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  1. I don’t know what to do. I am on 4 AAP’s. Invega, seroquel xr, abilify, and clozapine. All at high or decent doses. Add klonopin to the list. Well the problem is I’m having trouble breathing. I’m coughing during the day just to catch my breath. I feel like an elephant is stepping on my chest. At bedtime when I take all my meds practically, I wake up choking and coughing and coughing until it passes and then I pass out asleep again. This wakes husband up and myself as well. And now my lips are blue ish in the morning. So I definitely think I’m not getting enough oxygen during the nighttime when I’m asleep. I feel the combo of meds I’m on now is dangerous for my health. My pdoc says it will take a year to get off 2 of my other AAP’s and speaks as though she wants me to remain on seroquel xr with the clozapine which I find ridiculous and redundant. Help. I’m afraid of going to bed even tonight! I fear I may die.
  2. Hey thanks for the reply! Hmm. Interesting info. Thanks for sharing. Does the zoloft not interact with the Clozapine? I thought it was something to do with a heart rhythm thing? But if your Dr prescribed it it must be safe. Well that opens up a lot more options for me! Thanks for the info! Good luck with the zoloft. That was the second psych med I actually tried! The first being paxil!
  3. Added an anti drooling med and increased the clozapine. The AAP’s: Seroquel XR 600 mg - mood stabilizer and psychosis........600 mg evening/bedtime (hoping to discontinue soon) Invega 6 mg - psychosis....6 mg AM (hoping to discontinue soon) Clozapine 100 mg - psychotic mixed episode madness.....100 mg bedtime (titrating up currently if I tolerate it well) Abilify 35 mg - mood stabilizer and psychosis......30 mg AM and 5 mg bedtime The anti anxiety: Klonopin 3 mg - severe anxiety (GAD)........1 mg AM, 1 mg afternoon, 1 mg evening/bedtime Vistaril 150 mg PRN - panic attacks or severe anxiety attacks.....50 mg up to three times daily PRN The mood stabilizer: Lamictal 300 mg - mood stabilizer......300 mg bedtime The sleeping pill: Lunesta 3 mg PRN - insomnia.....3 mg PRN bedtime Birth control: Yaz - birth control and heavy period control.......one pill AM Sleep disorders: Nuvigil 200 mg - sleep disorders/wakefulness.....200 mg AM Hashimoto’s disease: Synthroid 50 mcg - hashimoto’s disease.....50 mcg AM Weight control: Metformin 2000 mg - weight gain prevention from psych meds.......1000 mg AM and 1000 mg evening Topamax 200 mg - weight management/loss, controlling overeating.....100 mg AM and 100 mg afternoon Misc.: Glycopyrrolate 1 mg - anti drooling from the clozapine.....1 mg at bedtime
  4. Thank goodness for anti drooling meds (specifically glycopyrrolate!)! It has cut down the drooling so much! I can sleep at night!

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      looking for answers

      thats great! u were worried about [email protected]!

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      i'm so glad to hear that! it was getting quite bad there.

