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  1. Flash - Your post is not helpful in this context. Nestor is seeking the complete elimination of sexual desire, which cannot be achieved through castration. Furthermore, if you have paid any attention at all to this thread, you would realize that the OP is considering a rash and ill-advised course of action that could threaten his life based on the idea that he can get results by castrating himself. Making castration sound like a good idea is the opposite of helpful here. I don't give a damn whether you have a point or not, get some perspective. For Nestor, cutting his testicles off isn't going to help him, and you don't need to encourage it in any way. If you've got nothing helpful to add, don't post.
  2. Nestor - Okay, whoa, there. First of all, is it true that you're tormented by pedophilic thoughts? If so, that's a whole different crate full of gibbons. If not, that is a most unwise subterfuge - in many jurisdictions, psychiatric professionals have a legal obligation to report anyone presenting to them with pedophiliac thoughts to the authorities, and you could end up losing job, home, family, and worse, and end up on publicly-searchable registers and be the recipient of random death threats. (And the rest of you lot, don't even start on about how despicable he is, etc. because even if this isn't just a ruse he's come up with, he hasn't actually done anything, and the best science we have suggests that pedophilia is caused by atypical brain wiring. So can it.) If you are, in fact, having such thoughts, and this is why you want to part ways with the Twins, then I'm truly, truly sorry to have to repeat what I said before, but: It's Not Going To Work. The problem isn't in your testicles, it's in your brain wiring. Removing your testicles, physically or chemically, will have zero effect on the cause of your distress. That is a medical fact. I'm sorry, but your plan is doomed. Also, given your remarks vis-a-vis your parents, I feel I should ask about your own age in relation to them. You are under no obligation to answer, of course, but it might help us see a fuller picture of your situation and offer better advice.
  3. Chantho - The actual place Gehenna refers to was a valley that was used at least partly as a rubbish pit, and in another place where there were tombs of the dead. Sometimes, apparently, the rubbish was burned. It wasn't a place people wanted their bodies sent when they died, as I understand. That's basically the origin of the story. A real place, a real reason why you'd turn your nose up at ending up there. Nothing metaphysical about it. You say you believe you're irredeemable, but the thing is - you're not the one gets to make that judgment. Someone who loves you far, far more than you love yourself is in charge of that, and Mercy is sort of his gig, you know? Just sayin'.
  4. meriwether - Welcome to CB - If you need any assistance finding your way around, have any difficulty with the interface, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact any of the Moderators or Administrators. We're all pretty much off our rocker here, so kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. Cerberus Moderator
  5. I stand corrected. I have blood draw fairly often, and the vials used for my particular draws do not have the preservative, but evidently some may. Feel free to talk to your phlebotomist if you have any questions, though - I have always found them quite chatty. As vampires go.
  6. Chantho - It might be helpful to know a little about why hell is often depicted as it is, i.e., a lake of fire, etc. I recommend that you go to Wikipedia and read the article on Gehenna. Basically, over the course of centuries, between Jewish rabbinical teaching, Christian transliteration of Hebrew and Greek texts, confusion between the two, and what amounts to a game of "telephone" across the ages, we come to see a small valley outside of Jerusalem (a quite real place) as a metaphysical place of eternal damnation. As it is, Hell is just too useful a concept for religious leaders to let go of when they want to persuade their followers to behave in a certain way. Nobody wants to be on fire, let alone forever. The reality? Well, that's between you and the Creator who made you, and the relationship you personally have with Him, Her, or [Pantheon]. In my own belief, Hell is what happens when you are separated from the light of God. No devil needed, no burning lake (note: in Dante's Inferno, Satan is stuck in the lowest level of Hell, frozen in a lake of ice). There is nothing worse than God turning His back on you. You've done truly horrible things? Somehow I doubt they're half as horrible as you think they are, and anyone who tells you that God cannot forgive has no business speaking for God. The only thing I have ever wanted in my entire life - literally, since I was a child - has been to go Home. Back where I came from. I don't like it here. This planet is unpleasant. My greatest fear is that they won't let me come back Home. When I die, if I get to the gate and they won't let me in, then I will just sit down outside the gate, just outside, as close as I can, and stay right there, forever. That will be Hell, in my deepest fear. But I also believe what I was promised, that all I have to do is believe, and ask, and I will be let back in. After all, what are we all for, but to come here, and learn, and become, and bring back all these stories to entertain the Almighty? What comes after this is light, and love. Fear Not, and be at peace.
