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  1. i went to go visit my grandma at the hospital with my dad.. and well, I had a sudden urge of claustrophobia and felt like I was going to vomit so I ran out of the room and got on the elevator and left. I am an asshole. My dad called me and was like..umm? where did you go.. he looked out the window and could see me in the parking lot haha fuck you anxiety!
  2. Wow that is some powerful stuff! is it mostly flare ups? or is it constant? how were the side effects? I know that is used for very severe cystic acne. I was talking to my therapist last night who is also a nurse and she said to try lavender oil , The reason I am pissed I can't get into my dermo for 2 months is she has this LED/laser pulsating light that I go under for 10 minutes , it's suppose to really help the pores and any skin/sun damage.
  3. I just found a full bottle of Xanax in a shoe box. I need to remember where I put things.

    1. TakeAChillPill


      :o  Now thats something I might get a little carried away with.  Be careful!  

      You probably are much more responsible than I am.  


    2. KnickNak


      lol .. we will see about that!.. why couldn't I find a $20 bill in my jeans or something, that would have been way cooler :)

  4. One of the best guitar Solo's
  5. Agreed! I notice if i eat junk for a few days and then suddenly stop I have to go back and at least treat myself for a little something, even if it's nowhere near what I eat before. I can't get on the sugar bandwagon.
  6. Yes, Check out these bad boys!
  7. This I truly believe.. I do notice a change when I reduce my intake of sugar.. Yet it is hard , because when you start back up on the eating whatever you want it's hard to stop. I do too, I am hoping she will prescribe me BenzaClin.. it did help back in the day like over 10 years ago, and who knows she probably knows new medications that work way better. I know .. it's like we have to take one med to cure the side effect of the other med. it's very frustrating. Did you have any problems with nausea or vomiting? I am sensitive with anti-biotics, I am allergic to Z-Pak.. sometimes these acne meds can be rough on your stomach.
  8. Yes!.. If i scratch myself or something .. the scar will be there for awhile .. I also notice I have sun damage as well. haha likewise! I need ice down my shirt. But , yes I am on a waiting list.. but most Dr's take vacations in the summers too which blows and makes it longer to see them lol how dare them have a life.
  9. Ok, So I increased my Lamictal about 2 months ago 100mg.. my skin has been angry.. it has been breaking out .. I have tried Pro Activ, Usually if I ever run into a blip with my skin it its gone in a week or so, but this is not doing anything. But this is a different type of acne. My dermatologist is booked 2 months out. So I will go to my GP.. even tho they aren't skin experts. My skin is naturally clear, so I am trying to find the culprit.
  10. haha exactly Yes, that too!! I need to get one of those foam thingy's lol
  11. Haha, I was landscaping and was using my hands for digging and spreading 30 pounds of mulch.. I am a baby.
  12. Indeed, they are even better in cookie dough 😊
  13. I can slowly move my fingers again.
  14. I think you just have to monitor your moods and see a difference good or bad, ask the people around you first.. they are the first to tell. And it's important to be honest with each other. And who knows this drug could work so well for you and it will help the relationship. For me when I love someone it overpowers my depression. It's almost stronger than any anti-depressant. As corny as that sounds.
  15. I still can't believe he called you that...