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  1. You are brave, kind, beautiful, smart, talented, and amazing at everything you do and set your mind to. I'm so beyond happy to call you mine. I love you darling ❤️

  2. Are you okay Ang? You were doing not-great a few days ago.


  3. My mother had substance abuse issues and severe bipolar disorder. I was told it was likely that she had an undiagnosed personality disorder. My father has ADHD and alcoholism. Many, if not all of my immediate relatives on his side struggle with depression and/or ADHD. My older sister has anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD.
  4. What age did you start cutting?

    Aged 11, after my first suicide attempt.
  5. I don't find IP helps any. I just feel worse when I come out.
  6. Back on the scary-go-round Mood plummeted earlier and I've been feeling unsafe since. I just want off of this stupid ride called life.
  7. Started seeing a new psych on 12/8. So far I like her. She really listens, unlike every psychiatrist I had seen before her. She started me on Risperdal in hopes of it helping with mood lability. Here's hoping.
  8. This is for all the girls with the tightest pum pum! :P

  9. Hello my darling, I just wanted to let you know...

    Your pum pum is paradise!

    And yes, I would know! 

    I laaaaaav you <3

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      I can't even odd

  10. Hello darling, I just wanted to send you a little note here to let you know you're loved. Forever and for always. Almost eight months, can you believe it?? <3

    1. Angeni Mai

      Angeni Mai

      I love you babygirl. Forever and for always.

    2. Fur


      Happy eight months babygirl! I love you so much, thank you for everything you do for me. I can't wait to see you again soon :)  I love you <3

  11. Halloween is in a couple weeks! Are you prepared?

  12. Windows

    I get extremely jumpy around windows at night because I can't see anybody who may be looking back. I fear looking out of a window one night to see a clown face or other frightening sight peering back at me.
  13. I don't know how to feel ... I got used to the idea that I was just stupid because my past haunts me but now I'm not and my past really is the issue, not my perception of it? I feel confused, angry, and a bit hurt that nobody believed me until this last IP stay. Anybody else have this problem?