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  1. for a number of months, my computer has decided to display a random or non-random page when I login. I formerly was posting them under the mild annoyance box, but although they're annoying, I'm separating them out because I've overloaded that box enough. tonight: Do you have a support system for when you're old?
  2. I was just about ready to ask about it. I'm looking, ideally, for another drug that can add on to remove the side effect because my cocktail works quite well otherwise. Previously Ive had akathisia (which I wasn't willing to tolerate) and drug induced parkinsonianism (which eventually became unbearable). The TD is annoying and embarassing, but it's been a year since I felt this decent. also, any votes on seroquel versus wellbutrin? Google suggests if can happen with either, somewhat less with Wellbutrin.
  3. Good question and not something I was tracking. I haven't had it off meds, but I've also been on medication since 19 (currently 35). I could track it. the main goal is to come up with some way to not have to fool around with my cocktail because I finally feel like my healthy self again.
  4. I am occasionally having what I refer to as reflexive movements. I don't know their technical name, but it's like when you are at the doctors office and they tap the spot on your knee and your knee goes up. does this fall into the neurological symptoms category? If so, what drugs stop it without going off what I'm on. quick note that signature is likely not accurate. The main pertinent changes are 150 mg of Wellbutrin and 600 mg of seroquelXR.
  5. Would they read something if you slipped it under a door? And do you think they would accept your limitations if presented that way?
  6. Yep Though I feel like I replied to something yesterday
  7. Cartoon
  8. I've done my phone, my computer in firefox, my computer in explorer, and a different computer in firefox. it's not a 100% of the time thing--maybe 1 in 5 or 1 in 10, but it's happened in all of those situations.
  9. nope..95% of the time it's something i';ve never l00ked at 0r researched
  10. just continuing tne list of random web[ages that have loaded first after I logged in;
  12. 100catscrazy--I wish I could remember the specific song. I'd left it on shuffle, so I don't have a genre to work with. I want to say that it involved dancing somehow. jt - thanks for the logical explanation. i thought there might be something logical out there, but had no clue what it was.
  13. someone please give me a logical explanation for this one. at a conference, heading into a morning seminar, so swipe all apps away and lock my phone. once or twice checked mail, but never opened any apps. Kept phone in bag that was close to me, but it remained in the bag, so no butt-dialing problem. as I was leaving (fortunately, because it would have majorly sucked to have it happen while I was there, and extra fortunately because we left the seminar early), my phone starts playing dance music from my pandora app (i see this when I unlock the phone and look at what app was involved.) what's the logical explanation? I'm not willing to believe demonic possession.
  14. mine is the same as theforest. brief, time-limited (and I think potentially issue-specific) services. Definitely free and good if you have some exam-related anxiety or similar things, but not to manage an actual mental health condition. i did the intake and once I said hospitalization I was referred out quite quickly. (to someone who was not particularly effective, but took my insurance)
  15. Thank you for the information. My appointment with my psychiatrist is two weeks from the first time I started taking it, so maybe he will have some data then. I've heard of the bupropion versus Aplenzin difference so I'll watch for it.