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  1. Trintellix is stimulating in my experience. In fact, I had to knock down from the recommended 20mg to 15 because it made me feel too intense. I take it with Latuda for BP2. And also Adderall, but I realize that's not on the table.
  2. Questions Thread

    Sorry for your loss, jt :-( yes, I like Mexican food. What's the furthest you've travelled from your home?
  3. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Sad and bone weary.
  4. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Terrible. I feel like I am losing my best friend, and am just waiting to find out for sure. I feel like I fuck everything up, and that this was inevitable, because: me.
  5. Knock knock. Hello, Canada? Can we come in?

  6. yes, I periodically get into ruminative space about things, and have been suffering from this lately, where I am just thinking obsessively and unproductively about a particular situation, unable to get it out of my head (unless another upsetting situation presents itself, and then I can alternate obsessing about that!) I have a bipolar diagnosis, and have been cycling a lot lately, but I can't say whether it's a bipolar thing, an anxiety thing, or something else. For me, the rumination seemed to pick up when I went off of buspirone, which I had taken for years for generalized anxiety disorder, so I suspect that buspirone had some mitigating effect on the rumination.
  7. oops. Meant to put this on the stimulants board.
  8. I agree that Xanax is the way to go for quick relief. I also have a Clonazepam prescription to take at night if I need it and I haven't take xanax already, as the Clonazepam is longer acting and Pdoc's thought is that is might have some benefit into the next day. But as you said, it's not so great for quelling anxiety or panic quickly.
  9. Hi. Been taking Adderall XR for ADHD for two years. It contributed to a hypomanic episode, but my pdoc was kind enough to work with me in recognition of how much I was suffering due to my concentration and low energy, and, after changing my diagnosis from MDD to bipolar 2, prescribed Latuda. Except for a depressive blip when he raised the Latuda dose, I have been mostly stable on Latuda, Brintellix and Adderall for two years, and the Adderall has helped me a lot, but a recently lowered dose of Latuda has me cycling. We raised the Latuda dose again, but while I'm waiting for it to kick in I've noticed that I've seemed in the past week to become super-sensitive to the Adderall and to caffeine, and sometimes become agitated a couple of hours after taking the Adderall. Taking a tiny bit of xanax has helped bring it down a notch, but obviously it seems not optimal to be having to take stimulants and benzos together. I'm hoping this passes soon as the Latuda restabilizes me, but I wonder if there are any of you with bipolar who take stimulants who have trouble with the stimulants when you're hypomanic and if you've found a way to work with this scenario. Do you not take your stimulant when you're hypomanic? Am I just on a weird combination of meds? The adderall has been so generally helpful that I hate to go off it permanently, but it is not agreeing with my this week. Oh course I'll also discuss it with my pdoc but I'm wondering about other people's experiences.
  10. I think this is a great idea. I posted the other day about wanting to find a mood tracker, especially an app or spreadsheet type thing, that accounts for multiple data points in a day and the mixed scenarios like when your energy is up but your mood is horrible. My mood has been all over the place in the past week, and I just have to keep making notes in the tracker I have, which doesn't allow for a good visual representation of what's happening to communicate to pdoc how much I'm cycling. I like the idea of including multiple external variables too, and suggest that menstrual cycle variables should be part of that. Since there's a lot of crossover with mood disorders and migraines, tracking migraine days as well might be helpful. I'm feeling a little hyper write now, so I may be in danger of suggesting ALL THE THINGS, but mostly I just like where you're coming from in "taking it to the next level" and think it's a worthy effort.
  11. 11 and 13. Self-sufficient in many ways but still around enough to appreciate if my mood is bad.
  12. Time for a new word association thread

  13. yeah, it's hard when the irritability is going. Particularly if my kids are fighting or asking me for things and I'm just trying to keep my shit together. It's been mildly helpful for me to be able to identify that I am probably mixed and it's not just me being a terrible person. Still, I agree it's hard.
  14. The hardest part about being a parent when my moods aren't stable is trying to get my shit together by the time the kids come home from school so that I seem relatively normal, or at least not scary sick. It's a struggle, and I wonder what their perceptions of me are.
  15. Mood trackers

    Does anyone have a mood tracker that a) allows for multiple data points in a day; b) is useful for potentially mixed symptoms like high energy but poor mood and negative thoughts, that sort of thing? I seem to cycle through things quickly and haven't found a tracker that seems to do the trick for me. I could just write a bunch of notes, but it would be nice if something could help chart the variations and help me explain it to my pdoc. Thanks.