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  1. Thanks for your reply. I guess I don't feel the need for a 2nd opinion because every time I am hospitalized I get dx with SZA...so I guess it is just now validated with my new pdoc being on board. Oh and I didn't even suggest any diagnosis to her, because I wanted to see what she would see accurately fit.
  2. Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I do know the diagnostic differences and know the psychosis is just as bad in both conditions. I guess what I was meaning was the stigma around having a psychotic disorder.... But I agree, it is better to have a closely accurate dx, I am sure remission relies greatly upon being on the correct treatment.
  3. So I have been in this spot before, 2 years back with my old pdoc. She diagnosed me with Schizoaffective. Well then I saw my recent old pdoc for 1.5 year(s) and she kept flip-flopping between Bipolar I Disorder- With psychotic features, and Schizoaffective Disorder- Bipolar Type. Well my recent old pdoc stopped taking my insurance. Being on a fixed income I could no longer afford to be her patient. So today I met with my new pdoc, who was absolutely wonderful, and she is confident in her decision of schizoaffective disorder- bipolar type. I understand why I have this dx however, coming to terms that you have more of.a psychotic disorder than a mood disorder is scary...
  4. New pdoc, New diagnosis

    I saw a new pdoc today since my previous one decided to stop taking insurance and I no longer could afford her. I LOVE this new pdoc. She is the NICEST doctor I have EVER seen. After a thorough evaluation of my symptoms, and she took in to account my previous IP pdocs opinion, that I have SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER - BIPOLAR TYPE. OR F25.0. Fortunately, she kept all my meds the same. I am so relieved to have found an AMAZING pdoc who accepts my insurance!!!!
  5. I'm a lot like you...my pdoc thinks my psychosis could technically fall under SZA and that one might argue thats the accurate diagnosis, but she said it could fall either way. I needed updated documentation for my schools disability office, and in the letter it said I had SZA and ADHD. However, on the lithium level script I got from my pdocs office yesterday it had the code F31.5(which is bipolar with psychosis) and F90.0(which is ADHD- primarily inattentive type) Like you, I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle...and I also carry symptoms of a completely different animal (outbursts because I can't express myself/ whatever that means,..
  6. I have actually found higher doses of seroquel at bedtime put me to sleep. I take 100mg in the Morning/Early Afternoon, 200mg Late Afternoon, and 400mg Evening/Bedtime, (700mg total). I find about 45 mins after my 400mg dose I feel extremely drowsy/sedated. Sometimes the 200mg Late Afternoon dose makes me sleepy but I can usually push through it, however the 400mg tablet knocks me out. FWIW I also take 1125mg of Lithium Carbonate ER, Propranolol, and Prozac at bedtime as well. Prozac is not stimulating to me. I wake up without feeling drowsy. I think the IR version of Seroquel is out of your system faster resulting in easier time in the mornings. However, I have only taken Seroquel ER once and it wasn't as potent for me. Oh and I have lost weight on it.
  7. I think you are highly intelligent and I really enjoy reading your posts. Its nice to see someone as fascinated with how meds work as me. You are NOT a fuck up! I do hope you post again. <3
  8. Sorry the Emsam isn't working. IMO I think you should talk to your pdoc about the possibility of getting on something else (maybe the med you mentioned) because if your not getting much of any relief with the med then its probably not the one for you. I've noticed with mostly ALL of my medication if it was going to work after a few days. The AD that works really well for me is Prozac. I used to have SEVERE ocd. OCD that was so severe it looked psychotic (even though I do as well have psychosis) Prozac took it ALL away. I found the only remaining anxiety I had left was a side effect of high blood pressure which the Propranolol helps with. Lithium ER took away all my suicidal thoughts and mania and also gave me motivation to keep up with self care, apartment cleaning, etc. And seroquel IR took away my depression and psychosis. I say all that to get to this: I knew what meds were going to stay and work within the first few days. If I were you I would highly consider making a pdoc appointment to discuss an alternative medication
  9. Lithium Carbonate ER 1125mg at bedtime Seroquel IR 700mg (100mg in the morning, 200mg in the afternoon, and 400mg at bedtime) Propranolol 120mg (60mg in the morning and 60mg at night) Prozac 40mg at bedtime Ativan 0.5mg as needed Diagnosis: F31.5 (Bipolar I Disorder, Most Recent Episode Depressed, Severe, with Psychotic Features) F90.0 (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- Inattentive Type)
  10. Vraylar did the same thing to me as well as Abilify. What I have noticed is that the ONLY 3 antipsychotics that DID NOT cause Akathisia were: Seroquel IR, Zyprexa, and Risperdal. I am currently on Seroquel total 700mg daily. 100mg in the AM, 200mg in the afternoon, and 400mg at bedtime. Seroquel regulated my sleep, I actually LOST weight on it, and absolutely NO akathisia. Have you tried any of those 3 meds?
  11. Of course I think she's competent. She's the best pdoc out there. I was just asking if that dose could cause side effects like low blood pressure. Thats what I meant by saying "is it safe?" I never intended to make it seem like I don't trust my pdoc. I have seen her for over 2 years. Thank you for your advice. After doing further research I found like you said the max dose is 640. So I am no longer worried. I appreciate your post! Thank you!
  12. Hello, So my doctor prescribed me Propranolol for my anxiety and subsequent high blood pressure and she prescribed 60mg 2x daily = 120mg. Is this considered a high dose? Is this considered a safe dose? Thanks!
  13. Hello, So my doctor prescribed me Propranolol for my anxiety and subsequent high blood pressure and she prescribed 60mg 2x daily = 120mg. Is this considered a high dose? Is this considered a safe dose? Thanks!
  14. 10-11 hours. I can't get less than this or I can barely function. I used to need 13 hours. I am on Seroquel IR so that helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. Surprisingly enough, I don't wake up with a hangover.
  15. My maladaptive daydreaming turned out to be psychotic because I would go into this like trans state and pretend I was someone else in my mind and type up all these weird "documents". When I told my pdoc about it, she told me maladaptive daydreaming can become so severe its actually delusional. It went away after I got on an antipsychotic. Haven't done it in over a year.