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  1. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"- Dr. Seuss He has a point .. but yes, I wouldn't put labels on it.. I wouldn't consider myself bi or gay .. even tho my experience with a woman was much more amazing than with the guys I've been with. Like my friend said.. I am a person who just falls for the person not the gender.
  2. I am sorry for your loss.. never easy losing a furry friend.
  3. 1. I had Tdoc today . 2. I am getting a bunch of new Make-Up ( Macy's is closing its store by us and MAC makeup is 20% off). 3. I am obsessed with chap stick right now.
  4. Hey Southern, I have suffered from agoraphobia probably for the last 6 or so years.. i know what you mean about having someone else with you.. this is what they call a " safety person" i feel more secure if someone is with me in case something tragic happens.. It gets worse the more you stay at home, because then it's easier not to go out and then it's harder to get out. When i am alone, i do sort of worry of symptoms i get.. like oh man, what if it is this etc.. but i try not to focus on it, plus i have my ID etc on me in case something does happen. I figure if something is going to happen to me, it's going to happen. I just now feel comfortable driving.. i still need to work on it.. but i didn't drive at all . Over stimulation really bothers me, i take xanax to stop it. There has been times where i have just walked out of places or peoples houses haha because it was too overwhelming . If i could give you any advice.. is that agoraphobia.. to me is one of the most crippling forms of anxiety and the only thing that makes it better is a combination of meds, therapy and trusting someone who will take the time to let you know it's ok but not enabling you at the same time. And just remember there is no quick fix.. it's all baby steps Good Luck! People use to call me Agorabitch.. because i was mean and frustrated. lol.
  5. Today I got downtown.. I love cars.. and today was the last day for the Detroit Auto Show , here are some pics...sorry i tried my best to resize ***WARNING DON'T SCROLL DOWN IF YOU DON'T LIKE COOL CARS!"*** Audi R8 V10 I won't feel blue driving that ... VW BUS Concept.. pretty groovy lol Groupies Welcomed. Jeep Wrangler CJ66 DOORS OFF! Pixar Car's lol Camaro ZL1 Detroit Muscle.. Ladies hold on to your boobies! Cadillac Escala Ohh La La Mercedes GT C AMG ... I will have to sell my kidneys to afford 1/2 of that car. Audi S4..with that color.. Cop Magnet Ford Shelby Mustang Vroooom New Audi Q8 Concept.. No door handles! 2018 Audi S5 Coupe... She will be mine... oh yes, she will be mine Hope you enjoyed the pics!
  6. Pretty soon Adele will be writing a song about my life. 

  7. Yes x3 ... The summer around 7-8 pm is my favorite time of the day/night. And well the darkness during winter makes me feel sort of trapped.
  8. Today was nice out.. it was 56 degrees and sunny, and for Michigan that is like shorts and BBQ weather. I went for a walk up to the coffee shop , and walked back . I went to the car wash but the line was soo busy it was out to the street so i was like nope. haha , My sis and i took our 16 yr old dog for a walk and by walk i mean we carried her .it is day by day with her, she is skin and bones and it's pretty depressing looking at her . sometimes i wonder if i am being selfish.. but the vet said she is ok.. but he also went to a lot of Grateful Dead concerts sooo and dropped acid...I went Feather Bowling.. it was weird but fun. Oh and the Auto Show is here in Detroit right now and i am debating on going.. it is a hit or miss, but they have the new Audi i have been waiting for there and Jeep so, i may go. I love cars. Distraction is key for me right now, anything to keep the tears away. I am feeling very dissociated tho and i don't know what to do about that. I feel as if i were to black out. And i am not sure if it is depersonalization or what? My appetite is coming back .. which honestly i am pissed because i was losing weight at a fast pace, and i am worried i will gain weight. More than a week ago i was not myself and i was suicidal and very unstable , and now.. i just feel emotionless. Sort of scares me.. how quick the change was. My Aunt was in town and we all went out to dinner and she was soo happy to see me out, i haven't been out in public with her in years due to my agoraphobia, she was happy i was able to get out she sat next to me and told me it was like having me back. But now she thinks I can get on a plane and go to Arizona haha.. not yet! Slowly but surely hopefully things will be ok, but for now i will Keep on Truckin'.
  9. Nice pics! A few months ago I was in the parking lot and was about 3-4 feet away from this guy ( of course I was in my car ) He needs a pedicure.
  10. Yeah, I agree with Aura.. maybe you can find another Pdoc and get a second opinion?
  11. Yes! I had this problem very bad when i was younger...i had to play every sport which meant i needed all the equipment, i wanted to learn new instruments so i bought a bunch... luckily i stuck with the guitar out of all of them.. I tried taking classes and only stayed for 2 weeks and ended up cancelling them. I would dye my hair and regret it. but i think all girls do it. I bought a really nice Nikon camera and wanted to take photos.. and now that camera is in a box in the basement somewhere. Lot's of stuff i noticed are in boxes haha
  12. This song just gives me good feels ❤️
  13. Hey Bimbo.. sorry i laugh when i say your name. I know what you are describing.. it sort of feels like what the weather is right now, blah. I try hard to start hobbies or just let time pass until the emotion fades. it's not a good feeling. If i am forced to go out , i sort of just am in a daze and feel flat like you describe. Do you like watching any kind of shows or start series...or what about projects around the house? I don't want to say the way i cope with depression is sleeping because that probably isn't the best answer to give you . But if it was summertime i would have a lot more advice to give you. Just know nothing lasts forever. Hang in there!