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  1. Hello There! Great question. I'm diagnosed with bipolar and OCD as reference. I was a hair puller (trich) for about 10 years, but that seems to have subsided. I, too, cycle through different things to obsess about. I went through a crocheting phase last year and had to buy buy buy yarn until my basement looked like Hobby Lobby. I finally organized this hoard and it took up 2 enormous outside trash cans (like Rubbermaid with the lidsl). I HAD to have every single color of yarn imaginable. It was incredibly difficult to drive by any craft type store without buying more. I'm over that phase now. . . anyone need any yarn? tee hee hee. I've also collected nail polish, umbrellas, coats, sunglasses, oh and Kleenex boxes (I think there is a pic of that in my photos here) My current obsession is not collecting, but locking up houses. I'm a realtor and have to check every single lock at least 3 times (windows included) before I can leave. Then, after I get home, I find myself in a dead panic about the house and often go back to check again. I'm just never satisfied that it is locked up properly. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I'm interested in hearing what others obsess about!
  2. Rudolph

  3. Pink Zig Zag Dress

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  4. Hey There Girlie! Congratulations on your first blog. Sounds like a lot of dreams which I am unfamiliar with. Wish they could help me. To that I just say, Klonopin for me Keep them coming! Writing helps it all get out. Good job. Kristen
  5. Where I spend my time. . .

    Hello fellow crazies, I've had several people ask me where I am, and why I'm not on CB chat anymore. For some reason, people seem to think I'm part of a consortium to recruit people to a new website. That is not the truth, and I really don't know why anyone would care. A few facts: 1. I am in the middle of studying for a very difficult brokerage exam, and have limited my online time to an hour or so a day 2. My personal life is really fucked up, and I'm trying to salvage it from the big D 3. In the middle of a very depressed state. For those of you that don't know what that feels like, it's hell to peel myself off of my fucking couch every day. It's like I'm superglued here 4. yes, I am part of a several websites, but will not try to "recruit" you to any of them, so don't be afraid In any event, I'm still around and hope I am welcome here. K
  6. Speaking of legalities . . . add an 18 and over only button. I don't want to be held responsible for something I say that could be offensive to a minor. K
  7. Over moderated. How many mods do you need if there are about 10 - 14 people in a room, max? If we need that many mods, we need more people. K
  8. I have battled trich for 22 years. I have one certain spot on the crown of my head that I just want to pick at. . . I look for the coarse, curly hairs and want them OUT!! In my case, my trich just seems to come and go. I do believe that anti-anxiety meds have helped somewhat, but not completely fixed it. I wish you luck and hope that you get some relief!!! K_
  9. My First Blog

    Hi All, I've never ever blogged before, but many people have found it quite therapeutic, so here goes. I was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago (at 36) as bipolar II with OCD. I did not really seem to have a problem accepting that diagnosis, because I knew I was pretty fucked up anyway. After about a year of therapy and meds, I chose to quit taking them. At that point, I thought it was acceptable to fly off of the roof of my 3 story house. My husband would not let me "fly" off of the house, but did tell me the next morning that his intention was to leave me. I sobered up pretty quick. Since then, I have taken my meds 100% on schedule. I am not perfect, but try to stay as close to sane as possible. THE END. KIK
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    From the album K_in_MO Crablegs

  11. get the fuck off if you don't like my post. sensitive cunt Whoa!! No need to fuck with Luna, or call Anna a c***. Kindergarten shit. Grow up.
  12. Oh man, meg, this sucks shit. I have personally never run into anything like this with the exception of when I was drinking heavily. This was before I was diagnosed. I did end up buying a spiral notebook and logging my time. 8:00 am, took dogs for a walk, 10:00 am, talked with my Mom, she said "blah blah blah", 1:00 pm, did my expense report, 4 pm. wrote a check out to so and so. I realize this is in no way comparable to your situation at all. I will say that keeping a log of my time helped me recollect things. Sorry you are going through this shit storm. KK
  13. Leash, thanks for giving me an outlet to express my feelings. You have tormented me about my Kleenex collection for several months. Thank you for your heartfelt apology.