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  1. I'm on hold with an expected wait time of 45 minutes. They really need a longer music loop.
  2. that sounds really frustrating. I can't imagine getting up the courage to call them, wait for someone, and then get nothing out of it. Sigh.
  3. apologies in advance if I've posted on this before. It doesn't really stick in my head. So...I take 1.5mg of ativan at night. It has a 12-hour half life. I think that what that means is that when I wake up in the morning (and go through my day), I still have 0.75mg in my system. Is that accurate?
  4. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Anxious. Kind of a frequent state with me. This I can link to a weekend trip that I’m taking. my psychiatrist asked what kind of things I was anxious about...and when I included “world events” in my list, she seemed surprised. I don’t feel like that should be surprising. Is that not a frequent anxiety trigger?
  5. Even if you can't avoid dealing with the government in general (e.g. driver's license, etc.), you can avoid it in this particular situation. It seems like it might be worthwhile to do so.
  6. Wanting to get off medication

    what is it about medication that's problematic for you? (I don't mean that in a judgmental way--just that different people have different reasons/problems)
  7. I unfortunately can't speak to the impact of STD benefits on SSDI, but I did want to point out one thing (sorry if this is obvious). If you don't trust the lawyer or advocate you're working with, it's pointless. Particularly with highly fact-specific inquiries, like SSI and SSDI, there has to be that baseline sense of trust and confidence. I can't guarantee that the person you are working with is someone who deserves that confidence, so I won't say anything either way on that. But if you don't trust the person, you might want to start searching for someone else. Ethics rules will prohibit someone from adding unnecessary time to pad their bills.
  8. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Anxious. I’m meeting with one prospective therapist in twenty minutes and then another on Monday.
  9. therapists and gifts

    thanks @shimmeree. She was comfortable receiving the chain mail dragon. I didn't know how it would go, but figured I could always try and then get turned down.
  10. therapists and gifts

    thanks shimmeree. I ended up giving her the chain mail dragon. her comment was something like "oooh, one of my metaphors helped!"
  11. Evaluating possible therapists

    thanks thunder and shimmeree. I will try to think of questions to ask based on what I've appreciated from my most recent therapist. I'm starting to think that part of it will be a gut reaction. But I'd like it to have at least some logic.
  12. hey CB, anyone keep a headache journal/tracker? I decided that it wouldn't hurt for me to start one since I always feel like I'm making random guesses when my neuro asks me how often I got them, how many required medication, etc. if so, what do you include? so far I have: date time start time end intensity preceding symptoms location and type of pain other symptoms medication taken and dosage alternative treatments used That might be all I need, but I figured I'd ask around.
  13. Aren't you tired of me yet

    What were you given to take the mania away? Zyprexa? Seroquel? Something along that line?
  14. One day doesn’t really tell you much. Sometimes it takes a few days to level out and see what’s happening. Also, sometimes the effects are different at different dosages.