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  1. I disappeared and I'm ashamed...what do i say? :(

    I'd take the same tactic as WinterRosie. Apologizing for an unexpected medical emergency would hopefully help repair some of the situation/relationships. I've missed months because of MI also and understand that it's challenging. I fortunately don't have the extra complications of being self-employed though...my organization has to reassign all of my cases, so I'm indebted to my colleagues, but not to my clients.
  2. The beauty of clinical depression, no? Agonizingly non-sensical at times. I hope that your depression lifts.
  3. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

  4. Paresthesia

    Have you tried any of the tricyclics? Amitryptaline and nortryptaline come to mind. I’d probably look for a different way to treat the depression rather than a different way to handle the itchiness, unless there aren’t other options.
  5. Any good self help methods?

    Any clinics or non-profit mental health centers by you? They may do services for free or highly reduced. Like thunder said, a lot of states will allow teens to consent to treatment without a parent.
  6. Lithium's cheap as dirt and good for mood stabilization in both the depression and mania sides of the spectrum, or at least it has been for me and many here. Requires periodic bloodwork because the difference between therapeutic and toxic is a little precarious, but it can be a good for many. I second risperdal. It was great before it gave me EPS symptoms and I'd still be on it but for that. Also quite cheap. I also find zyprexa to be less sedating than seroquel. So I guess the short version is that I agree with WC, with the addition of lithium.
  7. What symptoms are you looking to control? Mood stabilization, mania prevention, psychosis prevention, etc. or all of the above? Also, beyond oversleeping, what side effects do you struggle with?
  8. when people notice?

    What do you say when people notice or respond to various quirks that you have because of MI? Mine doesn't scream MI related, but it is. I drink a ton of water because of the lithium, which means that I have to go to the bathroom a lot. Today, a coworker commented, "I feel like I'm always seeing you leaving and coming back." It wasn't followed by a question (like are you okay/how busy with work are you/etc), so I just let it exist out in the universe as an observation. But it didn't feel comfortable. And yet there's no way I would have felt comfortable explaining, nor do I think it would have been appropriate to. The minimal number of people at work who know about my MI is sufficient. So...has anything similar happened to anyone else? How did you handle it? I realize this isn't as complicated/challenging as the "so what do you do" when on disability (I hit that when I was on it).
  9. YMMV, but I was all the way up at 120 and was able to just go off of it fine. I was in the hospital because of it, but that’s a whole different can of worms. I found it remarkably easy on the discontinuation front.
  10. How do I find a doc??

    Have you tried zocdocs or psychology today? That’s where I searched. That said, I did four initial intake appointmenyes before settling on someone I liked.
  11. Do you bring family with you to psych appointments

    My parents once wanted to come. It was right after I'd gotten out of the hospital. Because some of my symptoms were trauma-related and because it was a trauma that they denied happening, I wasn't comfortable having them there. They respected that. On the other hand, if you don't have issues that you'd rather keep to yourself (including symptoms--keeping in mind that pretty much everything's on the table when it comes to mental illness questions), it could be beneficial. I go the route of writing things down if I know I'll need to remember (for example, med changes), because I believe that helps me more than another person would. But I can see how that wouldn't be the case for everyone.
  12. I have a friend who has had the same experience as notloki. Helps tremendously with reducing pain medication needs and also helps with GI issues. I’m not sure about the PTSD component.
  13. length of (hypo)mania

    I believe that technically hypomania has to last four days. But it can be that short. So it still counts, it’s just different from what you’re seeing.
  14. I use T2 mood tracker, though I’ll admit to missing a day here or there. It doesn’t have a mania scale (or hypomania with irritability if that’s what they’re saying), but you can customize it all you want and modify or add new ones. It doesn’t send you nifty reminders to do it though.