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  1. I'm afraid all I can come up with are two things already mentioned--a support group (if one exists and you can get out of your house) and the various mental health-related books. It could be a separate post to identify a good book on a particular issue (though you're right HB that finding something with your particular diagnosis is going to be hard--I have to believe that there's something out there though). I recognize reading requires concentration, which is a whole diifferent problem. So basically, I validate your problem while running out of solutions. My apologies.
  2. So sorry heilmania. Such an adorable cat and it seems like he had some really amazing traits from what you're saying. I can see why you'd consider doing something to memorialize him. My only gentle suggestion would be to give yourself a little bit of time to separate yourself from his death to be 100% sure what you want. You probably kew that already though, so sorry.
  3. Thanks @Wooster and @tryp. Woo I was at one point taking propranolol for migraine prevention. We stopped it when I started the prazosin because my psychiatrist didn't want two blood pressure medications. But if my headaches progressively get worse, my neurologist and psychiatrist might have to fight it out because it's the last class my neurologist feels comfortable with (having ruled out antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and muscle relaxers). They may have to decide on something together. tryp, that's interesting that it was tried for daytime symptoms. One thing my psychiatrist was trying to understand was when I have symptoms. So maybe it's for more than anxiety. He warned me about the blood pressure impact in am. Hopefully that won't be a problem and it will help with anxiety!
  4. Thanks--I already know that it works for me in general at nighttime. Though as you said, I don't really remember anything in the morning. I'm okay with that for now though. If I start seeing signs that it's like Ambien where I didn't remember anything but was in fact doing things (like what you mentioned), I'll have to reconsider. Even then, it would be hard to give up because the nightmares were so bad. I was wondering if it would make me tired during teh day. So far, I've napped in the morning one of two tries, but that's also fairly normal for me on a weekend, so we'll see during the big test (work week).
  5. So I know the mins off label use (and the one I take it for) for prazosin is nightmares. But has anyone heard of taking a small amount in the daytime to counteract anxiety and/or reduce the fallout from it getting out of your system? My psychiatrists rationale for trying 1mg in the am is that either the short half life means my body is struggling with it leaving my system or that it would help in general. Just curious if anyone had heard of this.
  6. a strange hodge-podge of feelings. ashamed of what the US has done with the election (or half of it that is...but in theory all are responsible). terrified by what might come, politically-speaking. angry at those who claim to "give him a chance" given how little a chance they gave our former president. sad that our former president is now our former president. thrilled by all the people throughout the world today who are marching today (I saw a picture of one in Malawi, which I thought was cool). equally scared that it's necessary and yet may not change things. hopeful that it might spark an interest in staying involved for things that do sometimes make a difference (phone calls/letters/etc.). beyond that, frustrated that I'm still supposed to be on crutches because I don't have the endurance or strength to do it the way I'm supposed to.
  7. Congrats on making it to the bus. Ick 6:10am. May the first day of microbio go really well for you.
  8. If your female therapist thinks it can work, than something in her mind at least makes it make sense. Maybe it's worth figuring out what that is? Like what does she see his role as being? Just personal experience, in case it's helpful - When I saw someone monthly, she was mostly a "check in to make sure dances didn't go completely off the deep end" and I couldn't afford more often. Unfortunately, that meant that when I did go into a depression, I had to change therapists and find someone out of the blue. It seems like you're less at risk of that because of having female therapist. But I'd wonder if it would be like a female therapist is mostly working with you, former therapist is there for emotional support/check-in? More than that I could see complications, but that doesn't mean it's not possible or worth exploring.
  9. I'd guess per pound of shredded sprouts, 2 tbsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, and 2 tbsp soy sauce.
  10. Hilary Hahn pandora station
  11. My parents got me a knee scooter to use around the house so that I'm off the broken foot even more than before without having to use the damn blasted uncomfortable inconvenient crutches. It lets me use one leg to push myself around, kind of like a regular scooter but your knee is on it instead of your other foot. It's helped a lot so far.
  12. I wish I could go back in time and fix my relationship before it broke apart or go forward in time and hit the point where I'm healed and don't mind anymore. .
  13. I wish I could help make the decision but you've already done what I would suggest (do pros and cons and then go with you intuition). I don't know how much time has elapsed, but have you tried putting the list away and coming back to it? Maybe something will feel more right after the passage of time? Worst case scenario is you can do the interview for practice and if they offer the job, decide then whether to accept. Not ideal,but not outside the realm of possibility.
  14. I haven't spotted a correlation, but I also haven't tracked it. I'll watch for that one. Thanks!
  15. blargh her-escape. I made it back to sleep at about 2 9after being awake for 1.5-2 hours). It's now 5:30 and I'm trying to decide whether to just call it or to try for one more chunk.