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  1. I've tried the blue-light bocking glasses, but they unfortunately triiggered depression in me (a known possibility according to an article I read). I really like them though, so I'm goingt to give them another go in the future. Mine are clip-ons because I already wear glasses.
  2. how do you deal with it? accepting any and all strategies and approaches.
  3. for my psychiatrist, I have one category of things that I track (number of morning awake before 4:30 and stuck awake, number of times used 50mg seroquel, number of times used 100mg seroquel, number of times used benadryl). Sleep is a big thing for me, so I like to have my head around it. Obviously I still have qualitative things about it, but it helps to have the raw numbers in those areas. I'll make a note on my phone (where I keep my med list) if there's something in particular that I want to talk about, but that's frequently left blank. for my therapist, we're currently doing a very structured approach (cognitive processing therapy) where really I'm following her lead on what we're covering each session. I cover the content but it's based on my memories and things we've already identified as problematic thoughts, but she handles the structure and the course of action. So really there isn't much for me to think of in advance. if something comes up, she'll certainly be wiling to hear it--the first 5 minutes or so is probably dedicated to the random crap that's come up. Can be longer if needed. But when I was seeing someone without structrured approach, I don't think I came with a topic in advance. Maybe periodically if something really stood out. But I didn't force myself to find one.
  4. thanks jt.. my tolerance is low. i started last night (Friday) and I was complaining Saturday morning. My doctor said if it took more than a weekend to call him and they'd try something different. My eyes are just weird (one near-sighted, one far-sighted, one with crazy astigmatism, one without, one really strong prescription, one not). So I need to give it longer than 20 hours, of which 9 included sleep ;-) But i agree with you that if it takes a while I'll need something new.
  5. Got new glasses and, as my eye doctor predicted theyre taking forever for me to adjust and I'm starting to feel pretty much like i can't do anything but stay in the house because i can't drive liike this. started last night and nowhere close. it's the first time I've had this big of a change in prescription before.
  6. knock on wood but prazosin has been great for me at getting rid of nightmares. it took some tinkering with the dosage before i got to consistently not having problems and then it took one bump up when things got more intense in real life so my nightmares started breaking through. but for now, it's doing it's job other than one really bad one recently.
  7. In nearly all (all?) it's a partial reduction as woo get the acquittal of sorts, but then you get committed to the nearest psych ward indefinitely (subject to periodic review by an administrative law judge or magistrate judge). it's not to say you'd never get out, but the periodic reviews require some convincing that it's not going to happen again essentially and then are usually progressive in nature. that's to the degree there's anything uniform. the real answer matches the "it's left to the states" which is that it varies a lot. it's mostly a defense of last resort because of how infrequently it succeeds and how bad the consequences can be.
  8. 40 best adagios.
  9. I made it through the weekend without turning into an absolute sobbing mess. Weekends are the hardest for me. I think it helped that I met someone each day for lunch. Today's going fairly well also...arguing with myself over music choices (a small thing but it makes a difference with my mood). I'm getting ready to do some work, which is not so great a thing, but it shouldn't be that much.
  10. That's great that you're still able to be proactive about it all and it sounds like you're making some good steps. It only makes sense that you would feel sad, scared, and frustrated--not that feelings have to make sense.
  11. relatively neutral, not that that's a feeling. something like a not-happy but not sad either. i just am right now.
  12. that sounds really miserable. have you thought about a medical withdrawal for this semester? or seeing if they'll let you take incompletes? both would let you get to you final goal when you're in a better headspace. I took one semester off pre=emptively when my first episode hit because I was nowhere close to functional. It sucked, but it was the right call for me. The second time through, I pushed through it but it was ungodly hard. If I hadn't had a job offer waiting at the end that was realy, really enticing, I probably would have medical withdrawal-ed that one also. Just saying you aren't the only one. And I think trust your instincts. Except for the suicide part. don't trust that part But trust the part that says that it's too much right now unless you really think you're misleading yourself.
  13. exercised (walking) for the first time in two and a half months (since I broke my foot)! I never thought it would feel good, but it did because it's been so long.
  14. sorry to those who are posting...I'm trying to unsubscribe because I've attempted three times and failed. I clicked the button at the top and it did nothing, so I'm resorting to good old posting a comment.
  15. have to get paid first, but will aim for Friday. this place has been a life-raft in too many times for me to not help out.