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  1. DBT skill of the day!

    TIP (progressive muscle relaxation) when work started to be too much Non-judgmental stance with respect to a messy situation with a friend Self-soothing with 5 senses to keep myself at work Opposite Action to get out of bed in the morning
  2. DBT skill of the day!

    I'm trying nonjudgmental stance and one-mindfulness. I've got a potentially chaotic day and it won't help if I ignore those two principles. I'm also currently distracting myself by reading articles on the mighty.
  3. Are you coming out of an episode? I can get like that when an episode is finally ending--things start stabilizing until it eventually sticks. Just a thought. The other thing I would consider is medication-related. Any new changes?
  4. DBT skill of the day!

    I’ve been focusing on wise mind and sensory self soothing for wise mind, I’ve been trying to juggle supporting a good friend and my own mental health needs. I’ve had to make some hard decisions on that one. for sensory self-soothing, it’s mostly been a combination of smell and touch (showers, baths). I’ve done some distracting with activities (tv episode, crazyboards).
  5. disclaimer that YMMV I took latuda up to 80mg. I was taking it for bipolar, depressive episode. it made me manic and didn't prevent psychosis, so it was not a good option for me. it was stopped immediately when I got hospitalized. all that said--I've heard it can be very good for people who are depressed and need some lift in a way that doesn't come with the SSRI/etc complications for bipolar people.
  6. God juice and being trapped

    Thinking of you cheese. I’m sorry you’re feeling so trapped, but also gently suggest to avoid making big decisions about where your marriage should be/divorce. Try to give it some time to work itself out.
  7. DBT skill of the day!

    Mindfulness for the win. I was around chaos and I couldn’t handle getting pulled into it. in general and also mindfulness of current emotion
  8. Has anyone gone to a DBSA support group before? It’s next Monday, so I’m just trying to gather a few experiences in advance if possible. It’s facilitated, but my understanding is all of theirs are.
  9. I wasn’t implying either like or dislike. I should actually qualify slightly. I’m in the US, so I’m going off what people here have said previously.
  10. You’ve really been through the wringer. I’m on my phone, so can’t read through your list...tagging now so I can hopefully remember to recheck when I’m on a computer. though going back to something that worked (and admittedly stopped) may not be that strange—it’s the main reason I’m titrating up on lamictal. We will see if that works.
  11. Are these a thing? I had been hallucinatiOn free for two weeks (they existed majorly in the hospital and then for two days after), but during an initial client meeting today it came back. Very quiet and fortunately non disruptive. I heard what’s typical for me - like low volume music or noises.
  12. This community accupuncture idea sounds interesting — i had never heard of it. Thank you all.
  13. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Anxious. Headed to my parents house for a belated thanksgiving dinner because the meal yesterday was ten people and that is more than I could handle.
  14. Recently reworked... 600mg lithium 7.5 mg zyprexa 50mg lamictal 2mg prazosin .5 mg Ativan morning and evening 75 mcg synthroid 5 mg xyzal