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    Thanks for your response, Woo. I decided that there's probably no constructive reason to keep my post here, so I'm deleting it.
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  3. Hi Cora, I read this and my words generally suck right now, but I hope you get some space between yourself and your past. Best wishes
  4. Your posts are not cringe-worthy and holy crap that is a lot of work at the gym. Also (re: Bella +1), you lucky bastard!
  5. river
  6. Finally told my GP that I think it's time for a med review with the pdoc. We're waiting until after the holidays to arrange it.
  7. More anecdotal evidence - I'm also on Lamotrigine and it has dumbed me down and killed my concentration. Maybe it has had a similar effect on you.
  8. Ina, I got angry when I read what your mother wrote. I don't know her well enough to understand her motives, but it sounds mean. Just mean. You deserve encouragement and support. FWIW, I think you're rad. Hang in there and try to be gentle with yourself.
  9. Already cleaned the kitchen and did a load of laundry, so X Make bed. X Clean hallway Tidy one other room -------------------- X Make bed X Clean kitchen X Get rid of something X Tidy a room
  10. I'm thinking of you , Geek.
  11. Thanks for that. I needed this list right now. What do you suppose a purposeful temper tantrum is? This suggestion made me laugh, so it might be a good one for me: Tape the bottom of your shoe with the name of person you are mad at and walk around. Finally, I definitely write angry letters that I don't send when I know I won't be able to be productively angry or will salt the earth. The angry letters work very well for me.