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  1. I was feeling better when I switched from Vraylar 3mg to Rexulti 0.5. But after a couple of weeks I am now on 1 mg of rexulti and I am starting to feel depressed. I don't have any other side effects except I feel sleepy alot. I take it at night. But I seem to be eating alot less than I was on the vraylar. This is a good thing because I am overweight so I don't want to switch back to vraylar. Has anyone else felt depressed on Rexulti? I see my PDOC on Tuesday and I am not sure if I should switch to something else. I also recently abruptly had to stop adderal so I think this may be a factor. Also I am going through a difficult financial situation. But this still feels alot like chemical depression as opposed to just situational.
  2. My problem is not akathesia. Just anxiety and panic attacks. I am still on 5 mg.
  3. I didn't feel well the day after the night i took nothing. So I took 5 mg last night. Hoping for a good day. Thank you all.
  4. This is getting worse. I am having horrible panic attacks every morning. I am scared to drive. I feel like I am out of my body. I think I am going to go back down to 5 mg. Although I do not think this is a therapeutic dose for bipolar. I called my NP to see what she tells me. I had to take 2 xanaxes because i felt like i was going to die literally. Also i have not lost one pound. So really I may as well have stayed on vraylar. I honestly don' t know what else to try. And no I have never been psychotic before but i feel like i am going there.
  5. I started on abilify 5 mg after almost a year of being on vryalar with limited success and much weight gain. I am now on my 2nd week of being on abilify 10. Every morning when I wake up I feel very anxious. So I have to take a xanax and go back to sleep. ( I work from 3 to 11) It takes all I have in me to get ready and get myself into the car to drive to work and be there by 230. I feel anxious while I am driving. Then at work (I am a nurse) i feel anxious as well. I am not sure but I know I did not have this problem with vryalar. I was also hoping I would lose weight on the abilify but so far all I have lost is 2 pounds. I don't know if I should give it more time. I wanted a med that was more activating but now it seems all i feel like doing is working and sleeping. And my "awake " hours I feel like I have to be ON Something like xanax. I also take Gabapentin 400mg TID but I am not sure this is helping with the anxiety either. I just don't "feel like myself". I don't know if I should bring this up to my NP on Tuesday. Anyone else feel this way on Abilify 10mg? My dx is bipolar 2. I also have a weird fear of developing psychotic features.
  6. Should I increase abilify?

    Thanks I am just going to follow my NP instructions. I am feeling better now. Not really hypo anymore. I think it may also be that I am got off the vraylar suddenly and got on the abilify the next day. So I am experiencing a little irritability. And a bit of increased energy but by the time I get out of work believe me I am beat and sleeping well. I just felt a bit agitated earlier today but I am better now. I know once the med gets into my system I will be ok. It is too soon to make any decisions on discontinuing it especially since it seems to be helping my depression. And a bit of increased energy is actually a good thing. I will keep u all posted. Thanks again.
  7. After almost a year of weight gain on Vraylar and feeling generally anxious and depressed my NP switched me to Abilify. She told me to take 5mg for a week and then go up to 10. Today is my 2nd day on 5mg and I am starting to feel a bit hyponmanic. I have read that abilify is activating in lower doses but more mood stabilizing in higher doses. I really want this med to work for me as I have been on so many. I was thinking perhaps i should go ahead and go up to 10 tonight to see if this will help with the hyponmania. I am also wondering since I have been depressed for so long....if it is really hypomania or I am just actually energized and happy for once . I kind of forgot what that felt like. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. I work full time as a nurse but i feel overwhelmed every day. I wish to only work part time but we can't afford it. This is a new job after not working for 2 months. So I am trying desperately to keep it as we are so behind on everything.
  9. Abilify seemed to give me anxiety and agitation at 5 mg. I did lose 12 pounds on it. I am wondering if i should have stayed on it longer and the bad effect would have passed. i am willing to try anything to lose weight. Im seeing my pdoc next week and i am thinking of giving it another try.
  10. Abilify seemed to give me anxiety at 5 mg. I did lose 12 pounds on it. I am wondering if i should have stayed on it longer and the bad effect would have passed. i am willing to try anything to lose weight.
  11. I have gained 15 pounds on vryalar and can't seem to get it off. I lost 12 pounds on abilify but it made me feel horrible unfortunately
  12. Vraylar has made my weight loss come to a screeching halt. My weight has plateaued at 190 and I cannot lose a pound. I recall trying abilify and it did help me lose 12 pounds . Unfortunately it made me manic so I had to stop it. Good luck to all. Vraylar does help my mixed episodes . I have been on it since around September 2016. I now find myself in a bit of a blah. So unure as to what that is about.
  13. Hello, I have been on every SSRI and SNRI there is and they have all failed me in one way or another. The only 2 that worked for me were Effexor (pooped out after 10 years) And Lexapro. (pooped out after a few years) I am currently on Viibryd. But I have gained 10 pounds in 6 weeks. It gives me awful sweets cravings. Also it zaps me of energy and I have to drink tons of coffee throughout the day to get through. I am also on adderal so this should not be happening. I am trying to decide if I should switch to Brintellix. I am looking for feed back on the 3 most important things to me. Is it energizing? (does it work for depression of course?) Does it cause weight gain? I know that viibryd claims to not cause weight gain but that is horse shit because I have read tons of posts on people who are having major issues with hunger and sweet cravings and have gained a bunch of weight on it. I am praying brintellix will be different and that I will not have to drink 8 cups of coffee a day in order to make it through the day on it. Any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated.
  14. Your story sounds a lot Ike mine. The awful depression. The self medicating with alcohol. I am also bipolar 2. 20 mg of latuda doesn't help me and 40 gives me the awful akathesia buy helps my depression. I am going to try it with cogentin and see if that resolved it. I am also on cymbalta 30 going up to 60 tomorrow. My PDOC has the same opinion about antidepressants not being good go bipolar. But my depression is so bad I need something additional. I hope all this works out for both of us. My next step is lithium which I really would prefer not to have to take.