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  1. whatever the weather

    Thick clouds, and cold. Snow should be starting within the hour, will only snow for a few hours but could be heavy at times. Up to 6” predicted. Mind-boggling to think Tuesday will be close to 70F.
  2. random thoughts!

    Ha, I would sooner eat slugs than subject myself to Cheez whiz. That stuff’s not even food. Didn’t have provolone, but had slices of nice pepper jack.
  3. random thoughts!

    Pretty much, lol, yeah. The bread wasn’t perfect enough, but damn it was good.
  4. random thoughts!

    It’s 6:25am and I’m cooking a cheese steak sandwich for breakfast.
  5. Questions Thread

    Bugs bunny, especially on Saturday mornings, a full three hours from 7-10am. Still my favorite cartoon (the old ones tho, hate the new ones). Showers: get-in-get-out, or leisurely soaks?
  6. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Thank you, LFA, support always appreciated
  7. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Absolutely exhausted, trying to tend to late husband’s financial affairs, which are utter, irresponsible chaos. Way, way, way too much phone time. My brain mutinied this morning, and said no. I took an hour’s nap, puttered around doing mundane and blessedly mindless common chores, then made a really healthy lunch. Trying to rally to do at least an hour’s work on the incredible physical mess he left behind, which in his bedroom borders on hoarding. (Yeah, we had separate bedrooms, mine is clean, ordered and sane)
  8. Well, I don’t have advice. But, trying to hide mania and depression, especially with someone so close, is a surefire recipe for disaster. That’s like pretending a hurricane isn’t coming. Are you in therapy? That would be a good start, and hoping you have a pdoc/meds to help sort through this.
  9. Questions Thread

    Pen. Most favorite, the good ol’ medium point black bic pens with the clear casing. Strict bedtime, or whenever you feel tired? <pineapple+black olive+jalapeño rocks>
  10. Questions Thread

    Hands down, the *original* Polly pockets from the 80’s, back when the doll was about an inch high. Not so much the dolls though, but the fantastic miniature houses and cases, with tiny swinging doors and little furniture. I’m fanatical about anything miniature. Snooze buttons: helpful, or pure evil?
  11. Questions Thread

    Love them both, but would have to say winter, merely because I’m not busy doing outside work during the cold snowy evenings, so more time for tv. Wood floors or carpet? <saoirse, I have a light red husky!>
  12. My mom died.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Ironically, today is the third anniversary of my mother’s death, and I was 1800 miles away when she passed, so I truly understand your pain about not being able to say goodbye. I don’t have anything profound to say, but with time, it does get easier, but you will never lose the love, it stays with you always. Thinking of you.
  13. Driving on the freeway. Gulp

    I live in a small town, where I barely drive above 25mph most days. But, when I had to go back to San Antonio TX 3 years ago, I was mortified on the highways. Sorry, no advice, just wanted to say I totally understand, and I hope you can find something to ease your anxiety. Best wishes.
  14. All of the above. Do NOT do this. It’s one thing if my 17yo asks if I’ll split a beer with him with a late dinner, and he’s going nowhere. But to have your child - and others - drink and then leave, you can and will go to jail for that. Putting wine in water bottles? Your daughter is risking being arrested too. It’s doubtful that an 18yo is responsible enough to not do something stupid while drinking. Your child is miffed? Well too bad. She’ll get over it eventually.
  15. Can't see Army son before deployment

    I am overjoyed for you!