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  1. I have been on a lot of AAP's... and at this point in my life, changing to yet another one is not an option. I have already gone through enough relationship troubles and life issues due to having changed meds so much. Trying them, having them fail me, then having to withdraw and switch...It has really taken a toll on me. Aside from the Gastritis, the Geodon seems to be working well for me and I haven't really had any other weird side effects besides the Gastritis. I did not have this problem before the Geodon. I have been in the ER due to this and the CT scan I had did not show anything except Gastritis according to the Dr. Everytime I take a dose of this med (with the required caloric amount) I end up with severe gas, bloating and pressure in my stomach. I try to burp and i can't. My stomach becomes distended and full of trapped air. It also happens in between meals and doses. So I pretty much am suffering about 50 percent of the day. I am already on 2 proton pump inhibitors. I am eating a bland diet and avoiding acidic foods and of course no beans or anything like that. I am drinking Star Anise tea in between meals. Gas X does nothing for me. I am at the point that I am taking alka seltzer daily, which cannot be good. I don't know how much longer I will be able to stand this. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced Gastritis on this med or any other GI issues on it. I am really very frustrated and any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thanks. I am ditching the wellbutrin. Started on a low dose of Zoloft today. I also increased my Geodon from 80 to 120 because aside from being depressed I am very unstable and find myself needing to take more Xanax than I am supposed to be taking. This has only happened to me when i have tried to taper off AAPs. So I am hoping the increase in dose of the Geodon will help stabilize me. Keeping fingers crossed!
  3. I am on Wellbutrin 150 XL and Geodon 80mg. This combo is not helping my depression. I sometimes wonder if the Wellbutrin is actually worsening my depression. I have tried increasing the Wellbutrin but that only made me want to sleep all day. I have tried basically all the SSRI and SNRI but not with Geodon (I have been on the Geodon for 2 weeks) I tried adding Effexor to the combo but I ended up with a severe Panic attack that landed me in the ER. Does anyone take Geodon with an SSRI or SNRI and have good results? I am trying to avoid all the trial and error that usually goes with this and I am going to try to see my PDOC this week.
  4. Thanks. I ended up in the ER and I had 3 EKG plus a bunch of other studies and all is well. I ended up there due to a severe Panic Attack which of course I mistook for a heart attack. I am no longer on this combo though because it was giving me severe anxiety and panic attacks. I am now just on a low dose of wellbutrin and geodon. I am still very depressed.
  5. I am taking Effexor and Geodon together and I am afraid of the potential for QT prolongation. I do not have a hx of this or in my family. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks
  6. Hello mmaryland, I was on Latuda before as well back in 2016, but I developed Akathesia on 40 mg. it also did not really stabilize me and it DID make me hungry. When I was on Vrayar I started it in October of 2016. I finished with it last month (2/18). I was always on 3mg. I recall having some mild TD a few years ago on Saphris. After that I tried Latuda. No TD on that one that I remember. We tried Abilify then but that one made me extremely anxious but no TD that I recall....Then on to vraylar. I don't recall exactly when it started but I think after like a year on it my boyfriend noticed it and after that it just got progressively worse. Until my Pcp noticed and then I called my PDOC and she told me to get off it. (We had tried Rexulti a few months before because she had thought it would help the depression I was feeling and apathy on the Vraylar). But I became even more depressed on the Rexulti so we returned to the V once again until she d/c it due to the TD. Anyway, i will tell you at first I didn't really have any problems on the Vraylar and I actually liked it for a while. But I would say around like April of 2017 i started to develop a fear of driving on the highway on it. It got pretty bad. But I still stayed on it. Then I just stopped liking it little by little but I still stuck with it because nothing else seemed to work and I have tried quite a few AAP. I think overall it is a good AAP. I would give it a fair shot and I don't think everyone gets the darn TD on it. I think I am just prone to it. And I have always had pretty bad treatment resistant depression. Its good your on a stimulant because it used to make me tired. Let me know how you do. I hope this helped you and sorry if i was a bit all over the place.
  7. Thank you for all your help. I have been feeling very depressed today. I suspect that I need a stronger AD. Since this "depression" has been going on since I started the Wellbutrin. The agitation, irritability and hypomania were due to having no AAP on board but now I have to do something about the depression.
  8. I think the med made me lethargic and also a bit hungry. Especially after a few months of use. But that doesn't mean it will do that to you. Like my friend, he said it took away his appetite...he lost weight on it. Plus you are on a low dose. 1.5. I was on 3mg By looking at your meds I see you are on seroquel. That one used to give me late night munchies.
