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  1. 1980s popular music, give or take

  2. 1980s popular music, give or take

    We're looking at going to a ZZ Top - George Thorogood double header this summer...
  3. Lithium Toxicity?

    "Toxins", eh? Ask your girlfriend which specific toxins, by name, you are going to "sweat out". (Time for a new girlfriend, IMO) DON'T MESS AROUND! Lithium OD can kill you, or cause severe permanent harm to your body.
  4. I don't think anything is wrong. Intense emotions, such as those stirred up in a therapy session, can certainly bring up all kinds of other intense feelings. Therapy is something new for you, it could be expected to feel a little off until you settle in. Actually sounds like a good session, and your feelings after the session might make for good discussion at the next session!
  5. Marriage counseling UHG

    I've been lurking. We have been going for a while... won't go into it (now), but we have a fairly unique issue, so it's been difficult. Even stopped going for a while, but I finally said we either go back or........ We went back. It's actually better this go round. If you are going weekly, commit to at least 2 months. No way you can get any kind of sense of how helpful it might be from only one or two sessions. This second go has been more productive because we're coming to the sessions prepared.
  6. 1980s popular music, give or take

    You're welcome. These kinds of threads are such a double edge for me... joyous memories, but painful nostalgia as well.
  7. 1980s popular music, give or take

    How could I forget Dire Straits???
  8. I take diazepam PRN, and it's groovy, but that's probably not the best for long term... He did offer up escitalopram, but mania flip is a concern.
  9. Bipolar 2, social anxiety disorder, general anxiety disorder. I'm already on 400mg lamotrigine, gabapentin will be adjunct. I asked about upping lamotrigine; he's not too hip with that. Haven't tried anything else. I'm thinking his initial dosage is kinda up there... I've been seeing him for years, he seems to be up on his stuff. I've talked about other meds with him, but never felt real need to tinker until more recently.
  10. I am currently on 400mg lamotrigine monotherapy. Been ruminating up a storm lately, with a side of suicidal ideation. Went to the quack earlier this week, he suggested gabapentin or escitalopram. With SSRI induced mania flip making me nervous, I chose gabapentin. So, I thought I might pose a few questions to the community before diving in: Tell me about side effects - which ones? how severe? anything unusual? Titration - he's starting me on 1200mg, spread out over 300mg am, 300mg pm, and 600mg qhs. He said to start with just the 600 qhs, see how groggy I am, then add in the daytime doses depending on grogginess. Too much? Too fast? Anyone else try gabapentin for ruminations/suicidal ideations? Did it work? Anyone else take it as an adjunct to lamotirgine? How well do they play together? Anything else anyone wants to add... all input is greatly appreciated!
  11. 1980s popular music, give or take

    Bands that span the decades, but had successful resurgence in the 1980's... The Kinks Grateful Dead
  12. 1980s popular music, give or take

    Flock of Seagulls Men Without Hats
  13. Got this one today: Drug License Research Tools
  14. I have had that same type of feeling off when changing generics. Really can't can't explain why, and there may well be different reasons for different meds and different manufacturers. I do know that if there is a particular brand that works well for you, your doctor can specify that on your Rx. My old doc had a thing for Watson brand diazepam (now Activis, a subsidiary of Teva), so he would write that on the scrip. You can call around to pharmacies and ask which brand they carry; if it's a good, low cost pharmacy, ask if they would order the brand you favor. Can't hurt to ask.