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  1. I never undertook a PhD program but got a BA and a Master's degree. I had to drop out a few semesters due to being hospitalized. I found it hard not to disclose my illness to my thesis advisor and teachers but I was afraid I would be judged. It sucks so much that you have to be so secretive when you have an MI. Sometimes, I also lie and say I have epelipsy. That said, when I was stable I did good work.
  2. When I was on Seroquel, I took small doses as needed for anxiety during the day. I've also taken Seroquel as needed for sleep. It did help for anxiety taking it during the day though I got slightly sedated.
  3. Abilify made me manic. I felt TOO good. I also had extreme insomnia from It. I ended up in the hospital. But that is just my experience. Others have benefited from it.
  4. Since being on the combo Clozapine, Lithium, Adderall, and Cymbalta my refractory depression has almost disappeared. Most significantly, I'm barely suicidal anymore. I think beating refractory depression requires a pdoc that thinks outside of the box about what meds to use. I also believe a combo of more than one drug helps.
  5. I'm on my phone so I can't see your DX but clozapine put a near end to my insomnia.
  6. This is the first holiday I haven't been hospitalized. Thank you clozapine.
  7. I have been an off and on vegetarian/vegan my whole life. I've been primarily motivated by relieving the suffering of animals. I think the factory killing system is evil. I really, really wish I could be vegan but after months of not eating animal products I feel unhealthy. Right now, I'm trying to compromise and eat veggies about 70% of the time and indulge in meat only several times a week. I feel much better on this diet.
  8. Just wanted to say I am Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and take Adderall and am fine. I also had no problem with Ritalin or Provigil.
  9. Exhausted...With it getting dark so early I want to go to sleep by 8.
  10. At least 12 hours due to the sedation of Clozapine.
  11. I took provigil for the same reason you do and it didn't make me manic.
  12. I keep taking my meds because I noticeably feel better and because if I stop a med it might not work as well the second time as when I first took it. I'm too scared to risk sabatoging the stability I've achieved by playing around with my meds.
  13. I was so depressed about the election that I slept all day today. I'm having thoughts that Trump is going to jail his opponents and take away our civil liberties.
  14. I'm afraid that Donald Trump is going to get elected and round up everyone who has a MI and kill them