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  1. Thanks for all your help. I will be going to the new PDOC armed with all this information.
  2. I have thought of revisiting rexulti at a higher dose but the problem was on 0.5 I was fine. But once I hit 1 mg the depression got bad. So I don't know if a dose increase would be a good idea. As for clozapine, isn't that for schizophrenia? And how much weight gain is the usual. I ask this because I am having gastric surgery and I don't want to throw away 10/thousand dollars only to gain back all the weight. I curse the Dr who first put me on AAP. I lived fine for 38 years without them. Now there is nothing I can do. I become very agitated without them. I am seeing a new pdoc on the 26 and I am going to see what she recommends. Thanks all for your input.
  3. Thank you. Yes I did try Lithium. I edited the list because I forgot to put in lithium and Rexulti. I am trying to address rapid cycling and hypomania which I get when I am off AP. For the one who suggested Depakote, I am afraid to take it because I already have fatty liver and my hair falling out would be my worst nightmare. It happened to my good friend. Plus weight gain is pretty bad with Depakote. I heard it is also bad with Clozaril . I just want to find something that manages my symptoms without putting a bunch of weight on me and killing my sex drive. Thank you
  4. List of Atypical Antipsychotics and effects they have had Zyprexa- Great Drug but major weight gain and hunger side effect. Only use it for emergencies.PRN. Seroquel- Made me very hungry at night , did not sleep well and felt wired the next day Saphris- Made me flat and unmotivated and depressed. Took for almost 3 years.No problems with sex drive. Gained weight. Perphenezine- Did not work Latuda- Gave me Akathesia and Binge eating. Also very bad mood.Gained weight. Risperdal-Made me have night terrors and hear voices Lithium- Depression Vraylar-Best. Took for a year and a half. 3mg. Made me scared to drive and also I got tardive dyskinesia so had to stop it. No problems with sex drive.Gained weight. Abilify-Made me super anxious/panic and night terrors all the 3 different times I tried it. Lost weight. Good sex drive. Diahrrea. Rexulti- Depression at 1 mg. Geodon- Ended up going to the ER 6 times since March. Horrible gastritis. Got hospitalized for 2 days at Larkin hospital. Became more stable and less gastritis when Dr. told me to take it 3 times a day. Currently taking 40 TID with meals. Has made me gain 10 more pounds. Need to find new one because need to take it with high calorie meals and I am having gastric surgery. Also I have absolutely zero sex drive. Depakote-Scared to take it due to liver failure, hair loss side effect and more weight gain. Lamictal, Trileptal and Tegretol- Allergic. Got Steven Johnson from Lamictal and Trileptal also gave me a very bad rash. Don’t know what to take next. Need Help. I don’t want to take INVEGA or FANAPT because they raise prolactin levels and cause problems with sex drive.
  5. I gained weight on vraylar. It made me crave sweets. Especially at night.
  6. On day 5 I gave up. The next day after not taking the Saphris and only taking the Geodon, I was back to my old self again. I did not want to die anymore. It's just not for me and it made me remember why I got off of it in the first place. Total Anhedonia. I see my PDOC on the 26. Plan to stay on Geodon lower dose 80-120 until then. Then I will figure out my next step. Now stuck with 120 wafers of Saphris that I have no idea what to do with. Thanks for all your support and help.
  7. I need help. I am feeling horrible. I have lowered the Geodon to 80 as instructed by my Dr. And I have been taking Saphris for 3 days. I am feeling horribly depressed. I was not like this when I was on the Geodon alone. I think I am going to have to stop the Saphris which is a shame because I have 120 pills from the Patient assistance program. I needed to get off of Geodon due to GI symptoms, weight gain and no sex drive. I have exhausted all my other aap options. At this point I don't know what to do anymore. I am afraid I am going to end up in the hospital. That is how depressed I feel. And I have no PDOC to talk to at this point. I have an appointment with a new one on the 26. I thought about raising my effexor to 150. But I just don't like the way this medication (saphris) is making me feel.
  8. I will be starting at 5 mg at hs once a day. This proved to work for me the last time I was on it. Even though I know it is a low dose.
  9. I will be switching to Saphris on Monday night. The PAP finally came through. I am just worried that I may have to skip my Geodon for a couple of days due to the QT Prolongation. I don't do well when I skip my Geodon even for a few hours because of the short half life. Would I be ok to take my Last Geodon in the AM and start Saphris that evening. If anyone has any input I would appreciate it. Thank you
  10. Thank you blah blah. Since I posted this I have done alot of research on the possibility of getting naturally pregnant at my age and it is very slim. So I would have to do IVF and possibly use a donor egg. I am certain that my Obamacare insurance will not cover anything like that. Add to that the fact that I would have to get off my meds and its just too much stress for me. Not to mention caring for a newborn is stressful as well. I just feel bad for my partner. He was hopeful. But I think I am going to cancel my appointment with the high risk pregnancy OB. Thanks for all your help.
