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  1. I hope someone replies to you, but the other thing you could do is ask the HR office at the company to give you a list of the doctors covered by Aetna in your area. Explain that you have BCBS, and you want to make sure you could continue with your GP and other doctors. You don't have to say anything about seeing a tdoc adn pdoc. Every plan has a list of approved providers. You can also ask your tdoc and pdoc outright if they accept Aetna. olga
  2. Talk to her when you two are alone, and tell her just what you told us. It's fine to express an opinion, but tact is always good, and all of us have to realize that we aren't right 100% of the time. If she doesn't take it well, maybe she isn't someone you should include in your social circle. olga
  3. That sounds like a plan. One overnight is enough to see everyone for a visit but then get out of Dodge! Keep saying "it's only 24 hours. I can do this for 24 hours and then I can go home." olga
  4. Welcome to Crazyboards. I'm glad you found us and don't be afraid to ask questions. olga
  5. I would make the visit as short as possible. If your parents are far enough away that you need to stay overnight, try to keep it to one night. Tell them that you have a back-up of work from your job and need the weekend at your house to catch up. If you can get there and go home again the same day, that's even better. I would almost be tempted to plead a bad case of diarrhea as your reason for not going at all, and just stay home. I don't know if they would buy that, though. Holidays are tough. I used to dread some of them when I was in my 20s and 30s. It's much easier now that a lot of my relatives are gone and there's a lot less drama. olga
  6. Rein, every day is a sleep-in holiday. heh I now make doctor appointments for early morning to get my butt out of bed. Do I miss the work? NONONONOONOONO. I was driving home from a nearby town one day this week, and it was a raw, chilly day---the kind with gray skies and a biting wind. I went by two different houses and the husband and wife at both places were out in their yard, cutting the grass the last time, raking leaves, pulling up the summer flowers, etc. They all were bundled up and looked cold and miserable. Been there, done that. Some days, Baboo and I go out for lunch, just 'cause we can. I'm still playing with the community band every Wednesday night, and I sing with an amateur choir that practices once a month. I'm taking classes at the local college through the Lifetime Learning Institute---they're just 7 weeks long with no homework and no tests and no grades! Learning for the fun of learning. Plus, we don't have to stay here. As we did last year, we'll leave here 3 or 4 days before Christmas and drive down to Georgia to spend Christmas with my stepdaughter and her family. On New Year's Eve, we'll leave there and head for Florida, and will be there for Jan. & Feb. (We've rented a little ranch house) I don't know where we'll go March 1st, but we can figure that out. Then, next spring, I want to leave here by June 11 or 12th, when it's starting to get hot, and spend the summer up north. One month in Nova Scotia, and then a 2-week road trip to a couple of places up there, and then a month in northern Maine where we have friends. So yes, life is good. Baboo is in remission and feels very healthy, and most days I can get him out the door for a walk. We live in a charming village with 10 or 12 restaurants, a movie theater, hardware store, pharmacy, diner, and health food store. We can walk to all of it, and are just up the street from the Post Office and library. It's noisier and not as private as the country was, but we love it and would never want to go back to rural living. It's too hard to live in the country as you get older----the driving, the bad weather, too far to stores, etc. We made the right decision for us for this time of our lives. Oh, and I joined a wonderful church that is a source of interesting friendships and stimulating discussions.
  7. Hi, Rein! It was a great visit with Lily---just too short! lilly, that dotted Swiss was the pits! heh However, that was one set of dresses that I liked because we each got a different color. So, same fabric and same dress style, but mine was yellow and K's was blue and M's was pink. koa, I never considered joining a commune for one very good reason: I knew how to do all the stuff one would need to do to survive in a rural commune. I could cook, sew, garden, can food, clean house, and raise animals. However, most of the (well-intentioned) young people I knew could not do any of that stuff....so I have visions of being the one person slaving away while the others strummed their guitars and smoked grass. Just didn't want to be the servant.
  8. Finley!
  9. I did, years ago. I also married a man with 24-year-old twins and a son who was 18. Although they were all considered adults, there was a great deal of adjustment, especially with the 18-year-old. (He lived with us.......it was not easy). Do you have a specific question? Has he introduced you to the children? olga
  10. Woo, she said to say hello---she remembers you from CB. If you have a pot and some dirt, pot up the lettuce. It will continue to grow. Yes, you would have fit right in with we three girls in that apartment over The Hollywood Restaurant. We had a big round coffee table in the living room that a previous tenant had liberated (koff koff) from one of the college lounges, and we used to cook up big pots of food and invite people over. We could seat 12 or 14 kids on the floor and people would bring jug wine and we'd play Jefferson Airplane and Janis and pig out. 99, thanks. I see the doc on Thursday, and he's the same guy who treated it 2 years ago. COC, not offensive at all! My mother used to buy several yards of the same fabric and make matching dresses all the time. We had to look nice for church on Sundays and she couldn't afford to buy store-bought clothing. Fortunately for me, I was the youngest---but ended up being the biggest, so I didn't have to wear hand-me-downs any more by the time I was 8 or 9. I remember the dotted Swiss dresses for Easter---they were SO SO SO itchy! Bernard, I still have a few sections! I save the Book Review for last, so I'm reading that today.