  7. Okay, Nestor, let's talk about this plan, and your rationale behind it. I am going to make a few assumptions, which, if I am getting any of them wrong, please correct me: a) You loathe the sexual part of your human nature (for reasons you have not elaborated). b) You wish to divest yourself of all impulse, drive, or thought that might be brought about by your gendered biology. c) Being male, you believe that the source of the distress lies with your testicles. d) You believe that the complete removal of your testicles will completely remove all impulse, drive and thought related to sexuality, so that you will never again have to deal with it. e) You further believe that there is significant risk that you will procreate and thereby bring into being one or more additional human lives on this planet; i) You believe that it is immoral to beget additional human lives for various reasons including the possibility that they may suffer from genetic maladies attributable to your genetic influence; and ii) You believe that all human beings should refrain from procreation on these grounds, until the entire species is extinct, thereby ending the immorality of sexual reproduction once and for all. f) You believe that you will attain peace of mind in an atmosphere devoid of sexual thought. g) You have determined that you can physically remove your testicles in spite of the significant risks to your life that such a procedure entails, though you have not elaborated on which of the several possible methods you have chosen to use. h) You have determined that you can endure the agony involved in such a procedure. Therefore, you plan to remove your own testicles and dispose of them in ritual fashion to achieve all of the above goals. Assuming for the moment that I have understood you correctly in each of the above points, let us examine them in turn. a) Many members here at CB have expressed a loathing for their sexuality, myself included. Their reasons vary, but a level of distress concerning sex and sexual thinking is not uncommon and the first course of attack is usually to discuss it with a qualified therapist. Have you considered this as an alternative, or at least a preamble, to more drastic measures? It strikes me that the root of your difficulty may lie not between your legs, but between your ears. b/c/d) Unfortunately, and as CrazyRedhead earlier pointed out, by the time a male has passed puberty, certain sexual characteristics are fully expressed within the individual and cannot be unexpressed simply through the removal of the testes. That is to say, it's not going to work. You may empty out the sack only to find that it didn't contain what you thought it did - the thoughts, urges, desires, biological drives that make you male have moved on and become part of you when you became a man. I'm terribly sorry. I, too, once desperately looked for a physical way out. It isn't going to work the way you're thinking. e) As to your fear that you will cause another person to suffer what you're suffering, fear not - this is completely under your control. Completely. Simply: Don't Fuck Anybody. You'd be astonished how easy it is not to fuck anybody. You might even be surprised how difficult it is to find someone willing to be fucked (God knows). It really only takes a modicum of self-control, and you don't have to blood yourself to do it. You can take pride in realizing that even though you might have wanted to do it, you overcame that urge and did not, for the sake of your principles. Now, it is unclear from the plan as you have explained it how the removal of your testicles is supposed to achieve the broader goal of preventing the rest of humanity from having sex. As with b/c/d), it's not going to work. The rest of humanity enjoys sex. It's fun. It feels crazy good, like, mind-blowingly. And kids are a joy, and they're a blast to be around when they're not being devils in human form. Anyway, I'm afraid that persuading humanity to give up sex is probably the biggest Lost Cause since the dinosaurs, and cutting off your balls isn't going to make one iota of difference. f) As I have illustrated that b/c/d and e parts of your plan are not going to work - and please note that these are, in the first case scientifically, and in the second case logically, unassailable conclusions, you must conclude that basing f), an assumption that you will attain peace of mind by enacting b/c/d and e, will also fail because you will not achieve the atmosphere free of sexual influence that you seek by this method. g) Assuming that you ignore the logic of the above and are determined to carry through with this irrational act, let us turn to the question of your physical survival. Removing one's testicles is serious business, involving the interruption of significant blood flow. You would not be the first person to attempt this. You would not be the first person to die in the attempt should you fail. You would not be the first person to suffer serious complications should you survive, whether you succeed or fail. It is highly unlikely that you will find a responsible doctor who will perform the surgery in the absence of medical necessity, nor will you find a competent psychologist who will certify the procedure as psychologically necessary unless you were to commit certain heinous sexual crimes - which would be firmly outside your moral scope. Without significant medical training, you are yourself unlikely to be able to perform the procedure in any manner that would ensure your safety and/or survival. The agony of the procedure itself (and now we reach h) ) would almost certainly impair your ability to carry out the procedure in a competent and complete manner. The chances of your succumbing to blood loss, shock, septic shock, cardiac arrest, or any of a number of other mishaps, assuming you don't pass out altogether, are substantial. Unless you are prepared to approach the matter through necrosis as is done in animal husbandry (and about which I will say no more) this must be classified as A Stupid Thing To Do. Nonetheless. Let us finally assume that, having dismissed all reason and by some miracle survived this utterly nonsensical enterprise, you succeed in severing your testicles. You now plan, you tell us, to incinerate them and scatter the ashes around the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones are inscribed with ten principles, repeated eight times in eight languages of the Earth's dominant cultures. Those principles are: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity. Unite humanity with a living new language. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. Balance personal rights with social duties. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. Note the emphasis of these inspired principles: Maintain humanity, not abolish it. Guide reproduction, not end it. Rule passion with tempered reason. Balance personal rights with social duties. Prize truth, love, and seek harmony. Friend, I must gently ask you - Is your crusade in keeping with the spirit of the monument? You are driven by a violent war between the passions of your heart and mind, and you are attempting to reconcile them with reason that is far from tempered. Your mental anguish has left you so unbalanced that you cannot see your proper place in creation, nor your duty to your fellow man. You are in such pain that you are now blind to truth; you would destroy that which binds individuals in love. The Guidestones might guide you if you listen. As it is, you are on the wrong path, and you would dishonor them if you follow through with what you intend. Reconsider. Rethink. Please take the word of someone who once felt your kind of pain. There is time, and there is help. A therapist would go a long way to bringing you to the peace you seek.