  11. I am also concerned that Geodon and Saphris are both QT prolonging agents plus I already take Effexor. I am wondering if I could just take my Saphris 5 mg at HS even if i took Geodon that morning. I don't really trust the ARNPs in my PDOC office and she (The PDOC who is never there) is even worse. I am switching but my appt is not till July 27 and by then I will already have my saphris.
  12. Oh well i hope everything turned out ok. I read that Haldol is a category C as well. I took it IM when I was hospitalized and it made me pretty woozy. The only category B I found was Clozaril. But that has other side effects. Something to do with white blood cells and possible death. So not sure about that one. I really hope I get more replies. Thank you.
  13. I am continuing this topic in a new post. My last post was called switching from Geodon to Saphris-what to expect. I have done alot of research but there are meds I will not be able to continue. I need to eliminate as many of the category C's as possible without losing my mind. I just am afraid. I have read some very informative posts on meds and their categories. I have also read that Effexor does not increase risk of fetal anomalies or adverse events. The literature on AAP's is kind of erratic. I have read seroquel, zyprexa and risperdone appear to be safe (non-teratrogenic) or however you spell it. I have also read that Saphris (a category C, meaning that risk cannot be ruled out) should be discontinued 3 months prior to giving birth so the baby does not go through withdrawal. I am afraid of going crazy if I do this. Ideally I would like to see a PDOC thap specializes in maternity.But most of them are ARNPs and are not covered by my insurance. I am going to see a High Risk Maternity Dr due to my age 44 and my weight 215 at 5'1. Yes I know this whole thing seems crazy but my 2nd soon to be husband and I really want a child of our own. I have a 22 y/o who is also bipolar but she takes her lamictal and is doing well. Is it fair to bring another child into this world who may end up being bipolar as well? Or Worse... What about the risk of birth defects? I don't know of anyone who has taken Saphris and had a baby. But if tests show the child to be Down Syndrome or malformed in any way I will not complete the pregnancy. Is there anyone here who has taken AAP during Pregnancy who could please give me some advice, input or share your experience with me? It would mean the world to me. I see the OB on July 12th. I still have my IUD in place. Here are my meds: I am obviously going to eliminate the Adderal and the Clonazepam. But I think I need to stay on an AAP and an AD. Medications- As of 6/23/18 Levothyroxine 200 mcg- Once Daily- Category A Dexilant 60 mg (PPI)- Once Daily- Category B Effexor 112.5 mg- Once Daily –Category C Adderal 30 mg- 1 tab twice daily-Category C Geodon- 60mg/40mg/60mg=Total 160 mg Daily-Category C-(switching to Saphris 5 mg qhs in 2 to 3 weeks) **Clonazepam- 1mg twice daily-Category D (need to wean off) Gabapentin 300 mg-PRN up to 3 times daily-Category C
  14. I will also be taking: Medications- As of 6/23/18 Levothyroxine 200 mcg- Once Daily- Category A (non-psych) Dexilant 60 mg- Once Daily- Category B (non-psych PPI) Effexor 112.5 mg- Once Daily –Category C Adderal 30 mg- 1 tab twice daily-Category C ***Geodon- 60mg/40mg/60mg=Total 160 mg Daily-Category C-TO BE REPLACED WITH SAPHRIS 5 MG qhs in 2 to 3 weeks. **Clonazepam- 1mg twice daily-Category D Gabapentin 300 mg-PRN up to 3 times daily-Category C The reason for the Categories is that I am thinking of getting pregnant. I have a 22 y/o but I was not on Psych meds when I had her and she is healthy. I am in another relationship now. I am 44 y/o and overweight. I am also Bipolar Type 2. I am going to go see a High Risk Pregnancy OB and ask for his opinion before I remove my IUD. I need to eliminate as many category C's as I can and of course the D is out. I will address this in another post. Thank you. ** Clonazepam-Need to wean off *** I have to take Geodon 3 times a day, otherwise I get withdrawal like severe stomach pains and erratic mood.Can't wait to get off this drug as it has killed my sex drive. And this is NOT dose related.
  15. Thank you for your replies. I am still on the Geodon with no sex drive and GI issues. I tried switching to zyprexa but that did not go well as I ate the whole house and it made me suicidally depressed the next day.So here patiently waiting for the PAP to send my saphris.