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  1. I’m a self-employed artist. For me, not being around people is a benefit. Too much f2f interaction positively drains me, and it is really being by myself (with kidlets) that my batteries are recharged. Good question, though, if I were forced to interact with people routinely, would my anxiety be less? Honestly, I think not. It’s just who I am, and living a more solitary life suits me.
  2. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    @crow66 oh man, congrats! Hey, replacing a roof, not a big deal, went through that due to hail damage a few years ago. Home ownership is fantastic, you can paint the walls whatever color you want! Try not to be nervous, it’s a big step, but I bet you’ll be so happy once the buying process is over. How I’m feeling at the moment is thrilled, went to a plant sale this morning, bought lots of perennial native plants for both sunny and shady areas. Now if it would -just-quit-fucking-raining...
  3. Just my two cents on seroquel. First, I love it. Yeah, it’s a lifesaver for me. I’m currently on 300mg IR, but that might need to be upped a bit. The first time I was on it, 400mg, I seemed to gain 40 lbs overnight. This time, however, I’m losing. Nothing drastic, but I’m slowly buying smaller sizes of clothing. I think making sure you grocery shop wisely, don’t buy junk for middle of the night cravings, that helps. I love having healthy leftovers from dinner that I can snack on if I’m tempted, but I don’t seem to have the cravings I did the first time. I have horrible bouts of insomnia, the IR conveniently helps *sometimes* with that. Weird, tho, it’s a crap shoot every night on whether I’ll sleep or toss and turn, even with keeping a regular schedule. I hated the XR, I was told to take it three hours before bedtime, and I still never could tell exactly when it kicked in. Didn’t help sleep at all. I don’t do formal exercise, but having two teens and lots of pets, plus now shitloads of outdoor responsibilities, I think I stay pretty active. Finding that being active = burns more calories = feel less sluggish, more energetic = being more active... it’s hard, but once you’re in the cycle, it gets easier.
  4. Jt, it didn’t create a notification for me, so maybe not a big deal? And cheese, when you do get out on the road, just remember, you pay just as much taxes as the impatient idiot behind you. Just breathe, take your time. You’re gonna rock, I just know it.
  5. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Sorry to hear that, dances. Man, missing meds can screw you up nine ways to Sunday. Hope you’re already back on track.
  6. whatever the weather

    A thunderstorm just passed through, heat-triggered. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve heard thunder. It was nice. A bit cooler breeze blowing in now. I think it hit 88F today.
  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Pleasantly physically tired and mentally a bit recharged. I have been practicing very unwise avoidance tactics the past few days, not doing paperwork/phone calls I need to do, but dammit, getting yardwork done, and it feels good.
  8. Ok, NOT a dr or a pharmacist, but... yeah, I’ve missed a dose, due to not realizing I needed a refill. What helped me was to cut about a third off and take immediately (this is IR, not XR of course), then took the remaining 2/3 that night. I’m not telling you to take more, or anything else, just relating that the 1/3 during the day helped with withdrawal. DON’T double the dose.
  9. Oh, it jogged my memory when buttons were mentioned. Definitely, familiarize yourself with the windshield wipers first, make sure you know exactly how to operate them. I once bought a car, was driving it home from the dealership, it started raining, and I had no idea what to do! They’re all different.
  10. Thankfully, not only do I not make snap decisions, I’m also a procrastinator. I’ve been closely watching my elderly pup. Had to clean up two accidents as soon as I got up Saturday morning. Just kept thinking “when will I know?” Then last night, he *trotted* - not the slow ambly current pace, but actually trotted - into the kitchen with his tail wagging for dinner. I know it’s just a blip, but refreshing to see. Of course life can’t possibly be that easy, now my beloved parakeet is not doing well. She’s been puffed for a couple of days, her wings have been drooping since yesterday. She’s eating, but this isn’t looking good. The kids and I can’t remember exactly what year we got her, but she’s bare minimum ten years old, possibly eleven or twelve. Poor gal. Never realized the staggered influx of some incoming pets would all reach the end of their life span at the same time.
  11. I have a Subaru suv. Personally, I think it’s much like driving a car, but, it handles very well in snow. It seems like I’ve gotten the impression that it snows where you live. So that would be a plus. Are there any empty parking lots you could practice in? Maybe get a feel for how it handles on turns, etc?
  12. I went through a bad period of avoiding showers. Too embarrassed to say how long inbetween. One thing that helped, I know you’re a guy, but, get body wash/shampoo that smells good. Literally, like, stand in the cosmetics aisle at the grocery store and smell them. It helped me a bit. I still have days of pushing showers away, but then when I do step up and do it, I feel so much better. Maybe even write yourself notes, “this felt good” or something equally positive to remind yourself.
  13. Thanks, jt, I know how much you love dogs. He doesn’t seem to be in pain, although I’m sure it’s not pleasant struggling to breathe at times. More like he’s in a fog. It’s more on me that I don’t want to let go, he slept with me every single night for over 14 years. It’s only been the past few months that he nows sleeps in my son’s bed, because it’s lower to the floor. I’ll update if there are changes.
  14. @rowan77 I’m so sorry. I remember reading so much in the past about Freddie, I know how special he was. My heart goes out to you and your family. @Wooster thank you for the links. The first one, I thought, maybe I’m wrong. Then the second scale, my ropey was mostly 2’s. Give nugget some extra snuggles from me. @CrazyRedhead good questions to ponder. I’ve thought of diapers... in previous years, that would’ve been laughable, he’d remove them in five seconds flat. Now though, he might not really notice. I’ll consider it tho. In the meantime, I’m armed with plenty of 409. @jt07 I did ask my vet. He wouldn’t give a straight answer, more said that it was up to me how much additional care I could give. He said the obvious, ropey was struggling with breathing, and his lungs were congested. I already knew that. But when I see him peacefully sleeping, on his favorite blanket... that kinda flies out the window. @Dr. Marshall I’m sorry for your loss. I have an 18yo African grey (not the one in my icon) that I’ve had since he was 5 months. They’re just as special as any furry out there. I know what you mean about not wanting to put yourself through another death again, but I just have such a void in my life without pets. I’ve never actually had none in my life at any given time. Pets are just so much of my family’s life. When my 16yo daughter spends the night at a close friend’s house, she’s always texting me at 8am to pick her up, because she misses our furries too much. We live in a small town, and in a very walkable area close to downtown. Lots of people walking their pups... when I’m driving by, she’ll often roll down her window and yell “I love your dogs!” with a big wave. Gah. Ropey’s not eaten well today, but he meandered a long time in the warm sunshine in the backyard.
  15. Thank you all. I’ll respond more today, but didn’t want to leave this thread hanging. Last night was a bit surreal, I had to help my terrier out the door, he barely ate, finally settled down to sleep (I think the vet appt wiped him out)... then sat with my neighbor as we watched our year old pups play til they flopped.