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  1. I got Costco cookies (the ones they bake there) today and they are soooo good. Idk how they make them and sell them at a great price. These are my favorite cookies.
  2. Totally agree. FWIW ... I've read that faking mental illness is a mental illness in itself ... called factitious disorder ... ---------
  3. Exactly ... and then when I realize I am depressed, I have to ride it out. And there is nothing I can do to prevent it (if possible) because it comes on so slow.
  4. I hate it when DRs don't listen. (bold) What the 2 DRs said ... I wonder what their definition of "feel the life" is.
  5. Oh, ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation ... I'd never heard of it before!
  6. In case people haven't heard, Trump's healthcare bill never passed: I googled, "health insurance bill not passed by trump" ... more articles there.
  7. Were you diagnosed with OCD? If not, I would bring it up with your pdoc because if you don't have it, that might get rid of the stress you are having because of it. I am glad you are in intensive group therapy. I'm wondering why are/did you increase stress with caffeine? Knowing the caffeine was causing it, why didn't you stop having it? That is great to hear! I remember that being a relief to me when things calmed down and it was finally quiet in my head. It sucks when you aren't listened to and taken seriously. I'm sorry that happened. I think it is a great idea to talk to another DR for a 2nd opinion.
  8. This is a new one. @Velvet Elvis
  9. I can relate to this feeling in the sense that because I waited so long to tell pdoc I was hearing voices, all the delusions and hallucinations ETC became ingrained. Permanently. Because I didn't get on medication right when it all started (I didn't tell anyone about the voices for a long time), the delusions and all are still in my head as a past life (that I remember ... it won/t leave my brain). If I had told pdoc right away, I think things would be much different now. Right now, the only thing that helps is the medication ... kind of slows my brain down enough that I can't think of them when thinking about other stuff IRL. And that is why it took so long for me to get "better" than I am now ... meaning less delusions/hallucinations, etc. If I had just told someone in the beginning. So I am very glad you were able to talk to your tdoc, instead of let it go on and to become ingrained.
  10. If it were me, I would do what you are doing by not taking the meds so you aren't sleepy because of plane changes. Personally I wouldn't wait for another night to come to start up with meds again. For me, that would be too big of a gap for taking meds. When you get home, will you be able to get through another day without the PM meds? Or will you have a little while to sleep, where you can take even part of your meds to get through the day, then take your regular meds at night? NOT suggesting this, just wondering how you'll be without taking the meds for a couple days, and what I would do if it were me.
  11. @Rabidtears I'm sorry you went through all of that! I'm glad you are back on meds now. I hope those will bring you stability back now. Did you get results of the sleep test? I would have been very more than pissed ... more like angry ... about someone (a friend especially) scaring the crap out of me in a Walmart. Those stores are panic attacks in themselves (IMO), so something else happening there just adds to everything. Idk the answer to your question about giving a red flag to pdoc or not about the panic attacks. I think if you had, and if he thought you were a danger to yourself or others, he would have put you IP. You might have alerted him to it though, which is good because now it is at the forefront of things to talk about. If that makes sense. I hope your elbow heals fast.
  12. Thanks. I've never had this happen in my life, so it really threw me for a loop because I had no idea where it was coming from. This person is still an important person in my life, and I think eventually this will blow over. But it might take awhile. I can forgive, but never forget this. (bold) ... or think. And I never would have thought the thoughts in my entire lifetime. You're right ... I'll just let it be. It is just that this was more than a misunderstanding. Thanks for the positive vibes