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  1. I once chocked on a big bite of a pulled pork sandwich. I had to perform the helmlich myself in the middle of a restaurant. LOL. not funny but looking back I am LOL.
  2. I have this with my Seroquel. I often wake in the middle of the night to eat. If I don't eat I can't fall back asleep. I wish I didn't have this side effect, and unfortunately I don't know how to fight it.
  3. The only way I can swallow my pills is I take it with a gulp of coke. The carbonation and flavor block out any nausea or reflux.
  4. So I just started 2mg of Risperdal last night in hopes to avoid having to resort to Clozaril just yet. The risperdal in combination with my Seroquel made me extremely sedated, more sedated than how I am on Seroquel without Risperdal. However, I woke up this morning around 8:00 AM and have had one of my most productive mornings in a LONG time! I would like to read experiences with Risperdal. What dose do you take? Does it make you sedated? Has it been effective on your psychosis? Anything else I should know? Thanks!
  5. I will try to donate when I can. I appreciate all CB has done for me!
  6. I think your concerns are legitimate. I have wondered the same thing. <3
  7. Thanks everyone! After talking with pdoc today we've decided that were going to give another AAP a chance before clozaril. Tonight I started on 2mg of Risperdal! Fingers crossed!
  8. I am also going to mention this in a blog but: 1. I am going to be working with Voc Rehab on finding a job bagging groceries for 8hrs a week 2. As a result of the job in combination with Social Security money I will be able to stay in my apartment and renew my lease 3. I start Clozaril this week
  9. I am so glad! Thanks for informing us!
  10. thanks Melissa for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it. I can only hope for the best at this point.
  11. Hi All! So as I mentioned in my blog, my pdoc is starting me on Clozaril next week after she gets my blood work results in. I would like it if I could hear some experiences on it? 1. What dose did you start on? (My pdoc is starting me off on 12.5 two times daily for a few days) 2. What were the most noted side effects you experienced? 3.Did you notice an improvement in your psychosis, if so, how far into treatment? 4. Are you currently taking clozaril and what is your dose? 5. What is your diagnosis for being put on clozaril? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. pdoc put me on clozaril. I start sometime next week. I'm nervous...
  13. Risperdal worked for me but gave me a prolactinoma I have also heard this What dose did you start out taking and what dose do you take now?
  14. Hi there! So today I took my first dose of Invega (3mg). So far no side effects. I do have residual akathisia from the Haldol I stopped taking yesterday (with pdocs approval of course). The goal is to get me on 6mg next week, then 9mg. I would like to read experiences on Invega. Also my pdoc has me taking it in the morning, when do you take it and can you sleep okay at night? Thanks!
  15. My current cocktail: Morning Meds: Propranolol 60mg --- Anxiety, High Blood Pressure Invega 3mg (Titrating up every week) --- Mood/Psychosis - Schizoaffective Disorder Night Meds: Propranolol 60mg --- Anxiety, High Blood Pressure Seroquel (slowly tapering off) 600mg --- Mood/Psychosis Lithium Carbonate ER 1125mg --- Mood Stabilization Prozac 40mg --- Anxiety, Depression