  8. Remember, your part of the blood tests will only involve a simple collection of a blood sample. If possible, you might ask the phlebotomist (the person who takes the blood samples) to show you that the vials that will be used to collect the blood are empty before they begin. Then, as the collection takes place, focus on the fact that everything is moving OUT of your body. If you're not queasy at the sight of blood, you can actually watch the blood filling the vials as proof that things are going OUT of your body, never in. This may help reinforce for you that you are not being injected with anything, and give you thoughts to leverage against the obsessive thoughts that may affect you. If you don't want to look at the blood, that's okay. Just focus on the fact that there's nothing whatsoever in the vials, and therefore there isn't anything to inject into you. The vials are there to collect, not to inject. Also note that the vials are not that big. So they can't take too much. You'll have plenty of blood left over afterward. They can't take enough to harm you. Nothing about the scene, when you look it over carefully, could endanger you, so you can use that knowledge against your obsessive thoughts.
  9. This topic has been moved to Medical, Nutritional and Lifestyle Alternatives because the resource referenced has nothing whatever to do with migraines. Neither does it have any scientific or medical basis for a belief that it is an effective treatment for migraine. Melissaw, I don't care whether fifteen minutes of jangling bells fixed your migraine or not, this woohooey advice is garbage, and you're on thin ice, madam. You say: "Less struggling to find a med to take while out or at the last minute to make the headache/migraine go away", but you offer up a file that takes an hour to listen to? That's just nonsense, even if 'listening away the pain' weren't nonsense to start with. By the way, I have had a low-level migraine for three days, and those fricking bells felt like sadistic little elves banging pots in my skull. Thanks a heap. Cerberus Moderator
  10. Having read their website I'd pay them for the privilege.
  11. I'm not British, but was greatly inspired to go expat to Britain when I observed that the Monster Raving Looney Party took in 3,890 votes overall, and the Pirate Party cleared 2,900. That's democracy in action.
  12. BatsBelfry - I understand your concern. I have a son and a daughter, both now in their late teens, both dx'd with varying flavors of MI, likely thanks to my genetics. So you could say that their disadvantage was having me as a father. But you could also say that their advantage was having me as a father, because I made sure my kids got the early intervention and quality care I didn't get at their age. I was there to teach them cognitive coping skills at home that I had to learn the hard way through years of therapy. I was there to give support and help them understand what was happening to their brains without a cloud of social stigma so they could feel empowered and not shamed or limited. They may have ended up with some of the same obstacles I had, but I made damn sure they didn't have to walk the same road. Your daughter may have your BPII, but she's got one huge advantage - she's also got you.
  13. Now, that I understand. I've despised my sexuality since puberty. I don't know how old you are, but if it's any consolation, it does eventually start to become less of a distraction/nuisance as you get older.
  14. Ah, so you're a loon, then. That is a demonstrably false premise, notwithstanding the fact that there is no such thing as objective morality. Without reproduction, life ceases. You propose that the natural order, which existed for aeons before homo sapiens ever had the audacity to ponder a moral thought, is flawed - your presumption beggars belief. So all of Creation has made a Terrible Mistake you're the one to fix it? Rubbish. Has it occurred to you that what you call the "torments" and "risks" of this "nightmare of existence" may be the crucible that burns away the impurities of our spirit, leaving us shining and annealed for a life to come? Has it occurred to you that new souls enter this world not because we drag them here, but rather because they wish to have the experience? And you would deprive every soul who might ever be born in the future of that opportunity? I'm no stranger to torment - I'll stack my mental agony against yours any day you like. But I have ushered two magnificent persons into this shadow realm, and yes, they both have their share of MI. Yet they also have great potential for happiness. Were your conclusion not so repugnant, your argument would be comical. As it is, you merely give the impression of a man who can't stop watching a tired fish swim circles in a small brown bucket of muddy water.
  15. Dude. Get some perspective. First of all, eugenics is a philosophical and biological cul-de-sac - resilience in species does not come from selective breeding from a small subset of traits, but from a broad genetic pool, even if that pool contains some traits that are not desired. Second, castration? What? Dammit, man, if you insist on sterilizing yourself, get a vasectomy, which involves a pair of small incisions, or better yet, just have them tied off in case science catches up with the MI and actually makes life tolerable. Turning yourself unnecessarily into a eunuch is just crazy talk. Really.