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  1. Thank you guys. It means so much. "Brutal loss", yes.
  2. Thank you, Mia. Trying to hang in there today.
  3. Thank you, sugar, I am trying to focus on the fact that no one was hurt. Ironically, all photos of works were in the studio. Gone now. I do have a website, so there's photos there, but that's it. Just so many irreplaceable things. I know today is not a good day for pondering these things, but just wonder if I have the energy to rebuild my career. Tdoc tomorrow, thank god.
  4. I don't even know what to say. Last night my studio, which is a small cottage in my backyard, burned to the ground. Don't know how it happened, thank god the kids or I wasn't there, fire marshall and police detective are here now, sifting through the ruins. 27 years of collecting materials, supplies, tools, etc., all my works, photos of works throughout the years. Works/handmade books from other artists in my field. Things that I would hang/display because the colors or whatever made me happy. The cottage was built in 1915, had a claw foot bathtub in the bathroom. It's all gone. Nothing left at all, just ashes. The fire was intense. This was my career. Everything's gone. I can't describe the overwhelming emptiness that I will never see my treasured items again. I'm absolutely devastated.
  5. Breakfast: various veggies (orange bell pepper, green onions, tomato, mushroom, broccoli, carrot), tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper. Topped with small cod fillets topped with a panko/parm mixture, and roasted at 450F for 10 minutes. Seriously, took only 15 minutes to prep (while I was waking kids for school), it gives me energy all morning.
  6. I love the gloomy cold fronts. It's 59F now (6:20am), that's the high for today, and will be 36F tonight. No rain though.
  7. A bit down. Worked my ass off all weekend, painting, moving furniture, cleaning, errands, grocery shopping... no rest, and now it's the start of a "work week", with more daily demands.
  8. How about a 20. Quit being rude, then playing the victim. Be nice. It's a simple thing.
  9. Yes. Don't be rude.
  10. Lightriso, would long gloves be possible? Don't know what you're wearing, but I was thinking something that would be retro maybe. My daughter's homecoming dance is tonight, so I know that dresses are a bit skimpy. I agree with the bracelets, I think they're in style. Good luck, and I hope you can have a good time regardless.
  11. Oh I agree, crisp is nice, and I've been waiting for it. It was damp yesterday though, somehow didn't feel as pleasant. May have just been my mood.
  12. Slightly chilly and damp today. Annoying time of year, have to layer and unlayer. Windows are closed today, but then the rooms get stuffy. Turn the fans on, even low, and it starts turning chilly. Argh. my bedroom window stays open tho, what else are quilts made for? And my husky pup is digging the shit out of the cool patio.
  13. Love lithium, and yes, it can squash a manic episode. Really, there's no big deal, esp after you've hit a stable level. Just drink a lot of preferably water. There's only one note - during a very bad heat wave this past summer, I was having a very hard time staying hydrated (no a/c). With pdoc's blessing, I lowered my dose in half, I was just worried about my fluid intake (I was drinking tons, but sweating tons, and hardly peeing). Anyway, that's past. I'm fine. Don't get hung up on dosage, everyone's different, blood levels are the only key. I take 600mg, which for some people is ridiculously low, but my levels are consistent at .7-.8. Maybe the reason pdocs are more reluctant to prescribe it? No perks from the big pharmacy reps for pushing the latest and greatest (I.e., expensive) meds.
  14. Thank you so much Cerberus. After what I just read about the latest trump/n korea, I'm vowing to not even watch the news for at least 24 hours. I'm sure the mushroom cloud will look pretty in the dawn hours. Yes, I'll check it out. my local news is the state capital news station, jt, and trust me, it can be brutal too. Sigh. Oh, and thanks to most of you (you know who you are) <everyone except Nestor> that are supportive. I appreciate the responses!
  15. For me at least, yes. Risperdal almost wiped it out. I am in the middle of mild to moderate, not life disrupting, but sometimes causes stress. Did have to go off the risperdal (stupid high prolactin levels), I've noticed a comeback, but so far it's now milder. Therapy, definitely, helps.