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  1. I'm glad you got your question answered.
  2. Same with me. And sometimes the only way I can "win" when standing up for myself is to have another person there to back me up ... then magically I am believed. I've pretty much given up trying to stand up for myself any point because it goes in one ear and out the other because they wont believe me. So it is like why even talk.
  3. I'm sorry ... what I was trying to say is that by taking them all at once, they would both last the full time. But if you took them at 2 different times of the day, there would be the overlapping so the level would be constant even at the 24 hour mark. Does that make sense? (I'm sorry I am having a hard time explaining what I mean).
  4. I think that is reasonable to ask. I would tell her just what you wrote in this post; I think the explanation you give makes a lot of sense and makes a good argument for increasing the dose to 3 mg instead of staying at the 1.5.
  5. The only side-effect I have from abilify are headaches. Never had a problem with weight gain and I hope you don't either.
  6. Idk the answer to your question, but your pdoc would. My guess is that you should spread them out (although Idk about the 8 hours) so they cover you for the whole day, but maybe pdoc thinks the opposite, with regards to when to take it. I would ask about it.
  7. If at the next pdoc appt she only raises the med a little bit, I would ask her about what happens if the amount prescribed isn't high enough, and you feel like you might lose it at the lower dose. And so you are asking for the higher dose so you can avoid that (avoid possibly losing it).
  8. This is why I stay away from people half the time. I think you have a good idea to stay inside. 2 more days until the care co people see you ... hang in there ... easier said than done though.
  9. I can 100% empathize with you (in bold). I could have written exactly what you did. Speaking up or standing up for myself is completely useless.
  10. Yes, you can.
  11. I hope it works out to be a good med for you!
  12. I've had similar problems too and they are so annoying. About the phone, maybe it is call-waiting? It happens to me like that when another person is on the phone, and they click over to the other person, then click back to me. And there is a second or 2 where there is silence between clicking back and forth. I just keep saying "hello" until I hear the person again.
  13. This is what I do so I can look at a person without looking in their eyes ... I look at their mouth. That way I avoid their eyes but can still look at their face.