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  1. I'm doing not great. I'm struggling with rexulti and the soul-shrinking it causes. I don't have words to describe.

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    2. KnickNak


      Ugh, I am sorry.. meds can be a rollercoaster.. hoping you feel better soon.

    3. empty inside

      empty inside

      you don't need words to describe it. just know that we're here supporting you. souls bounce back, it may be shrinking now, but it'll grow again. you'll be okay.

    4. DopamineSick


      What's your dose of Rexulti? I was on 1 mg and just stopped taking it this past week.

  2. From the album flowers, fireworks, me

  3. JD, Chat is back. Come join us if you're still up.
  4. "Error code: 5H269/A " Bummer. I'd really like to hang out there for a bit.
  5. Nevermind. I having the exact same problem now. Hopefully see you soon -Dan
  6. 1 = refresh browser. 2 = delete cookies (all browsing history) (idk, it worked for me) are you using Firefox?
  7. "what you need to do is 'this'" .. "what you need to is 'that'"

    What people who think they have the right to tell me what to do should spends 30 years suicidal. (I'm bitching about family members, not folks here.)


  8. My soul exists the way it does due to medication. My soul exists the way it does due to mental illness. My soul exists between the two.

  9. I feel that my intellect is less than 25% of what it used to be. I am no longer competent at Anything. I can no longer do the simplest things. I feel like there is less of me.. ..like I'm dying in slow motion. No, I don't think it's the meds; I think it's the illness. What a curse, huh?


    1. uhwt


      at least you know your intellect will come back... 

  10. From the album flowers, fireworks, me

    wreath with home-grown strawflowers, aka 'everlasting' flowers
  11. Don't worry. I'll be fine.


    1. empty inside

      empty inside

      i will worry, because i care. i really do. stay safe.

  12. I'm not doing well these days. I'm considering I.P. I just.. ...my motivation to live or even try to is at low. It's really.. ..I stopped caring about caring and 'trying' just prolongs more of the same. When is it okay to say that living doesn't make sense? I've spent the vast majority of my 46 years in Hell and resenting my own conception. When do *I* get to say *enough* already. The fact of the matter is that I don't want live.

    1. HAL9000


      I'm sorry to hear that its this bad.  Maybe this is a good time to ponder if med changes or something the doc can suggest would turn this around or at least get you to the non hell stuff?  Anyway for what its worth a lot of don't want you to die.

    2. hamster


      take care bxt

  13. I'm listening to this (skip to 36:36)


  14. A Classic "Dan moment" yesterday: I drove to a job fair with copies of my resume on the top of my car. Of course they were on the street and got rained on (serious) fml.


    1. M@ri
    2. hamster


      at least you didn't leave your wallet or phone on the roof too