saw my pdoc I told him never to prescribe it to me. it was just too good
  11. Wooster, the brand from Mediherb is the one my pdoc carries. Strange enough, the pdoc charges less­čś▒
  12. My pdoc had me start taking it for sleep. It isn't in the stores and the pdoc needs to order it. it is an herbal pill and works wonders. At first I was thinking it was a placebo but it works wonders. Mt pdoc is in his 60's and I worry if I will be able to get it when he retires. Hopefully it will be available otc by the.
  13. I had problems with my memory after 12 treatments. I had 3 series of ECT. One 6 treatments, another had 9, and the last was 12. My memory was lost for about a year back BUT I was so depressed I was losing memory due to the depression. I had my treatments back before the days of passwords­čśÁ. i had treatment on MWF. The first treatment was 2 weeks of treatment. The second one was 3 weeks with the final treatments over 4 weeks. i would gladly do ECT again if necessary but I would not agree to 12 treatments as that is where my memory loss was at its worst. I also became so mentally frail that I couldn't take care of my family and it took awhile to recover. please note that the first series was because I was profoundly depressed and meds weren't working. The other series were because I stopped taking my meds (I was young and stupid). After each series of ECT I went back on meds but they no longer worked. Nothing worked and I was treatment resistant. hope that helps.
  14. I do it, but my house is paid for and I only pay $300 for taxes and insurance. My car is also paid for.
  15. I have had the steroid injection before as well as BP meds and not had a problem