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  1. I took Saphris when they were doing research on it way back when and again a couple of years ago. I didn't have any side effects except the terrible taste in your mouth for an hour and a sore that developed under my tongue. It also didn't help me but that's different for everyone.
  2. It's been a long time but I'm back here at the forums. I'm at a very low point in my schizoaffective disorder, just struggling with deep depression. I've been writing in my blog but I think it would do me some good to communicate directly with people who know how it goes. Sooo you might see me in chat or in the forums and feel free to say hello.
  3. It's been a long time since I've been back on the forums but here I am. I've been taking nortriptyline for over a month now and I'm at 200 mg. They originally put me on a low dose for headaches but my pdoc didn't think it would work well with the effexor I was taking and bumped up the dose and eased me off the effexor. I feel like I'm losing my mind in that I forget things pretty much instantly like leaving my purse in the cart at the store and not realizing it until I drove home. Or like where I put whatever I just had in my hands. My thoughts are all haywire and I'm not usually like this. I usually have an almost photographic memory and yesterday I actually turned to go down a one-way the wrong way in a small town I've lived in for years. I FORGOT TO TELL MY PDOC AT MY APPOINTMENT THAT I FORGET EVERYTHING! I called before the weekend but now I have to wait to hear back and my appointment isn't for a few weeks. Anyone else out there struggling like this? How are you coping? I should also include that I am unbelievably depressed so this just brings me down lower. I'm actually getting a little scared that I may have to go IP for the first time in over a year.
  4. Funny Videos

    I don't know about you guys but I waste way too much time on YouTube. Post your favorite funny videos! (Grr, can't get it to post) I couldn't get mine to post, but post yours anyway! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JqV_qqA56QE