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  1. Yes and it very hard on the thyroid and I am already on 225mcg of synthroid.
  2. I decided to resume abilify 10mg . I am not ready for a med change at this point in my life. Also I recall that the last time I tried lithium it made me depressed and foggy. There was a reason I did not stay on it. I cannot afford to lose my job. Thanks anyway for all the helpful posts
  3. I decided to go back on the abilify. The withdrawals were just too strong and i became irritable and weepy and i had no concentration This time around I will incorporate exercise and try to eat healthier. It has been an awful week for me and this morning I had a bad panic/ derealization attack. So I just got back on it. 10 mg. I am not ready to try lithium again as last time it made me depressed and foggy. I cannot afford to lose my job.
  4. So my pdoc put me on a low dose of lithium. 150 bid. I am doing pretty bad since I had to get off abilify Does it take a long time to work,? Will it help this awful irritability and crying and not wanting to talk to anyone? I am bipolar 2
  5. My pdoc wants to try a low dose of lithium
  6. I also referenced another post called AAP's I have tried and their effects. But thank you for posting that one. I don't really think anyone cares to be going back to my old posts. I am going to look at the link now. HOWEVER, the irritability occurs every time I get off an AAP. Any AAP. So I am not sure I have that but I will look at it. Thank u - Will PM u later
  7. After being on Abilify for about 4 months and gaining 10 pounds on it and becoming diabetic on it, my PDOC stopped it on Oct5. No tapering involved. I felt really sick at first. Got all the withdrawal symptoms that I mentioned in my last post (Abilify and weight gain) My blood sugar has normalized and so has my BP and I have lost 4 lbs. I finally was able to start exercising. I decided to not have the Gastric surgery. I have exhausted all AAP's as u may have seen in my prior posts. I am allergic to Trileptal and to Lamictal. I can't tolerate lithium and I refuse to take Depakote. I am currently taking Gabapentin and prn Zyprexa when I get really bad. Only 5 mg as HS. I am concerned because although I am not hypo by any means I am irritable as hell. I can't stand my bf. The only thing that is helping me right now is accupuncture ad chinese herbs for irritability as well as the exercise. I am having trouble meditating. I am wondering about trying Tegretal. I am just afraid that since I had a bad reaction to Trileptal and it is the same except for minus an oxygen molecule, that I will be allergic to it as well. The last thing I need now is a rash and to have to get on prednisone. I honesty don't know what to do. I want this irritability togo away. LOUD NOISES DRIVE ME NUTS. I feel like I am turning into a Bitch. Oh and then there is the other side in which I get weepy. By the way I am Bipolar type 2. Thank u.
  8. I am feeling very dizzy. I had to take Pepto Bismol because I felt extremely nauseous. Now I cant get out of bed. I dont like the feeling i have in my head. At first it was a pressure but now its like extreme light headedness. I had to leave work early. I could barely drive home. I have some emergency Zyprexa but i am not sure if it will make me worse I am afraid I am going to end up having to go to the ER.
  9. In addition, the internet revealed a number of individuals who reportedwithdrawal symptoms fromaripiprazole, such as nausea, lightheadedness, tachycardia, diaphoresis, and anxiety,24 as well as insomnia. Likewise, consumers reported headaches, tremulousness, and flu-like symptoms. I have all of these plus i am sad and irritabe
  10. I have taken both. Ziprasidone landed me in the ER multiple times and Latuda gave me akathesia
  11. Oh and I forgot to mention it has made me diabetic as well.
  12. Well I saw my PDOC yesterday and she took me off the abilify. I have gained a total of 9 pounds since I began this drug 3 months ago. There is no alternative for me as I have tried everything else AAP wise and I am allergic to Lamictal and Trileptal and Lithium did not work out for me and I refuse to take Depakote. So the PLAN IS stay on EFFEXOR 112.5 and Klonopin TID and ADDERAL was lowered to 40 mg per day. Due to my high BP. I plan to continue with my accupuncture and chinese herbs for emotional stability. I plan to start exercising, continue doing Yoga and meditation and journaling and therapy . I know BP type 2 can make it without an AAP. I have gained a total of 80 lbs since my AAP jounrney began in 2012. I am starting a new life. I am having Gastric Sleeve surgery on October 25. I am prayingi WILL remain stable. Thanks for all your support.
  13. Well, I decided not to go down to 5 and to stay on 10. I am starting a new job and I cannot afford to destabilize my self. I did stop hydroxizine, which my PCP said causes major hunger and carb cravings. I actually slept last night and I did not eat in the middle of the night. So lets see how the next few days go....Fingers crossed.
  14. I am officially DONE WITH ABILIFY. Yes it is supposively the one AAP that causes the least weight gain.However, I thought i was fat on the Geodon but ever since I switched to the Abilify like 3 mos ago I am constantly craving carbs. Especially at night when i wake up to literally EAT in the middle of the night. I am fatter than i have ever been. My BP is high. I had to cut my adderal dose in half. I am prediabetic. I just got a script for the 5s and I will be off soon. I cannot take this anymore. SINCE I HAVE TRIED ALL THE OTHER AAPs. I have no idea what to do. I recently started doing accupuncture and chinese herbs. I guess between that and exercise and meditation it will have to be enuf. Thank fully i am not schizophrenic or psychotic. Just bipolar 2. I will be ok. I have faith.
  15. Effexor XR Issues

    I just started taking the whole dose in the AM because I kept forgetting it at night. I feel fine.