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    Thanks for your response, Woo. I decided that there's probably no constructive reason to keep my post here, so I'm deleting it.
  3. Hi Cora, I read this and my words generally suck right now, but I hope you get some space between yourself and your past. Best wishes
  4. Your posts are not cringe-worthy and holy crap that is a lot of work at the gym. Also (re: Bella +1), you lucky bastard!
  5. river
  6. Finally told my GP that I think it's time for a med review with the pdoc. We're waiting until after the holidays to arrange it.
  7. More anecdotal evidence - I'm also on Lamotrigine and it has dumbed me down and killed my concentration. Maybe it has had a similar effect on you.
  8. Ina, I got angry when I read what your mother wrote. I don't know her well enough to understand her motives, but it sounds mean. Just mean. You deserve encouragement and support. FWIW, I think you're rad. Hang in there and try to be gentle with yourself.
  9. Already cleaned the kitchen and did a load of laundry, so X Make bed. X Clean hallway Tidy one other room -------------------- X Make bed X Clean kitchen X Get rid of something X Tidy a room
  10. I'm thinking of you , Geek.
  11. Thanks for that. I needed this list right now. What do you suppose a purposeful temper tantrum is? This suggestion made me laugh, so it might be a good one for me: Tape the bottom of your shoe with the name of person you are mad at and walk around. Finally, I definitely write angry letters that I don't send when I know I won't be able to be productively angry or will salt the earth. The angry letters work very well for me.
  12. I felt increased anxiety when I was titrating up on Lamictal, but once I started on 100 mg, I noticed a difference. It did take some faith to hang on until I got there, but I wouldn't change it. 200 mg has made a massive difference in my life. I'm no longer suicidal 24/7 and I'm able to live my life out of bed. Yes, I am more forgetful and a bit more tired than I was, but the trade off has been worth it.
  13. hi lq, I stumbled across this post - i don't usually check blogs. i'm sorry that you're having such a shit time. i care and want you to be safe, so please get to the ER if you need to.
  14. Hi all. I'll start by saying that I have a long history of bulimia and anorexia and have found that I either ignore the situation and gain or obsess and lose (weight and control). I've been slowly losing weight since November. I think I've been doing it the "right" way. I'm eating my fruit and veg, I'm not avoiding entire food groups, I'm not grazing. I'm trying to let my body find its own weight despite what the scale shows. I'm looking to be healthy. It's started out well, but it seems like I'm going in the wrong direction. Right now, my eating isn't technically disordered, but recent behaviors are pointing towards a potential relapse. I'm obsessing about eating and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I adhere to my (so far) sensible eating rules. I designed them to be fluid, but I'm becoming rigid. I've started stepping on the scale. At first it was just to get a baseline. Then I attempted to do it once per week. Now it's every couple of days and I often think of getting on it. When I do get on the scale, I weigh myself several times to make sure the numbers are right. I know I should find a way to stop this from progressing, but I can't "remember" how bad it gets. I have a good amount to lose, so I don't want to go back to ignoring my intake entirely. I can't seem to do balanced. I feel like I'm in for ignoring or relapse, but not healthy I can't seem to choose health. Thanks for reading.
  15. Hi Melissa, thank you for your thoughtful response. I have a lot to think about before I can respond properly.
  16. Happy Ed Balls Day!
  17. Welcome!
  18. Just watched your vlog entries and I think they are amazing!

    1. Jennifer*


      Thanks Mari! I plan on putting up another one tonight! Feel free to share with whoever, and subscribe if you've got an account so it'll tell you when I post new vlogs :) I've also got a facebook page going for the vlog. www.facebook.com/livethelifebpd

    2. M@ri
    3. Jennifer*


      Here's the newest one! Thanks for watching, [email protected] :) and for sharing.