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  1. Trying to control OCD

    Saw pdoc, She prescribe the Zyprexa. I told her I wanted the lowest dose possible, so she put me on 2.5. My main AAP is Clozaril, I need the tiny dose of Zyprexa for OCD/anxiety
  2. Trying to control OCD

    I can't take either of those because of Akathisia. I am going to ask about Zyprexa because I took it in the past with pretty good results I think. its been awhile so I would like to give it another try. I am going to try to stay away from AD's and stick with AAPs for OCD. Have you tried Zyprexa and did it help?
  3. Trying to control OCD

    Luvox has made my anxiety one million times WORSE! My anxiety is SO bad all the time, 24/7. I got a cancellation appt today. I don't know what other options I have, any input?
  4. Trying to control OCD

    Thanks, Melli! <3
  5. Trying to control OCD

    Thank you, Crazyredhead. I saw my pdoc and we decided to give Luvox a go. I need this to work. I came to the realization that Risperdal was making me worse. It was great in the beginning until I started feeling obsessive, and absolute dread. She's starting me on 50mg. Fingers crossed! Any experience with Luvox would be appreciated!
  6. Trying to control OCD

    Thank you so much for commenting. Yes, I am on only 1mg of Risperdal, reason being my pdoc has me on a good sized dose AAP (Clozaril, 500mg) so she is reluctant to go high on another medication. I hope the risperdal isn't causing the worsening anxiety, I don't think it is because it helps calm me down. I think I could try a small increase, like 0.25 in the morning. She may be willing to go higher than that but I am not sure.
  7. So my OCD is out of control. My intrusive thoughts have gotten better with the Riserpdal however my obsessive thinking has taken a turn for the worst. My anxiety is sky high and not well managed. I thought maybe what could be a solution is to add .25mg of Risperdal in the morning. Does that sound reasonable? Do you think that would possibly help? I know the risperdal helps with my intrusive thoughts so I don't necessarily want to switch. I have tried anafranil but that pooped out on me and insurance stopped covering it. I am hoping I can just mess with my Risperdal dose until symptoms are managed... thoughts?
  8. Way to go Cheese for calling! I hope something is done as I know you are suffering! I've never tried that particular AD but if you do try it, I hope it works!
  9. I don't think theres anything wrong with taking multiple AAP's, especially if they help. I am on 2 but have been on 3 in the past. I am really proud of you for being open with pdoc...I hope the Invega gives you the relief you deserve.
  10. I am sorry you are going through this, Cheese. I am hoping you and your pdoc can possibly find an alternative. I know its hard to ask or bring up med changes (at least for me) but hopefully your pdoc can see how much you are struggling. Much love. x
  11. I have found Clozaril to be an excellent AP. I have been on it over a year so blood draws are only monthly now. It clears my mind and head. Thoughts are no longer jumbled. When I communicate I actually make sense. Only recently did I notice some break through psychosis, lucky for me though I got put on Invega in addition to the Clozaril to destroy any remaining psychosis. I think its worth it to try it out. I did not like Vraylar. It made me restless and I went a week with barely any sleep.
  12. I have my 1 best friend, my family, and my faith. I isolate because if I get too much stimulation I meltdown so I need a lot of alone time. At the same time though I feel lonely.
  13. Hey! I take 200mg in the morning and 300mg at bedtime. It is only minimal sedation. The only side effect I have from Clozaril is the drooling. 500mg/day was the dose where I reach optimal results. I am hoping the invega helps me. Good luck with the increase if you go that route!
  14. I have been on Clozaril for a year now, up until really recently I have started having delusional thoughts. Pdoc and I discussed how troubled I am and decided we are going to add a small dose (3mg) of Invega to try to combat this psychosis that is creeping up on me. Don't get me wrong, Clozaril has been my miracle drug. Unfortunately though I am having breakthroughs that need medicating and pdoc doesn't want to increase Clozaril since I am already on 500mg. Any experience with Invega and/or Clozaril + Invega Thank you!
  15. Meds and how long you sleep

    I require anywhere from 11-14 hours of sleep. Anything less than that I can't function well.