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  1. i've taken Haldol 10mg/day in the past, i do remember that it, like most typical APs for me, did not really goo up my head the way olanzapine and risperidone did. i had some bouts of akathisia while on haldol that were pretty horrendous, same deal with high doses of fluphenazine. cogentin sometimes worked but benadryl was better. minor shaking, too it's coming to light that haldol is effective at much lower doses than previously used, so instead of 20-40mg up to 100mg/day, a lot of people have great responses on 1-5mg/day
  2. Lithium carbonate 600mg- for the calm, cool, collected factor Effexor 150mg XR- so I feel like doing things Seroquel 150mg IR- for sleep, but also seems to keep me in a good mood in general (but I take the full dose at night) Nicotine PRN, but I'm trying to cut that out. Wahhh :-(
  3. Whenever I got it inpatient, I'd get one at 9am, the next at 5pm, the next at 9pm. I don't know if that helps.
  4. This is kinda gross but I wanted to find out if it's a known side effect of my meds (listed in signature). Basically, ever since I started Effexor XR a few months ago I've been sweating a TON, which I know is to be expected. The annoying part is, when I wake up in the mornings I'm somewhat sweaty, but there's an almost pukey smell on me/my bed. I know that I'm not actually vomiting in my sleep, so I'm assuming the sweating is what smells, but it's totally unlike BO. Weirdly enough, when I go to the gym and sweat it's just like normal sweating, just a lot. Doesn't have this weird smell. I eat pretty healthy, and make sure to drink several liters of water a day. Is there anything I can do about this? Thankfully I'm not sharing a bed at this point, but should that come to be at any time, I would like to not smell like this smells. Sorry again for the gross factor.
  5. The fact that you are worried about these intrusive thoughts, would suggest to me that you're not liable to go out and act on them. Everyone gets sick thoughts from time to time, they get brushed off and that's that. If everyone who had violent thoughts went out and acted on them, humans (and probably every other known creature) would be long gone. I get worried when people have them and think they're somehow O.K. or worth following through on. I'd guess it's a manifestation of your obsessive tendencies which may suggest that Prozac is not adequate for you. Why did you stop the Paxil in the first place?
  6. Playing devil's advocate, some would say the opposite of what you said about the victim role- that agreeing to take meds is "giving in", and gives a person an identity as having a mental illness. Some would say side effects, too, also unknown dangers of newer medications that are being tossed around. Speaking of tossing around, all of the advertising and kickbacks to doctors from pharmaceutical companies can become nauseating. That being said, our whole lives are based on chemical dependency, from the food we eat to the air we breathe. It's really no different than taking medication for a physical complication, because the brain is physical. Emotions and thoughts, and behaviors are manifestations of that physicality.