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  1. Hang in there. Dont give up.
  2. Happy birthday sis

    Today would have been my sisters birthday. She died of cancer 9 yrs ago.
  3. Yay about the turtle!
  4. I admire your increasing social interactions. I am working on mine as well. I totally understand what it's like to be attached to tdoc and want to continue working with yours.
  5. I hope you start feeling better.
  6. Each day is a new day. Hardly better, just new, different. I don't know how that comforts you, but it helps me. I like linkin park also.
  7. I am who I am. And I am loved. If you don't believe anything else, than believe this, Rosie.
  8. These rare hypomanic episodes are a welcome treat. I am concerned though about you're driving faster than usual. Please keep safe!
  9. Aww, that's the worst feeling when you can't seem to help. And bullying/teasing is heartbreaking. I got made fun of at school. Both Jr high and high school. I'm sorry I don't have any knowledgeable tips. Because no "tips" from any concerned adult ever worked for me.
  10. I hope you find some relief very soon. Yes, call pdoc first thing.
  11. I hope your appointment goes well. I'm quite fond of elders too. I always enjoy listening to them tell their life experiences.
  12. Please keep writing. I think writing is good for you. Take care of yourself while you are struggling with this.
  13. Study, temp job, friendship

    Med term study, and Occupational Therapy homework. Will study tonight. Must get ahead. Because for just 2 weeks, I will work election job. Election work will be lots of stress. But I love my job, which is helping people with disabilities to vote. And most of my coworkers are lovely, and we lift each other up. I went out with one of them yesterday and her family. I am closest with this coworker. I consider her a friend. We are so much alike. We have gone on a fun double date with our husbands together. I have remained in contact with her (though not as much as I should) It was good to get out. I am glad I went. She says she is glad I will be working this time (last school semester was too many credit hours and too stressful, I had to turn it down). Her husband even said how happy she was to have me back. This makes me feel happy. This is one of the relationships I hope to nurture. Also, we learned in conversation one day that we have the same psychiatrist! πŸ˜„ Imagine our surprise! We now share our crazy together!
  14. What have you tried so far to quiet him?Did you ask the vet for some ideas? If you haven't, I would call the vet during office hours and ask. I'll bet he'll Be able to share a few tips.