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  1. CBT therapy with a therapist or group therapy and/or a meditation mindfulness therapy...my pdoc says OCD is better dealt with therapy then meds and I found the previous mentioned therapies have helped a lot. I still get symptoms but they are not as intense and I feel more control.
  2. Rexulti insomnia

    Watch out....abilify gave me severe insomnia which then pushed me into a manic episode. I'd contact your pdoc to be on the safe side.
  3. Call your pdoc. I forget if I titrated or not when I went off latuda but I had no withdrawal symptoms or anything.
  4. BP and Antidepressants

    Titrate really slowly. Some antidepressants like prozac have made me manic or have given me no response whatsoever like wellbutrin but effexor and cymbalta worked without causing mania. There is just no way to know what will happen. Have you tried Abilify? It might be able to give you energy and help your depression without taking an antidepressant though it personally made me manic but I think that is rare.
  5. I don't know what it is like with your health provider but mine allows me to choose the gender of my pdoc or tdoc. Maybe you can make an inquiry about this?
  6. Seems like a good move considering your having breakthrough symptoms on 500mg of clozapine. Before clozapine, I had great results with Invega/resperidone. By the way, because I'm considering asking my pdoc to up my clozapine, is it super sedative at 500mg or does the sedation go away? That's my only concern about upping the dose.
  7. If you have depression with psychotic features, why aren't you taking an antipsychotic too? You might find one that can help with both psychosis and depression. Effexor is a great antidepressant. I would still be on it but it eventually stopped working.
  8. What to talk about instead?

    I struggle with what to say when someone says what do you do? and I don't want to tell them I have a MI and am on social security. It makes my social anxiety even worse. In terms of people seeing you only through your MI and pedantically asking you how are you?, maybe you could briefly tell them how your doing and then change the subject to something like a cool TV show your watching or something or tell them about something you are doing outside your MI.
  9. Any medications help?

    I don't know about derealization and medication but for OCD, the SSRIs are usually the go to meds for OCD. If that doesn't work, you could try the old "gold standard" antidepressant for OCD clomipramine or low dose resperidal I've read can help.
  10. Hi Fur, I am so sorry about your experience. I just looked up schizotypal on google and the symptoms sound similar to schizophrena/schizoaffective so I could see how that error was made. It took me decades to get a proper diagnosis and treatment that has finally worked so I understand where your coming from. It sounds like for this disorder, therapy is the best medicine and if you can find a group therapy for social phobia/anxiety. Good luck.
  11. Great news Wonderful. Zyprexa never made me hungry and was one of the first drugs that worked for me. Unfortunately, antipsychotics never work again when I try them for the second time so I dare not change unless I have to.
  12. I would call your pdoc and tell him/her what you are experiencing and ask for a tweek to your medication. The only way I could get out of severe depression was through medication. Also just work on small steps at first like taking a shower or eating one meal and do something fun! Lastly do not beat yourself up. You are depressed and its a real thing. You can only do the best you can.
  13. Sometimes antipsychotics are given for treatment resistance depression. Abilify in particular can help with depression. Also low dose reperidone is used. Also have you tried Lamictal? It's a mood stabilizer but is also given to people who have depression but can't tolerate antidepressants.
  14. Been OCD and bipolar since november

    Are you on any other psychiatric medication besides valium? If not, you should be seeing a psychiatrist to get on some bipolar medicine. Therapy can help too but in my opinion it can only work when you are least somewhat stable on meds.
  15. Yes and while your on it, your pdoc will give you routine tests to check your kidney function.