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  1. Title really covers things Anyone use the botox injection approach to migraine prevention? What did you find as far as positives and negatives?
  2. it's possible. it's an odd series of posts to make said point though. I'm actually going to a hospital to get checked out. This weekend I imagined having a bunch of pills in my hand, thought about what the composition would be, walked into the room where they are stored, and opened the drawer. Unless I'm missing something, that's one step away. I think even my anti-hospitalization therapist will agree with that one.
  3. Types Of Headaches - Lots Of Info the programming glitch is stuck on auto-repeat
  4. Domestic Violence and Abuse;
  5. Enter stage left continuing to be repetitive
  6. Types Of Headaches - Lots Of Info
  7. More ADD resources on the net
  8. Drug License Research Tools Did I ever say that I post things here as a copy/paste so I have some sort of proof to myself that it's real? That it's not a visual hallucination or some other form of psychosis? Because I'll keep posting so long as it keeps happening.
  9. try multiple computers, multiple browsers. your phone if applicable, and clear your cache (wait...sorry...that's what I attempted, so I wouldn't bother with it. sorry to hear the ghost got you too.) "mobile glitch" was the 6:00pm variation.
  10. and back to: Alcoholism which means I'll put a bottle of wine in the refrigerator
  11. Enter stage left
  12. REQUIRED READING - RELOADED (International Edition!) (may 2012 so not so much now)
  13. Alcoholism not particularly relevant, ghost.
  14. Never forget that without the longstanding support/defectione of Collins and Mikulski (sp?), it also would have passed. its easy to forget the two women involved when they prove themselves reliable, as opposed to the one who went against the grain