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  1. I became interstead in trying acupuncture after reading studies that say it can help with depression and anxiety. I've done three sessions and I have not felt anything yet. Does it take awhile to work? Am I doing something wrong? Does it just not work for some people?
  2. My doctor has been giving me stimulants since I started clozapine to counter the sedation. It might be an option if your doctor is willing to prescribe a stimulant.
  3. I would suggest that you go back to your psychiatrist and tell them what's going on and ask to try a new med. What is your diagnosis? If it isn't voices, sounds like it might be constant intrusive thoughts or racing thoughts.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Plateau by Meat Puppets
  5. The drooling isn't automatic for everyone. I am on 300mg and don't drool. Perhaps you could not use the CPAP for a few nights to see if you get the drooling side effect or not.
  6. I'll ask my pdoc. Ideally I would like to get off the dexedrine and replace it with stimulating enough antidepressant(s) that will get me out of bed in the morning.
  7. Hi everyone, I am taking 50mg of Pristiq and it has helped my depression but not so much my anxiety and OCD. I was wondering if I could try taking Zoloft with Pristiq or will that cause seretonin syndrome? Thanks. My full Rx is clozapine 300mg, lithium 1200mg, Pristiq 50mg and dexedrine 50mg.
  8. How Do You Feel THIS MOMENT in Time?

    Why the fuck can't I feel normal even after taking strong meds like clozapine and lithium? I swear, some days I feel like I should be on ten different meds.
  9. But aren't you going to be on another aap while titrating the clozapine? Should give you some cushion while titrating and you can fall back on it if clozapine doesn't work.
  10. Take it the way your doctor says but I take my full dose at night because it is sedative. I didn't notice results until I got to 300mg. I think the range of therapeutic dosage is 300-600mg? As I was titrating, I felt very sedated just to warn you. My doctor gave me a stimulant to help me with this.
  11. Don't Worry it's fine. I totally know where your coming from. I too was frightened about clozapine for a long time. I just hope it can give you some relief like it has for me.
  12. Great! I hope you can get some relief with the clozapine.
  13. What are you listening to right now?

    I Want The One I Can't Have by the Smiths
  14. As stated above, focus on treating your symptoms and focus less on the diagnosis
  15. You could be also suffering from depression as well as psychosis and need an anti-depressant to motivate you again.