  5. The glycopyrrolate seems to be working still. I can sleep through the night! Miraculous! I don’t know if I dare put my CPAP humidity back on or not though. Hmmm.
  6. What are people’s experiences with pristiq? For depression, or bipolar depression or SZA disorder depression? I used to take Effexor xr for years. Then I got off seroquel to try latuda, got manic and psychotic and had to be hospitalized. They instantly blamed the Effexor and cold turkey stopped it. That was no fun. Plus it was latuda’s fault and lack of seroquel’s fault. I don’t know if my current pdoc will let me touch an AD with a 10 foot pole. I tend to get manic. The light box therapy made me hypomanic even! But I really could use the help of an AD. And it seems like pristiq interacts the least with my current meds of the AD’s that are generic. (I’ll eventually be on clozapine and seroquel xr it seems with lamictal and klonopin, as the main psych meds)
  7. Ahhhhh. Gotcha. Sorry about that. I’m in the middle of a med change. My mind isn’t that sharp, unfortunately. Good luck with the trying to work. Maybe we will both have some luck sooner rather than later. I hope so.
  8. I like @coraline ideas. I hope you were able to distract. That helps me somewhat. And relaxing. A day of nothing is sometimes absolutely necessary. I hope you feel better ASAP.
  9. I’ve been determined totally and permanently disabled by the government. They determined this after discharging my federal student loans. I’m also on SSDI, and will be most likely for life. I don’t consider that good or bad. It is what it is. I do long to return to college and try working full time (I’ve never been able to). It’s hard. I don’t want to be stuck on SSDI getting hardly any income. I want to be able to work. I’m curious though. Why is it bad news to be getting a necessary medication for free? I used to have Medicaid before I got married and got my meds for free. Now we do not qualify for Medicaid anymore. We pay a lot for medications and I’m limited to generics only because of this. I’d love to go back on Medicaid or at least get extra help from Medicare to help pay for costs of meds or appointments. A lot of our income goes towards therapy, pdoc appointments, case management appointments, group therapy (hopefully soon again), a crap load of meds, blood draws for clozapine, monitored weekly medication boxes, gas money to go to and from appointments, etc. It all adds up fast. We owe the county clinic nearly $90,000 now. But we have a payment plan and pay so much a month to be in good standing. It’s expensive to be crazy.
  10. Good luck with the vraylar. I actually wanted to try that one before clozapine but my pdoc insisted that I try clozapine instead. Oh well. I did some reading on vraylar and from what I saw it seemed like a decent med. Ymmv of course. I’m sorry you are so miserable and I hope both increases help you ASAP. I know you have been waiting a long time to just even see a good pdoc and that you have been suffering too. I am curious how the pristiq treats you, but I’ll start my own topic so as to not intrude on your vraylar post. Good luck with your new med and increase!
  11. @alen I’ve had trouble trying to be violent towards others but having men much larger than me (my father, then later in life my husband) hold me down completely so I could only scratch them or bang my own head against the wall. I was fully psychotic, out of my mind. I am not a violent person normally at all, ever. When my husband had to hold me down completely, our apartment neighbors called 911 because I was screaming and crying and banging my head against the wall. My father gave me a guilt trip and showed me the spots on his body where I made him bleed from scratching him while he held me down until I calmed down some. I will never forget being suppressed underneath his body and scratching him and screaming to let me go. It was difficult for me to breathe. I thought I was going to die like that. The first time I was in a state institution on the lowest level ward, I nearly had to be brought up to the next ward on a stretcher. They threatened me and said they have had to do that with people before. I felt like the people on the new ward were going to murder me. They wouldn’t listen. So I followed them upstairs, scared to death.
  12. I believe it is just 1 mg at bedtime for now. That is what the pill bottle says anyway. During the day the excessive drooling is not extreme or severe like the nighttime is. I asked and pdoc said that is because she dosed the clozapine all at nighttime instead of twice daily. She also just dosed it all at nighttime to avoid the daytime sedation tha could possibly occur. I’m still having the coughing though and it’s way worse during the night. It trickles into the daytime a little bit too. I feel sort of like an elephant is stepping on my chest. I think I’m just on too many meds...too sedated maybe? It is hard to catch my breath, like a nice full and deep breath. But pdoc doesn’t want to cut back on any of the other meds yet.
  13. The glycopyrrolate is working I think? Instead of getting up like 3 times a night to empty out my CPAP mask full of drool and clean the mask and hose, I was able to sleep through the night with it only filling up once (when I got up for the day). I mean it was full at the time I woke up for the day, but it wasn’t full like 3 times a night. Like @DammitJanet said yay for small victories! I did wake up coughing I remember, pretty bad. But that was brief I think. Must have choked a bit one time. I also turned the humidity off in my CPAP. No need for more moisture. Well, we’ll see how tonight goes, I guess. I hate adding a pill just to be able to take clozapine but I don’t know what else to do.
  14. What do you do when the last resort doesn’t work? I feel so doomed. I really should have died as the universe has said to me. Do I just need a higher dose or is this a bad sign? Like it won’t work at all? I’m currently at 100 mg for 5 more days then 150 mg for 4 days then 200 mg. And I’ve already had to add another pill for this pill for the drooling. I don’t like that. The plan was to reduce my meds.
  15. Get this. I called and actually got the nurse on the phone! She actually got the med called in this morning. I now have a months supply of glycopyrrolate. I am in shock that it worked out that fast. Weird.