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  1. I agree with Tryp. Some folks are easy to upset. I've never known you to be anything other than considerate, confused.
  2. Hi Thomas. No idea if you ever see these messages or not, but I've been thinking of you and wondering if you're still participating in Highland Games.

    1. Thomas


      Hi [email protected]  I haven't been on the boards for a few years now,  I haven't been active in the Highland games for quite a while because of knee and shoulder problems (severe osteoarthritis and rotator cuff injury).

      I just woke up and can't get back to sleep,  It's just before 4 AM on Thanksgiving day.  

      I am really doing a lot better; haven't been in the psych ward for years now.  For some reason, I just remembered crazyboards and thought I'd see what is going on.

    2. M@ri

      [email protected]

      Hey Thomas! It's great to hear from you! I always think of you when I see a post from my blood donation group. Did the games cause the shoulder and knee issues? That's awesome that you've been doing better

  3. I don't even remotely know the answer to this, but want you to know that I've read it and I hope that you get your work days.
  4. ECT

    Hi lq, I'm popping by to send well-wishes and support. I'm glad you're fighting!
  5. My condolences, Baba. Have you checked out bereavement groups or therapy? Mourning has its own timeframe, maybe being involved with a group of others who are experiencing losses of their own would help you feel less alone through this process.
  6. Still hoping that one day you'll let us know that you're in one piece. 

  7. Where have you been?!


  8. I'm glad to hear that, Kona. Will anyone be following up with you? Have you spoken to pdoc about the AP?
  9. Kona, did you receive medical treatment for your OD? I'm sorry about the SH.
  10. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely and down right now. It helps me to remind myself that my mood will change; maybe that could help you, too. Hang in there, BD

    1. whatsizbucket


      I am thinking of you.

  11. Sorry, I don't know where to put this post. I felt this link would be pertinent to parents who are MI because money is so frequently an issue for those of us who are ill. Here is a government link to a program which provides free Summer meals to kids and people under 18 when school is out of session. I hope it helps. https://www.fns.usda.gov/summerfoodrocks
  12. I'm not even sure this can be done, but is there a way to filter out posts that start with http?
  13. Trigger warning - my post contains examples of my rationalization for harming myself. To preface, I'm not currently SHing or planning on doing it imminently. That said, last night, I did engage in a bit of SH and I am questioning why it is wrong to do so. I understand that this must be faulty thinking, but I can't currently understand why it's unacceptable. My current line of rationalization that leads to questioning why it's unacceptable includes: I don't leave marks, so no shame about it later To date, no major injuries or infections. I understand that past results do not mean there will not be future repercussions. I get stress relief I guess I'd like feedback that helps me see why it's wrong. There's a fog between me and understanding it.
  14. Wanted to update this a little and share that I realized that I wasn't harming myself in other ways (eg: emotional eating) on the days I struggled the most. Emotionally ate two days in a row and did not SH (well, you know what I mean). The SH and urges to SH were crappy substitutes for other crappy coping mechanisms. The crappy coping mechanisms are so ingrained that I don't really hold out hope that I will regularly replace them with healthy behaviors, though I know that I'm the only one who can do that for myself. Will continue to try on a potential incident by incident basis and also try not to compound slip-ups by beating myself up. I guess I know the talk, but I struggle to make healthy choices. But really, the crappy coping mechanisms are so deeply rooted that they're a bit like meconium coping mechanisms
  15. That happens. I'm just throwing out thoughts. My other thought was to implement a delay between joining and being able to post.
  16. Thanks for your response, Woo. I decided that there's probably no constructive reason to keep my post here, so I'm deleting it.
  17. Finally told my GP that I think it's time for a med review with the pdoc. We're waiting until after the holidays to arrange it.