  11. Sorry I haven't written sooner. We had a busy week, so I have several photographs to catch you up on what I've been doing. This first one is for Wooster. She grew a little head of lettuce by placing the stump of a head of lettuce in water. One day I finished using a head of Chinese cabbage, and wondered if I could get it to grow. The roots had been completely trimmed off, but I thought it was worth a shot. Here's my result: I've had it in an east-facing window for a week or two, and it's really sprouting. I've been keeping the water topped up---it was a little low when I took this picture. Baboo's computer stopped working about 6 months ago, so he has a laptop like mine. He gave the computer to a friend who has a daughter who needed a computer and said that if he could get it going, the girl could have it. There must be something wrong with the on/off switch, but he finally got it going and I asked him to copy the photos for me and put it on one of those stick thingys. I used to use Baboo's computer for scanning pictures because it sat right next to the printer in our old house, and there were photos in those files that I didn't have on my computer. One of my tasks last week was transferring them to my laptop and LABELING them all so I can find them when I want them. In Baboo's files, they all had numbers like P11006243, which is NO help at all when you're trying to find one. Now that I'm naming them, this one is called "Finley & pumpkin." I was using that old sheet to haul leaves around the yard during the fall one year, and I must have dropped it on the stoop while I was taking a break. This week we're observing Finley's 11th anniversary with us, isn't that something? Time is flying. He's probably about 13 or 14---we don't know for sure. My parents didn't take us to photo studios for pictures very often, so this next one is one of the few professional portraits I have of my sisters and me. I'm the one with the square head (!) on the right---I was about 2 or 2 1/2 when this was taken. My mother made those dresses---they were a thin-wale corduroy. I wore hand-me-downs, so I remember wearing my oldest sister's dress from this picture when I was in 1st grade or so. (If I've posted this before, forgive the repetition. I've had this blog for so long that I don't remember everything that I've written about!) Here's another old one, but from a different era. This was taken in 1970, of my two roommates and a guy whose name I can't remember. I don't know where Moira ended up---she's the girl with dark hair. She graduated in the Spring of 1970 and said she was going to the West Coast to join a commune. heh. Gotta love those hippies. Charlene, the blond with the braids, died a few years ago. Way too young, and I was so shocked to read of her death in the paper that I still haven't contacted her husband. I introduced them, and they were married for years and had two beautiful kids. Such a shame that she's gone. She and her husband both became teachers. Okay, one more oldie. I took this of Baboo in the fall of 1979. He had just given me a Nikon for my birthday and I was going through film like crazy. I liked this shot a lot because he didn't know I was taking it. I had an enlargement of this one on my bookcase for years, so I suppose it's packed away with all our other pictures. There just isn't room in this little rental for all the photos that I framed over the years. Now for some food! We had a visitor this week---someone I met here on CB and have been friends with for over 10 years. She lives in another country, so I don't get to see her often. If her company sends her to the States on business, she takes some vacation time to visit family members in the Northeast, and tries to squeak in a few days with us. I drove down to JFK to pick her up on Thursday, and we got home in plenty of time to throw together a salad and cook some pasta. Baboo opened a bottle of his special Super Tuscan wine and we had a great little supper with our Lily. The next night I had more time to cook, so I roasted chicken, cooked beets, made a cucumber salad and also a brown rice pilaf. Visits are never long enough. sigh. Today Lily went to church with me and then she drove her rental car to the next state to visit some relatives. She'll be with them a couple of days and then she has to fly home. She took us out to dinner last night and I ate WAY too much, so I decided tonight would be a vegetarian meal. I made Pasta Primavera, with much less cheese than I used to put in it, and lots of broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, garlic, scallions, and green beans. I have lots of leftovers for future meals, and a portion to give my sister. I finally made an appointment to see my orthopedic guy about my knee. The thing is still filled with fluid and resting it and elevating it hasn't helped at all. I'm going to have to get the fluid taken out and probably a shot of cortisone. When your knees get old and arthritic, this is what happens. I need to get it fixed because I MUST start exercising again---all this sitting around is not good for my heart and lungs. Baboo bought me a Sunday NY Times today---it's a treat that I don't indulge in often because they cost a lot and it's SO much paper to throw away. I know there's an on-line version, but I just love holding a newspaper in my hands and studying the pictures, and turning the pages. It ain't easy to be a dinosaur. Peace, olga
  12. Thank goddess you called the pharmacy. I don't suppose she could call that jackass of a pdoc and explain this shit to him? I feel for you, Mal. The tdoc has her head up her butt, too. "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..."
  13. HAHAHA! I love the Nugget in a box. I'm glad she came to be with you during that procedure. I've had 17 of 'em, and the sound of the drill makes me want to run screaming down the street. I hope it stops hurting soon. <3
  14. That sucks. I'd be pissed off enough to write a letter to the editor. You had to pee while someone watched??? Jesus christ on a cracker. I wish you could have competent doctors, Mal. This is just the pits, and I wish I had something helpful to say to you. I'm glad you came here to talk to us. At least you know your CB friends are in your corner.
  15. It's okay---as I'm aging, birthdays become less and less significant. I enjoy it if people wish me a Happy Birthday, but in some ways I would like the day to slip away quietly so I can forget that I'm another year older!