  9. Honestly, in retrospect, i believe that if I had forced myself to go to the gym and skipped the sweets I could have perhaps lost some weight on Vraylar. And also it could have helped my depression (the exercising) . I gained 30lbs during the time i was on it. But everyone is different. Perhaps in your case you can remain weight neutral. In my case vraylar was not activating. (I was on 3 mg) For example i lost 12 pounds when i took abilify without doing anything because i was not hungry and i was hyper/anxious because for me it was activating. Best of luck to you.
  10. I was on Vraylar for a year and a half. It really helped me alot for that time. My moods were more even. No hypomania. I did not have any akathesia. My only s/e were gradual weight gain with inability to lose it unless i really really ate light. But I also think it made me get a sweet tooth especially at night. And I felt too lazy to go to the gym. Towards the end I began to feel unmotivated, depressed and tired all the time. I was on 3 mg. I was actually taken off it because I developed pretty bad Tardive dyskenesia in my mouth. But I think that I may be prone to that because I had it after using saphris for a few years as well. The good thing about Vraylar is that once you reach a steady level, if you forget to take it one day its not a big deal because of its super long half life. Best of Luck with the Vraylar! I hope it helps you.
  11. Good Luck with the Vraylar. I had some good times on it. It just kind of changed on me after a while. BUT Everyone is different and it is a very good drug.
  12. Hello Everyone, Sorry about the long post. I have not been on here in a while and I actually missed it a lot. After a long ride on Vraylar (almost a year and a half -and with a couple of short stints with abilify and rexulti in between.....) I am now taking Geodon. My PDOC finally took me off the Vraylar because I developed Tardive Dyskenesia.(uncontrollable movements of my mouth and tongue.) I had actually been having the mouth and tongue movements for a while and people had noticed, but they started to become worse and it was actually my PCP who during a routine exam told me straight out :"You know you have Tardive Dyskenesia right?" I was not very happy with the Vraylar for other reasons. I developed a fear of driving and being a passenger which happened to coincide with the time I was on the Vraylar. Also I could not manage to lose weight no matter what I did and I gained a total of 30 lbs during the time I was on it. Also I became very lethargic and depressed on it. I am allergic to Lamictal, Trileptal and Tegretol and I refuse to take Depakote. I did not do well on lithium and Topomax made me crazy. Anyway... bottom line was I needed to go with another AAP because after 3 weeks off Vraylar I went into a bad crisis. I somehow thought that I could manage my hypomania (the bad kind)which I developed after about 2 weeks off the Vraylar, without taking any type of AAP or mood stabilizer. I kept thinking it was just withdrawals and they would go away. I really tried and wasted money on supplements and herbs and CBD oil. But it all ended badly. So my PDOC appointment finally came and we decided on Geodon, which is one of the AAP I have not tried. So far I feel better. My irritability has subsided as well as my crying jags and major agitation. My boyfriend says I am doing alot better... which is a good thing because I had literally put him thru hell. My concern with Geodon is mainly the caloric requirement. I am on 40 mg BID. Geodon should be taken as directed with at least 500 calories with each pill. This is due to it having a short half life. I am already overweight. I was trying to eat less and low calorie when i was on the vraylar to at least maintain my weight ( I was doing small frequent meals). Now I find myself having to figure out how to eat a big (but healthy) breakfast so I can take my AM dose. And then trying not to eat again until dinner which also should be 500 calories for my PM dose. I am also starting to exercise now that I am feeling better, so I hope that will help. I was wondering if what I read about Geodon being one of the AAP that causes the least weight gain to be true? Any input would be appreciated, as well as suggestions on how to eat 2 500 calorie meals a day without gaining weight. So far I have not had any side effects (keeping fingers crossed) I have felt neutral. Not drowsy or dizzy. I feel happier than when I was on Vraylar. I hope this is not just a honeymoon phase or worse...(On my way to mania like the warning says?) Maybe I have just been depressed for so long that I forgot what normal feels like. If anyone would like to share their experiences on Geodon that would be great. Thank you for reading my long post.
  13. I was feeling better when I switched from Vraylar 3mg to Rexulti 0.5. But after a couple of weeks I am now on 1 mg of rexulti and I am starting to feel depressed. I don't have any other side effects except I feel sleepy alot. I take it at night. But I seem to be eating alot less than I was on the vraylar. This is a good thing because I am overweight so I don't want to switch back to vraylar. Has anyone else felt depressed on Rexulti? I see my PDOC on Tuesday and I am not sure if I should switch to something else. I also recently abruptly had to stop adderal so I think this may be a factor. Also I am going through a difficult financial situation. But this still feels alot like chemical depression as opposed to just situational.