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  1. Omg, lol.. how was your flight! .. I am sure they can't check all the bolts.. haven't you seen that video where they built the Boeing Dreamliner .. That was insane.
  2. That is a great idea, so they can see I am no threat at all. Not sure, we haven't decided where we are going yet, hopefully not long Yup, thank you.. bad bad bad idea, wow, that sounds very scary, I can't imagine not knowing where I am and having that sense of no control over my body.
  3. I take Xanax .5 .. maybe it isn't enough for something like this. Yes, the thing is.. I was wondering what is more powerful than xanax.. like you said maybe have a drink that may do the trick , if I don't puke everywhere. Flying is very safe, that I am not worried about as far as crashing etc.It's very weird because I am soo fascinated by planes and how they are engineered. I guess, my biggest fear is being 1/2 way in the flight and having an episode. And running down the aisles like a maniac and then they will tase me and tie me up in zip ties. ( that's how i think).
  4. I know.. I am not the only one who has this fear, some people are afraid of trains , boats etc. I have not been on an airplane in over 15 years, shit prolly more. It's my Mom's 60th Birthday in August, and she wants to go somewhere, my dad took a week off and the only thing that was really stopping us from planning something was our sick dog, which sadly she has passed away 2 weeks ago. I think of being up there and not being able to get out etc and knowing I am up 35k+ feet. I don't know what other drugs I could take, It's already June, and I am already freaking out. Maybe I can convince them to rent an 80 ft RV haha. What would you do??
  5. I agree, Thanks for the mental image of you masturbating , Aunt! That is the most logical thing to do, but...I get a little uneasy talking to her about masturbating. I need to grow a pair and stop being a pussy.
  6. That is interesting.. I am going to see if it happens around that time. Same here! The last time I had sex.. there was no problems whatsoever.
  7. I was wondering if any of you females get this, but.. after I masturbate.. I get very crampy by my ovaries.. almost feels like period cramps and it's sore to touch. The orgasm isn't mind blowing intense, it's pretty basic, I mean any orgasm is better than no orgasm. I am not putting anything in me, sorry to be graphic. But is this normal?
  8. Sounds cool! Hope you enjoy the book , I am sure you could accomplish anything you want to. Good Luck!
  9. Being on 5 medications.. I lean towards the medications than the alternative approach. I am just saying, She did 1 thing that really caught me off guard .. but it doesn't mean that it convinces me that it will cure my mental illness.
  10. She is a regular therapist but also practices in reiki and some holistic approaches, which is very cool! She uses oils etc.. I yell at her sometimes and get defensive about how that stuff doesn't work , but actually.. it does. She did something to me... and it freaked me out.. because it was all energy related.
  11. Led Zeppelin or...this?
  12. I did some energy/ chakra thing with my therapist today.. wow, it was pretty interesting. We were inches apart face to face.. I get nervous being that close to someone's face, you should only be that close to someone if you are going to make out with them. Anyway.. it turned out she was aligning my chakras. Next week we will work on some more stuff. She also mentioned about getting one of these Himalayan lamps
  13. Like Thor.. I took out a 15 year old Rose bush today, it's roots were HUGAMOUNGAUS.. and it was a bastard... I had to gear up like hockey goalie. Roses are Red Violets are Blue Rose stems want to stab and attack you. But I got you, this time bush!
  14. Exactly a year ago today I lost my virginity to a woman who I loved very much. Today,  My dog ( of 17 years)  ashes were hand delivered to me. This is a weird sentimental day. :(