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  1. Neither. Lithium and Clozapine make me feel like a human again.
  2. Yeah, can you get to the ER yourself? If things get REALLY bad, you could also call 9-11 yourself and they could send for an ambulance and get you in inpatient care
  3. I'm not sure if I should take magical mushrooms now that I'm diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder but before the onset of my illness, I did mushrooms and it was one of the most positive experiences of my life. I felt completely one with the universe and felt that I loved everyone and everything. Even in my meditation practice I have never experienced anything the same. I really like to see this study. I think people with mental illness should stay way from 90% of drugs but I think mushrooms under supervision could help.
  4. Clozapine is usually more associated with increased appetite and diabetes as a result. I don't know how long you've been on lithium but lithium made me very nauseous when I first started it.
  5. Read up on or ask your therapist about mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy. These therapies will help you to challenge the distressing thoughts and reduce the stress that they cause and you will learn how to live with the thoughts (they can't be completely erased from your consciousness).
  6. What meds have you tried so far? I agree that nardil is extreme.
  7. Lithium rocks. Of course there is no way of knowing how you'll react to it until you try it. Don't get scared about the toxicity. Your pdoc will start you out on a low dose and do frequent blood tests to determine whether your in the normal range or not. Personally, lithium keeps me from having really bad manic episodes and also helps with anxiety. The only side effect I got initially was some nausea (but it went away) and increased thirst. And it's dirt cheap compared to a new anti-psychotic.
  8. You do realize you are getting your facts from a Russian intelligence propaganda effort?
  9. The hospital sucks but if your a danger to yourself and/or severely disabled then you should go. The best part about going to the hospital is that the pdoc will change your meds if they aren't working and you will see a pdoc everyday to evaluate your progress.
  10. When I was first diagnosed and treated I too was bored a lot. I got disability and didn't have to work and was bored. I also had social anxiety so I didn't leave the house much. But then I finally found the right medication combo so that in part helped me to get off my ass and get involved. For the last two years, I have been studying Chinese and it is a hard language and since there is no way I'll ever become fully fluent, it will always take up my time and I feel so exhausted after studying that I forget about my emotions. I also do dog training, which once again requires concentration and time. You need to commit yourself to something that requires a lot of work but which is fun to you.
  11. Have you tried lithium? Lithium could help with your bipolar and depression and has anti-suicidal properties. It won't make you manic. It has helped me a lot.
  12. I think you should just keep things balanced. Maybe after reading the news, you listen to some music or a movie that makes you happy. I also think studying history and having a perspective help. I mean things are shitty right now but is it worst than WW2 or WW1?
  13. Sounds like you need to go to the hospital and get your meds re-vaulted
  14. I think the difference is that someone who is paranoid, usually lacks insight and doesn't know that their delusions aren't real whereas someone who is worried understands they are in an anxious state.
  15. Are you seeing a therapist? They may be able to give you coping strategies for dealing with your brother.