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  1. Bridal shower...bachelorette party???

    You probably can get out of it. I can definitely see how it feels like you can't--and maybe in the long run, you can't. But if you were to tell them the day of it that you had the flu, I highly doubt that they'd want you to go along. What if any of it would you really want to do or feel like you can tolerate? Could you drive there (giving you an excuse for not drinking) and stay for a few hours before heading home? Are there different parts and you could go to some of them? I've had two bachelorette parties in the past two years. One did 1) bowling; 2) dinner; 3) stay up all night and watch chick flicks. I did 1 & 2 and skipped 3. The other did 1) wine tasting and tour; 2) bar in the city. I did wine-tasting, but not the bar. Just a few thoughts.
  2. depersonalization

    Thanks @HumbleDeer, I appreciate the different perspective.
  3. What's Longest You've Taken Benzo

    Migraines are definitely in the too bad side effect category for me. They can be really debilitating. I second notloki's suggestion about a longer lasting benzo like Klonopin.
  4. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    a little better than I have been recently. I think. @sbdivemaster that's really exciting. I bought a condo a few years ago and the day of closing I found myself curled up under my covers. Another friend closed the week later and threw a party. So...all emotional responses are understandable!
  5. yay for better than expected! that's great news. I'm glad that you feel like you'll adjust. I do think you'll adapt on the parking...but if you're like me and you never do, parking far away gets extra exercise in. ;-)
  6. Don't get me wrong, I gained 50-60 pounds. I was just able to gradually lose some of it. I eventually had to come off of it because of not being able to get the rest off.
  7. I am currently struggling with Zyprexa-induced weight gain, but I was able to lose some weight (not much) while taking Seroquel.. So I wouldn't say it's impossible--just hard. Watching what you eat and getting exercise are great steps.
  8. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    thanks a bunch Rabbit. I've come home from the day and took my night time medication early. That killed at least the anxiety part of everything, which seems to trigger a lot of it all. I'll just hope to get a good night's sleep and to be less unwell in the morning.
  9. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Unwell. Scared because of feeling unwell. Anxious. Sad. Irritable. Borderline paranoid. Over analyzing everything to determine just how unwell things are. im hoping this is just a product of a bad few nights sleep and missing medication this morning.
  10. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Rushed because I’m running behind schedule. And anxious because I forgot to take my medication this morning.
  11. whatever the weather

    It's cooler where I am...79F. My a/c is currently broken, so it feels a bit stuffy, but not overly so. It hit 90 over the weekend and I went over to a friend's house because of the a/c issue. I have a fan in my bedroom, so that makes it pretty manageable.
  12. I empathize. Would it help to do it in steps? Start by just starting as a passenger, then next day try sitting in the driver’s seat, then once that’s comfortable drive around the parking lot, etc.?
  13. depersonalization

    Thanks! I’ll spend some time looking into it.
  14. depersonalization

    Im actually not familiar with the concept. I know the general fight/freeze/flee idea, but not much past that. Do you know a good way to look into it?
  15. depersonalization

    Thanks, that makes sense.