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  1. I find I tend to get tired earlier during the winter time because of it getting darker earlier
  2. At what dose did you notice an antidepressant effect? When I first titrated to 300mg, for a few months my mood improved majorly but now my depression and anxiety is coming back and I'm cycling through antidepressants again
  3. What are you listening to right now?

  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. What are you listening to right now?

  6. Hospitalization

    Where I am you can get hospitalized for meeting the criteria "gravely disabled" aside from being a danger to yourself and others
  7. Remember that at some point you'll only have to do with blood test once a month
  8. You should talk it over with your pdoc and see if they will support you or not. They have to fill out the paperwork documenting your illness so their support is essential.
  9. a low dose anti-psychotic can be used to augment your antidepressant if an antidepressant alone won't work
  10. In the literature, I've read that low dose risperidone can be effective for treatment reistant OCD. Not sure about Zyprexa.
  11. I had lots of friends and was social from preschool to high school. A year or so after high school, I had my first episode and also developed very strong social anxiety. For me the hardest part is when people ask me what I do for a living? I finally found the courage to say I'm disabled but then they said with what? or you don't look disabled....work is so holy in American society that you are severely judged if you don't work. But I've found a space in which to practice being more social. I attend meditation groups and go on retreats and that way I'm interacting with other people without having to socialize the whole time. The studies on the health effects of loneliness have scared me and I'm trying to gently push myself.
  12. I'm sorry about your situation but unfortunately it can take years to find the right medication combo. I'd advocate for yourself by telling your pdoc/psych nurse that the Trintellix isn't working and that you need something else.
  13. a stimulating antidepressant or a stimulant (if your pdocc will prescribe you one).....also doing qigong movements in the morning helps get the blood flowing and helps me to awake Oh and good ol' coffee