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  1. All are welcome, DJ! Nothing to be embarrassed about, many of us have been affected by age, mood, and/or medication in undesirable ways... 9/18/2018 175.5 lbs I need to start building more muscle mass, so I have switched things up a bit: Lowering reps, adding sets, increasing resistance... 10/8 pushups; 10/10 w/30 lbs squats; 8/4 sit ups; 10/10/10 w/10 lbs curls My abs need some serious work. I've been sporting around a case... need to get it back down to a six-pack!
  2. 9/17/2018 176.0 lbs Felt kinda beat, so I skipped a day.
  3. 9/16/2018 175.5 lbs 14 push ups; 20 squats w/20lbs; 6 sit ups; 0 chin ups (my arms hurt from curls) My wife is doing the Fitbit thing. She's doing around what you are, her daily goal is set to 8K. She uses it for swimming too, but she's finding that the swimming measurements are based on freestyle stroke. If she swims breast stroke, it counts two laps for each one she swims. I tried the C25K 2 years ago - messed up my knees during week two from crappy shoes. I'm hoping to add it into my routine beginning of October... Don't give up!
  4. Even if it's just aimless wandering, good for you still sticking with doing something! That's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 9/15/2018 175.5 lbs 15 push ups; 20 squats w/20lbs; 7 sit ups; 1 chin up; 3 x 10 bicep curls w/10 lbs each hand (chin up training)
  5. 9/14/2018 175.0 lbs 14 push ups; got to go swimming! 5 laps (50m each) - 4F, 1S 9/15/2018 175.0 lbs 14 push ups; 20 squats w/20lbs; 7 sit ups, 2 chin ups, 6 laps - 4F, 2S Seems like my weight loss is beginning to plateau after 10 weeks (started at 191.5)... I'm not worried: Only started calisthenics at the beginning of this month.
  6. Time for a new word association thread

    Parkay (sorry couldn't help it)
  7. Finished Bounded Choice (most days I only read during my lunch break, and I was in Boston for 2 weeks in August); Started reading 'Utulei, My Tongan Home by Patricia Ledyard.
  8. 9/13/2018 175.5 lbs 14 push ups (13 is unlucky); 20 squats w/20 lbs; 5 sit ups; 2 chin ups
  9. No worries. Thank you for your words of encouragement. It's not really negative, just some light self-chiding, with a dash of laughing at myself. I just recognize that my physical condition is not what it was when I was 30... and I'm doing something about it! 9/12/18: 176.0 lbs 12 push ups, 10 squats w/20lbs, 2 chin ups, 6 sit ups. (No swimming this week... I am really trying to stick with the Zero to 1 Mile program. )
  10. I will report the prior day's stats the following morning. 177.0 lbs 11 pushups, 20 squats w/15lbs, 2 chin ups, 5 sit ups. Pretty bad, but gotta start somewhere. Increasing weight on squats today.
  11. As a matter of fact I did. Push ups, squats, chin ups, and sit ups. Not many of each, but it's a start. Started swimming again too. When I lose another 10 lbs, I think I will add running. I would like to recommend the newest fad: The Paleo Diet. It works - lost 15 lbs in 2 months. Not too painful (if you don't count giving up beer! Or Pop'ems and milk!). I think about my physical condition when I was in the dive program and working the oil rigs... how far I have fallen. 😞 I will accept your challenge.
  12. Got the same problem in my household. Wife is constantly looking at her phone. She's pissed when I point it out. She'll be on it when we're watching a movie... if we're watching a movie, I want BOTH of us to watch. Stuff like that is supposed to be a shared experience... When I bring it up, she puts the phone on her lap and continues to pay attention to her phone, thinking that I don't know it. The worst: I am always trying to get my wife to play some games (cards, checkers, backgammon, Othello, Uno, etc.. instead of watching TV. Much of the time, she claims to be too tired or doesn't feel like thinking about a game or something, just wants to zone out... well, when I catch her playing some moronic game on her phone after I've asked to play a game, I kind of get pissed off. It's causing damage to our relationship.
  13. Here ya go: https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/health/health-program-areas/health-professional-boards/report-a-concern.html
  14. That sounds great. Hard work at an honest job pays off. Don't know why he'd be spouting out some thought terminating cliché that advocates lying about your achievements. Email him that link to the article about Napoleon Hill; he might think twice about using that inane expression. You should try to reconnect with him. I was estranged from my sister for maybe 10 years, maybe talked to her on the phone 2 or 3 times. We kind of reconnected two years ago at a family friend's 80th birthday. Now she frequently texts and calls every few weeks or so. People change, times fly by, don't miss it. My niece and nephew are almost full grown adults, and I missed almost all of it... and everything else. Don't make my mistake. I apologize to the OP for hijacking your thread. Let us return to the original subject of this thread. Many years ago, a therapist told me that I should try attending an Objectivist meeting. I tried what he said... I never went back to either.
  15. You will need an acupuncturist to put them in your ear(s) for you. They have to be placed onto the proper meridian points. I've had this done in the past for addiction (cigarettes) in a community acupuncture setting (never heard it called that before) that was run by our county health department for addiction recovery. I just think that piercing might not be a good idea if it gets placed incorrectly. The ear seeds (mine were tiny metal beads - they make some that look like little tiny coils with a tiny point sticking out in the center) are temporary and can be adjusted. I dated an acupuncturist for two years - I've had all kinds of "experimental" treatments... heh.