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  1. Medication for fatigue?

    I've found the best success with adderall and dexedrine
  2. That's strange. I've never heard of cutting Invega pills in half because they are delayed release tablets and I assume would not work? Of course I am not a psychiatrist. Maybe call up the pharmacy for a second opinion?
  3. Meds rarely work for me when I try them for a second time which really, really sucks. I'm sorry for your experience. It sounds like you may need to try another SSRI if you don't get some relief soon.
  4. I don't know what else your taking but you might consider adding a medication that is stimulating.
  5. It is very hard but through Buddhist teachings and mediation, I have tried to have compassion for myself and for what I do or have done. I try to remind myself that I have a disorder that is biological and that that there is nothing I can do to reverse the genetic card I was handed at birth. Though it is not always fun to be on, the medication helps me get control of my life again and pursue what I want.
  6. Friends and isolation

    My health care center has weekly groups and classes for whatever your problem is. It is true that you'll need an official diagnosis sometimes to join a group. I don't know where you live but NAMI is suppose to have good support meetings in the community. Also if you do a google search, sometimes private therapists run their own groups. Also checkout what services your mental health county services offer.
  7. Friends and isolation

    I understand what you are going through because I have social anxiety myself. What worked best for me was just focusing on one social event a week. Every Monday, I'd meditate with a group. Then I slowly increased the times of the week where I got social. I still get very nervous about being in the public but I have improved. Either through your provider or in the community, you could find mental illness support groups. I attend a bipolar group every week and it has also helped me be more social because I feel comfortable sharing.
  8. It did nothing for me good or bad but of course your experience could be different
  9. Lithium Toxicity?

    Bad idea to increase your lithium on your own without getting a lithium level blood test
  10. I get diarrhea from the ER but not bloating or pain. Much better than feeling like throwing up on IR.
  11. I had GI problems on IR but that went away when I was switched to ER
  12. Well if your bipolar, you definitely should be on a mood stabilizer (lithium, depakote, lamictal atypical antipsychotic ). It's not a good idea to be solely on an antidepressant if your bipolar because it can cause mania.
  13. I set my alarm for around an hour before I wake and take my meds and go back to bed so my medication will be kicking in by the time I wake up and I will actually awake and not go back to sleep.
  14. I don't know if multiple APs shorten your life or not but since being on clozapine I've thought about it since it can cause some scary things. Although it can cause problems, while on it I've not been hospitalized or had to go to the ER and have expanded my social life and done things I would have never been able to do in the past. So suppose I don't live to my full age being on clozapine, at least I have some relief and am not cycling in and out of mental institutions. Do what you feel is right Cheese but that is my two cents.