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  1. Have you expressed to your pdoc that you are concerned with TD...I am pretty sure most docs would take precaution when prescribing meds. Maybe she wants you on a higher dose to smooth out the crash from your hypomanic episode...
  2. @heilmania I would not settle for what he said. Hypersexuality can be a problem that goes way beyond normal hormone fluctuation. I know it can completely take over/ruin your life. I think if it were me I would bring this up to him again, giving him 1 more chance, and if nothing gets settled, I would seek a second opinion...
  3. Blood count was 11, a little on the high side but for me that's normal. Even though it never dropped out of normal range I was still concerned, so YAY I can stay on Clozapine!. I think I might be out of the woods now that its been a month without having a low blood count... fingers crossed because this is turning out to be a miracle med for me...
  4. Blood count was 11, a little on the high side but for me that's normal. Even though it never dropped out of normal range I was still concerned, so YAY I can stay on Clozapine!
  5. So I was diagnosed with lumbar disc disorder a few year back which essentially means I am in chronic pain in my lower back. I have tried opioids and ibprofen and Tylenol, to no avail so now I am on Neurontin. I have noticed maybe a little improvement. What helps your lower back pain? Also do you use a handicapped parking permit? I have to because standing/walking even a few minutes and my body gives out...
  6. Yeah..but I am hoping that my blood test tomorrow is within normal range just like this past one was (7) and not high (10+) indicating infection and of course not below (4 which is a concern for agranulocytosis)
  7. Yes what I mean is I was infected and my level was up, then after antibiotics it went down. I called the dr. its normal
  8. I don't think its because of the clozapine I was sick with bronchitis 1 month
  9. Thanks, I freak out because I need this to work so I can get my life back..
  10. Hi.. I am so worried my WBC went from 11 to 7.4 within one week. I did have bronchitis a week ago, does that explain it? Also my ANC went from 8 to 4... Was this sudden drop because of fighting off infection.. I dont want it to drop more, clozapine is so promising...
  11. IMO psychotic symptoms are worrisome, because you can become detached from reality and lose insight. Things can progress quickly. I think both mood AND psychotic symptoms are important to treat. Psychosis usually indicates being mentally unwell...So is she going to get you off of Risperdal eventually and have you on a high/average dose of vraylar?
  12. That is so frustrating. You having psychosis is important and its distressing. She sounds just like my old pdoc. I never felt validated or heard. I am sorry you are going through this...
  13. Pdoc upped my dose of Clozapine to 250mg. She keeps reassuring me that my problems/symptoms are because of the SZA, not a separate condition.
  14. I would describe it as a psychotic disorder more so than a mood disorder. Its basically psychosis with mood congruent/mood incongruent symptoms. Your mood may sometimes be hypomanic/manic, dysthymic/depressed, but your primary feature is psychosis that is NOT dependent on mood. You may still be psychotic while in a mood, but the defining feature for SZA is having psychosis WITHOUT mood symptoms. Prognosis IMO is based off of the progression of ones psychotic symptoms.
  15. Pdoc upped my dose to 250mg. We'll see how that goes...