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  1. lol They were cinnamon sugar, and so yum yum. I would mail them.. but there are only crumbs left.. Glad to hear you are doing better, last night I was soo Seroquel'd out.. I felt like a freshman college drunk coming home at 4am waddling to the fridge to eat left over pizza.
  2. I just want to clarify !..start asking her to do stuff and see how she responds and if she likes it, Trust me, I go wayyyy out of my way when it comes to my friends, I once took a train to meet my friend 1/2 way because she didn't want to be alone the whole trip. And I brought her McDonald's! ( from the Ghetto) So you have to cut the cord somewhere.
  3. Bloated Had donuts from the Cider Mill today, they are so so yummy. I guess it's worth it tho.
  4. When I first read your post the first thing that popped in my mind was... is she fulfilling your needs (sexually) but.. I am just a pervert. The thing is, honestly maybe she is seeing how far she can get away with you, if you keep doing little things she asks for... she will take advantage of it and then it will just create a mess. I would be blunt with her now. My parents don't even make a cup of coffee for each other. I get it tho, you seem like a nice person and you don't want to create drama or confrontation, but that isn't good for you if she is annoying the F out of you. Ask her to shave your pubes.
  5. I know depression can give you symptoms , but have any of you gotten ill. I have been trying to adjust my meds these last month or two to see if it can help my moods or overall health. I have major stomach issues , I can't eat anything without getting sick or very nauseous. And have terrible bowel problems.( sorry TMI) Sometimes if I do cry it helps my stomach a little bit. Not sure why. It feels like I have a rope tied around my abdomen. I can't even eat chocolate anymore without getting sick. Not sure if this is a side effect? It's odd. I use to eat a bag of M&Ms like every night and was fine... and I'm talking a sharing size bag not a small bag. Anyway, the only thing that makes me have to eat is because I feel spacey and faint and that's one of my fears ( to faint ) , so I eat pancakes and muffins/ rice because it's solid and safe.
  6. A chimpanzee who was dying, saw the man who took care of her early on in her life, gave him a hug , smiled and even ate for him before she passed away, tissues please. I can't.

    1. jt07


      People who say that animals are stupid and can't think have never really taken care of any animals. It never ceases to amaze me what animals are capable of and how close they are to humans.

    2. KnickNak


      I agree with you , no doubt. There are soo many stories out there about animals doing the unimaginable.  Plus I believe animals can sense things that we cannot .

  7. ,
  8. She called me back today!! omg, I swear at the end of the call she pretended not to hear me and hung up haha she said if it doesn't go away in a week I will go back to my regular dose. Are you replacing it with anything ?
  9. Yeah, I get it. It sucks. But, We are all alone in the end. That's what I realized , you can still feel alone even with people around, which is sad but be careful who you open up to, it can back fire, and really make you feel so much worse than you already feel.
  10. I do not have a dog, she passed away this summer. Which why I am struggling.. I looked after her for hours, I couldn't leave her home alone .. she was in hospice. But yeah! This woman I work for has more of a social life than I do. She does yoga, has breakfast on Sundays with her friends, she get's her hair done every week etc. The next door neighbor boys like to hang out with me when I am outside. They are 7 and and 14, So they like showing me what they got as far as gadgets and stuff. Which is damn cool. I like those Drones. I want one.
  11. I have a hard time with this , because I tend to over think my symptoms etc and then I get stuck in my head and obsess that I am sick etc. So I try to stay busy. Key word . "Try" I work for this woman, I have been working for her since April , basically I do all her yard work/ gardening etc. She is 88 and wealthy and I think she likes having me over for company. She calls me up to do random stuff. Which hey, I don't mind at all. And plus I enjoy her company, she is a very interesting woman. She told me she dated a gay guy for 2 years and she had no idea. Which made me laugh. She has funny stories. Cheers me up some days. Now that it's getting darker and shit.. I don't know what I will do now, because everything is dying and not in bloom. So , Hopefully she will find more work for me do. I am also taking a course to get certified right now so I can take the exam. Other than that, I play the guitar . I play with my sisters friend..( which she gets annoyed and so does his gf) because we play for a few hours. I like to work on my car. Which I sold, Last week ( thank the lord). that thing was a fucking mess and money pit. And .. Netflix , Hockey, and some shows start up soon . Shameless starts up in a few weeks that show is on it's 8th season. da fuck? I remember the first episode. Lots of sex. But , it's ShowTIME. That always takes my mind off of my mental issues, watching derogatory shows. So,Yeah... That's really what I do, there is little knicks and naks too in there but other than that.
  12. Is it still happening? I called my pdoc twice. She still hasn't called me back.
  13. ChetZAM
  14. Do you feel like almost it's a heavy feeling?