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  1. Ahhhh, I am thinking it's either the topamax or Xanax ... i always had a problem pronouncing my R's and W's before the meds... so this doesn't help me lol
  2. Does anyone slur their words ? Is it med related or depression related ?
  3. I shouldn't have eaten Jimmy John's ... my stomach sounds like a summer storm.

    1. Laudanum


      The owner supports Trump, project rescue etc...this is the reason his food has this effect

  4. Sleepy... fresh air makes me want to take naps. I have yard work to do .. but it will have to wait.
  5. To clean the garage and hoping to get 1 car in there.
  6. Firetrucks , Police Cars... there is lightning and down power lines and two garages caught on fire 2 houses down. Hopefully no nice cars were in there.... Oh, and no one was hurt.
  7. You really want to record them having sex... that would make your ears bleed!
  8. I can't sleep... I have been a little whiny bitch lately
  9. Geesh, I wonder what your water bill is woman jk.. I am very familar with OCD.. this does sound more like a quick fix to ease anxiety or some sort.. if it was like someone who smokes but you take showers instead.