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  1. Straterra helps some folks with add/adhd and it's non-stimulant. Didn't work for me but works for a lot of people. Another option .. depending on your insurance .. would be Provigil/Nuvigil (generic name modafinil and something else) *off label*. They're not true stimulants and they do help some with add. My pdoc had me on that for a while until my insurance company decided they didn't want to pay for it. There wasn't a generic then .. there is now. Provigil (modafinil) worked (for the most part) for me. It's a wakefulness agent .. military uses it to keep combat pilots awake under certain circumstances What dosage of lisinopril are you on? There's some dosing flexibility with lisinopril. I think 20 - 40 mg/day is typical but it can go higher. They may be able to up your dose. There's side effects possible with everything, but lisinopril if fairly minimal. Biggest side effect I've heard about in comparing notes with others (I take it) is ED .. which shouldn't be a concern in your case. I'm not a medical professional, so the thoughts above are simply what I've experienced or learned from talking to medical professionals.
  2. Now is the time to start working on building good habits and lifestyle changes. You WILL need to do that. There are lots of excellent resources available on the internet. Of course we ADD types tend to wander .. right ?..and the internet is a very easy place to wander in .. so it may take you a while to find some things that will work for *you*. Two keys in my opinion are: Finding things that work for you. What worked for someone else may not work for you. Case in point .. people always told me to write down important things I was supposed to do, follow up on, appointments, etc, but I never remembered to look at what I wrote down .. either that or I lost it. The smart phone calendar and alerts became my friend. Be creative and take ownership of your situation. Don't expect the meds - if you get them - to be a silver bullet. They're one part of a strategy. They work hand in hand with the lifestyle changes and new "defensive" habits. (ADD folks who consistently lose things, can never find their car keys, put something in the oven and forget it's there until they smell something burning, etc will understand the term defensive :-). I You may stand a better chance getting meds if you take the time to start working on lifestyle changes *before* you see the doc. It's been my experience .. not suggesting every doc is like this .. but docs seem a lot more willing to help people who have shown an inclination to help themselves. Lastly for now .. learn to recognize/appreciate/cultivate/leverage the individual strengths you may have by being the owner of an ADD mind. All the baggage ain't (ain't?) negative! I wish you well!
  3. Most effective Trazodone??

    I may have missed it but i didn't see how long you've been taking it or what your current dosage is. Has Trazodone ever helped you sleep? Based on what I've read here and there, Trazodone is one of those things that doesn't help everyone sleep. It may not work for you. Docs seem to like it as it's not a scheduled med. I think the last bunch I had was made by Intas. I've taken it for a little under a year off and on and Trazodone works well for me on a low dose.