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  1. May I ask how much private money nsurance cost? I am in the US and want to compare the two.
  2. I saw a sleep Dr and had a sleep study done. I couldn't handle the mask. he gave me Provigil and it helped. my insurance wouldn't pay for but I get it Costco for $25/ month.
  3. Once I got the letter of approval it probably took 4-6 to get both back pay and monthly payments. I get SSDI. I don't know knowni if you are on SSDI or SSI but that may be different.
  4. I take a Drug vacations' where I stop taking Zoloft long enough to have a little fun and then go back on it.
  5. Hi there, i am on SSDI and can earn up to $1,180/month without being penalized. For the last 2 years I have been working as a substitute teacher, very part time. i have started having manic and paranoia the last 2 months. Earlier last year I had no problems working but now I feel like I really can't work anymore. Anyway, in California we have State Disability that will pay you about half of your earnings for up to one year. I have checked and SSDI does not interfere with getting State Disability. BUT I feel almost greedy and can't figure out how to tell my pdoc to fill out forms. but if I am intitled to it, I shouldn't feel guilty
  6. I am bp but often go psychotic outside of mood swings. Usually my pdoc adds Prolixin, an old AP, to my cocktail. My son, career military, just got to Afghanistan last week on his fourth deployment. Usually they don't effect me. this time I am hearing God tell me that the only way to assure my son will live is if I die. I have looked into buying a gun but you can't have an involuntary hospitalization in the last 5 years. My last was 4 years ago. i don't see my pdoc for 2 months. I have a limited amount of Prolixin and have to call pdoc for more meds. I do not want to call him as the last few months I have called for meds for dry mouth and things like that. Mostly, I don't want to go to the hospital again and that is what he would want to do. i have no contact with my son until he gets his new email address to be used during deployment only. suggestions are very welcome.
  7. How do I find a doc??

    Will your insurance be Medicare and a supplement? You will have a hard time finding someone who takes it here (Turlock/Modesto CA). The only ones that will take it are in large medical groups.
  8. I took several years on Geodon (160mg at night). My pdoc never said anything about taking it with meals. it worked for me for many years. Out of virtually nowhere I had the job from hell with so far out of control that I had to take more meds. To finally get stable I had to add 500mg Seroquel and 10mg Prolixin. After some time I went off Geodon as it was expensive and I could do without it.
  9. I haven't dated in 28 years since I got divorced. when I have tried dating in the past I go into a rageful mania that is ugly. I have vowed never to put myself or anyone else through that again.
  10. I went manic years ago on Prozac. I have taken Zoloft with every depression for the last 20 years. I stop taking it about 6 months after the depression has lifted it. I have never gone manic with it.
  11. What will help with anxiety

    Bonkers, My pdoc is a DO and not an MD. He has had me take a few different natural things that have worked well. He suggested I try L-Theanine to try for stress and anxiety. I never tried it because I quit work and I didn't feel bad anymore. Worth a try. I found it at GNC.
  12. I was fortunate enough to see him speak about 25 years ago.
  13. Depakote expierences

    Or get, At that stage in my life I would take meds till I felt better and then would go off meds till the next time? i got very good results and think had I stuck with it I would have remained stable. But the side effects were just too much for me.
  14. Depakote expierences

    I took it briefly after a manic episode after being unmediated for years. The ER Pdoc gave me a script for depakote and told me to increase the dose till I felt better. I stopped at 900mg and it really brought me back to normal quickly. I was tired all the time. I would get nauseous and also had diarrhea. I think I had some shaking also. but it sure worked well.
  15. How do I find a doc??

    Do you have a family doc yet? when I moved cross country 15 yrs ago I had no idea who to pick. I had already found a family doc who suggested a good pdoc. He was right. i would suggest looking up Psychiatrist and the name of your city. Also try webmd.