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  1. Old. last night I fell.. out fridge has been leaking on and off and water and flip flops don't mix. So I ate it. I fell hard , my dad was in the kitchen and tried to catch me. Haha he missed. So now my left arm is out of commission. DOPE!
  2. True, i just thought it would be better because I wouldn't have to deal with rowdy patients
  3. Fucked. I feel fucked. I didn't get the job for being a patient transporter. NO for being a deceased patient transporter. Meaning I move dead bodies to the morgue. They said my education didnt qualify. ( High School diploma required) which I have. I think I can stroll stuff :/ Lol what the fuck man.
  4. " Coo Coo" I hate that word . My uncle calls me that. Not the worst. But man.. it pisses me off.
  5. Holds up Lighter
  6. Yeah, easier just to call. Then they text and say whats up? It's faster that way.
  7. Oh, I'm sorry I misread my bad. What a dick. I hate people.
  8. Hey... remember, don't jump the gun . He will get back to you. If he does not, he is an asshole.
  9. Honestly.. I agree , I hate texting for that reason.. it doesn't show emotions and you can get mixed messages. And you never know his phone could have been out of service or his battery was dead etc. Heil is right, Just apologize for over reacting. I liked the old days where we had the old school phones when we could slam them shut; it felt soo much better and satisfying when you were angry with someone. Like Yeah Bitch! FUCK YOU! SLAM!
  10. Haha, well done with the Google search. I had no idea there would be soo many choices. My first pick would be chirp for sure!! Now it's morning .. so I hear lawnmowers , blowers and birds chirping.
  11. Cicadas ....they don't stop. #SummerNights
  12. This is my "666" post... ooOoOo creepy.
  13. I will see what they say! I heard that really helps! Dr. recommended that. When I get really bad I can take that along with my other med she gave me . It has to be or a combo , Been on meds for 20 years and I think It just caught up , or a med I have been on for over a year that doesn't agree with my GI tract. Yessir, Same here. I am guessing it's a combo of mine. They say to double up on drinking the water as well.
  14. So I have been dx with gastritis and was given some meds for my stomach for it. For over a year I have had a major issue with constipation and bloating. I would go every 4-5 days. These past months it has been very painful and I have been having bloody stools. I take Miralax everyday and I still don't have bowel movements. I am seeing a GI doc to do better testing. I am suspecting ulcers for sure. But I am wondering if any of the meds could cause this?